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12:00 AM
There's no generic "rude/abusive", so you have to either flag it as "harassment" or "hate speech". So like...if the comment's not directed at anyone in particular, nor a specific demographic, but is incredibly offensive, there's nothing you can do
And bot comments are hard to flag too, because the closest thing is "unwanted commercial content"
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That is explicitly not allowed here
@cairdcoinheringaahing I’m definitely an extrovert, but I haven’t been very extroverted since Covid was a thing
@AaroneousMiller Ah yeah, covid hasn't been great for extroverts :/
@lyxal This is the only group I regularly chat with at the moment. Technically I'm in a couple of Discords of video game streamers, but I don't really participate there.
@AaroneousMiller I'm definitely an introvert, but I hate how much Covid has destroyed what social life I did have.
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Given the reputation of most YouTube comment sections, I wonder if this is a feature rather than a bug /hj
1:01 AM
I had a dream a few days back where I was in TNB during some class (no, I don't actually do that, because I'm a goody two shoes, unlike Redwolf) and it turned out one of you (I don't remember who) was actually some kid sitting a few tables from me (I've literally never even talked to him, I don't know why my brain chose him). Right before he revealed himself to be one of you, I'd posted a really dumb essay or something embarrassing, and then the kid told the whole classroom about it
That was a scary dream
but the thing is
you have no real way of proving that I don't sit right next to you in one of your classes
That isn't helping :(
@user spOooOOOOoOoOOky
I see all and know none
The only reason I chat here so often but not irl is because I can't see y'all's disapproving glares
Ginger, you've ruined that for me too, I have no choice but to find another online community of nerds
@user at what? you have done literally nothing warranting a disapproving glare from me
1:04 AM
Good, good, don't check the transcripts :P
I'm way more immature here than I am irl. I used to have a reputation for never smiling or showing any emotion lol
@GingerIndustries Stuff a bean up your n*se
Over time, Wikipedians come to appreciate the amount of time the development and network operations teams put into keeping the site running as well as possible. In addition to learning this, another vital rule is picked up fairly early on in the learning process: Don't give the developers ideas. == Thou shalt not take the name of blocking in vain == One minute you're joking about pwnage and running vandal bots. Next, you're getting 403 errors from all the sites. You discover that a network operator has blacklisted your entire ISP with a well-placed line in the Squid configuration. Who's pwned now...
@emanresuA these two pages sum up our attitude at TNB
The rare non-dry Wikipedia article
1:08 AM
> You say: Developer, can you please delete article x?

They hear: Can you please use a nuclear weapon on the entire German Wikipedia?
@GingerIndustries I know that no one here sits next to me in classes, cause the same three people sit next to me, and I know none of them can code :P
What gave you the idea that we can code? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing so? I see no issues here
@user ...shit, good point :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing *laughs in spaghetti*
1:13 AM
Oh dear, why are you in spaghetti? Did you shrink yourself and fall into your dinner?
Although, one of the people I'm going to end up living with next year is does CS and , for some reason, it got onto "I know more languages than you do" :P
@user well done.
And he doesn't do anything esoteric with programming, he's, y'know, normal :P
> is does CS
@cairdcoinheringaahing There are two categories of people: Esolangers and everyone else.
@GingerIndustries Yes, and I am doesn't English
1:14 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The real pro move here is to learn every Brainfuck variant because there's like a million of them but they're all the same
4 hours ago, by ta Radvylf srik su shilani
@cairdcoinheringaahing You English not English?
you are alone'nt
@user Well, I mentioned 05AB1E first round and immediately won, so :P
Golfers 1, normies 0 :P
1:15 AM
hey look another reason to learn APOL
Why learn several different languages when you can learn subsets of variants of the same language? :P
I will never, EVER forget about or let yall forget about APOL
Random page in this category
signing off, see yall later
1:30 AM
@user This is almost how you ask "Are you English?" in Chinese, if I'm not mistaken
Oh, like "Are you English or not English?"?
Yeah. This result from Google Translate seems to be word-for-word "You be not-be English?", so there is a linking verb that gets repeated rather than the word "English" itself. I'm on dangerous ground talking about a language I don't know, though.
Also, it appears that's not the only way to ask a yes/no question.
@GingerIndustries o/
CMC (repost b/c different people are here now): Output this array:
[[1 1 5 5 6 6 5]
 [4 4 3 3 2 2 1]
 [5 5 4 4 3 3 2]
 [5 5 4 4 3 3 2]
 [1 1 5 5 6 6 5]
 [4 4 3 3 2 2 1]]
I have 71 bytes in Python 3.
70 in Python 2
1:43 AM
So that is including print?
Pretty dumb a=[[1,1,5,5,6,6,5],[4,4,3,3,2,2,1],[5,5,4,4,3,3,2]];print(a+a[2:]+a[:2]) is already at 72 lol
I see some patterns in the array but no obvious way to encode them in a way that's shorter than hardcoding
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Mine does hardcode quite a bit (the more interesting version came in at 80), but I found a couple mildly interesting tricks even in Python
1:50 AM
I suppose you could join them all into 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 5 5 6 6 5 and take slices of that
Then there's a=[b'',b'',b''];print(a+a[2:]+a[:2])
at 57
Bubbler big brain
@Bubbler :/
Okay, I have 71/70 bytes of printable ASCII, then.
@Bubbler Don't even need the square brackets :P
Oh true :P
1:54 AM
I have 21 in Vyxal
@emanresuA Hm, that makes mine 69/68 bytes
J: 6$(,1+{:,:{:)7 5|/}:2&#-6 2 8 9 at 31
@emanresuA Not quite. The pattern there is ABCCBA, but the correct pattern is ABCCAB.
@Bubbler Ooh, how does this work?
I used chinese remainder theorem to generate the first two rows' numbers
which are (-6, -2, -8, -9) mod 7 and mod 5 respectively
Oh wait, why do I have & in 2&# outside trains lol
that makes a 30
2:01 AM
@Bubbler a[2:] is just a[2] so that ties dlosc (I think?)
No, a[2:] is [a[2]]
Oh true
I known't python
6$7 5 6 6|/}:2#29 _2 27 26 at 26
Doing CRT on four rows turned out to be better
CRT as in chinese remainder theorem?
2:07 AM
How does that work?
18 in Vyxal
It's basically print([[x%y for x in[29,29,-2,-2,27,27,26]]for y in[7,5,6,6,7,5]]) in Python, 66 bytes
@Bubbler 28 bytes in BQN. BQN's Reshape builtin seems to work a bit differently from J's Shape.
Yeah, J only sees the leading axis and cycles through that.
Other APLs see all elements individually when reshaping.
@Bubbler Oh I see, very clever
@Bubbler Probably longer than base 7 in Vyxal
What about Pip?
Haven't tried yet, let me think how best to approach it.
25 bytes with some weird lvalue/rvalue shenanigans
@DLosc Is that a greeting?
2:34 AM
@Bubbler Porting this Chinese Remainder Theorem approach gives 27 bytes
3:07 AM
I'm getting the feeling that 25 might be optimal
Q: Proportional numbers

DialFrostGiven a list of strictly positive numbers, rescale and shift the numbers so that they cover the range [0,1], basically meaning that \$0≀n≀1\$ for each number \$n\$. This may be confusing, but you have to divide the numbers and keep their relative differences, as given in the examples below: [18.5...

not an answer
@lyxal NAA? why not accept mark?
because it isn't classified as a helpful answer
@NewPosts I understand what this is getting at, but I'm trying to think of a good way to phrase it that isn't just pseudocode. In the meantime, I've VTC'd as unclear.
@DLosc something like " each unique value should get a unique decimal key in [0,1)"
order must be maintained
3:27 AM
@Razetime [0,1] rather
ah, [0,1]
And it's not just the order, but the relative distances. So if the three numbers are [12, 13, 17], they map to [0, 0.2, 1] because 13 is one fifth of the way from 12 to 17.
Duped by bubbler anyway
Lol, okay
Essentially (a = l - min(l)) / max(a) then?
3:30 AM
I tried that but it didn't seem to work
But I guess it should,
oh wait I had a mistake
Imagine using floats though
I was using the max of the original array
@emanresuA That's exactly how I did it in Pip (with an extra bit to handle the all-numbers-equal case)
@emanresuA Disappointingly, the dupe target has rather specific I/O requirements
(Although in v2.7 it would've returned zoo)
@DLosc Too bad, I'ma completely ignore those
(Because floats in Vyxal are a nightmare)
(And that's what everyone else is doing)
(And add my -1 to the dupe target)
"palindrome numbers up to n" alr is a qns right
I really like to bulid a bot that detects questions that should be closed (except needs details or clarity) and answers that should be deleted
like SmokeDetector
@Fmbalbuena TERRIBLE idea.
3:36 AM
@DialFrost dupe
@emanresuA ???
Smoke detector's very good at detecting spam.
but CGCC is very different
It's pretty much impossible to make a bot that detects invalid answers/non-answers / dupe questions / unclear questions
Fmalbuena's project seems more aimed toward dupes and general programming questions to me
Which, although difficult, seems pretty harmless
3:38 AM
@DialFrost Most kinds of simple ideas are already used up, you need to be more creative than that. Try searching for is:q <keywords of your idea> first
And possibly useful if done well, probably requiring extensive use of machine learning for some stuff
like no code formatting answer to challenge
@Fmbalbuena Nope
What about Scratch answers
Or Piet
@emanresuA Ignore scratch.
Well I mean SD still gets false positives
3:39 AM
And image-based languages are pretty rare, and often still involve a text-based representation or xxd
If Fmbalbuena wants to invest the time to design a bot like that, and put it in a moderation-related room, I'm all for it
or... I think
I have to ask Stack Apps
No, that's only needed if you want to publicize it or get an API key
@emanresuA Should we just edit the question? Or do we still respect the wishes of the OP? ais523's answer here implies that cumbersome I/O formats should be edited out, but I don't know if that's the consensus.
NP/SP aren't on Stack Apps, for example
Would you use Python or JS?
3:42 AM
I think I have to learn webscraping SE
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Python
If you want to use JS, NP/SP can already handle that for you nvm
@Fmbalbuena No, there's an API
@taRadvylfsriksushilani how to use?
There are also undocumented websockets you can use to be instantly alerted of new questions and answers
which module to use?
Which NP/SP use
@Fmbalbuena Good old requests is probably fine
3:44 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I definitely thought that said apl.stackexchange.com ^_^
@taRadvylfsriksushilani what is NP and SP?
@NewPosts and @SandboxPosts
@NewPosts hey, can you teach me to write Python program that returns newest answers and questions
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I have to gtg now o/
[codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/241395/107310](very cool cops) on my weird cnr thing
i think i did the link wrong
it still works so whatever
first answer using more than one of each string to be safe >: )
first safe one at all i think (edit: no it is not)
i do quite like urs btw i didnt get it at first but it has grown on me
I think it was kinda unpopular 'cos of the difficulty of creating answers
My life is complete
4:08 AM
inb4 "22222331123 numbers"
@DLosc No, this is obviously the consensus
Q: Initial Creator

SuperByteThis is a text-based challenge where you must ask the user their first and last name, and then use the program to figure out the user's initials, and print them in the format: Your initials are(put initials here)

4:28 AM
no its not @taRadvylfsriksushilani look at wheat wizard... — DialFrost 1 min ago
uh so, pretty sure WW also uses sandbox
Q: Animate finding the middle (hypercube edition)

emanresu A1d version Given a multidimensional array of integers where all dimensions are the same length, animate finding the centre of it. Simply output the array, then remove the first and last items of every array within it and output it, until the length of each dimension is less than 3 and can't have ...

how bout a challenge wr u find the h-index, the largest positive number h such that h occurs in the sequence at least h times
if no such index/number in the list print -1
Sounds like a good challenge, but a likely dupe
Q: At least h with at least h

ZgarbInput A list of nonnegative integers. Output The largest nonnegative integer h such that at least h of the numbers in the list are greater than or equal to h. Test Cases [0,0,0,0] -> 0 [12,312,33,12] -> 4 [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] -> 4 [22,33,1,2,4] -> 3 [1000,2,2,2] -> 2 [23,42,12,92,39,46,23,56,31,1...

er its abit diff tho
this time its at least h times
not >=h
"at least" and >= are the same thing
4:37 AM
i mean the number h, must appear h times in the list
but its abit too close so nah ig
@DialFrost your recent suggested edit should be a comment since it doesn't really remove confusion so much as change the meaning of the challenge which would contradict emanresu's original intent
it doesnt contradict emanresu's original intent
emanresu A never states they have to be positive integers though, right?
So you're changing the rules of the challenge, which goes against their intent
CMQ: If you had $100 billion, what would you do with it?
Assume the money just shows up one night, and everyone's cool with it
4:48 AM
buy a house, fully pay uni debt, and then buy lots of people houses
but not all at once of coursr
A friend of mine asked me that and I just stared blankly because that's such an insane amount of monkey I have zero understanding of what my options would even be
throw it away
> insane amount of monkey
or wat ta radvlf said
4:49 AM
I would probably try to bully around society into doing things that are good for it
@DialFrost This is what comments are for.
@lyxal I'd have to be very careful not to frick up the economy
too many houses for people at once would a) probably frick up the housing market, b) devalue the dollar making my [wacky stacks] worthless and c) cause a lot of people to be angry because of devaluation
unless a tier 3 civilisation decided to drop in
I'd also spend some amount on securing good server infrastructure for the vyxal online interpreter
Oh and I'd buy stack exchange
And I mean that in all seriousness
Bribe people to improve the government. Buy out harmful companies and change their business model to be less bad. Use a good percentage of the monkey to pay for things that the government should provide but doesn't, like better housing for the homeless, healthcare stuff, and so on
4:51 AM
i would spend that money to reset humanity
cant do tat
unless u bribe tier 2 civ
@lyxal I'd buy SE/SO, fork SO and the other more corporate sites into their own company, and make SE a nonprofit and make any changes I feel are necessary
@taRadvylfsriksushilani well y'aint gonna have much luck with the biggest corporations like Amazon
$100B ain't enough to cover the estimated half-trillion or more valuation of the company
No, but I'd still be making profit from any I bought, so I'd have funding to snowball into more and more medium sized harmful corporations
js ask from ta radvylf he asked the qns
increase it to 100T
4:54 AM
Then I could try to tackle a couple of major ones, I wouldn't be able to fully buy them out, but I could get a lot of shares (and thus a massive say in what the company does)
y is this chat turning political lmao (ik its js a CMQ but lol)
I feel like there'd be some law or clause preventing you from doing that
js break the law lor
Yeah, running companies into the ground intentionally is against the law, but if I make sure they're still profitable (but not evil) it's perfectly fine
Hmm, I wouldn't be able to overthrow the US gov't with $100B, but maybe some assassins and bribery would be even more effective than that
what if the people don't want that?
4:58 AM
100B is enough to bribe any country to nuke the other
The people will want what I tell them to want
and why would they do that?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani burn it muhahahaha
But the stuff I'd have done would all be pretty much unambiguously good. Instant runoff voting, better healthcare, reduced defense spending, etc.
5:00 AM
and what if other countries don't like what you do?
because if you do stuff they don't like, they can slap you with embargos/tarrifs
bomb them
Why would other countries be mad about the US doing any of those things? Defense spending is the only one that has any effect on foreign stuff
And the US is so important economically that nobody would dare embargo it except a country that's already basically an enemy
when our physics teacher hits enter on her keyboard, it sounds like she is hitting someone with a saucepan
this implies you know what her hitting someone with a saucepan sounds like
hmm does it?
5:03 AM
NATO and friends might be a bit annoyed if the US reduced the size of its military and destroyed its nuke stockpile, but it wouldn't be a good look for them if they publically argued against those things
@PyGamer0 you assert it "sounds like" it
so yes
@taRadvylfsriksushilani (serious question here): I wonder how much of current military spending in America is on legacy stuff
As in, how coders sometimes do things because that's just what they've done
even though they don't necessarily need to anymore
I mean, most military hardware and software is ancient, by design
Cutting edge stuff is much more prone to bugs and oddities, and a military has no need for bleeding edge software on a nuclear submarine
from a non-political standpoint, it looks like the US might be able to reduce their military spending to somewhere around the level countries like China spends
20% of taxpayer monkey at the federal level is spent on military stuff
but I assume the moment you start slashing military spending, you start losing income from lobbying groups that rely on government military contracts
5:10 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Given that we have literally no need to be fighting any wars right now, or for the forseeable future, that seems totally pointless
@lyxal I don't know much about lobbying but it seems like any exchange of actual money would be illegal, right?
And it would go to the campaigns of candidates, not toward the gov't
wats the diff between f=lambda x:x[2:]and[x]+f(q(x))or[x] and f=lambda x:x[2:]and x+f(q(x))or[x] in terms of output i realise it adds another array or smh — DialFrost 4 mins ago
@DialFrost Suppose x is a list and y is a list of lists. Say x=[1,2,3] and y=[[4,5], [6,7]]. If we want to prepend x to the list of lists, we can do [x]+y to get [[1,2,3], [4,5], [6,7]]. Doing x+y dumps the items of x into the same list as the lists in y, which is not what we want: [1, 2, 3, [4,5], [6,7]].
@taRadvylfsriksushilani there's a reason taxes aren't easy to do
iirc it's because there's a company that lobbies the gov't to use their software
Well, I'll put a million or two of my 100B to having the lobbyists assassinated
yikes, you've just committed a criminal offence
From a purely utilitarian standpoint, what's a few hundred lobbyists when preventing war and improving healthcare would save millions of lives
5:15 AM
(as in, in the hypothetical situation)
Sure, it'd be illegal technically, but with so much money I could easily keep it distanced from me.
could you though?
It takes one snitch and everything gets traced back to you
Sure. Pay with crypto.
No snitching possible, "yo mr. mafia hitman, I'd like you to ice mr. military industrial complex, here's 100k in btc"
if they can catch the creator of the silk road, they can surely catch you
all it takes is one slip-up, one mistake
Not necessarily. DPR was doing stuff for years under one alias, whereas I'd know exactly what I'm going to do, and can be careful.
And I'm sure with so much money it's easy to keep people quiet if stuff goes wrong
5:23 AM
This is some Harry James Potter-Evans-Verres level of ideation right here. I ask you the same thing I would ask him: How do you know that your ideas won't have unexpected negative effects that outweigh any benefits? ;)
That's a good point, but I do think I've minimized the risk of that to the best of my ability (of course, with $100B, I can afford lots of political scientists and advisors and stuff to reduce it further). The policies themselves, like implementing IRV or better healthcare, are already proven to work well in other countries, so little risk there. Bribing/"convincing" people to make those laws could be a bit risky, but I'm sure it can't be too hard with enough money.
Buying out and improving harmful companies seems like it would have very little risk
Anyway, I must now lie motionless in my lying-motionless-room for approximately 8 hours while occasionally vividly hallucinating, as I do every time the earth rotates o/
Just in case you wanted to know lol
    "β‚€": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 100),
    "₁": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: [0, 1]),
    "β‚‚": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 10),
    "₃": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 16),
    "β‚„": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 32),
    "β‚…": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 64),
    "₆": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: 0),
    "β‚ˆ": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: ord(sys.stdin.read(1))),
    "₉": attrdict(arity=0, call=lambda: [ord(c) for c in input()]),
and in other news flax is doing a glyph refactoring:
10 nilads exactly wow
5:49 AM
in flax, 19 secs ago, by PyGamer0
CMP: should flax use 0 based indexing?
in flax, 14 secs ago, by PyGamer0
CMQ: Should Range vectorise?
Yes to both
6:15 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Do you know when you're going to post the ACE CnR?
6:54 AM
CMQ: Best (most readable, best designed, etc) codepage
Vyxal (I'm not biased at all)
@emanresuA #1 BQN #2 brachylog #3 Husk
Completely agree with you on BQN
Never seen the other two, links?
Wow, double ninja'd
7:12 AM
@PyGamer0 You know how you were looking for a char for Jelly's ß? How about ↻?
cough cough
in flax, 2 hours ago, by PyGamer0
nilads: subscripts symbols
monads: capital letters / letters from other languages (greek, cryllic etc)
dyads: small letters / symbols
quicks: superscript symbols
Oh okay
Just seemed like a good symbol to me
its double width in most fonts also
i am doing a glyph revamp
so feel free to suggest glyphs for commands
4 hours later…
11:26 AM
Q: What are the standard guidelines for calling the function that does whatever the post says?

logiclike for languages that need a starting point, like c++, c#, java and kotlin. I always post my answers in the function form instead of also calling it from the starting point. If we need to actually call it from the starting point, then that's a huge waste of bytes. what are the standard guidelin...

11:44 AM
not fully anyway
1 hour later…
12:54 PM
I find this one picture of Donald Knuth absolutely hilarious
He looks like the precursor to the pogchamp expression lmao

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