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12:05 AM
Are you sure it was actually the TD website and not a look-a-like?
@user I figured that much,
@user it's also fun when you get a message saying your bank account has been locked, but you don't actually have an account with the bank they are claiming to be
@hyper-neutrino Maybe it was some kind of new way to advertise :P
Spelling iz hard
@WheatWizard yeah the domain matched up :p (at least when i hovered)
Can you get domains with homoglyphs that look like real domains (by real I mean some company's official website)?
12:43 AM
No, it'd be goxn--123ogle.com or something :p
12:58 AM
Does anyone know if there's an official meta post stating that "Competition in code golf is between solutions in the same language, not across different languages"? I'm seeing this idea referenced everywhere, but I'm not finding a canonical post about it.
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: What's the valency?, Find me in Pascal's Triangle
@emanresuA it's impossible idiot
"Pascal's triangle" does not contain the word "me" in it
@emanresuA I think the challenge looks fine to post (though I can't predict whether it will be interesting to solve). I would say that the title doesn't quite match the challenge: the challenge is about counting the number of occurrences, whereas "find" to me sounds like returning the location of an occurrence.
Is replacing it with 'Count' better?
1:08 AM
Yes, but then "Count me" sounds weird. "Count occurrences," maybe?
@lyxal There's no "I" in code golf
@DLosc Sure
Q: Count occurences in Pascal's Triangle

emanresu APascal's triangle is a triangular diagram where the values of two numbers added together produce the one below them. This is the start of it: 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 6 4 1 You can see that the outside is all 1s, and each number is the sum of the two above it. This continues forever. Yo...

@DLosc Referenced already back in 2011. Maybe it's a code-golf truism that's older than this site...
1:47 AM
> ogle.com
2:33 AM
@user Why'd you CW it?
Just because half of the answer is copied...
You wrote the other half yourself, and you gave appropriate credit.
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Didn't feel like it
The half I wrote ended up pretty trivial :/
Your choice :p
Hey ho! Any news?
3:00 AM
My 3d printer works!
Well, it passed the self-test. It should work :p
Unfortunately the filament sample it came with isn't on a roll...so I don't think I can actually print anything yet :p
Because we all know self-tests work so well :P
It's got a 180mm cubic build volume, which is way bigger than it seems
3:18 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced I've thought from time to time about implementing tinylisp in C. The main reason I haven't done it is because I'm not sure what's the best way to implement unbounded integers in C, and I've never gotten around to researching the question.
Someone actually wrote a C answer for the code golf challenge. I read through their ungolfed code and it's quite brilliant.
@lyxal Wow, 7 bytes? Imagine using a Vyxal port in Jelly :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing it's basically just your answer but with extra quicks
like the first Ż from mine can be removed
Yeah, I would've suggested mine as a golf if I'd seen it before posting
and then it's just one quick away
@user Duel to the death with another learner, last one standing gets the license
3:26 AM
sounds like a pretty solid way to teach defensive driving
3:37 AM
Welcome to Code Golf! There's a lot of byte saves possible here, like removing whitespace and shortening variable names (like changing word to w). I'd recommend checking out our Tips for Golfing in JavaScript for more! — Redwolf Programs 37 mins ago
@RedwolfPrograms except for the fact it ain't code golf :p
Here I go closing pop-cons as "Opinion based" again
> It is a popularity-contest. Other users should give points by looking for most "to the point" yet "unique" code.
Hey just give me a moment to answer it first please
I've got an idea I want to do for it
@lyxal Please don't
Don't answer questions that should be closed
aw but I really want to overengineer it in vyxal and use features such as named functions which I never get to use
@lyxal Oops...
4:04 AM
i was hoping that i wouldn't have to use my hammer and that people would close the question with no objective scoring system rather than answering it
OP hasn't been seen in 7 years so i won't bother leaving an explanation of why it's closed now
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
i am offended by how little effort was put into this
1 hour later…
8:13 AM
What am I doing wrong? I get no answer
@hyper-neutrino why dont i get such messages
@hyper-neutrino are you going to scam bait?
Is it broken?
@Anush i get this if i wrap the output in a Print[:
8:28 AM
CreateDirectory::privv: Privilege violation for file or directory /home/runner/.WolframEngine/ApplicationData.
That is what I see
With a solution below
9:21 AM
yes that's the same result I get
I wonder who maintains this
you mean TIO?


For general discussion and feature requests regarding tryitonl...
2 hours later…
11:14 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced he isn't on chat ever is he?
11:26 AM
Q: Encrypt this Message

JadefalkeGiven a permutation of the alphabet and an input string, encrypt the input string by replacing all characters with the one's you've been given [hnvwyajzpuetroifqkxmblgcsd], "Hello, World!" -> "Zytti, Giktw!" As [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz] has been mapped to [hnvwyajzpuetroifqkxmblgcsd] IO Input...

11:38 AM
Seems like it should be a dupe?
simple sub cipher
12:13 PM
@user I had to drive around the town where I've since moved to, performing such tasks as emergency stop, reversing around a corner (examiner chose a hill, which was annoying), and changing the direction of the vehicle in the road (typically by turning full lock right, reversing full lock left, then driving away, but you're allowed to make extra turns), followed by a quick quiz on the highway code
in talk.tryitonline.net, Feb 3 '20 at 16:39, by Dennis
Hey all. I'm sorry for disappearing on you and for taking bad care of TIO lately. I'll try to explain what's been happening, although it's not easy for me to talk about this...
1:02 PM
@user i am not legible :)
@user just answer 45 multiple choice questions
for the learners licence that is
meaning I have to take the L (quite literally) when driving
CMQ: What are the most common exponents used in golfing?
^2 and ^.5
probably followed by ^3 and ^(1/3)
and then 2^ and 10^
1:16 PM
you could say ^-1 ^-2 ^(-1/2) etc. maybe but they can be made other ways
^-1 is good for a single element
^-2 and ^(-1/2) are just the corresponding +ve exponent followed by ^-1
^9 is used to make some really big number like 9e9 but in a golfing language you could find a more elegant way of doing that
yeah, ^9 doesn't seem like the most useful element to have
I can't think of any use for ^0 and ^1 except for obfuscation or source layout
x^x for things like limits for generating sequences
1:23 PM
basically, don't go overkill on monadic exponent elements
chuck them into overloads if you really want to have uncommon exponents
square, square root, and inverse are the only ones I'd use
CMQ: Infinities?
not really
that includes infinite lists etc
infinite lists, yes
actual infinity, no
1:25 PM
maybe as a digraph
the problem with that is that languages like 05AB1E, Husk and Vyxal all have infinite lists as a single byte
so a digraph wouldn't be as competitive
I meant a digraph for the floating-point infinity itself
actually what do you mean by infinite len lists?
1:28 PM
@pxeger ah that makes more sense
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced while True: yield <whatever>
how would i make that?
like put it in the lang?
how does vyxal do it?
48 secs ago, by lyxal
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced while True: yield <whatever>
that, but wrapped in a class to make it play nice with all the other types of generators
unless you mean actually creating the generator using dinoux
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced if ^ is the case, then I kinda don't know
past me knows how , but I don't
i am currently looking at an 05ab1e answer
1:31 PM
05AB1E doesn't have custom infinite generators
infinite list of positive numbers and filter them?
how do you do those on an infinite list?
map on an infinite list returns another infinite list
1:32 PM
good idea to prevent headaches: dont implement infinites lists at all
bad idea. People will need them anyway (or equivalent functionality), so it will cause more headaches
@lyxal Huh, just 25 (easy) ones here, and you need to get 23 of them correctly iirc
@pxeger uuuuuhhhhhhhhhh
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced ???
1:34 PM
@user the 45 are also relatively easy
iirc you need 40+ right
@user probably meant eligible
my english = bad kinda
mmm feels good returning the type dictionary instead of calling the correct type function /s
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced This would be a great disadvantage in sequence challenges and the like
1:38 PM
CMP: if \+ is equivalent to (lambda a, b: a + b), what should \; do? Maybe (lambda a, b: b)?
What does ; do?
This is a modification to Python, so it separates statements
so (lambda a, b: a; b) doesn't make sense
Probably just lambda a,b:(a,b)
but that's what \, does
I'd suggest erroring instead of making it do something counterintuitive (if this is a practical language)
1:51 PM
For a practical language I would suggest not implementing it instead of erroring.
@pxeger evaluates a, then evaluates b and returns the result of that
this is absolutely not a practical language lol
it's called Whython
Oh, that
@cairdcoinheringaahing In Haskell this is called seq.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Isn't that exactly what lambda a, b: b does?
1:51 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's what (lambda a, b: b) does (because Python isn't lazy, so a is going to be evaluated anyway)
Only if a is pure
If a involves printing or some other non-pure side effect, then it's not equivalent
@user Not really. a is sometimes evaluated but is not necessarily forced to be.
@WheatWizard Wait, how does seq force evaluation of a? Is a supposed to be hacky expression mutating arrays and stuff?
@WheatWizard Even in Python?
\;(print("hi"), foo) is always going to print hi
Oh nvm, caird's is different
1:53 PM
@user Not sure what you mean by how. seq like a lot of primitive functions is just wired into the compiler.
Doesn't have anything to do with arrays.
I know, but is a supposed to be impure?
Not really? It's just used because forcing evaluation can sometimes make a program go faster.
1:56 PM
Of course sometimes it can make it go slower or prevent termination, which I guess you could call a side-effect.
@pxeger Marathon
Anacoluthon, Autochthon, Telethon
^ is that another way to represent matrices?
No I think that's a printing error lol
Or maybe a bizarre fill in the blanks problem?
2:06 PM
@pxeger Python -> Whython -> Telethon -> Telefone -> Telephone
@pxeger its everywhere lol
@user no
It would make a lot more sense if the G was inside the numbers
CMC: Output 45448660177690171802. Most creative way wins
Scala: _=>"45448660177690171802". I hereby define creativity to mean being the first answer :P
Do you need the "s?
2:09 PM
Q: You heavy? Drop down now!

Alan BagelYou heavy? Drop down now! This was inspired by [Apply gravity to this matrix][1] Your challenge is to input a matrix with non-negative one-digit integers and drop down the 1's down 1 column, the 2's down 2 columns, the 3's down 3 columns, and so on. Once a number has been moved down and there is ...

@cairdcoinheringaahing Unfortunately, it's too long to be reprseented as an Int or a Long. Must be a BigInt or just a string
@NewPosts Three different people edited links in in three different ways lol
@pxeger 20 bytes
That's certainly creative lol
Using a website to solve a little CMC
even shorter! (fixed)
(that's a waste of a precious 1-byte path on my website, by the way!!)
At this point you might as well just turn pxeger.com itself into that number :P
2:19 PM
if ip address == ATO's IP address and user_agent == curl then return 45448660177690171802
time to buy the IP address so I can do curl 1.7
(fixed again: ato.pxeger.com/…)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Try converting to base 64 :P
I swear if this is a rickroll
I'm disappointed you think that low of me :P
@user :)
3:19 PM
No idea how Python does base 64, but using 0123456789ABC...XYZabc...xyz+/ as the alphabet, and you get ^
4:12 PM
@pxeger 2 ** and 10 ** are both quite common
Cube and cube root probably don't need single byte overloads though
@RedwolfPrograms I don't think they're worth single-byte commands though
I don't know, 2 ** especially is pretty common
Powers of two come up in a lot of places
2 ** being a single byte would be pretty useful
4:49 PM
0 ** can be useful as a vectorising form of not
5:02 PM
If I am implementing a function that gives all partitions of a list should partitions [] be {[[]]}, {[]} or {}?
(for a golfing language.)
What does {} mean? Is there a set type distinct from lists?
I think the right output would depend on whether you consider [], [1] a partition of [1]
If not, the result should probably be an empty set/list
I'm using {} to represent set, but sets are just implemented as lists.
I don't do empty partitions otherwise.
I'd say {} would be the best option then
The question is of the list [] which of the following:
[] has no valid partitions.
[] has 1 partition dividing it in to zero parts.
[] has 1 partition which is just the original list.
@RedwolfPrograms Ok, What's your reasoning?
I'd think there's probably very few times you'd want to partition an empty array and return something other than an empty array after doing any mapping/filtering of that
5:10 PM
That sounds to me more like option 2 than option 1.
I guess I could see either being fine
hm yeah. I definitely like 3 the least.
Probably whichever is more natural to implement
Number 2 is for sure. The math just sort of spits it out.
It makes sense but it's sort of unintuitive sense, which makes me skeptical.
5:31 PM
I don't understand the first one (even if that's how it is in math), perhaps others might find it counterintuitive too?
If you're trying to recursively find partitions of a list for whatever reason, the second might be annoying because it'd never terminate unless you added a check for an empty list yourself
@RedwolfPrograms I've gotta agree here, although it really depends on what partition is usually used for
No, if your doing it recursively the second is by far the most natural approach.
I believe Jelly has both 2 and 3 as separate builtins, and I think I've used them both
@WheatWizard How would that work?
Wait, are the partitions ordered like the input? (would partitions [1, 2, 3] include [[1, 3], [2]]?)
I think it has no valid partitions, because there are similarly no empty partitions of [1, 2, 3, 4]
5:36 PM
Chat is so messed up :P
Can't reply with a multiline code message
pt [] =
pt (x1 : xs) =
    parts <- pt xs
    case parts of
      [] ->
      (part1 : otherParts) ->
        [ [x1] : parts
        , (x1 : part1) : otherParts
@pxeger [[1,2,3,4]], [[1,2,3],[4]], [[1,2],[3,4]], [[1,2],[3],[4]], [[1],[2,3,4]], [[1],[2,3],[4]], [[1],[2],[3,4]], [[1],[2],[3],[4]]
@pxeger [[1,2,3,4],[]]?
@pxeger I'm not sure what you mean by this.
5:37 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing That doesn't count, does it?
I thought by definition, the partitions had to be nonempty (otherwise you could do [[1, 2, 3, 4], [], [], [], ...])
@cairdcoinheringaahing I suppose there are two definitions of partitions, depending on whether you want to include partitions like that
@user Depends on how you define partitions
is [[1, 2, 3, 4], [], [], []] valid?
or [[], [1], [], [2], [], [3], [], [4], []]?
5:38 PM
@pxeger If you require all parts of the partition to be non-empty that only rules out #3.
hmm true
Wouldn't it rule out #2 because it contains an empty list?
It would not.
I don't understand :/
@user But that emtpty list isn't a part of a partition
5:39 PM
Oh I see now
It contains 1 partition of zero parts. None of the parts are empty.
Tis a dark day when Jelly ties Pyth :P
I've looked at some answers which use list partitions builtins, and they're generally such that the empty list is never given as input
so it probably doesn't matter
Use a flag
that's a reasonable use for flags actually IMO
5:41 PM
The Jelly approach seems best for edge cases
Make it return a superposition of the two
@pxeger I disagree
@pxeger It substantially changes the behavior
Moving all of your hard decisions into flags is lazy
Clearly it should return [[], [[]]] and let you index into that to choose
It's like having a flag to increment output from commands
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do you know which one is more commonly used?
5:43 PM
Probably the one that returns [], because the one that returns [[]] is only really used when you have to consider the empty list in that specific way
> Œb Like ŒṖ, but returns [[]] for the empty list.
ŒṖ Partition of z (z must be a list).
It's also a lot easier to find ŒṖ
@RedwolfPrograms how about a Junction?
@RedwolfPrograms Making a golfing language involves tough choices. Tacit or stack based? Zero or one based indexing? Vectorize xyz or don't? I believe moving that sort of stuff into flags is just taking the lazy route (and still saves bytes in some cases, making it cheaty as well).
Oh god I hate how editing a message pings the author again, especially when the author is the person being pinged and also you
I think pinging the person again is fair, but pinging yourself is annoying
I should make a script for that...
But anyway, I'm going to go attempt to 3d print something now o/
5:47 PM
May I suggest printing brownies to epicly troll people? :P
You should 3d print a piece of paper so you can then 2D print a picture on it.
It'd really be pretty cool if you could 3D print paper
@user One of the sample filaments I got is called "mystic brown"...
Paper craft is a collection of crafts using paper or card as the primary artistic medium for the creation of two or three-dimensional objects. Paper and card stock lend themselves to a wide range of techniques and can be folded, curved, bent, cut, glued, molded, stitched, or layered. Papermaking by hand is also a paper craft. Paper crafts are known in most societies that use paper, with certain kinds of crafts being particularly associated with specific countries or cultures. In Caribbean countries paper craft is unique to Caribbean culture which reflect the importance of native animals in life...
@user do you mean "use paper as a material to print 3d objects", or "use a 3d printer to make sheets of paper"?
5:49 PM
@user Try forging one of these if you ever get paper ink :P ^^
@WheatWizard I wonder if you were to 3d print a thin sheet of nylon, if that would work in a 2d printer
It would probably be pretty quick.
@pxeger Use a 3D printer to make 3D objects made of paper
Unfortunately I don't have the tech to print nylon right now
No drybox or enclosure yet
Print a gun and acquire it from someone who does
5:50 PM
I wonder what material you need for that...
extrudable gunpowder
or Gun Metal™
@RedwolfPrograms I bet Inventor/CAD/whatever has an option for gunmetal metal :P
I'd bet Nylon, CF Nylon, or PEEK/PEKK would probably work for a few rounds at least
Sep 20 at 23:29, by lyxal
@cairdcoinheringaahing Redwolf is local drug dealer confirmed?!? /s
Although I think the 3d printed gun thing is more a myth than people think, since usually the barrel and action are still metal
5:55 PM
I wonder if you could 3d-print C4 and use it instead of gunpowder
Says the drug dealer with the 3D printer...
@pxeger How would that even work lol
@pxeger Wtf you know guns aren't made out of gunpowder right
Wouldn't you blow it up while printing it?
Oh I guess pxeger was joking making a joke
Nobody's 3d printing bullets
@RedwolfPrograms in bullets
@RedwolfPrograms yet
5:56 PM
What would be the point lol
Yeah, I just make my bullets out of ice, less evidence that way /s
Gunpowder's legal to own basically everywhere
And it's not hard to make
Unlike C4
@user actually, I wonder if that would work? You'd need some extra casing to stop it shattering completely...
@RedwolfPrograms C4 is soft though
@RedwolfPrograms I am now concerned about the the tech you have access to
@pxeger The casing wouldn't matter, the propellant would almost certainly vaporize the ice
5:59 PM
@pxeger Doesn't 3D printing require heating it and turning it into a fluidy thingy? Wouldn't that blow it up?
@user Probably not, plastic explosives are pretty stable usually
@RedwolfPrograms Propellant? I just lob the bullets at people :P
I don't know a lot about C4 lol
But Redwolf seems to lol
but I don't think 3D printers get that hot
6:00 PM
You print most plastic at 200°C to 275°C or so
@pxeger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm from a 2D universe, what do I know about 3D printers?
Plastic explosives are more like clay than plastic though
So molding it with your fingers is probably a better use of your time than shoving it into a 200°C extruder
@RedwolfPrograms Oh, so they're good for the environment?
@RedwolfPrograms Probably more fun too. Play-doh time :P
@user Yep, I use them in my garden. I hear explosives make good fertilizers.
C4: fun to play, not to eat
6:02 PM
Also I've just realized how much random information I know about plastic explosives...
Warning: Keep away from children <4 years old: choking hazard adults: explosion hazard
@RedwolfPrograms I should become a miner so I have a legitimate excuse to read wikipedia articles on that sort of thing all day long
Anyway, o/ again
If anyone asks I was here between the hours of 12 and 2 last thursday
> BREAKING: Texas kid blows up house, says he was "mining"
> Neighbors say he was addicted to a game called "MINECRAFT" which involved mining
> Do lawmakers need to put stricter regulations on video games?
7:01 PM
Finished a print!
I made a very rough filament holder using a pencil holder and a book :p
And my top quality spool holder:
I'm surprised the mini doesn't come with a spool holder
It does, but I don't have a spool to put the sample filament on :p
Lol, that makes more sense
When you said 180mm build volume earlier, I thought you mean 180(mm^3), not (180mm)^3, so I was expecting a lot smaller :P
7:17 PM
That would definitely be mini :p
If you're looking for any printing projects, let me know; I have a few cool (IMHO) designs I can send you
7:53 PM
Finally did a freaking golf after a while because it intersected with a personal project
@RedwolfPrograms you should 3d print one
Is it just me or are there way more blue and green identicons than any other color?
Oh, and grayscale
Like if I scroll through the top few pages of users, there's a couple red or yellow ones, some purple, but there's green and blue (and greenish blue and black) everywhere
Perhaps that's true, but remember that you're a human, and if you get a thought in your head, you'll start seeing it everywhere :P
I'm sorry, but why in the goddamn fuck have I got 4 upvotes on this??
A: Encrypt this Message

pxegerZsh, 18 bytes tr a-zA-Z $1${1:u} Attempt This Online! Trivial.

> Trivial
A boring answer to a very boring challenge
I almost want to ask for downvotes oiut of pure shame
I thought to myself once "Hmm, is it just me, or do most people these days have only two eyes?" and then I started seeing two-eyed people everywhere. But obviously that isn't true, as was confirmed by a survey showing that most people have four eyes
@pxeger it iz in wired langvej and it iz smol so it gud obviuslee
8:04 PM
zsh isn't even weird
The name is lol
The first time I saw it, I thought it was some inefficient (by inefficient I mean bad at golf) CJam-like language
I think it would be the same length in bash (just a change to the uppercase ${1:u}), and surely bash isn't weird
oh, that kind of inefficient
thank you very much for the downvote, whoever did that, lol
@pxeger Right, but most people haven't seen much bash either (or me, at least)
@pxeger np, it only costs you -2 but makes the score a bit better :P
This challenge appears to be a duplicate of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/98301, which is itself closed as a duplicate of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/22704. — Dingus 5 hours ago
Thoughts? I'd close as a dupe of the first, but not as a dupe of the second
I'd close it as a dupe of the first, and the second as a dupe of the one being closed as a dupe of the first
Thus making a circle
8:35 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Pink plate gang
That's not an identicon though :p
Adter having a look, I agree with you
8:56 PM
Maybe 3d-print your pfp?
@tjjfvi Your website's down.
9:29 PM
@user I'd close as a dupe of the first (but can't because it doesn't have any accepted/upvoted answers), so I've closed it as a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/77899
I've closed this as a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/77899. I would've closed it as a dupe of codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/98301, but can't (as it doesn't have any upvoted/accepted answers), so that should be considered the "true" dupe target. — caird coinheringaahing 5 mins ago
@emanresuA ...weird, thanks for letting me know
@cairdcoinheringaahing Ah, good find
9:58 PM
or we could reopen the close target, close the new question, and then re-close that :P
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