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12:00 AM
watch this:
you're welcome
Vote one (Voting = Starring):
lol, I sense some inspiration has been taken from a certain stack based language :p
Jelly (copy)
@taRadvylfsriksushilani @everyone vote one
I think you should wait to come up with a name, rather than copying another language
12:06 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani yeah I will do
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Writing documentation is hard, I will do tomorrow
You should probably make the language before writing docs :p
Ok, not now
Idea: "chess in 1kb" KoTH
That could be cool
@emanresuA FTC chameleon challenge
12:11 AM
Only challenge is writing the controller...
@taRadvylfsriksushilani not necessarily - docs before implementation can help with clarity of specs etc
That's true, but you'd probably get pretty burnt out
I'll sandbox it.
Writing documentation alongside code is a good idea though, maybe documenting each operator after implementing it would be a good way to keep up with docs instead of having to spend weeks on docs only
I have an incomplete chess interface from a few years ago
@taRadvylfsriksushilani Agreed
12:12 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani which is why you don't go too crazy on the docs - just enough for planning and reference purposes
@emanresuA No Don't do it
Chameleon challenge
Having good documentation will be one of my goals for my upcoming golfing language, so I'll definitely try this document-as-you-go strategy
@Fmbalbuena In what way?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani 1kb + KOTH
A chameleon challenge is one that looks like it's hard for one reason but it actually hard for another. This one should be pretty clear about why it's hard (the 1 kib limit)
@lyxal is your name lyxal because LyX with al?
12:17 AM
Dec 30 '21 at 10:22, by lyxal
Nov 11 at 22:21, by lyxal
It comes from me pressing random keys on an ipad keyboard
And is your name lyxal because Vyxal?
Other way around
> [board[x],(7 - Math.floor(x / 8)) * 8 + (x % 8)] = ['a','a'];
What was eleven-year-old me doing?
@lyxal why you put "V" in your golflang
Because I'm unoriginal
12:41 AM
@taRadvylfsriksushilani A formal specification (or at least a rough sketch) is a good thing to do so you don't go in doing random nonsense and end up rewriting everything (I totally haven't done this several times myself)
@lyxal How much time do you take to create Vyxal (First version)
i think the controller of koth should be golfed too :p
@emanresuA I've given up on trying to repurpose this because of cursedness
There are so many things wrong with this
Nothing wrong
Have you ever played chess?
12:54 AM
@Fmbalbuena roughly a year
@lyxal then how you don't give up?
And... I can destroy Vyxal interpreter and backups?
@Fmbalbuena not if you don't have site credentials and organisation admin perms
1:03 AM
@emanresuA All the pieces are on the correct squares, though, right?
@lyxal I have a question: How many lines of vyxal interpreter there are?
Several thousand
@Fmbalbuena lyxal has promised to never give us up, nor let us down
@DLosc True... but something tells me you shouldn't be able to move an enemy piece as if it were your own
@Fmbalbuena roughly 32k
1:05 AM
@emanresuA Ohh, that's what the dot is about. I see.
@emanresuA honestly, a chess variant where you can move any piece on the board sounds interesting
Yeah :p - that's why I'm rewriting it
(Aside from it breaking every JS convention ever)
@cairdcoinheringaahing but then what would the objective be? Obviously checkmate wouldn't be a reasonable goal anymore because you could just move the piece checking your King away
@lyxal then how to debug vyxal interpreter?
@lyxal Taking the opponents king
1:07 AM
@Fmbalbuena test cases and good naming
Or, forcing checkmate where moving one piece cannot resolve it, no matter the piece
@cairdcoinheringaahing forcing your opponent to bongcloud
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is that even possible?
@Niko What if they want to bongcloud?
@cairdcoinheringaahing ah so checkmate with more than one piece
(hikaru go brr)
1:08 AM
@emanresuA then we just surrander
@emanresuA Yes, skewer the king with a bishop attacking "through" your rook, then move the rook to attack the king
@lyxal if you found a bug, you need 99 hours to debug
Essentially, the king would be in checkmate from the bishop, but the rook is on the diagonal between them, "blocking" the checkmate. You then move the rook to place the king in check, which opens it up to the checkmate from the bishop. Much harder to do than regular checkmate tho
@Fmbalbuena not necessarily, function names usually give where the error is
99 hour is the current debug speedrun any% WR
1:10 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh. I thought you meant "no matter what enemy piece you move, it's still checkmate"
@emanresuA Yes
If you move the bishop, it's still checkmate from the rook, and vice versa
But you meant "No matter what piece you move, the king remains in check", right?
@lyxal bug is bug, not error
@Fmbalbuena The test case suite covers most element outputs anyway so it's just a matter of comparing the actual output with the expected output and isolating what isn't performing
There's other ways of doing it using knights and bishops and rooks, but essentially, you put your opponent's king in a position where it's under two independent checkmates, so that if you move piece A, piece B still checkmates, and if you move piece B, piece A checkmates
1:13 AM
I take it there'd be a whole lot more stalemates
@cairdcoinheringaahing And if you move any other piece, it's still check?
@lyxal Potentially not, as you can move your opponents pieces to remove the stalemate
@lyxal ok
@emanresuA Yes, as with regular checkmate. In short: the king is in check. No matter what piece you move, regardless of the colour, the king will stay in check
if there is any check, moat of the time you can just reverse that move
1:15 AM
@Niko But that may not always be the most advantageous move
CMC: print Fibonacci (Integer(Sqrt(Fibonacci(x))))
only exception is that step took out a blocking opponent
@Niko I suppose if you made a rule that you can't move a piece that was just move things could be a bit more interesting
@cairdcoinheringaahing but it is the safest move ensuring stalemate or comeback
@lyxal sounds interesting
@Niko Not necessarily. Consider, I move my queen so that your king is in check, but you can move my rook into a weak position that blocks the check
You can essentially "trap" pieces ready for capture, and your opponent needs to decide whether to use their turn to take an offensive advantage, or defend their vulnerable pieces
That said, playing an actual game may be the best way to see how it actually works :P
1:19 AM
agressively moves enemy king
@Niko Exactly! You can force your oppoent's king into weak positions. However, you can't move it into check yourself :P
you can turn enemy pawn into bishop if you want
Ah shit. I have an early exam tomorrow, and I was tired, but now my brain's awake, thinking about this :/
@Niko I wonder if that would make central pawn openings less valuable. The enemy can't move your king if your king can't move anywhere. (Of course, the enemy could just move your king's pawn for you...)
1:22 AM
not moving any pawn means you can only move knight
@DLosc Pip?
1. Nf3 Ng1 2. Nc3 Nb1
@DLosc Pip docs?
13 mins ago, by lyxal
@Niko I suppose if you made a rule that you can't move a piece that was just move things could be a bit more interesting
Q: Array depth of a ragged list

alephalphaThis is not a duplicate of this challenge. Here by an array, I mean a nested list that is "not ragged", i.e., it is either a list of elements, or a list of arrays of the same shape. For example, this is an array of shape (2,3): [[1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6]] The depth (or rank) of an array is the length...

1:35 AM
@NewPosts apl gonna win with 2 bytes lol
@lyxal which? i need
@lyxal No, the challenge is much more complex than that
I ahve a quite simple approach which Vyxal sadly makes verbose
2:02 AM
@lyxal Not necessarily, even with function names, if you have intertwined components, it’s very hard
And if you have hardware or other complicated stuff involved, it’s even worse
@cairdcoinheringaahing why play game when you can do unsupervised learning 🥸
Ah i meant to do 😎 but this works
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

FmbalbuenaGet Floor of N ^ (3 / 2) Your task is very simple: Get The Floor of N ^ (3 / 2) OEIS Test Cases 0 => 0 1 => 1 2 => 2 3 => 5 4 => 8 5 => 11 10 => 31 13 => 46 27 => 140 33 => 189 49 => 343 68 => 560 89 => 839 98 => 970 100 => 1000 136 => 1586 256 => 4096 500 => 11180 147385 => 56582212 Meta Any f...

^ Any feedback?
I hate downvotes
2:26 AM
Q: Get Floor of N ^ (3 / 2)

FmbalbuenaYour task is very simple: Get The Floor of N ^ (3 / 2) OEIS Sequence This is code-golf so the program with shortest bytes wins Test Cases 0 => 0 1 => 1 2 => 2 3 => 5 4 => 8 5 => 11 10 => 31 13 => 46 27 => 140 33 => 189 49 => 343 68 => 560 89 => 839 98 => 970 100 => 1000 136 => 1586 256 => 4096 500 =

@Fmbalbuena It's a very trivial arithmetic challenge, and one could easily use answers here or here
because floor of n^(3/2) is the same as floor of square root of n^3
I will undelete
2:42 AM
Deleted, sorry
3:23 AM
Got to 21k, so I'm bountying 1k now
So... 2k more required?
@taRadvylfsriksushilani caird's pinned message is a bit out of date - Should it be replaced and if so can you deal with that?
Might be easier to request it be 11'd instead of posting a new one
(for reference, we have 10k / 12k if we take all 24 categories)
@hyper-neutrino Could you 11 the pinned message? We have 10k now, and I don't think that's counting your 5k
Wait whaat
if hyper's doing 5k we definitely have enough
I'll just unpin it, we're good for like six more categories
3:32 AM
do we still need any 11
Cool :)
@hyper-neutrino I don't think so, no
Sorry for the false alarm :p
@hyper-neutrino You can do a normal edit tho
3:59 AM
(as in, edit in your bounty so there's no confusion)
2 hours later…
5:52 AM
Hi excuse me has anyone done some analysis on the most commonly used 05AB1E commands? if so I don't have to do that myself
Lynn did an 05AB1E corpus somewhere
lmao i got a bsod for no reason
But I'm not sure if that's most common singular commands, IIRC it was digraphs / trigraphs
like it wouldn't detect my mouse or keyboard so windows 10 decided to crash
i should consider fedora i guess
@emanresuA that doesn't matter much and can you remember where?
6:02 AM
I think it's an issue on the github repo
one moment
Thank you all
@emanresuA wait i posted it first, my internet is bad i guess
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Chat's weird
@taRadvylfsriksushilani +1 for the final line: Sure, JS beats you up every day, but it loves you.
6:30 AM
seems to work print([*zipWith(lambda x, y: x + y, [1, 2, 3], [6, 3, 2])])
Btw @taRadvylfsriksushilani Is recursive stalin sort a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/137549/… ?
I think they're exact duplicates
And wait, wasn't a challenge identical to Recursive Stalin Sort also proposed by you lol
Great minds think alike :p
Yeah lol
I was going to say I'd VTC mine as a dupe of theirs since it's less popular, but it has exactly as many votes
And within 2% distance of the number of views
Same challenge, extremely different community, yet somehow they're still so similar
6:37 AM
I've marked mine as a dupe of it, but wow that's crazy how close they are
Should I hammer?
Oh wait nvm you can close your own challenges
I already did
Yeah, it's kinda janky, you have to VTC it normally, then it'll ask you a second time if you think it's a dupe, and you say yes
I actually don't think VTCing your own challenges is usually unilateral, but with dupes it always asks you if you agree it's a dupe (to save reviewers' effort if it very clearly is)
Now goto sleep, it's 1am (or midnight, why is texas so big)
it'd be 1 for redwolf since he's an hour behind me
7:03 AM
its 2am for you?
7:54 AM
Cursed idea: If you have comments with score totalling n on a post, your vote is worth n+1 regular votes
8:08 AM
TIL jsconsole.com doesn’t support ES2020
After some experiments, it seems to be running ~ES7
@PyGamer0 wait why is it on the testing pypi site and not the main pypi site?
dang it cant publish on main pypi
Because of the already existing package called more_functools?
8:23 AM
yeah whatever ill go contribute to that then :/
or i can rename it to more-functools
^ here is the repo btw
I have jstuff (mom package)
Dammit autocorrect
mom lmao
mom install child
@emanresuA that implies there's a dad package manager, grandparent package manager, sibling package manager etc
for example
8:27 AM
True lol
grandma install cookies
dad install milk
baby install consume
step-sister install wait-what-are-you-doing
@lyxal ?
8:29 AM
adult install mid-life-crisis
i bet your mom left-pads her bra
@lyxal should i name funtools?
@JoKing yowch
@PyGamer0 functools_plus
@lyxal lyxal install grow-up
@pxeger pxeger install no-u
8:35 AM
TNB install lets-stop-talking-like-this-now
se install nitro
I have one more
you install air_frier

... installation of package "air_frier" failed.
... you clearly don't own an air frier
I have one more too
i have an air fryer too
rm -rf install filesystem
Error: you don’t have a filesystem anymore
8:39 AM
plumber install sink
johnny say eeeeeeeee
@lyxal ok
 tnb install vyxalbot; !!/blame
Fun fact: Vyxal bot used to have a roll dice function, but hyper forgot to timeout it
I remember that lol
in Vyxal, Jul 13 '21 at 8:04, by pxeger
!!/roll 4996272011d4996272011
So it was you
in Vyxal, Jul 13 '21 at 8:04, by A username
You broke it
You already knew it was me
8:47 AM
I forgot who it was, I mean
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPWill the tower balance? You are given as input a tower made of bars of unit height, and your task is to decide if the tower is stable. Here is an "ascii" art drawing of a tower: # #### # #### ##### For extra clarity here is the same tower but with the different bars in different characters: A ...

9:26 AM
@pxeger Looks clear to me
I sometimes wish I could "play-test" my sandbox posts, especially for challenges like this where the rules are fairly finnicky, so I can make sure every detail is clear and people won't post invalid answers because they misunderstood it
Q: Rotate a grid 90 degrees clockwise

DialFrostThe task is simple, given a so-called grid in the input, output the resulting 90 degree tilted grid in a clockwise formation. E.g. Input: c d o e Output: o c e d This is code-golf, so shortest code wins!

the problem is that it requires one person to give up their ability to compete
is it a dup o_O
should i flag?
huh, duplicate of a duplicate of a closed challenge? That's stupid
This one should probably be closed for being unclear anyway
9:39 AM
so flag as dup or unclear?
Well I don't think closing it as a duplicate of a challenge that's already closed is a good idea
If it were well-specified, it could be left open as the canonical question for the rotation problem
what chat is this
This is the main chatroom for the Code Golf site
to be honest i find the sandbox pretty useless i've scrolled up quite aways there either 1 or no comment on every challenge
9:45 AM
Look at the votes
did you look at the votes
its alyways 1
cuz there's the same person voting for it
If a post gets plenty of votes, that's just feedback saying "I think this is ok"
someone called fmbuele or something
9:46 AM
oh ya sry
Are you definitely sorting by "Active"?
er wat
i think so
Go to the top of the list of answers: there are 3 buttons for how the answers are being sorted: "Active", "Oldest", and "Votes"
"Active" is the most useful one for looking at the Sandbox
If you sort by "Votes" and look at a post with 1 vote, all the other posts nearby will also have 1 vote
yup its sorted by active by defualt
and btw basically the newest 200 posts or smh has all 1 vote
or -1 maybe
9:48 AM
ok ok i get it
*most have 1
For example, this has received no votes and no comments, so in fact just earlier today, I asked for feedback in chat
10:08 AM
is the problem ok now? i fixed some of it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnttiPCompress and decompress code-golfquinecompressionopen-ended-function Your task is to make a bidirectional compressor. It takes a list of bytes as input and returns a list of bytes as output. It has the property than whenever it is iterated twice it returns the original input. In other words, if f...

10:30 AM
@GingerIndustries hi
11:02 AM
Q: Busy beaver in a coin

l4m2Given an integer \$n\$ as input, output \$BB(n)\$, where \$BB\$ is the busy beaver function, an uncomputable function, for at least 2/3 of probable. You can do whatever(return something wrong, infinite loop, explode, etc.) in other cases. To help you compute it, you're given a function that rando...

11:25 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DialFrostMat printing A manufacturing company wants to print a design on mats of varying dimensions, and they hired you to program a robot to make these mats. The design consists of alternating rings of any 2 symbols on a mat. Below are some sample looks: Column 9 by Row 7 Symbol 1: @ Symbol 2: - Input: 9...

phew that took while
hopefully no one has made this before
11:42 AM
@DialFrost I recomend waiting 7 days if the challenge is hard
else 2 or 3 days.
but if you don't want then 3 votes.
its not that hard
for me its hard im noob
for others like u its easy
pls comment if u have any i think im missing stuff in my challenge
> It is recommended to leave your posts in the sandbox for at least several days, and until it receives upvotes and any feedback has been addressed.
I will comment
please wait
k k lol
i gtg sleep soon so :/
11:45 AM
9 9 # $
^ sugessted test case
@lyxal presenting my first python library: pyhof

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