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12:00 AM
It's as if half of SE's servers stopped working and the other half are failing to take the load.
Oh wow
SE'll really be trying to fix that then
And stackstatus is completely useless.
as usual
When it comes back I have an answer and a meta question to psot
Honestly, pretty much all of SE's twitter bots are useless
(Meta question: How do I score this sort of thing (Apple shortcut program))
a friend of mine's saying he did manage to refresh and wait enough to get through to something
12:10 AM
I did once or twice too
Chat's a bit janky though as well
Every message is sending but also timeouting
i also managed to get through to a page
my messages seem to be taking a while but wait no one just timed out
so yeah
my messages seem to be taking a while but wait no one just timed out
@emanresuA Can this be saved as a single file (or as a collection of files)?
My chat messages are going fine
I managed to perform an edit
@cairdcoinheringaahing Idk, it's on a phone
@emanresuA Wait, does this even do anything?
in Charcoal HQ, 30 mins ago, by Slate
There may be a problem, indeed.
That's not a good sign, if an SE staff member is saying that
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wdym? It prints fizzbuzz if that's what you were asking
12:13 AM
@emanresuA i know there's some kind of shortcut sharing hub so there might be a way related to that
@emanresuA If you can't produce some way of describing it as a file (or multiple) with a known size, I don't think you should even use this as a programming language here tbh
Just personal opinion, but we don't need more edge cases and special rules about how to score languages that insist of being "special snowflakes" in the world of programming languages
@emanresuA That might have a valid way of getting a size
@emanresuA I wouldn't think so - you don't run the png
It's like if I took a screenshot of TIO running a program - the png wouldn't be a valid submission
True yeah
I'll recreate it on my laptop + see what I can do to measure size.
At the very least, you may be able to do a similar thing as Scratch used to, as my iPhone measures 31 actions (so a score of 31)
But that seems... a bit wrong tbh
12:21 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Oh, add a massive carbon tax to that list
@cairdcoinheringaahing My understanding of our rules is that you'd need to invent some sort of byte-based (or, now, fraction-or-logarithm-of-a-byte-based) representation of the program for it to be score-able
Typically the same one used by the language itself (e.g., structure blocks in Minecraft)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, I could put all the text in one action and claim it counted as 1 byte
@emanresuA Running this bricked my phone O.o
It takes ~15s on mine
Hopefully in a hyperbolic sense?
12:25 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Yeah, that's the ideal, but that's not always possible
@taRadvylfsriksushilani It froze up, black screen then restarted
What phone do you have?
No worries, I've done worse to my phone :P
iPhone 8
And its almost 3 years old now, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Huh, I tried to approve this suggested edit during the maintenance and kept getting "Unable to approve, try again later", but apparently it went through O.o
Which is annoying, cause I want to reject it now
I posted a message in chat, it got duplicated, then the duplicate message disappeared. Bug?
@BgilMidol yeah that's a visual client-side bug that happens every now and then
12:43 AM
23,850 bytes
(exported to file)
I give up on trying to use SE, I'm going to get some work done
1:18 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Imagine not wearing a mask as often as possible to hide your expressions and ugly face :P
@user I'll have you know, I'm the pinnacle of beauty :P
@user oof
Yes, that's what people say when I take the mask off
big oof
1:39 AM
@user I know, aren't I cute? :P
@user I suppose that's what the point of the mask is
@DialFrost are you here
@allxy What happened to the real allxy?
1:54 AM
@emanresuA Can you use if {...} elseif {...} else {...} instead of three if statments?
@emanresuA nothing
Possibly. Also, I've discovered the 'repeat index' variable
How did you export it to a file?
Used MacOS
I don't think it's possible on mobile
This is one reason I don't like having an iPhone, you need to get a Mac to do the cool stuff and that's super expensive
Maybe I should download a MacOS emulator like the Queen, pxeger, did
2:07 AM
@user Wait, am I reading this wrong, or did you say that pxeger is the Queen? :P
Jan 8 at 19:14, by pxeger
@Adám I am secretly the Queen of England; neither criminal nor contract law applies to me
Wait that means pxeger is a symbolic figurehead of Australia too
@lyxal hm what have i walked into
Well Australia is part of the commonwealth
And pxeger is the Queen of England
Thus, pxeger is the monarch of Australia
Wait a second, isn't "regexp" the monarch of Australia because it's backwards?
2:15 AM
You're thinking of ɹǝƃǝxd
But that's rotated
Shouldn't it be flipped horizontally?
Depends on the group you choose to represent teh symmetries on the word "pxeger" :P
And here
@user No, you clearly don't understand how being upside down works.
@lyxal Upside down px is bx, not xb
2:18 AM
Look at the comments on this
@user Flip your phone or computer upside down and see that I'm right
That's not how it works
It is
2:19 AM
When you go to Australia, you don't flip that way
@lyxal I did, it's xd
@lyxal when i do that i cant see what anything is saying
@user you do
Nah man, you just rotate around the y-axis (the 3d kind from math) so if you were facing the sun you'd be facing away from it
@lyxal I'll take your word for it
flat earther and australlia is whats on the bottom
2:20 AM
@user No, it's 2d. You rotate a solid 180 degrees
The earth is 2d???!!!
No, the rotation is 2d
Trust me on this
Okay, picture yourself walking from the north pole straight to the south pole. Would you rotate once you reach the equator or would you just keep going normally and end up flipped horizontally?
Upside down does not equal vertical mirror
2:23 AM
@user dumbass it is
I thought you meant having it reversed again
@lyxal Hey, Which top 5 golflangs is your favorite?
@user ???
So if you catch a train from the north pole to the south pole, you don't flip, the earth does
Just gotta...change your perspective 😎
2:27 AM
It's not dxǝƃǝɹ like you're suggesting
That's not how upside town text is written
@lyxal I know
That one has the letters flipped vertically too
d should be b and so on
But that's unreadable
That's why no one knows about pxeger being the Queen
2:29 AM
It's customary to flip things vertically for readability
Screw customs
Screw the monarchy
Screw pxeger (/s)
@user this is rickroll obviously.
No, this is unreadable
@user I don't think I will...
@emanresuA readable?
2:30 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh my god, Schindler's List is so long
I think i will make unreadable readable
@user pretty sure I'd be arrested if I did that
@cairdcoinheringaahing schindler
's list is worth every second
@lyxal bruh
@Razetime Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing film, but 3:15? damn
2:31 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing how far are you in. tis such an effective tearjerker.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Watch it on 3x speed and profit
3:15 is actually quite short for oskar schindler's story
@cairdcoinheringaahing for a moment then I thought you meant that there were a lot of items on the list and that it was a long read
I mean, anything under a day is short for most stories like that
@Razetime Just got the bit where hover for spoiler, so still got half an hour to go
2:32 AM
@lyxal wait are you sockpuppet?
@Fmbalbuena no
Am lyxal
Yes, lyxal, like all users, is my sock
We are all puppets of the Great Puppetmaster
@lyxal yes your user rep is 40
@cairdcoinheringaahing get your foot out of me
2:33 AM
He controls all. He decides fate
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah i see
@lyxal No, my foot will be inside you, and you'll like it
@cairdcoinheringaahing Was lyxal's matching sock lost?
@cairdcoinheringaahing this
2:34 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing well cut your toenails then. They're sharp
@lyxal You sure that's caird's foot?
@lyxal No joke, I legit trimmed my toenails tonight :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing interesting reply..
@lyxal Yes, 100% real
@Razetime lyxal is actually quentin tarantino
2:35 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing then what's that poking into me?
@lyxal ...lets move this into DMs :P
@lyxal I think you can change to real lyxal?
I am real Lyxal
I don't know what you mean
@lyxal Methinks caird's lost you and someone else has put their foot in you
@lyxal you have 40 rep, proof: post 4 messages in a row
2:37 AM
@Fmbalbuena I think you'll find I'm real Lyxal
@user oh. Oh dear.
Quick, do that thing socks do and get lost again!
@lyxal please post 4 messages in a row
@Fmbalbuena I am real Lyxal I totally didn't do my own pfp swap with myself because no one else was doing this and this isn't totally all one big joke
Now i'm not Fmbalbuena anymore
what is the velato programming language
2:41 AM
@Razetime music
you hate music?
smh my head
CMC: Implement Minceraft
See, am real Lyxal
I post 4 messages in a row
And you'll see
I'm real
ngl, from the profile picture, I thought carusocomputing was back for a second
(for you youngsters, I think that's Magic Octopus Urn now)
i had no idea magic octopus urn even had a previous name
2:53 AM
Oct 25 '17 at 21:42, by Uriel
@MagicOctopusUrn btw was ur previous nick carusocomputing?
Anagram, btw :P
Jun 24 '17 at 19:01, by Dennis
@carusocomputing Magic Octopus Urn is obviously the best anagram.
@cairdcoinheringaahing wait SE offline? I can't change my pfp.
@Razetime Interestingly, I don't think it's a tearjerker. I never really find holocaust/nazi films to be tearjerkers - rather, I find them much more contemplative
It's not sad in the sense of "Oh, I want to cry", its more ... tragic?
Stackstatus says everything is better now, but everything is still broken for me :(
i'm getting mixed results
3:24 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing So...I scrolled to the top to read through the transcript for while I was gone, and this was at the top. And due to chat still having some issues with things loading, the "load older messages" button just would not work. So I had no context for this for like two minutes :p
Did someone shoot one of those handheld-rocket-propeled-tactical-nuclear-warhead things at SE headquarters?
Things are loading so slowly
> If the time delay was greater than the time-of-flight, the weapon would hit the ground before it armed and not detonate. The time dial also had a 'safe' setting, and so acted as a second safety switch. (source)
oh no...
I'm imagining something like unexploded munitions after WWII, but with fricking nukes
@cairdcoinheringaahing does tragic not equal i want to cry?
Tragic isn't always crying-type-sad though
it can just sort of be
in a non crying way
3:39 AM
That’s kinda weird, I’ve never really been impacted by something sad without also wanting to cry
yeah maybe i;m not really one to talk here since i barely cry one way or another
I would probably cry a lot if i watched movies about sad stuff but I don’t, so ^
I mean, historical tragedies usually don't really have that much of a personal connection, so it seems like they'd be disconnected from what usually would cause crying
I mean i don’t feel anything when i read “x people died” but that changes when you see photos of what happened to them
@cairdcoinheringaahing i see
i should see grand budapest sometime
3:57 AM
Fun trick: If you hear everyone referencing a meme and you don't get it, but don't care enough to look it up, just wait a month or two to start using it so that if you do it wrong it seems ironic
CMC: Guess the original
The newest challenge on anagol reminds me of AoCG2021 Day 17
4:01 AM
Do I have like...a presidential-torso-photographic-memory?
Saw an image of him in third grade that looked very much like a koala. (The image I edited didn’t look much like a koala but I’ve fixed that, as you can see)
@taRadvylfsriksushilani i think koalas just look like john adams
Did you use an AI? If so, it must've been good. What were its koalafications?
(I used photoshop, you can tell it’s my first time using it from the weird cropping and colors)
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I found this aussie animal pun emuising
Yeah. I was worried that things would go wrong, that I'd think back on how it dingo as planned
4:19 AM
You have taste receptors in your urinary tract
which is why spicy stuff hurts going out
Was this directed towards lyxal or is this an actual fact about humans?
@AaroneousMiller I don't think so
@user It's an actual fact apparently
I want to puke
Isn't science awesome
I don't think "intelligent creator" is really a great description of christians' idea of a god because if we're designed by someone they must've been on some pretty hardcode drugs
4:25 AM
@user weird insult ngl
@taRadvylfsriksushilani hardcode
Yeah, putting unsanitized user input into your body is a bad idea
Better to hardcode your drugs
Taking the concept of SQL injection literally I see.
the new microsoft teams blue accent color has changed
basically its trash
4:48 AM
15 | \
cm |  \  ???
   |   \
   |    \
   |  30°\
Wait no
Wrong side
It's irrational, involving the sqrt of 3 I think
Or possibly 3 times the sqrt of 2
Yeah, it's 15 sqrt 3 IIRC
wouldnt 30 cm be correct?
sin(30°) = 1÷2 = 15÷x
         → 1x = 2×15
         → x = 30 cm
I made the same mistake, it'd be 30 if the other leg was 15
Wait, that's a 60° angle
Did you mislabel your diagram?
It'd be 30 if that was 30° yeah
It's got misleading proportions
4:59 AM
yeah the diagram is not to scale since its ASCII
Yeah, 30's the right answer
TNB But cursed:
Userscripts kind of concern me from a security perspective
It would be so unbelievably easy to make a script that seems pretty benign, but keylogs bank credentials and that sort of thing
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait... that's an anagram as well???
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Yes, but that's why they have limited domains.
Wouldn't be too hard to justify having a wildcard everything though
E.g., a darkmode script
5:28 AM
Or one that needs more complex URL parsing, and so delegates it to a regex or something inside the script itself
Isn't there a builtin URL parser?
Oh wait I see what you mean
5:45 AM
@lyxal Hey, I'm the real Lyxal!
@allxy why are you in worldbuilding
Am I even allxy?
5:57 AM
@allxy no your joking :p
> No, I don't have a good explanation for why I used katakana as my codepage. Yes, you can use hiragana as well. If you call me a weeb I will 11 you. That is all.
- hyper
@emanresuA ok im gonna call him a weeb now :p
CMC: Guess who's sock I am
@PyGamer0 ... really?
6:02 AM
@allxy @user no wait @lyxal
@allxy Hm...
Redwolf's maybe?
@emanresuA yes
@emanresuA nice try to deflect from yourself
@lyxal Dammit, how'd you know
It's tricky keeping track of two chat windows at once
6:03 AM
Your one post with +11 that I commented on
That's how I knew
@emanresuA ok i am going to.......
Well, I can still talk through multiple users and confuse y'all
This one does get logged out every hour or so :(
wait a minute
isnt today the pfp swap?
or did it already happen
6:17 AM
Didn't happen
Redwolf called it off
oh lol
@lyxal or maybe your redwolf trying to convice me that the pfp swap didnt happen
drat, foiled again
can't believe you found me out like that
We actually had to have a mod hide the messages when we changed who was RO lol
Turns out you can't move those, so we had to act quick to stop it from being spoiled
@emanresuA I didn’t feel like going through the effort of taking a bunch of screenshots for the fizzbuzz thing and putting them together
So instead I just golfed it down to 9 actions so it would all fit on one screen
6:27 AM
uh this is confusing
don't be
@taRadvylfsriksushilani did you also switch timezones, houses?
Yeah. Lots of work.
because the chat activity is still the same
We had to invent teleportation to get it to be convincing
6:28 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani you realise you could have just switched accounts by sharing the email and password
Hardly a pfp swap
Doesn't have the same effect imo
Also my password contains my exact location and momentum, which is a serious security violation to disclose to someone
And my email is a duck email, which is too powerful for non-duckduckgo users to handle
6:31 AM
duck email?
duckduckgoose email
Emails ending with @duck.com
Incoming emails have trackers filtered out before being forwarded to my actual Outlook account
huh how do i get one
a) get the duckduckgo mobile app
b) join the wait list
oh i see
6:33 AM
c) get accepted
i already got a protonmail email but i has the lamest username
d) choose main email prefix and email to forward to
@AaroneousMiller What? How?
Two words: Regex replace
Oh nice
6:34 AM
@AaroneousMiller thats 4 words with a :
Have you posted it yet?
I’m about to
how to I get the zip file for the byte count?
Do you have something that runs MacOS?
(If not, I can score it for you)
I do not
Ok, just post it and I'll score it
6:35 AM
regex is sadly two words itself
Is it?
Is xor one or two words?
it's 3
its 4
exclusive or is 2. no?
eXclusive Or Relation
(i am just trolling BTW)
6:44 AM
the logiX gate yOu have to think extRa hard about
10 words by my count
Redwolf, it's allxy not allyx
And you have to do Vyxal to impersonate Lyxal properly
@emanresuA if it were allyx then lyxal would be made by valve and never get a sequel
anyone got some info about studying in taiwan?
@Razetime I assume it's the same as studying anywhere else in that the intention is that you learn things
Other than that, I don't know
there are much finer details that i care aout
6:55 AM
CMC: Sum the digits of input until its a single digit.
Vyxal, three bytes
Jelly, 5 bytes: DS$ÐL (Try It Online!)
@emanresuA explanation?
@hyper-neutrino ^
$[ Digit Sum ] until no longer unique (ÐL)
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