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12:48 AM
You've got 0 answers wrong.
Flawless victory.
does the site explain the questions you got wrong?
lists them but doesn't explain
Doesn't even tell you the correct answer
well, anyone really really interested is welcome to leave me a message, but it's night time for me now so you'll have to wait for a reply
โ€œJavaScript is to Java as carpet is to car.โ€ — Josh Lee Apr 13, 2010 at 14:02
That's a pretty common joke yeah
1:44 AM
@emanresuA sad, how long is ur test anyways ?
1h 30
was it all multiple choice ??
hey guys guess what
that's what I call gaming
2:48 AM
Dear copilot: please stop stalking me
you have no right to know this stuff about me
kind regards, lyxal
it also managed to auto-suggest my computer's username, meaning it's doing some weird-ass context reading from IntelliJ
Please don't ask copilot to assassinate me
lmao what
@RadvylfPrograms Please pull canvas?
(just frontend)
Oh Australia has a new PM
@RadvylfPrograms yes
Yes we do
But we also now have a high chance of a hung parliament
In the end, the revolving door has claimed another victim
2:58 AM
@lyxal According to my copilot, you're 25 and live in Kathmandu
Radvylf lives in Kiruna and enjoys skiing
... I don't even know where Kiruna is
it's apparently the northernmost town in sweden
Skiing makes sense then
More research has revealed that Lyxal is 25, and lives in Paris on "1 rue de la paix".
Apparently I live with Lyxal there, and Radvylf lives in Berlin.
Copilot is great
3:19 AM
@emanresuA Half right
I can't ski but I moved to Kiruna last week
Well actually I can't ski whether I live in Kiruna or not but I've tried twice and throughly enjoyed both times
But anyway I must lie relatively motionless for approximately 8 hours, while my brain wanders off without me, for reasons still not really understood o/
1 hour later…
4:38 AM
@lyxal yoo nice
4:57 AM
@RadvylfPrograms Youtube finally patched the skip ad glitch you found
@emanresuA what was it?
i just press ad info -> why this ad -> report it as inappropriate :P
Oh wait tttampermoney did something weird
5:15 AM
hmm, how many review queues are there per day average?
there are always 7
i'm assuming you meant how many review tasks, not queues :P
first ans/que
+late ans
current 0
I'm thinking of a brainfuck it challenge
hmm, did anyone know commonlit? is it a Chinese thing? think not
6:06 AM
is my connection lost?
i can't say i've ever heard of commonlit
6:22 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes, everyone was talking about it on desmos discord :P
apparently desmos is splitting into two companies if i understand correctly
one for their classroom cirriculum
and another that focuses solely on the calculators they have
I hadn't noticed lol
this whole time i thought the blue was something to do with the links you're posting
and blue is the color for the calculator company apparently
i think
I used desmos a bit but was completely oblivious...
6:24 AM
they selling the classroom company to some other company called amplify or smth like that
@AidenChow nice this means more calculator features :P
@PyGamer0 yeah exactly, everyone is excited about it, theres even some talk about a 3d calc
tho no concrete details yet
yooo 3d calculator
lol wait when did u change ur name to @Nobody, i thought u were number basher
6:29 AM
just now i think
@AidenChow yah
like 1hr ago but there's a lag
@AidenChow 3d calc is possible in 2d
@Nobody yes i know that, but 3d isnt natively built into the calculator
thats why ppl are excited for a 3d calculator, so they dont have to do all these workarounds to get 3d working on a 2d calc
also its just a rumor after the split, so take my words with a grain of salt :P
@AidenChow yah
@AidenChow pah, i take this chat with a grain of salt
@Nobody not sure what u mean by that but ok...
hmm, can there be 2 PyGamer0's or something
@AidenChow Wanted to change name to "Someone Who Doesn't Care About Names", too long
offensive names forbidden or what
staff intervension?
6:40 AM
hey guys look
Opinions on my IntelliJ font choice?
suggest monofont
i downloaded traloc-dheckoa.itch.io/cmmm source code how do I compile it I have a mac
oh true you should definitely switch to comic sans mono
> Platforms: Windows
good luck :P
though depending on what it's written in that may not be much of an obstacle so much as the original dev being lazy
i hate macos
6:44 AM
switch to android
@UnrelatedString I was being ironic with my font choice because I needed to make it bigger, but I might actually do this lol
@Nobody did you download the source code?
whatever the fuck that's in is probably related to some game engine
6:45 AM
its unity
cell machine was made in unity
yah 99% sure it is
okay yeah so there should be no problems building it on mac
the problem is i've never used unity
how do i build it
i've never used unity but i have definitely played unity games on mac
6:45 AM
@Nobody install unity
open it in the project folder
appstore or search
@Nobody from the unity website
@UnrelatedString i have used unity to make 2 games lol
wait i am printing something
6:47 AM
+i need vpn
@UnrelatedString what's that abbr
it's lol
but with a typo
wait is unity blocked in china
lmao what
you must use chinese unity
6:48 AM
@PyGamer0 aye
@UnrelatedString the problem is download speed
i don't want to download ... it says 2 months
so, vpn
@Nobody remake it in javascript
ok how @PyGamer0
for instance half of the avatars are "?" to me
no vpn
does it say image not found
or is it just me without vpn
@PyGamer0 i've done game jams with friends but only in godot lmao
6:51 AM
well, i only do python
haven't learned - with actual patience - any other lang
gdscript takes a lot of inspiration from python fwiw
but learn haskell :)
but sometimes i cheat in acsl and search up new lands to code in
so i end up finishing the coding part with 3 languages
printing done
or only unity
or both
> 2 hr 52 min
holy no
would someone do it for me ;-)
i give up mac sucks maybe i'll try
< 2 hr 37 min
do i install unity hub
or only unity
or both
three concurrent downloads might be hurting the time :)
7:02 AM
not good
jic you didn't see

do i install unity hub
or only unity
or both
@Nobody install hub
install unity from the hub
how long does it take average?
whatever 0/
is it o/ or 0/ or º/ hmm
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Aiden4Generate Fibonacci Primes Quickly Unsurprisingly, fibonacci primes are primes that are also Fibonacci numbers. There are currently 34 known Fibonacci primes and an additional 15 probable Fibonacci primes. For the purpose of this challenge, the Fibonacci numbers are the sequence \$F_n\$ defined as...

7:35 AM
57 messages moved to Sandbox
as expected, lol
oh yeah i could have just done this
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NeilITEXTIN - Is This an EXTended Initialism? decision-problem Please write a program or function that, when given a list of words and proposed extended initialism, outputs whether it is valid. Rules: Each word in the phrase contributes a prefix to the extended initialism. This prefix must not be th...

@UnrelatedString that's a chinese period you've got there
7:40 AM
7:54 AM
specifically hat does install queueeeeyeyeueuueueueeeueuueuueed mean?
it'll start installing when the current thing is done
it's queued up in a queue
Maybe move to the off-topic room for further unity installation discussion?
that would be a good idea
lol theres a trash chat room ?
and why have i been invited to join the chat room lololol
7:59 AM
because your stuff has been moved there
because it's handled uniformly with other rooms
8:17 AM
you are invited to join a chat room if one of your messages was moved to a room where you are able to send messages
@UnrelatedString where
1 hour later…
9:47 AM
@hyper-neutrino o_o
why does unicode allow you to do that
@AidenChow because you are trash /s
Woah, just got Archaeologist.
Wow I'm one of six people to have that
in flax, 3 mins ago, by PyGamer0
just 3 more stars for 10 stars...
10:35 AM
@RadvylfPrograms you found a YouTube ad skip glitch?
Jul 20, 2021 at 18:18, by Redwolf Programs
TIL you can skip a skippable YT ad even during the 5s countdown; the button will always work, even when it's hidden with CSS.
T minus 5 hours, and still equal votes: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/q/24771
10:59 AM
anyone want to try their hand at my challenge?
11:35 AM
What challenge?
@pxeger alright time to downvote everyone
11:59 AM
@pxeger lol all three will be ROs
@pxeger this one
12:12 PM
feels a lot closer to "do my homework" than an actual challenge
I gotta say, it's a surprisingly useful feature that awaiting something other than a promise in JavaScript does nothing and just works
12:55 PM
ayy i am in codespaces beta
1:42 PM
@pxeger strictly speaking it doesn't do nothing
CMQ: Is applying a function twice useful in golf?
Okay so here's how many pages you get when searching for Jelly in TNB:
here's what happens when you go to page 243:
Thank you SE
Very cool
Q: In between fractions

Wheat WizardGiven two positive integer fractions \$x\$ and \$y\$ such that \$x < y\$, give the fraction \$z\$ with the smallest positive integer denominator such that it is between the \$x\$ and \$y\$. For example \$x=2/5\$, \$y=4/5\$, the answer is \$1/2\$. Other fractions such as \$3/5\$ are also in betwe...

@lyxal the question is: why were you searching for jelly? why not jello?
The amount of bugs SE has is irrational
CMC: Find the user with the highest rep, who still uses the default username.
(in CGCC)
1:57 PM
@PyGamer0 because I'm looking for language origin lol
@mathcat user41805
huh, looks like chat search refuses to load anything after page 199
at least with 50 per page
2:31 PM
@PyGamer0 Yes, Husk even has a builtin for it iirc
2:43 PM
@WheatWizard nice
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

yksobaBold Words for Profit The challenge is simple. Given a webpage in html, make the first syllable of each word bold. Example: <body>Accessibility is a right.</body> --> <body><b>A</b>ccessibility <b>i</b>s <b>a</b> <b>ri</b>ght.</body> We will use the heuristic that the first syllable of a word...

> 0 - Terminology
If you could reorganise this so you explain the definitions only as you use them, I think that would be better
because it's 0-indexed
2:59 PM
@lyxal hmm i would like to also know that..
@user ok
because it's a bit weird to have a list of things that aren't yet relevant presented right at the start
and it's kinda reminiscent of a legalese terms of service document lol
It's more a glossary of things to keep in mind
@pxeger oh boy can't wait for the inevitable feedback that the rest of it will read as too corporate lol
Your section 1 is also a bit too much like "in this essay I will..."; I'd tend to avoid that as much as possible, and keep the "narrative" of the article a bit more fluid
Except I need a section to define the concept of pre-launch and post-launch
as well as give a general overview of what'll be discussed
and if that sounds a bit too much like "in this essay I will..." then so be it
that do be how I want to write that section
in other, other news, only 10 minutes until RO election voting ends
meaning I'll be able to go to bed then lol
@lyxal 25 minutes?
3:06 PM
wdym 25 minutes
gosh fricking dang it
caird why couldn't you have opened the voting earlier?
well in that case I'm going
no point waiting that long
@pxeger wdym, all English teachers say to do that so it's obviously the right thing to do
I mean, it can be a good structural technique, but I think a better writer would be able to integrate it more subtly
Well, it's good to give your reader an idea of where you're going so they know it's worth reading more, but here, the title and first few paragraphs say that already
@lyxal Because I forgot about opening the voting until too late :P
Weird, lyxal and pxeger got two downvotes
3:21 PM
I only had one downvote as of about 1 hour ago
which means someone's upvoted and downvoted me
but neither of the other two have been voted on in that time
We know for a fact that it couldn't have been me :P
I upvoted you this morning
That actually would've put you in the lead so maybe someone supporting one of the other two downvoted you
This TNB RO politics is really getting quite intense :P
emanresu's got another upvote
> How do you gag a fish-person without tape?
Never change Worldbuilding.SE
This is the best outcome
@NewPosts @hyper-neutrino can you 11 into a more pinnable message?
@NewPosts unpinned this as my first act as room owner
Oh no, are we going to start off with an RO pin battle?
RO abuse 12!!
3:31 PM
I don't think that's a good idea
@user pxeger was referring to the "cast your votes" message
It's important for people to know there are new ROs
Oh ok
Did not click the arrow thingy
@user true
4:10 PM
ah so it did end fully tied, lol
4:33 PM
@NewPosts ayy nice!!
4:49 PM
We would've most likely appointed all three, even if it had been off by one or two, but the tie makes it an easier decision lol
yeah, with the tie it's basically indisputable that adding all three is the only reasonable option :P
unless we go off of controversy but even then a lot of downvotes were probably to keep the tie in place cuz funny. hence why publicly visible votes sorta suck but it's the best we can do ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯
We just have each RO choose a number from 1 to 3, smallest unique number wins and is automatically an RO, then the other two ROs each pick either 0 or 1. If both pick the same number, one is chosen, otherwise, the other is. Because obviously there's no problem with choosing our ROs based off of game theory :p
surely not :P
I was in favor of adding all three even before we did the vote, so I'm glad this is how the voting turned out
@hyper-neutrino lmaoo i have to admit i did do some downvoting to keep the tie intact :P
5:05 PM
@RadvylfPrograms same, if you asked me to pick two I really couldn't decide who not to pick :P
5:35 PM
why is @pxeger everywhere!?
Whoa that looks nearly identical to pxeger's pfp
just saw your tc subset challenge got posted, awesome :]
firefox keyboard shortcuts i never use: ctrl + 1-9 to select one of your first 9 tabs
actually wait, ctrl 9 selects your last tab, 1-8 select your first 8 tabs
lmao i had no idea that existed\
5:52 PM
@RadvylfPrograms my pfp is from GitHub Octoicons, so it's pretty likely that is actually the same
6:42 PM
@des54321 Exists in Chrome too
Similar, in case you didn't know: on Windows and many Linux DEs, Super ("Windows key") + 1..9 selects the corresponding taskbar item
On Chrome OS you can do that with Alt
7:30 PM
@pxeger Unpinned the add a language to a polyglot thing as my first :P
2 hours later…
9:09 PM
Oh I'm not used to seeing pxeger and emanresu in italics
Neither am I
Y'all're ROs for Off-Topic TNB now too
Thanks :)
Can has bakery RO as well?
(since afaik I can't move stuff there without write access)
Thanks :)
9:12 PM
You can now bake things with us :p
We should probably decide what it is that we're baking
why is there trash chatroom and bakery chatroom ???
whats the diff
We currently have ingredients including but not limited to:
- 16 liters of heavy whipping cream
- a half kilogram of garlic
- a single yeast cell
- molasses
@AidenChow Trash is SE-wide, the Bakery is for TNB specifically, and only ROs can talk in it, so y'all don't get pinged when we move your messages into it
@RadvylfPrograms I'll add some egg yolks next time
so when do u guys move to trash as opposed to moving to bakery ?
9:16 PM
I never move to trash
Trash is the territory of Vyxal Bot now
With the exception of things which need to be nuked by a mod, in which case I move to trash then ping some mods
oh ok
Another advantage of the bakery is that we own it, so things can be moved back, whereas Trash isn't owned by us
@AidenChow i move thing to trash when i forget bakery exists sometimes
or when it's really cluttery and/or i just moved something or warned to stop already and am extra annoyed so i intentionally send the message moved notification lol
9:36 PM
@RadvylfPrograms - several kilograms of Ginger
Lowercase ginger, that's an important distinction to make
well, I seem to end up in the Bakery a lot
1 hour later…
10:46 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AIn need of title (is this on OEIS?) We can arrange the positive integers like this: 1_| 2 | 5 | 10 4___3_| 6 | 11 9___8___7_| 12 16 15 14 13 That is, in L-shaped brackets expanding down and right infinitely. Then, we can read it off with the antidiagonals: 1 2 5 10 / / / 4 3 6 11 / / ...

11:05 PM
@Feeds now that's what I call gaming
11:51 PM
Q: I want 8 bits for every character!

SteffanThis is the reverse of this challenge. Given an encoded list of codepoints and the characters used to encode it, you need to decompress it to its original string. For example, given the encoded list [170, 76, 19, 195, 32] and the encoder characters " abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz", the output should...


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