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12:00 AM
I forgot wildcard ssl doesn't work like that
Wait, wildcard certs aren't recursive?
I went into it even tho google tried to stop me
Wait, wildcard certs aren't recursive?
Hello from chat on Windows Phone •0•
12:01 AM
You have connection problems
@lyxal Hi
thank god it didn’t load
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Pip, 41 bytes
@emanresuA it's kinda laggy as frick, but somehow I got it to work
the moment you load in, whole chat lagged
I'll take a picture for y'all
12:03 AM
My hobby: Making "In [place], it's illegal to do [random thing]" trivia, but with things that are illegal for really obvious reasons
"Did you know that in Iowa, it's illegal to stab someone?"
"Fun fact: In Britain, stealing cars is a crime"
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Technically, no, but I definitely believed that already without having specific evidence for it.
Did you know that in TNB it's illegal to eat other users?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani In Iceland, it's illegal to murder Americans
Also, if you can believe it, Danish people
In Nebraska, it's illegal to stab a postal carrier between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays.
Best way to make something suspicious: be overly specific
Yes, I am typing this message on a regular windows laptop that hasn't ever been used to hack the CIA
12:06 AM
Let me try.
Canadian Radio Stations Must Play Canadian Artists
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh, it's surprising that Danish people have so many rights in Iceland. I live in Missouri, and I've eaten a Danish before.
I'm typing this from a Lenovo P52 thinkpad.
@WheatWizard ... Hey, me too 0_0
@DLosc Danish people don't have rights if they're made of cheese or jam
12:08 AM
The keyboard emoji section even has a bunch of ascii faces lol
I want one of these /s
@cairdcoinheringaahing Related
the lighting was horrible for the photos, but it seems fitting for a windows phone
is there OwO
@Niko not that I recall
12:09 AM
@DLosc I love Purim Torah :P
@Niko OwO, where's this?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Me too. That's the first one I ever ran across. ^_^
@Niko O.O and (~.^) would be the closest things
12:11 AM
Man what tf was Microsoft on to include an emoji section for just text faces?
.-. (it’s upside down if you are curious)
Also, i seem to make a lot of spelling mistakes when trying to type on the windows phone
People say binging the LOTR movies or Bond or Harry Potter is hard, but have they ever binged all of Star Trek. It's taking me weeks :/
12:14 AM
@lyxal You don't like it?
Also why do you have a Windows Phone?
@user no, it just seems like something wack for their time
@user it was my first phone lol
and my second for that matter
I have a nokia lumia 520 and a microsoft lumia 640
running windows phone 7 and windows phone 8 respectively
windows phone can be used to sneak into windowphone se
How do you still have your first phone?
Nokia Lumias aren't made of the same indestructible stuff tho
@cairdcoinheringaahing I keep it as a symbolic thing now
12:15 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I ran the numbers on Avatar: The Last Airbender once, and I think you could do it in three ~10 hour days
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why wouldn't he have it?
also, I just never got rid of it
@DLosc I managed to do all of Avatar and Korra in 10 days :P
I still have my previous (first) phone, a cheap $50 Blu because no one's going to buy it
@user I don't have my previous phone, which was my 6th
12:16 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Noice
@cairdcoinheringaahing ...that's a lot of phones
I tended to watch 2-4 episodes at a time.
@user I've had a total of 7 phones, I'm 19, and got my first phone ~10, so less than 1/year
The trick to stop yourself from binging on a show is to watch really bad shows :P
@DLosc I managed to watch all of Book 2 of ATLA in one night
12:17 AM
I think my current phone might be my fourth... not really sure. I don't get that invested in them.
(more or less)
@cairdcoinheringaahing What do you do to these phones to wear them out so much lol
@taRadvylfsriksushilani What happened?
@user Lose the charger
12:18 AM
Wait nvm
In a perfect world it'd be cheaper to buy a charger and other parts separately than to buy an entirely new phone
@cairdcoinheringaahing just steal the charger of another phone lol
@user Or, you can save yourself even more time and not watch really bad shows :P
I had 2 nokias, then a flip phone, then a "slide up" phone. Then I got an iPhone 3, then an iPhone 6 and I currently have an iPhone 8
12:19 AM
@lyxal But then they'll steal someone else's charger and that someone else will steal another charger and eventually caird's charger will be stolen
@lyxal I had the only phone with that type of charger :P
@DLosc I mean I need something to do while eating dinner
Food is boring, laughing at ridiculously bad TV shows is less boring
I have my mum's old iphone SE
@user In my credit, I went through the first 4 phones in <2 years, then each of my iPhones has lasted me ~2 years each
@cairdcoinheringaahing Should've kept it and sold it as a collectible in a few decades :P
12:20 AM
@user only phone with that charger in my house :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Tsk tsk, I've had my iPhone SE for ~4 years and it's still good (admittedly, I replaced the Blu after only a couple months, but it had issues that I didn't cause)
Think I got my current phone in Dec 2019
@cairdcoinheringaahing Steal your neighbor's charger
Even better, steal your neighbor's phone, then steal your neighbor's finger
@user The screen started lifting off my previous phone :P
As I said, steal your neighbor's phone
12:22 AM
It didn't help that I left it out in California summer sun for ~6 hours by mistake, and it heated up so much it had the "Phone too hot" error :P
I find it hard to believe that phones I thought were so cool not too long ago look kinda old now
@user Flip phones were amazing, and deserve to come back
Do you consider folding phones to be a part of that?
12:23 AM
I sort consider them to be higher tech flip phones
T-Mobile gave my family 3 free phones a few years back and at the time, the screens looked really nice, but now they look blurry and just off compared to my iPhone
Can you do "the flip" with folding phones? No
@cairdcoinheringaahing I have a flip phone
The only cool part about them seems to be the flipping and the fact that they're cheap, but other than that they're probably crap
@DLosc Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with being old ;)
12:25 AM
I hate how my laptop's speakers are on the bottom of it, so the sound's all muffled if you try to do stuff while you're listening to music
@DLosc It's not amazing, tho. I keep wishing I could get into the OS code and fix some of the bugs. :(
@DLosc But what do you do when you want to watch cat videos?! :P
@user Laptop
Feb 6 '18 at 16:50, by caird coinheringaahing
Is blink-182 another old person thing?
What do you do when you don't have your laptop?
12:26 AM
I've got a laptop with me basically 24/7, so I have no idea why I even have a somewhat modern phone
Does your laptop have cellular data or whatever it's called?
I don't even have a hotspot on it because my parents are too cheap, so half its advantages are gone
@taRadvylfsriksushilani My laptop's battery is so bad, I basically have tokeep it plugged in, or it dies in a couple of hours
@user Look at nature. Talk to people. Keep my eyes on the road. Sleep. (If I'm not doing one of those things, I generally have a laptop available. :P)
Booooooring :P
12:27 AM
@user No, that's half the reason I own a phone, for the hotspot. Which I can't use because AT&T and my parents collectively suck
@DLosc Try doing the last two at the same time, the horns honking are a really good white noise machine
@cairdcoinheringaahing Imagine having a laptop with a battery so good it can actually hold any charge at all
@DLosc Try doing all of those at the same time, for that matter
I've had to (have to) work with a laptop that tells you on startup there's no battery and you need to keep it charging constantly. Pull the plug and it immediately dies
> Keep my eyes on the road
> Sleep
12:28 AM
@DLosc SE actually told me that it undid some serial voting yesterday; I'd never seen that before
> Try
Do or do not do, there is no true
@user If you think talking to people is boring, I have a site where I think you'd really get along with the users: codegolf.stackexchange.com
@emanresuA The laptop's name is Glorious Leader iirc
12:30 AM
@DLosc unless you have custom code, default stdio is only line buffered for a tty, so when you write to a file nothing gets written until you hit stdio's buffer size. and if your process gets interrupted before then, nothing gets written
Even flushing doesn't help with that?
@DLosc Accurate lol
@Neil Huh, okay. So if I let it run till there was more output, maybe it would have worked?
I just realized I use my phone to browse the web, check my email, set alarms and timers, take and view photos, etc., but not actually to call people
Whenever I get a call from a number not saved in my contacts (which is every call I get), I just block the number
12:34 AM
@DLosc well, you might have had some of the output, yes
And I only occasionally call my parents to come pick me up or something
I use mine as an alarm clock and uh...well I would text people but I don't know anyone...so uh...sometimes I take pictures, but my phone's never near enough when I need it...and uh...why do I have a $500 phone again...
@user I think I use my phone to call someone around once a month
@emanresuA Saying it's a convex polygon at the start may help?
the other alternative is to use script -c to capture the output of a command, this runs the command in its own TTY thus fooling it into using line buffering
12:35 AM
Alarm, texts/chats (Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc.), browsing internet is mainly what I use my phone for
Riding the bus to school and back is the only time I ever don't have a laptop and wifi, except under rare circumstances
It isn't
 _   _
| |_| |
|  _  | -> 12
|_| |_|
I kinda dislike doing anything involving typing on my phone because it's way too small for my fat fingers
@emanresuA Whoops, didn't see that one
My screen time from last week :P
I turned off screen time because I was starting to feel guilty about it lol
12:38 AM
> Clock
> 1h 13m
Any bets on how long I spent on "chat.stackexchange.com"? :P
@emanresuA My alarms
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh
Does it also count snoozing? Is that why the number is so high?
I use my phone for alarms, checking the time/date, texting, and sometimes calling. Occasionally I'll take a picture, even though the camera is garbage compared to any smartphone camera.
@emanresuA Ah, didn't realise you could see that :P
12:39 AM
> 00:36
that's early for caird
Wait, do people actually use the snooze button on stuff?
@user I fall asleep after my alarm goes off, with the clock app open
@user See you in 3 hours :P
My next and last exam is on Thursday, I don;t care what time I sleep tonight :P
12:40 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Why are you so surprised by this? Sleep-deprived people who don't want to get out of bed exist (source: am one of these people)
I mean, when I'm asleep, my only goal is to stay asleep and the alarm clock is the enemy of that. It's not until I'm at least 50% awake that I can remember that I actually need to be awake. Pressing the snooze button goes against that terminal goal of staying asleep, so I never do that.
Imagine having school in Januaray
@emanresuA I don't
@taRadvylfsriksushilani I just turn off the alarm and fall back asleep
I just have exams :P
12:41 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Which is a big problem, and the reason I have more than ten alarms set in my room at any given time
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Get on my level. I have an alarm every 5 minutes from 7:00am to 9:00am
Q: Sides of a polygon

emanresu AGiven an ASCII-art shape made of the characters /\|_, your challenge is to return the number of sides it has. A side is a straight line of one of those, for example: \ \ \ / / | | | | _____ Are all sides. For example, this shape: ___ / \ /_____\ Has four sides. You can assume the in...

I solved this problem by putting my phone across the room. Now I have to be somewhat conscious by the time I've walked over to it, so I can trust myself to not snooze the alarm and go back to bed
I use my phone for phone calls and occasionally texts, because those are the only things it does
You can definitely separate the users of TNB agewise by asking "What can your phone do?" :P
12:43 AM
CMQ: What can your phone do?
or if you mean my landline, then I use it for phone calls
@Neil oh wow, a landline
Definitely a boomer here :P
I haven't seen one of those outside my grandma's house
comes free with the broadband, so...
12:44 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing My family has one but it doesn't work
I think that technically my parents have a landline somewhere in the house, but I haven't seen it in years
Uh, nothing?
@emanresuA cmon I've been working on this for literally half a year
Then you've probably got a private repo
12:53 AM
@GingerIndustries That's a 404 page
@GingerIndustries 404s chief
@emanresuA rgksp
fixed. man am I a dumbass
> Cobbled Cobblestone
@emanresuA what?
Nothing, it's funny
12:56 AM
@emanresuA *laughs in Suspicious Creature*
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Wordle, The list
The l i s t
you can run, but you can't hide from the list
the l i s t knows where you live
1:02 AM
@lyxal so that's what sudo reports those "incidents" to
1:28 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

thejonymysterCount chords on electric razors Michael is an avant-garde composer. He notices that an electric razor can produce several different tones, depending on which speed setting he uses. He sees potential for music making, but his razor only has two settings, and can only play one tone at a time. So he...

@emanresuA sus
Q: Golf Conway's Primoridal Still-Life

JonahBackground A 29 year old conjecture by John Conway about the Game of Life was recently solved. To quote Conway from the linked article: Indeed, is there a Godlike still-life, one that can only have existed for all time (apart from things that don’t interfere with it)? That is, a configuration i...

1:47 AM
@OldSandboxPosts Why has it titled it "the list"?
That's the only <h1> in there
Yeah, I think ^ is why. IIRc, OSP looks for the first <h1> tag, and if not there, it looks for the first <h2> tag
Could probably do with some refinement tbh
Supporting <h3> and <h4>, along with taking the first <h_> tag if it's the first line would be good
Just do a bunch of machine learning so that it will highlight random sections without us ever being able to figure out why.
"machine learning": random.choice(answer_body.lines) :P
2:44 AM
@lyxal can you help me for making golflang?
3:05 AM
@Fmbalbuena start something smaller than what you have currently planned for your golflang.
3:59 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Honestly, just taking the first line would probably work.
Maybe filter out up to one <p> first
@user I have one of those energizer phones with a 36 week battery capacity
My hobby: Replacing people's landlines with landmines
5:01 AM
in flax, 2 mins ago, by PyGamer0
and flax is at 100 commits exactly
ok i'm not exactly known for my appreciation of javascript but i actually quite like the ability to do ({a: b, c: d}) => b + d
it's lowkey cursed but i like it
5:37 AM
didn't know js had pattern matching that complex
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Scala allows "$a plus $b"
or similr
js deconstruction assignment or whatever it's called is pretty cool
like python lets you do [a, [b, c]] = (1, (2, 3))
but i didn't realize until recently that JS can do that in the func arguments itself
6:01 AM
Ever wanted to see what Jelly's parser might look like without regex? well now you kinda can
6:11 AM
Why is this protected?
It got two spam answers, which a lot of questions have.
Community just does that sometimes
IMO it shouldn't be.
It isn't
I don't think any of the 3 currently protected posts need to be protected anymore
1 hour later…
7:25 AM
Q: Mat Printing Matrix

DialFrostA manufacturing company wants to print a design on mats of varying dimensions, and they hired you to program a robot to make these mats. The design consists of alternating rings of any 2 symbols on a mat. Below are some sample looks: Column 9 by Row 7 Symbol 1: @ Symbol 2: - Input: 9 7 @ - @@@@@@...

Q: Numbers divisible by the sum and product of their digits

FatalizeTake a positive integer X. This number is part of the sequence we are interested in if the sum of all digits of X is a divisor of X, and if the product of all digits of X is a divisor of X. For example, 135 is such a number because 1 + 3 + 5 = 9 which divides 135 = 9 * 15 and 1 * 3 * 5 = 15 which...

7:50 AM
@lyxal Illuminati gets too many "join the illuminati" spam, the google one gets too many incorrect solutions, the 2014 without numbers gets too much print(ord("ߞ") which is 15, 16 and 17 bytes
8:12 AM
I feel I can squeeze the covfefe program further by combining the first two loops
Q: Egyptian fraction representations of 1

pxegerAn Egyptian fraction is a representation of a rational number using the sum of distinct unit fractions (a unit fraction is of the form \$ \frac 1 x \$ where \$ x \$ is a positive integer). For all[1] positive integers \$ n \ne 2 \$, there exists at least one Egyptian fraction of \$ n \$ distinct ...

cool i have 803 rep
How can you only have 803 in rep‽
Cool I have 3519 rep
Cool, I have 25818 rep
@PyGamer0 Boost your rep quickly using this:
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Adám50 – 500 rep for an APL answer I will reward 50 rep if all of the following conditions are met: The answer is in Dyalog APL Classic/Unicode/Extended/Prime, APL2, APL+, APLSE, GNU/APL, Sharp APL, sAPL, SAX, NARS, APLX, A+, dzaima/APL, ngn/APL, APL\iv, Watcom APL, or APL\360. Feel free to suggest ...

8:28 AM
I will make an 1+-advertising bounty when I have 25818 rep
I feel like that bounty should have a disclaimer at the top saying "This bounty was posted by a person whose job is to promote APL"
@pxeger Done.
Who will invest my Oneplus Limited Corporations?
Oh! Now I knew how Razetime got so much rep.
and Bubbler
yes, and Bubbler
but Bubbler would get as much rep with his rudeness even wihhout apl
8:35 AM
22% of Bubbler's rep came from Adám
15% for Razetime
I know how to boost rep: offer a negative rep for python answers
I wonder if I'm the one on the SE network that has given away the highest amount of rep.
Almost certainly not
Here, maybe
Why do you think so?
8:38 AM
You've given away 127% of your rep in bounties
That doesn't sound right. 56%.
i think pxeger means relative to your current rep
I mean 127% of your actual current rep
so like, bountied / current not bountied / (bountied + current)
not out of rep earnt
8:59 AM
@Adám Simply because of the amount of rep people on SO have
OK, then that's a challenge: Find a SE user that has given away more rep than me!
… on mobile? No thanks. There’s probably an SEDE query somewhere
@Adám nervously looks at someone from another universe
@lyxal that was my sock
But good job making the internet more wholesome
@Adám If you'd given your bounties on StackOverflow instead, you'd be the 16th most prolific bounty awarder
Naman has given a ridiculous amount of rep
9:09 AM
Well, arguably, Community is the absolute most generous user, but that doesn't count
(How can Community award a bounty anyway? Or does it just own deleted users' bounties?)
Now I want to know how much rep is in circulation.
(Obviously, more is created all the time.)
If a bount expires it gets half awarded to the top answer
@Adám Including or not including association bonus?
Either way.
AssBons is probably negligible in the grand scheme of things.
Networkwide, probably not
There are 86k users with <200 rep here
Ok wtf I got rate limited
9:23 AM
hi guys
For too many requests
should i allow even numbered row and column?
what for?
Q: Mat Printing Matrix

DialFrostA manufacturing company wants to print a design on mats of varying dimensions, and they hired you to program a robot to make these mats. The design consists of alternating rings of any 2 symbols on a mat. Below are some sample looks: Column 9 by Row 7 Symbol 1: @ Symbol 2: - Input: 9 7 @ - @@@@@@...

i mean, it doesnt rly matter right?
and quick qns why doesnt this code work
@DialFrost Too late now. You've already posted it.
9:24 AM
awww ok
@DialFrost you linked an empty program
click the link icon, and then the URL will update
or use my version of TIO, ATO, which updates the URL automatically as you type ;)
9:25 AM
why doesnt it work for numbers larger than 10
what is it supposed to do
CMQ: what happens when you go to codegolf.stackexchange.com/…
oh solve that challenge
@emanresuA wtf
9:26 AM
anyone can solve the problem?
@DialFrost Does it work for numbers less than 10?
idk y it doesnt work
@Adám no
? it does pxeger
9:26 AM
We're sorry...
There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.

To protect our users, we can't process any more requests from this IP address right now.

We'll restore access as quickly as possible, so try again soon.

If you believe you have reached this page in error, contact us.
like 3 5 $ + works
not 3 15 $ +
oh I tried 9, and that didn't work
but 9 < 10
9:27 AM
sry lol
oh it seems to not work when the rows number is much bigger than the columns number
it doesnt work the other way round too
fixed it nvrm
although idk how to golf
@DialFrost make it into a lambda?
how and where pygamer?
Off-topic: why is tnb so active today?
9:31 AM
it is what it is
@DialFrost it's not gonna be very easy to make it into a lambda because of the loop
@null I wouldn't say today, just the past few hours
it comes and goes
@null it is usually this way.
on and off
it's also noticeably quieter on weekends
heyyy... i didnt say to make it into lambda ask pygamer
and im not very good with lambda's
@Razetime hello 15%er
9:32 AM
shld i submit my code to the qns first
that see if anyone can help duct off bytes
you can if you want
@null i don't remember what this means
@Razetime see transcript a while back
57 mins ago, by pxeger
22% of Bubbler's rep came from Adám
57 mins ago, by pxeger
15% for Razetime
9:34 AM
oh i see
I am radioactive
@Razetime is ratioactive
@null ratio
now can someone golf my 100-byte answer
9:42 AM
can someone golf my 240 bytes answer haha
so long
can i have a challegne to check whether a set of coords is a square/rect/paralleogram
4 sets
that's a good idea for an (easy-ish) challenge, if it's not a duplicate
elemenetary school stack exchange
@DialFrost do you meant you have to output 4 values according to which it is?
That's probably not as interesting
does anyone here have revival badge on codegolf.se?
9:53 AM
pxeger i mean
u have to print out square, rect or parralegram
given 4 pts (x,y)
*or rhobmbus
ohno @Razetime is gone

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