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12:51 AM
@hyper-neutrino idk that's just what people here suggested when I asked for useful behaviour for string multiplication
1:04 AM
Gotta love it when chat's formatting is so bad you can break it with a timeout message with a newline at the end
in Resistance against caird's tyranny, 37 secs ago, by user
*This room was placed in timeout for 11 hours 41 minutes; Nice
Thank you google
Very cool
vert sys
Very sus
what's the link i wanna give them a fake credit card LOL
I lost the link
But you can get it from just using YouTube to MP3 sites
1. right to rickroll
2. right to leave this room
5. right to use CAPITAL LETTERS
19. right to talk about the twin prime conjecture
420. right to add rights
1000. right to talk about random things
ported from (the weirdest room ever)[chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/126828/…
When I was in 5th grade I went to some random site and it said I won $1000. Like anyone smart, I knew it was fake. But there was a "comments" section, and one of them said "I thought it was fake but it wasn't!" and idiot me figured that was enough proof it was actually real.
1:11 AM
because I don't understand why the room but ok
@BrowncatPrograms rip
Also I like how the number they picked is so ridiculously low
9.68B searches is nothing
I'd guess at least two billion people have used Google, and I'm sure most of them use it at least once a month
I wouldn't be surprised if there were hundreds of billions or even trillions of searches
It's 2 trillion per year lol
Just...googled it
-1 is community
-2 is feeds
What's -3? (I'm talking about users)
and why is the sandbox owned by "sandbox" and not "community"
(still talking about users...)
@Wansen Because it's not an official SE thing
Then what's -3 (user)?
We can't just make Community do whatever we want :p
1:17 AM
who's -3?
On what site?
Community is -1 on main sites, but not on chat. Feeds is -2 on chat, but not on main sites.
All the other negative numbers on chat are custom feeds.
E.g., our old New Main Posts feed was -363
There is no -3 it seems
-4 is Dice Service, which has never posted a message it seems
Followed by two feeds still in use both called The Oracle, presumably for RPG.SE
And so on for other sites
T&C Generation site: Here's your T&Cs. If you want to add it to your site, copy the following HTML. Note that you'll be unable to remove our company's branding
Me: *removes the `div` containing the company's branding*
they also decided it'd be a good idea to disable the context menu on their site
so naturally, I went and got a browser extension that allows right clicking
also, TIL GPT-3 likes pinging people with random unicode
like it managed to generate Ƭ̷̵̷͇̿ Ե͇̑̿̿Ƭ̷̵̷͇̿̿ Ե͇̑̿̿ Ƭ for a message I sent on discord
1:42 AM
can you review my (sandbox thingy)[codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/23868/95204]? i'm getting ready to post it, want any feedback, thx - wd
with fixed - btw can you review my [sandbox thingy[(codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/23868/95204)? i'm getting ready to post it, want any feedback, thx - wd
can you review it?
/roll 3
1. you don't need to send individual words one by one
2. you can edit messages
3. it's [link text](url)
4. there are no commands here
oh oops sorry xd
@Wansen The idea of the added characters doesn't seem like a good idea
Okay I'll remove them
I'd recommend just keeping it to the site defined characters
other than that, I think it looks good
1:45 AM
still the length problem - see the bottom of the post
yay my link actually worked yayyyyy
Protip: don't restrict input to a string
let it be a list of [character, rounds] or the other way around
@Wansen so basically you're just outputting the pattern associated with the hat?
you output how YOU would respond
for maxinum coin retention
or maximum (I can't spell oof)
ah I see now
From the post: "return/output a list of truthy (Cooperate) and falsey (Cheat) values that will give you the maximum possible amounts of coins"
Also from post: "A quick summary of what it says on the site: there is a machine. If you put in one coin, your opponent gets three coins. You can either Cooperate (put in coin) or Cheat (don't put in coin).

Anything else? @everyone @all @howdoIaskeveryoneelse
I think the post is pretty much good to go.
1:52 AM
Okay, so I just post it (minus the sandbox things, of course)?
@Wansen There is no @everyone here :p
*swallows* swallows 2! THE SEQUEL
Oh bruh @BrowncatPrograms
@BrowncatPrograms That'd be a really bad idea :p
true, that makes sense, @ e v e r y o n e is terrible in discord
works wonders (sarcasm intended)
Okay, so I just post it (minus the sandbox things, of course)?
I would wait another few days maybe in case other people have feedback
1:55 AM
It's been a week
maybe tomorrow then so europeans can wake up?
I think that applies to the quote "several days" - Sandbox question post
seven-al days to be exact
fair enough ig, I'd still wait maybe a day just so anyone asleep atm has the chance to give feedback too, it'll just prevent that from happening when you post the challenge
um i've left in on for 7 days
8 days?!?!?!??!
@BrowncatPrograms well done you managed to outgolf AI by 262 bytes (your answer v codex's answer)
nope nevermind the gap is only 16 bytes now
it managed to golf it down to input.charAt(0).match(/[aeiouAEIOU]/) ? 'an' : 'a';
2:51 AM
@lyxal 😮 ai can golf?!
@BrowncatPrograms Well my sock used to be named Literally everyone, I could ren it
@user ai can golf.
With a few well written prompts of course
3:17 AM
3:59 AM
Ugh, plugged in my new $80 headset tonight and can't get my computer to recognize the microphone
@DLosc It’s new, of course it doesn’t recognize it
Give them some time to get to know each other
Try an icebreaker
Microphones are very painful sometimes
@user I'll leave them alone together tonight and see what happens
Haven't tried with Windows, but I know I've had all sorts of problems on both linux and chrome os
@BrowncatPrograms I knew a guy named Mike
Bit of a loner, never connected with anyone
Never paired up when the tracher told us to work in groups of two
Always listening, though, kinda creepy honestly
@DLosc some mikes are just kinda antisocial 🦐
CMQ: What are some entertaining websites?
4:17 AM
there's a cool one called codegolf.stackexchange.com, not sure if you've heard of it
Nah it’s full of losers
No one there can code properly
@hyper-neutrino Also you should be sleeping coz it’s 12:23 for you
@user first of all when do I ever sleep that early
second of all i'm doing hackthenorth right now so i'm not going to sleep that soon anyway
@hyper-neutrino how do you expect me to know? why don’t you know when you sleep that early?
@hyper-neutrino i can get behind hacking cabada :p
@user that took me like three tries to read
@hyper-neutrino obviously this means that you should be sleeping and it doesn’t mean that i am groggy
4:28 AM
you are literally in the same timezone as me right
go to sleep fool :p
Um i just teleported to brazil so it’s all good
But i shall now take a power nap but not because I’m sleepy toodles
@user youtube.com
y'all with your "night time" timezones
while I'm just over here chilling in the afternoon
4:49 AM
and i am chilling here in the morning
um i just realised something
^ after the # is spells CGCC
also what is the font family of the textareas in tio?
5:19 AM
@lyxal i think i made a simple linked list in C-GCC
5:31 AM
That took me a moment to actually realise you weren't using c++
i literally said C-GCC
And I still read it as c++
5:59 AM
@lyxal browser extension? On Firefox it's just a pref in about:config
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced inspect element is your friend
6:28 AM
@Neil I use Vivaldi
6:39 AM
@lyxal Does it work?
7:06 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing I don't think so
@cairdcoinheringaahing Error: Your RO badge has been redacted.
@Neil on Android?
7:22 AM
@AviFS thank you! Someone gets it!
Rickrolling is eternal
7:48 AM
@emanresuA just use an ad blocker idot.
google it idot.
8:07 AM
> Illinois Department of Transportation
@lyxal makes sense ^
8:20 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced wrong definition of idot, idot.
oh Skeppy made that
textarea {
font-family: 'DejaVu Sans Mono', monospace;
9:07 AM
Q: Calculate the sum of the differences between min and max weights of all possible shipments

Suraj GharatGiven an array of package weights, where weights[i] represents weight of package i, find sum of the differences between min and max weights of all possible contiguous shipments. Example 1, weights = [1,2,3] Below are the contiguous shipments possible for these three packages: 1 (Only first packa...

9:28 AM
Announcing: Whython! A fork of Python with terrible features hacked in. Try it here!
What have you done...
I added ?, the exception handling operator
or, well, exception mishandling
I've tried it out, and I can tell you it produces some cool golfs
Such as?
9:37 AM
of course now you ask that I can't find a good example
I've discovered a critical flaw in ATO: People can execute arbitrary code!
> CVE-2018-6849: Code execution results in code execution
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu ANth digit of n Your challenge is to take a positive floating-point number \$n\$, and index it into its own digits. If \$n\$ is a positive integer, you should return the nth digit of its own decimal expansion. This means as a string, excluding the dot, so the 3rd digit (0-indexed) of \$137.692\$ i...

9:54 AM
@emanresuA @pxeger I've discovered the same flaw in TIO, Bubbler's thing, and from what I can tell, RTO as well.
10:22 AM
@Non-sleeping-people-that-live-in-not-china can you review my post? I asked a lot, and I want a final review before I check tomorrow. G’night @all-sleeping-people-that-live-in-china-or-australia and sleep tight! WD
Am I ready to post it (minus the sandbox things)?
@SandboxPosts @SandboxPosts @emanresuA I don’t really understand that post - what do you mean the 1.68th digit of 1.68? A little confusing… idea seems great :D
G;night, @all-sleeping-people-that-live-in-china-or-australia - don’’t let the bugs bite! LOL 0- - WD
@pxeger kinda sus ngl what’s exception **mis**handling? \*sus sus, very sus\*

# sus
# sus
10:54 AM
hi wansen
wansen =? wasif?
I prefer “WD” not “Wansen”, but hi, could you review my sandbox post please? - WD
11:25 AM
Is there a good template for King of the Hill questions?
(yes I know I haven't finished/posted my current sandbox question 😜.... Brain space has not been available for that)
@Wansen You might want to change your username to "WD" if you want to be addressed as as that.
11:46 AM
@Wansen Looks good. Also, you don't need to ask or link it that many times, people aren't always able to review Sandbox posts
WW has 69969 rep :P
I do.
12:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WizardTriple Countdown Let's start with the natural numbers [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84...

@SandboxPosts That's a very useful preview you got there.
12:56 PM
@SandboxPosts Do you need to give the first 100 nats at the start?
I think it's clearer like that
@pxeger This is beautiful, can you add Scala-like underscore function literals or tacit programming next?
@pxeger I feel loke first 50 (for all three blocks ) should be enough although i didn’t read the entire challenge
1:11 PM
@user you may be interested in such projects as github.com/dutc/rwatch
@emanresuA At least in TIB, it runs in your own computer, not someone else's :P
>>> import rwatch
>>> from sys import setrwatch
>>> def view(frame, obj): return obj + 1
>>> setrwatch({id(2): view})
>>> x = 2
>>> x
>>> print(x * 2)
@pxeger @user ^
You want to know what's beautiful? Deltarune chapter 2
I just finished it and it was a real epic journey
@pxeger based? Based on what?
1:36 PM
CMC: Perform jelly like indices.
This is a challenge, isn’t it?
Scala: s=>s.indices filter s
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced close as needs details or clarity
2:05 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh no.
@lyxal Wait, chapter 2 is out?! :D
@Mithical Hey, I'm following the teachings of Philippe on how to use sharp sticks, it'll be fine :P
2:21 PM
Was that supposed to be reassuring...?
2:56 PM
Well, he only uses the sharp sticks when merited, which is good enough for IMO :P
3:07 PM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced Underspecified?
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced So, given a list and an int/float, return the element at the 1-index specified, or the two elements at [floor(x), ceil(x)] if given a float?
@cairdcoinheringaahing yes
also studies are super hard
Q: Triple countdown sequence

Wheat WizardLet's start with the natural numbers [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,9...

3 hours later…
6:01 PM
You know the nice thing about SE chat being old and neglected is that I can leave it open in a tab and not have to worry about it. Discord, slack et al will make my cpu run hot as long as they are open, so I have to close the tabs when I'm not using them.
@WheatWizard This ^ 100% this. Google Voice too.
6:18 PM
@WheatWizard Some browsers automatically hibernate tabs or something like that afaik
@user Not really useful if it is a tab that's supposed to give notifications.
Ah, true
I've not noticed a problem with Discord but then again I don't have it open right now for comparison
6:36 PM
Discord in the browser is almost doing too little: It tends to no be able to connect shared screens :-(
6:50 PM
@WheatWizard yeah, relevant and interesting article I read earlier danluu.com/web-bloat
Is there no direct link from main page to 19thB?
@l4m2 Not directly to the room, but if you click the SE logo hamburger on the top bar, there's a link to chat there
I can only see one CHAT at bottom
though I came through sandbox
7:06 PM
1 hour later…
8:19 PM
@AncientSwordRage I don't think so, I have a few in my head that I usually use but it depends on the KotH in question
For simpler KotHs, which I'd discourage, I'd recommend intro, gameplay/rules, additional gameplay sections if needed, I/O, example bot, controller, and footer mentioning the winning criterion.
For more complex KotHs, I'll usually move the controller and sometimes example bot(s) to github, then have an introduction, some sections covering different aspects of the game in more detail, the I/O, and a footer with the normal disclaimers and scoring and stuff.
KotHs are very tricky to write because the time you have to invest to read and understand the spec is often enough to keep people from answering
So you have to keep it brief, but too brief and it's underspecified or just a dry info dump.
I'm experimenting with a potential solution for my very complicated upcoming KotH (Hunter-Gatherer) where I just have a somewhat long overview on the post, with more technical details in an "almanac" on GH
8:38 PM
@BrowncatPrograms that's insightful, I had only really been thinking about how to write the controller and not given any thought to the rest of what you described
My idea was similar (but still distinct) to a KotH I saw a while back, so if I got permission I could hopefully fork that repo and carry over some of the points in the post
9:27 PM
@l4m2 Chat definitely does need to be advertised more; I think a lot of challenge authors would post better challenges if they talked about them in chat first
Have I mentioned how much I hate chat on mobile? :/

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