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12:00 AM
I just installed Zsh and oh my god the autocompletion is so good
pxeger why didn't you tell us about this before?
@user What's it like?
For one, you can choose with Tab if there are multiple options instead of having to type it out yourself
Not really my sort of thing but seems neat
12:07 AM
This isn't bundled with Zsh and could be done in Bash too, but it's a whole lot easier to set up (the git plugin was in the default zsh config file after I installed it)
It also highlights commands that don't exist in red
Noooo.... halfwit 2 fibonacci loses to Fig by 2 bits
first world 4th gen language problems
how many generations are we on already
3 or 4, depending on if you count the newer non-full-byte langs as 4th gen
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Vyxal, 10 bytes
Or with JS checking by brute-force with random
the vyxal just does cartesian product and checks for ordered
12:16 AM
@thejonymyster I'll take one of those, but without the BLT
extra bread, no meat, no cheese
stop making me hungry
but BLT is awesome
@Steffan 9
what does the capital of azerbaijan have to do with this
12:19 AM
@UnrelatedString baku? How is that related
the link lyxal posted
@user I know I use OMZ too. It's awesome
@lyxal I'd like the non-vegan bread, please
@Steffan This doesn't check for "strictly ascending"
oh strictly
one sec
12:30 AM
Jelly can do it in 6 :P
brute force or closed form
Closed form
Brute force is 8
oh wait you posted the closed form formula in that spoiler link
i was about to write brute force then use it to check an attempt at deriving it :P
@UnrelatedString That was slightly off, it should be ((x + n - 1) choose n) / (x ** n)
12:36 AM
@Zionmyceliaadamancy Wait, no, that's wrong :/
Goddamn, don't make me go find my derivation notes
Here's the formula: (x-n+1)*(x-n+2)*(x-n+3)/6/x**n
I think
@emanresuA Here you go
@Zionmyceliaadamancy yeahhhhh
I was looking at quora.com/… and there's a clear pattern
Yeah, there's a simple closed form using sums
12:37 AM
this uses sums
Basically, its the sum of the sum of ... the sum of the integers
uses n(n+1)(n+2)/6
is what I sent correct?
Isn't that only for n = 3?
It should be for all
12:38 AM
Cause that's just nC3
I guess not
wait it isn't just (n choose x) / x**n?
x choose n I mean
that gievs the same results as my vyxal code
That'd make sense, I'd have just got my offset wrong
I've been testing the formula on wolframalpha and it works fine
So the Vyxal code is now 4 bytes: ₌ƈe/
3 bytes in Jelly
Damnit, dyadic chaining
12:47 AM
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Draw the Progress Pride flag
@emanresuA Fig pro
@user now i wanna install it
wait who was the person who decides what language generations are?
1:16 AM
@emanresuA why dont you post it
Because I haven't implemented the interpreter yet
@Seggan Fig Pro sounds like it'd be Fig, but you unlock the other 159 operators :p
For only $0.11/byte, try Fig Pro today!
Limited time offer only: after 5log_256(96) days, it will be bumped up by 𝝿 cents per e bytes
4 hours ago, by emanresu A
1:37 AM
1:49 AM
fig.io is pretty cool but its only for macs atm. theyre working on win
how to do syntax highlighting on a code block again
Depends on what type of code block
For code fencing, just do ```javascript or w/e. For indented code blocks you need a comment of some sort
the <-- --> thingy
dont exactly remember how to type it out
it was like <-- language = python --> or smth like that
the html comment for the language?
@RadvylfPrograms ok that seems simpler lmao
1:54 AM
<!-- language-all: lang-python -->
@UnrelatedString oh yep, thanks
Personally I find SE's code highlighting hideous so I go out of my way to disable it lol
i like it
2:06 AM
that's strange, it looks just as good as any other syntax highlighting
people often forget to use it though
Orange, black, and blue is not my idea of a pretty color scheme
Fine to me lol
it's a nice subtly orange and blue though
For reference, this is what I customized T2xt to use:
That looks ok too
But slightly strange
My favorite is VSCode's default Dark+
2:08 AM
I'ev tried so many other themes
the combination of the purple with the blues is slightly odd
Everyone says Cobalt2 is awesome. I had it for a bit, but I switched back to Dark+
One Dark is also pretty
@UnrelatedString In Dark+ or the one I'm using
(Atom's default theme)
2:10 AM
in what you posted
i don't even know what dark+ looks like lmao
i have vscode but have only used it with the haskell plugins
and i'
Looks pretty normal to me, but then again I have been staring at it for hours on end every day for months though lol
m pretty neutral on the color scheme those are giving me
I use vscode for everything lol
Those all look fine but I like Dark+ better
I haven't seen Github Theme, let me try it real quick. Github's color scheme is nice
@RadvylfPrograms GitHub's dark color scheme is what inspired this
okay i just installed one dark pro in vscode and that's so much better
might help that i was just using atom prior to this :P
2:12 AM
Yeah the github theme looks fine, I wouldn't mind using it, but Dark+ is nicer
this is github theme
vs dark+
Yeah I'm not actually sure if I like One Dark or Dark+ better
@Steffan oh wow that really does give Atom vibes
I haven't used Atom in so long though that I forgot what it looks like
i guess yall heard they're sunsetting atom now
Jun 9 at 1:17, by lyxal
Sorry to all you Atom users, but github is abandoning it at the end of this year
Okay I made a userstyle that makes SE's code highlighting no longer hideous
2:23 AM
@Steffan same. 2018-2020 lyxal mained Atom and used it for esolang development and school projects.
My Atom days were good days
The fact that Notepad++ is still so popular hurts my head
But then it just stopped opening forcing me to use another editor
Years ago I used Brackets lol
I didn't know what good editors were
Why is Visual Studio popular? It's incredibly laggy, slow to install/startup/run, takes up a lot of space, and is pretty much a subset of vscode
it's not a subset of vscode really
it's meant for stuff like C#
2:25 AM
windows app development
C++ too
i feel like the extent to which visual studio is popular is the extent to which it just happens to be microsoft's ide for le microsoft language
Wow I haven't used Visual Studio since I last touched VB.Net
And it was on a Windows VM on a mac too
like i don't think anyone likes xcode but if you're writing swift on a mac you're probably going to default to using xcode
@UnrelatedString MrXcoder begs to differ :p
2:27 AM
probably just because of its integration with Swift
and if you're making an iOS app, you need it to run or build the app
Plus it allows for testing without having to load to an actual device
yes but you need Xcode to load it to an actual device too lol
you use an ios simulator
@Steffan i know. I was saying in addition to loading on to an actual device
Man I haven't used xcode since 2018 when I made an ios app for an app making assignment. You could choose between app inventor for Android or making an app from scratch with xcode for ios. So while 99% of the class was drag and dropping in app inventor, I was Swifting my way through horrible constraint layouts
2:36 AM
I would have also chosen App inventor but the layout designer was just too restrictive
So instead I butchered relative measurements and so on to make something that only look good on the iPhone X
What are they called in ios? I know Android calls them constraints but I forget what Apple calls them
iLimitations Pro
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Aiden Chowcode-golfmatharithmeticnumber Implement Binary Exponentiation Background In programming, there is a recursive algorithm called binary exponentiation, which allows for large integer powers to be calculated in a faster way. Given a non-zero base \$x\$ and a non-negative exponent \$n\$, the algorith...

2:47 AM
Huh, apple calls them constraints too
Good to know there's some uniformity in the world of app design :p
@RadvylfPrograms Ah yes let me add some iLimitations Pros to my view to really make sure things scale well on different screen sizes :p
They're only $1000 each, too
Can't believe I have to pay to develop an app :p
Man UIKit is much more expensive than I remember it being :p
The fact that there's a monthly financing plan for a monitor stand continues to be hilarious to me even though that was like years ago
3:02 AM
@lyxal You do for Google Play too, but it's way less
just to prevent spam
@RadvylfPrograms And you have to pay $1000 too
@Mayube Out of curiosity, which 4X games do you like?
@UnrelatedString I worked hard to memorize this syntax, lol
Like, why is it "language" at first but then "lang" in the second part? Why not <!-- lang: lang-python -->
Or better yet, just <!-- lang:python -->
(talking about the apple monitor stand) it's supposedly so if you have the old monitor model, then you can pay less to get the new model and keep your current stand
3:18 AM
Unfortunately, my only feedback is "I don't find the challenge interesting."
it has some patterns what with the superscripts, dotted letter series, etc.
but yeah there's not a ton to it
Plus jelly would be the obvious winner
A more interesting challenge could be to compress the code page of the language being used and have a CW answer for trivial "just use a built-in constant" answers
3:44 AM
@lyxal that would end up with a lot of "print all of unicode in as few bytes as possible" too
4:10 AM
@lyxal yuno, 2 bytes :P
(IIRC hyper added that)
CMQ: ? (it has one question and can be removed with a simple edit)
Q: Flood fill by distance

emanresu ASay I have a grid with some obstacles: ---- | X | | | |XX | | | ---- I can fill this with numbers, as distance from the top left corner. But, because there are obstacles in the way some cells will take further to reach than a straight line: ---- |01X5| |1234| |XX45| |7656| ---- Thi...

4:26 AM
@user i tried omz before yeah the completion was amazing
i use just zsh now
5:19 AM
i updated my codepage
CMP: Codepage feedback? ^
Imagine having a normal codepage
My codepage is a binary tree
@RadvylfPrograms @DLosc ^^^
@PyGamer0 curious, what made you go for !@#... before 123...
actually, i just noticed it doesnt match the keyboard order :P
@thejonymyster thats just ascii
5:22 AM
(not mine at least)
That's regular ASCII
huh, ok
didnt recognize it :P
thats as good a reason as any XD
in Vyxal, 2 mins ago, by emanresu A
I'm an idiot
in Vyxal, 2 mins ago, by lyxal
@emanresuA no, you're emanresuA
@PyGamer0 you should switch lessthanorequalto and greaterthanorequalto, so that <=> and their opposites are the same distance apart :P
5:24 AM
no P:
P: war :P
i do like that your codepage is monospace adherent
@thejonymyster haha jokes on you that's just the font
lol get rekt
the last two rows contain decidedly non monospace chars
As y'all can see, I'm an idiot
5:26 AM
@lyxal correction: just the last row
@PyGamer0 floor and ceiling aren't monospace
oh sad :(
they're ever so slightly less than monospace
well the point is a font exists
and that SE doesn't use it :p
5:27 AM
@thejonymyster Iosevka Term go brrrr
1 hour later…
6:51 AM
@PyGamer0 what are 1A and 1B?
1A especially looks indistinguishable from Greek ε
@user Ooh, I've not seen that feature before. How do I enable it?
7:06 AM
@pxeger might be ipa ɛɜ, "open e" (i.e. latin epsilon) and reversed "open e"
if they weren't next to each other i'd think 1b was cyrillic з :P
7:37 AM
@pxeger oops
> Your GitHub Copilot setup is incomplete. Got to settings and finish setting up
wow engrish
anyways i think i got copilot
@pxeger ok imade it better
1|⁰¹²³â´âµâ¶â·â¸â¹âŒ¿â€â‰¤â‰ â‰¥¯
2| !"#$%&'()*+,-./

- ¶ is a newline
@PyGamer0 ⋀⋁⋂⋃ are decidedly nonmonospace
Use ∧∨∪∩ instead
@emanresuA done
Also ⟜⊸ and ⍋⍒ I think, I don't have good suggestions for those
yea they are non monospace
ꘜ is annoyingly nonmonospace
Wait no ⊢⊣⊤⊥ are nonmonospace, ⍋⍒ actually are
7:53 AM
@emanresuA oh
Hai :>
@lyxal Yes or yes?
8:04 AM
3 hours later…
10:59 AM
Fully solved my audio delay problem
Thanks to anyone who suggested vlc
11:41 AM
I want to post a KOTH challenge. Basically, there is a 15 by 15 grid with one bot starting with one tile in every corner. Each turn, each tile can wait to grow by 1, split in to if it has a size of at least 2, or move. Player who controls the most tiles when the board is filled up wins.

Has this been done before? Does it sound interesting? Last time I posted on sandbox I got no replies so
this looks very interesting
12:33 PM
CMC: touch grass (that is, create a new file called grass programmatically)
Python, 17 bytes: open("grass","w")
I finally got the courage to touch grass!
1:01 PM
@Neil Surely not, O(n) and O(2n) are the same because 2n is higher than n by the constant factor of 2. The ratio between e^n and 2^n is (e/2)^n as I already said, which does grow exponentially in terms of n, so they are different.
@lyxal zsh, 11 bytes: touch grass
(actually, 6 bytes: >grass)
1:41 PM
just the monads and single byte nilads only
i will add the dyads tomorrow
and then the diagraphs
1:55 PM
lgtm stands for looks gaming to me and you can't convince me otherwise
let's get that monkey
let's go to move any more acronyms to another chat room :p
2:15 PM
19 messages moved to room 101
2:56 PM
well that was certainly a distraction
now back to what I was doing
@O'Brien It looks like zsh-users/zsh-autosuggestions is what enabled it
Wait what
long story
and tbh not a very good one
What do you mean?
@Ginger It's literally George Orwell's 1984
2:58 PM
I know that
but that was a disappointing rp
@lyxal Oh lol
the book is good, the joke was poorly executed
That's what the room 101 was about
Well what do you expect from someone who's never read the book?
3:00 PM
Ah, O'Brien's the guy brainwashing Winston
3:20 PM
@Ginger I've read it, but I don't think I remembered it perfectly.
Oh, I'm still in character
Welcome back
3:34 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mousetailPhotosynthesis king-of-the-hill python Flavor text You, a algae spore, have recently evolved the ability to walk. However, 3 others have just done the same thing. Can you use this new ability to your advantage and conquer the Petri dish? Game rules The game is played on a 15 by 15 grid with one b...

@RadvylfPrograms My copy of GRT no longer closes tabs after a certain while, so I end up with a bunch of already completed review tasks waiting, any idea why that might be happening?
4:07 PM
@user what's the recursion limit?
Depends on how much memory you have, I'd guess
I suppose the performance will gradually decrease too.
@user a vm inside a vm inside a real os?
4:33 PM
@PyGamer0 judging by the default config state and resolution of the outer one, I think it might be a vm inside a vm inside a vm
@Adám Probably limited only by your hardware
Got it from here
Any final feedback? (test-case suggestions?, better title ideas?)
Puzzle. Two players and a square. Each player in turn has to try to put a unit radius circle into the square without overlapping any of the previous circles. Does the first player always win if they play perfectly?
4:49 PM
@graffe how big is the square
@thejonymyster it can be any size . The strategy depends on the size of the square
Clearly if the square has side length 1 the first player wins
I mean side length 2
@pxeger multiple single letter words in a row?
5:07 PM
what is the size of the smallest square that can fit two non-overlapping unit radius circles?
i should know this but its escaping me
2+2√2, I think
ah that makes sense!
@pxeger that's the diagonal size, not the side length, sorry
oh thats wayyyy better than how i was going about it
5:11 PM
@pxeger perfact!
i was trying to ger the distance to the corner from the edge of the circle :P
I guess three circles is too hard?
@pxeger for two circles the side length is 6+4√2
oh wow
how did you do that?
@pxeger no hang on that can't be right
5:14 PM
@pxeger for 3 circles?
how would the side length be longer than the diagonal :P
@pxeger it's the square root of this
@thejonymyster it's a square
approximately 3.414
@graffe squares, whose side length to diagonal length ratio is 1:root(2)
5:16 PM
do you mean to tell me 1 > root(2)
anyway just divide the diagonal by root(2) to get the sidelength
not sure what you were doing :P
I was doing mental pythagoras on 4 hours of sleep ;)
5:50 PM
CMC: Guess the OS (as specific as possible) given this screenshot of the desktop:
windows xp
Hint: The creature should be a big hint as to the version of the OS
Lubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)
Almost there!
(how specific do you want it??)
5:57 PM
I don't see what more detail you can want from me
@pxeger Lubuntu 22 was all I was expecting, it was just meant to be a joke because the "real" OS isn't Lubuntu
jellyos the operating system programmed in jelly
@user what was your intended solution to codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/229970?
I don't remember, I'll have to dig around in my bookmarks
@pxeger Found it
6:11 PM
What does the ()# syntax do?
{type > = String} defines a structural type inline with a single type member > that's an alias for String. I think the parentheses are needed to help out the parser. The Foo#Bar is for types what foo.baris for objects, so the # > part just accesses that > type member
I did not expect anyone to dig up that question after all this time lol, it's embarrassing
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