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12:00 AM
When the deltarune ch 2 is free
... This can't be good.
12:17 AM
Hopefully Windows update + reboot fixes it.
(Fortunately, that's my desktop--my laptop is fine.)
12:43 AM
@lyxal I'm working on a showcase for Vyxal - any 5-char program you can think of that does something particularly interesting?
12:57 AM
@emanresuA the rickroll program
Lol, I completely forgot about that one.
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Python 3, 107 bytes
Someone posted in the wrong place...
someone made a challenge called Python 3 107 bytes and you say they posted in the wrong place??
@emanresuA Nah, it's OSP's header parsing
1:03 AM
I looked at the thing
I just noticed that the Vyxal tips was posted on 4/20 (going by mm/dd) :P
the same day as the RO election results :p
@emanresuA Essentially, OSP finds the first <h1> or <h2> element, and uses that for the title. For some reason, OP used <b> for the title and <h2> for the examples :/
@hyper-neutrino How else would you celebrate being elected RO than by blazing it? :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not that this would help in this case, but since SE markdown supports all heading tags now, could you modify it to find the first heading tag of any size?
1:07 AM
Yeah I've been meaning to rework the title search function
For some reason, a lot of people use bold for the title
@hyper-neutrino I blame you for that ;P
Apr 20 at 6:19, by hyper-neutrino
nice. would you consider adding it back to the LOTM nomination list then? i see that you removed it since it was still too heavily in dev for that when you initially added it
@lyxal Blame me, I'm the one who pushed so hard for it :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing i think they were talking about the day of the vyxal tips page :P
Meh, the reply was about the RO elections, and I'm always happy to remind people that I pushed for those :P
Also, I have notifications set to "quick" (and they are quick), but for some reason, didn't get a notification for that, even after 3 minutes
1:36 AM
1:57 AM
user image
Mm, not cursed at all.
Given two grid configs for GoL, is it impossible to determine, for any two configs, that the first will eventually transform to the second?
I'd imagine this is equivalent to the halting problem in GoL, which is unsolvable as it's TC?
That is tricky quetin
@emanresuA javascript is yellow 100% Okay but why green and yellow
@Wansen Blame Github, not me.
I don't get the joke @emanresuA
2:08 AM
@emanresuA I think you can answer it as "It is impossible, for any two configs", as you can say: consider any non-empty grid and the empty grid. Obviously, the empty grid will halt on the next generation, so this would be equivalent to finding whether an arbitrary configuration of cells halts. That's the halting problem, and as GoL is TC, it's not possible for any config. Therefore, there exists at least one pair of grids for which it is impossible to determine if one maps to the other
That said, there is an infinite subset of pairs of grids for which the halting problem is solvable, right?
Determine if this Jelly program halts: 1
I almost want to ping Bubbler as they usually know about stuff like this :P
I'm trying to write efficient code in Vyxal. Save me, pleases...
2:14 AM
@emanresuA Depends what byte encoding you're using :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Vyxal SBCS
@emanresuA Vyxal is transpired to Python, which is then interpreted by C. Good luck making it fast ;P
@emanresuA Here's some advice that will save you: "Use a different language." ;)
Hell, even Python would be faster :P
Wow, GRT is OP. The top reviewers in FA are me (14) and Redwolf (12) both with GRT, then pxeger with 7, and WW with 6
And me tied with Aaron, with 5
I use GRT, I just often forget about the review queues
2:21 AM
Unfortunately, WW has too big a lead on me in the rest of the queues :P
I have 12 suggested edit reviews, and 11 from FA.
In fact, the only one (aside from FA/FQ) where I'm second is LA, where I have 226 reviews, against WW's 468 O.o
(6 of which are carryover from FP)
In terms of ordering in total reviews, I'm 8th / 12th / 11th / 4th / 1st / 1st / 2nd :P
Going by the queues as they appear from the top bar drop down
On meta?
2:29 AM
I don't even try to do review tasks anymore. Y'all are too fast.
If you can, I'd really recommend getting GRT
Grand (Unified) Review Theory?
Generic Review Tool, it opens new review tasks in a separate tab automatically, and optionally pings you
mmmm mmmmmmmmmmm
@emanresuA I rarely review on meta, because the only reviews are CV/RO reviews, and Tag wiki edits
2:31 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing True
@Wansen Yes?
Oh, GRT works on meta (and all other sites on the network) now if y'all want to use it there
Wouldn't recommend it on SO though your browser might get bricked
@BrowncatPrograms :59174298 Is there source code?
On meta, my last: CV review was on Jul 12, RO review was on Jan 26 2018, SE review was on May 16
It's literally been 40 months since I did a RO review on meta
2:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

emanresu AFind me in Pascal's Triangle Pascal's triangle is a triangular diagram where the values of two numbers added together produce the one below them. This is the start of it: 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 3 3 1 1 4 6 4 1 You can see that the outside is all 1s, and each number is the sum of the two above i...

@cairdcoinheringaahing Was 2018 that long ago?!
@SandboxPosts I knew this was coming :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing How?
Yes, it was what I was writing efficient Vyxal for.
I guessed, based on your last challenge
Seems like the most obvious followup
True lol
2:36 AM
Also, you realise n never appears past the n+1th row, right?
Yes, I do. That's what my program did
But I forgot to implement any sort of memoizaton, so it was very slow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I have 6 bytes in Jelly :P
6 + flag in Vyxal'
Sorry, 5 bytes
Ugh, chaining.
I'd be interested to see iif someone can come up with an efficient algorithm (as in less than O(n^2))
2:43 AM
you can probably do some math trickery with the choose function
Also, you realise that only multiples of 5 give an output other than 2, right?
(Except for 6)
> 28 => 4
...ignore me, I only tested up to 20
nice :D
Me when tested up to 80
2:44 AM
Jelly takes under a second to do all integers to 100
I don't have memoization.
Neither does my Jelly solution :P
Sorry, takes ~1.12 seconds
Ok, go find one which occurs >6 times!
BTW, those that appear more than twice are A006987
could not find anything that occurred >6 times within 60 seconds
2:52 AM
I can found one that appears 6 times
But nothing more than 6 times
@hyper-neutrino Yep
I got 120, that was all I could find :p
Only number under 1 Million that appears 6 times
(Not counting the second layer of natural numbers)
@cairdcoinheringaahing ?
2:55 AM
@emanresuA The second "layer" of Pascal's triangle contains two sets of the natural numbers
@hyper-neutrino Wait, how many times does that appear?
3003 appears 8 times in the full triangle
oh huh
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wow, nice job.
6 times in the actually interesting bit, and twice in the outer layers
2:56 AM
Also anything that appears 5 times?
@emanresuA 6 numbers appear exactly 6 times (counting the 2nd layer)
Haven't found anything that appears 5 times
Most numbers appear 4 times. A few only appear three times
@cairdcoinheringaahing Anything in the central column on an even-numbered row, right?
Essentially, yeah
Everything appears at least twice, and nothing only appears once aside from 2
But no one cares about 2, so meh :P
11 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
Only number under 1 Million that appears 6 times
If there's no more efficient strategy, how diid you compute this?
Trade secret :P
3:07 AM
caird simply looked at the pascal triangle they wrote down earlier
Do you not have a 1 Million row Pascal triangle as a poster hanging above your bed?
After all, I am doing a maths degree :P
@emanresuA I'll give you a hint. For what n is nC2 <1e6 < (n+1)C2?
There's no need to calculate up to 1m
Aaah, big brain moment.
3:23 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing 1414?
@Bubbler 1414 or 1415 if you want to calculate the row that contains 1m
Personally I prefer 1415 as I read it as 14,15. 1414 is just some boring repetition
...how do we not have a tag?
3:40 AM
how many game-theory related problems do we even have lol
@lyxal How's davidalexander8080@gmail.com going?
No spam :(
Well...someone has to write it I guess
CMC: Make a Piet-.exe polyglot.
@emanresuA bruh its not even open source
4:40 AM
>closed source
warranty disclaimer
that smells like trouble
And "Minecraft Server DDoSer" doesn't? :p
well time to disassemble it and make it open source :P
as in it seems more like straight up malware than a dumb joke
That's what it is, right?
i'd assume so
4:47 AM
"When something is closed source, you disassemble it and you make it open source"
                                                                              - Newton, 1989
I'm actually reporting that, distributing malware for this sort of thing is obviously disallowed on GH
If you want to report it too
@BrowncatPrograms i most definetly will
Reported. The first few sentences of the README are actually a more convincing argument for why it's malicious than anything I could write:
> Do you want to troll an entire Minecraft server? This app is for anyone that wants to DDoS some stupid kid's Minecraft server. What you are seeing is a tool of evil, a tool of revenge. This Minecraft hack works on all servers, and it's free!
@BrowncatPrograms mine is even simpler.

That is a DDOSer for minecraft server. *It is closed source and hence should be nuked by github.*
Usually if you're posting malware on GH you can make the claim that it's for education/research purposes, but that's a hard claim to defend when you yourself describe it as "...a tool of evil, a tool of revenge"
5:00 AM
^ i didnt say that
> "...a tool of evil, a tool of revenge"
The most worrying part about it to me isn't the software, it's the way it's advertised
a tool that also deletes your computer
The guy talks about it like it's a fun prank to use on your friends, not something that's both possibly extremely harmful, and literally illegal
And that story about how they hacked on their friend's server, then DDOSed it whenever people got mad at him for hacking...
(Presumably, since I doubt it was actually over "[whether] Spongebob was a better anime than My Little Pony")
@BrowncatPrograms what's the point of reporting it? You'd need to also make sure that you report any other potential hosts
One less place people can find harmful software with misleading advertising is still one less place
It's probably still going to be out there on other sites, but the fewer the better
Anyway, it's getting late here o/
@BrowncatPrograms o/
1 hour later…
6:27 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Probably because a [game-theory] tag is too broad??? idk
7:26 AM
now i can pip install dinoux!
and call it from the command line as $ dinoux
I just realised how easy it is to DoS the online Vyxal interpreter
But the attackers would have to learn Vyxal to do so
So it's a win-win.
@emanresuA you send a post request to /update?
idk these html requests
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced no that wouldn't work
because auto-update is currently disabled
there is only 2 html requests right? POST and GET
7:31 AM
POST GET and what?
one moment
what are those used for?
they didn't tell us what the other ones do
HEAD: like GET but only returns the header; typically for getting metadata
they just told us that they exist
7:34 AM
POST is for creating new entries and PUT is for modifying existing ones IIRC
i hope I don't need to tell you what DELETE is used for
OPTIONS: request a list of options that can be passed to other requests
man I really don't feel like writing a linked list copy constructor right now
but I do gotta write it
@hyper-neutrino nope; just tell me about this word :-> IIRC
7:35 AM
@hyper-neutrino PATCH is for modifying; PUT is for creating; POST is more generic for either
@lyxal in which lang; for what assignment?
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced C++, implementing a stack from scratch
just google it :P
(and I think PUT is supposed to be idempotent)
apparently the difference is idempotence (ninja'd)
7:36 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced screw it I'll use codex to write my constructor
yeah ok, PUT creates but if it already exists it updates or replaces
there's also CONNECT which is used with websockets or proxies I think
and TRACE is for debugging, like traceroute but for HTTP not IP
@lyxal i am gonna try that
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced don't forget to create relevant Node and LinkedList classes
7:39 AM
can't you just have a LinkedListNode as just keep one of those around
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced because that's what we've had to do
Create a stack using a linked list class we previously wrote
and don't forget to template it
@hyper-neutrino ?
@lyxal ok i will use c
7:41 AM
this is what it gave me:
template <typename T>
LinkedList<T>::LinkedList(const LinkedList<T>& other) {
    // LinkedList copy constructor

    _currentSize = 0;
    if (other._head != nullptr) {
        _head = copyRecursive(other._head, this);
    } else {
(the first 3 lines are mine)
how does the LinkedList<T>:: part work
is that a namespace (in which case TIL you can have template params in namespaces??) and if not what is it
@hyper-neutrino that's just a template
note the template <typename T> before it
it just occurred to me that i don't know how to write a constructor in c++
@hyper-neutrino it's the class name
template <typename T>
class Node {
        Node *next;
        Node *prev;
        T value;
^ i think i am going right
7:43 AM
that goes into the .h file
the implementation goes into the .hpp file
cool; now i know c++/c/python/java
wait y'all use hpp as an extension?
@hyper-neutrino i like to put everything in .h
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced those need to be private BTW
7:44 AM
and .c/.cpp
@hyper-neutrino short answer: no
@lyxal ok i will make them private
i was asking lyxal lol
as in the person who mentioned .hpp
@hyper-neutrino yes
looked like a general question
my cs class uses .cc so i'll need to get used to that since i usually do .cpp
7:46 AM
@hyper-neutrino cpp for the concrete classes, h for the headers and hpp for the template class implementations
oh i see
late <typename T>
class Node {
        Node *next;
        Node *prev;
        T value;

template <typename T>
Node::Node(T value) {
what am i doing wrong
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced you need to actually declare the constructor in the class
Also, implementation does not go in the header
^ that in public:?
template <typename T>
class Node {
    Node(T item);
    Node(const Node<T>* other);

    Node<T>* getPrev();
    Node<T>* getNext();
    T getValue();

    void setPrev(Node<T>* node);
    void setNext(Node<T>* node);
    void setValue(T item);

    Node<T>* prev;
    Node<T>* next;
    T item;
Like that
7:50 AM
arent .h == .hpp == .cpp == .cc == .cxx
does the compiler actually care what the extensions are
i dont think
@hyper-neutrino probably not
8:10 AM
that's the face of something janky happening with your pointers
8:32 AM
@lyxal that was your program's output?
8:43 AM
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced yep
Well, part of it at least
I'm sending an object with a << to cout
Hence the brackets and comma
i still have to make my linkedlist implementation
my brother is playing roblox rn
@lyxal are you planning to make an ide for vyxal with autcomplete, linting, debugging, lsp etc??
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced Just run { with T, it'll shut it down for a minute.
cout << 'Who is Joe?'
9:28 AM
CMC: Justify the existence of XML.
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9:44 AM
@emanresuA erm does it count if i close youtube before the video loads?
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced You clicked the link, so yes.
@emanresuA but the video didnt play
@pVCaecidiosporeadduced You still got rickrolled in spirit.
also my brother said "hi"
he also says "pvc pipes taste like plastic "
I'm not falling for my own trick - I made a userscript to not let me click surge.sh links from here - with a whitelist, of course.
Dammit, not secure? Come on, surge.
10:22 AM
@emanresuA why do you make absurdly long links with .surge.sh?
Because it
is fun
11:13 AM
I feel like TNB should be called /dev/random, for obvious reasons.
11:29 AM
Q: Apply gravity to this matrix

JadefalkeApply gravity to this matrix This was inspired by this question. Given an \$m\times n\$ matrix of \$0\$'s and \$1\$'s, apply "gravity" to it. This means to drop down all the \$1\$'s as if they were affected by gravity. For example [[1,0,1,1,0,1,0] [0,0,0,1,0,0,0] [1,0,1,1,1,1,1] [0,1,1,0,1,1,0...

11:56 AM
3 hours later…
2:33 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pVC aecidiospore adducedWhat's the valency? The challenge. Given an element, for simplicity lets assume the element is entered as a string with all lowercase letters and the only elements are the first 20 elements of the periodic table. You have to output the valency of the element. The valency of the element has to be ...

doesn't seem that interesting
what if i put all elements of the periodic table?
3:16 PM
Q: Tron Light-Cycle KotH

thesilicanBasically the tron light-cycle game as a king of the hill competition! Leaderboard Updated as of 2021-09-18 #1) Blind Bot by TheSilican Judge/Leaderboard Website The Game Players will write bots that compete in a light-cycle tournament. A round of light-cycle starts with bots evenly spaced out ...

3:32 PM
imo it would be cool, magic formulas are fun
4:11 PM
Q: Find the sliced sheet of paper

Eternal StudentContext : Suppose you have a sheet of paper measuring 8 x 10. You want to cut it exactly in half while maintaining its rectangular shape. You can do this in two ways. You can cut it in half preserving its long dimension of 10 (for our purpose we will refer to this as long cut from now on). Exam...

4:24 PM
@lyxal I hate that signatures for private methods go in the header
Frivk c++
4:52 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Thought so, that voting was reversed as serial voting, so I can get 42069 rep for a second time :P
oh all of those came from the same person. yeah the funny numbers will come eventually but don't commit vote fraud to make it happen :p (directed at whoever voted not caird obv)
5:44 PM
Even when I use Python, I still use Jelly :P
How is this even a sensible strategy to spam people with
Why are you ignoring him, he clearly wants to chat :P
This has gone on for more than two months
And it's just spam for some sort of web development service
He really wants to chat then :P
Not sure if sending "unsubscribe" would get it to stop, or just result in more spam
5:48 PM
Try :P
It's not like you're not already getting a lot of spam from him :P
Problem is, they sent it to contact@redwolfprograms.com, not my personal email address, but it's just a redirect thing so I can't actually send messages back to him with that address
Finally, my long con plan to find out a way to email spam Redwolf has succeeded! :P
I mean my normal email address isn't particularly hard to find out :p
CMM: The option to unpin accepted answers is per site, and metas count as separate sites in this case. We've decided (I know not unanimously) that we want accepted answers unpinned on main, but what about on meta?
Keep them pinned on meta IMO
Although I really think it should be consistent for all per-site metas...
It's not like sites use their metas differently
6:10 PM
i could argue that accepting shouldn't exist on meta tbh
but i agree it should stay pinned; the only time people really use it is to mark which answer became the community-decided option at the time and if someone posts an update that a bug/FR has been adequately addressed
with things like concensuses where it should be solely based on community votes, it usually just doesn't get an accept anyway so it's fine
@cairdcoinheringaahing i think it makes sense to pin on meta
1 hour later…
7:32 PM
Well, moving in day was fun :P
How'd it go?
I've met 2 of my 4 flat mates, have seen (but not interacted with) another, and have no idea about the fourth :P
Remember the #1 rule of Freshers' week: never say no to going out and meeting people
@BrowncatPrograms The weather made it bleh. Hot and muggy, hauling suitcases up 8 floors :/
@pxeger I never say no to that in my normal life :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing :/
7:34 PM
But Freshers starts on Monday, today and tomorrow are moving in days :P
I'm suspecting that breakfast might be a good way to meet my other flat mates, I'm out having a beer by myself cause they've scattered/locked themselves in their rooms :P
> they've scattered/locked themselves in their rooms
is in their room using TNB
> I'm out
Mobile TNB is the best TNB :P
oh lol
All of the windows here have those suicide prevention latches that stop them opening more than a crack, so being inside is like slowly melting :P
20 hours ago, by user
Careful now, lyxal knows your approximate whereabouts
@cairdcoinheringaahing we now know you live in an 8+ storey building, which narrows your location down significantly
7:41 PM
You also know the university I go to, and can probably figure out which halls I might be in :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I reckon any sufficiently motivated person could work around that latch, be their intentions suicidal- or thermal-based
@cairdcoinheringaahing exactly! lol
@pxeger Perhaps, but I'd get fined for messing with it :P
Granted, fines aren't an issue after suicide, but I don't plan on killing myself just yet :P
@pxeger If someone wants to stalk me, feel free. Doubt I'm especially hard to find, if you try hard enough :P
"If someone wants to stalk me, feel free" is literally never a good idea to say
Hell, if someone really wanted to kidnap me, they'd establish a CGCC account, become a TNB regular, then offhandedly mention they'd be in Bristol, and I'd suggest meeting up :P
Like what @pxeger did. Glad I managed to avoid being kidnapped there, boy was it close :P
7:45 PM
@pxeger Being completely honest, I've never understood the problems around being stalked. Granted, never been stalked, and I'd probably change my mind if I was, but it's always seemed like something people can mostly ignore to me
> never been stalked, and I'd probably change my mind if I was
personally I'd like to not have to find out first
8:17 PM
I seriously can't believe I'm still coming across YT comments claiming COVID vaccines give you blood clots
More people die every minute from COVID than ever did from vaccination
And I doubt any of the people making those comments are pregnant women, who were the only group that had a risk of blood clotting :p
But if they don't want free 5G that's their choice :p
8:47 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Aren't stalkers creepy af lol
Besides, not all stalkers are like rak1507, some, like pxeger, might even go and try to kidnap you
> just yet
@BrowncatPrograms , but probably true.
If you look at the worldwide stats, it's typically around 10k deaths per day. It's lower right now, it's been much higher before, but it tends to be around there. That's about 7 deaths per minute. IIRC there were 3 deaths from the J&J vaccine.
Was it confirmed that they died because of the vaccine?
I thought it was mostly because they were old
For those 3 yes I think, the other 85 no.
Still, most likely more than 7 people have died because of vaccination (smallpox especially)
8:59 PM
@emanresuA Ah, I meant the COVID vaccine specifically
@BrowncatPrograms Oh ok.
I'm sure there've been lots of deaths from incorrectly administered or badly designed vaccines in the past
Including a gov't official sending out samples of a dangerous virus instead of vaccine doses by accident
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