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12:03 AM
unused tags are destroyed at 3AM UTC
if i make it a synonym of a used tag, it will never be destroyed even if it has no questions
12:35 AM
@RedwolfPrograms hurry up and implement ash then claim the first ash answer so I can trivially answer this
yay it's tomorrow
it's been tomorrow for 10 hours
get good
not in SE land
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: (untitled)
1:23 AM
oof lost my consecutive visit streak somehow :(
Make a bot to stay signed in
And another bot to post stuff in chat
It's what I do
@rak1507 how many days?
@user so I'm speaking to a bot am I?
Time to crack out the Turing test
no you're not speaking to a bot, you're lyxal
oof i just got pranked by my own joke
feels good man
savour this moment hyper, for my messages are usually very carefully worded to avoid this happening
1:57 AM
@Lyxal Um
Er, mods, could y'all delete my previous messages, as well as the messages after that? They contain some...sensitive information.
I do not like flask at the moment
it is giving me annoyances
okay nvm it had to pip install libraries it didn't have making it take longer lol
@Lyxal Try Selenium (I am totally not a bot using Selenium)
@user nah vyxal interpreter already uses flask/jinja templates and I don't feel like migrating everything over
I was kidding, I'm not sure Selenium can really be a replacement for Flask
@user at this stage I feel annoyed with HTML/flask/web apps so I won't make a name pun
you got lucky
2:01 AM
2:25 AM
Q: The number of tilings of a grid

AWOSetup: A block is any rectangular array of squares, specified by its dimensions \$(w,h)\$. A grid is any finite ordered list of blocks. For example, \$\lambda = ((3,2),(3,1),(1,2))\$ defines a grid. Let \$\lambda\$ and \$\mu\$ be two grids with equal area. A tiling of \$\lambda\$ by \$\mu\$ is an...

3:06 AM
What the heck
My starboard's empty
oh i forgot to tell you that i cleared the stars for every message
Oh ok starring that refreshed it
I think I've finally reached the point where my challenges are consistently not garbage
+14/-0 with 150 views
Those are some pretty good ratios
3:22 AM
my challenges have always been consistently not garbage
laughs in deleted questions nobody else can see
2 hours later…
5:01 AM
Hi everyone
hello there
@hyper-neutrino general kenobi!
Good morning, CMQ: Are you the only answerer of any language in PPCG?
5:03 AM
i don't think anyone else has used Proton before, but i'm not sure
I just remembered I have the only Orst answer
(because proton sucks, lmao)
@Lyxal You also answer in Vyxal, any other people seem to be not interested in it :P
@Wasif razetime, user, 2x-1 and Dion have all used it
hence I'm not the only one
very close to being the only one but not the only one
5:04 AM
Sorry didn't knew that, its a nice feeling when you see your language is being used by other people
@Wasif yes
i think all of the languages i've made have either zero or one person who has ever used it in a challenge
@hyper-neutrino what languages have you made?
Every esolang of mine except my first has been used by at least one other person
One other person has used dotcomma and I think they used it more than me lol
5:06 AM
@Lyxal *finished esolang
I am current only answerer in VBScript
@Wasif too many to remember but the only one i actually think is worth mentioning is proton
i don't even want to know how i can fix that
@hyper-neutrino I said current
I was fixing hyper's formatting
and I got it
@hyper-neutrino get good
5:09 AM
this is from 2019-09-21 and i think it's the most recent VBScript one not from wasif
@Lyxal the square brackets aren't part of the link. downvoted for not meeting challenge reqs
fixed my own (sorry for ping). git gud <o/
Is anyone here planning on trying Ash when I finish it in a few centuries?
I think I've made that clear
Other than you :p
what type of language is it (like stack, tacit, etc)
5:11 AM
Also a big problem for questions with lots of answer is that often there is no leaderboard, which increases number of duplicate answers, so what can we do to avoid them (please suggest something other than scrolling throught the all pages)
oh cool. i might give it a shot for one or two challenges :P
@Wasif use the graduation userscript
ask red for the link
@RedwolfPrograms where to get your graduation userscript?
I have no idea it's not mine
5:14 AM
Lyxal said to ask you for the link
Looks like this is where I forked it from when I fixed it
I'm going to make a userscript that adds a leaderboard without all the styling and additional "features" that the grad userscript has at some point
5:33 AM
@Wasif Your answers keep getting auto-flagged for the LQP queue, I think adding a few sentences of text under the code should be enough to prevent that
Adding a brief explanation is generally recommended anyway
6:11 AM
2 hours later…
8:33 AM
@RedwolfPrograms https://staxlang.xyz/#c=y%22+-%3E+%22%2Bpsc%7Bsc%7Bn[%7Cas%7Ca%3D1%7B%2Fy8734%232%3D%21%7Bpp%7DM%7D%3F%7DVI%3F%7D0%3Fc%7By%27-%23%7C1*%7D%7B%24y%27-%232%25%27-*s%2B%7D%3Fp&i=0,0%0A0,1%0A0,8%0A0,%E2%88%9E%0A0,-0%0A0,-1%0A0,-8%0A0,-%E2%88%9E%0A-0,0%0A-0,1%0A-0,8%0A-0,%E2%88%9E%0A-0,-0%0A-0,-1%0A-0,-8%0A-0,-%E2%88%9E%0A1,0%0A8,0%0A%E2%88%9E,0%0A1,-0%0A8,-0%0A%E2%88%9E,-8%0A-1,0%0A-8,0%0A-%E2%88%9E,0%0A-1,-0%0A-8,-0%0A-%E2%88%9E,-0%0A%E2%88%9E,1%0A%E2%88%9E,8%0A%E2%88%9E,-1%0A%E2%88%9E,-8%0A-%E2%88%9E,1%0A-%E2%88%9E,8%0A-%E2%88%9E,-1%0A-%E2%88%9E,-8%0A%E2%88%9E,%E2%88%9E%0A%E2%
@RedwolfPrograms for the record, this is what I tried making forAsh's division
3 hours later…
11:06 AM
Q: Cooperative Counting

jumbotCooperative Counting - Python 3 KOTH Have you ever tried to count to 100 in an online forum or comment thread? It normally goes something like: 1 >2 >>3 >>>4 >>>>69 xD xD the point being that someone will always try to ruin the fun. The game This is a bit like the counting example above, except ...

is there a Vim room with golfing tips?
Or even, a V room?
I don't think so
11:27 AM
@hyper-neutrino I have, and I think Xcoder has


Discussion about golfing in Vim/V. vim.org/download.php github...
11:53 AM
ay, neat
I'll flip through the stars till the time we get an unfreeze
@hyper-neutrino @JoKing halp
12:32 PM
Dang it I can't escape the nineteenth byte again.
Both my open tabs are to here once more
What's worse is that I'll close a cg tab only to open the main site again
can relate
1:14 PM
Where else can you ask math questions than math.se?
The chat room I guess
@RedwolfPrograms the math.se chat room?
Yeah, not sure how active it'd be but there's one for every SE
Yes it's a little useless sadly
I think Reddit might have something
@Anush reddit is mostly bad for knowledge
there's a few rare ones like advent of code and vim
but idk about math
1:28 PM
@Razetime yes
1:50 PM
Q: Translate a Glypho program

DoorknobGiven an input of any valid Glypho program, output its "human-readable" counterpart. Glypho is an interesting esolang idea: The instruction reference is given here. For each instruction, the characters abcd represent the symbols composing each instruction. a refers to the first unique sy...

Q: Recursive Binary Description

KadeRecursive Binary Description Recently, I made my very first contribution to OEIS by extending and adding a b-file to sequence A049064. The sequence starts with 0, and then the next values are derived from giving a "binary description" of the last item. For example, the second term would be 10,...

In python, should I use re or regex?
regex has more features, but re is built in to the standard library and probably faster
2:08 PM
Heh, Crab got 5 wins on the KotH
It pays to be a jerk
@cairdcoinheringaahing unfrozen


Discussion about golfing in Vim/V. vim.org/download.php github...
@pxeger Just saw that
@Razetime enjoy
3:04 PM
Q: Letters between two letters

ghosts_in_the_codeWrite a program that accepts a single lowercase word as input and outputs the number of pairs of letters that have the same number of letters between them in the word as in the alphabet. For example, in the word 'nature', we have 4 pairs: nr: since there are three letters between them inside t...

3:27 PM
>if not os.path.isdir("contestants"):
>    raise "contestantsn't"
3:39 PM
@pxeger and more bugs
1 hour later…
5:09 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

l4m2On a 150x150 area, each cell have 15% probable of being a mine. Opening a safe(non-mine) cell tells you amount of mines with <1.5 distance. Opening a mine makes you fail. Find most safe cells in 5 second.

3 hours later…
8:03 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Etherytecode-golf Basic Typescript Types Typescript is a typed superset of Javascript. For this challenge, we'll consider the following classic basic types: string number boolean undefined null And two "meta" types: any never The type any annotates that any type is valid: const a: any = "foo"; const ...

1 hour later…
9:05 PM
Q: Connecting the Dots: Counting n²-gons in the n×n Grid

Peter KageyThe recent volume of MAA's Mathematics Magazine had an article "Connecting the Dots: Maximal Polygons on a Square Grid" by Sam Chow, Ayla Gafni, and Paul Gafni about making (very convex) \$n^2\$-gons where each vertex is a different point of the \$n \times n\$ grid. One is not allowed to have tw...

9:55 PM
That was by far the quickest log read I've done for a while
Thank you
CMQ: Where is everyone?
(I am) At home having just returned from doing boring stuff for four hours
It's Saturday, it's normally quieter today
@Lyxal Improving Low Blow to absolutely dominate at the :P
At home (as I have been for a looong time), just finished my weekly 26-hour no-computer period.
For half a week now I've been less than five upvotes from repcapping each day :|
@cairdcoinheringaahing by losing I've won. Mines the most upvoted lol
10:04 PM
@Lyxal napping and cleaning
it's saturday, so I have options other than 1. Pay attention in class 2. TNB (but still pay attention when it's convenient/necessary)
I have no idea how I have managed to pass a single class in high school with access to a laptop and (usually) internet
Honest question: Students sit with a laptop open during class these days?
Yep, especially after virtual learning stuff
At least where I am
@Adám we sure did
10:10 PM
I feel so old. When I went to high school, I think exactly 0 of the students had a laptop.
apparently. My school just barely added the option to go "hybrid" where on two days a week you eat lunch, hold you breath, and still have to attend class on laptops
Heck, our school made us use laptops
It was an expectation
@Adám I left school just before laptops became common usage at mine
My school district rents out laptops for $70/year, but they're basically boxes of spyware
Internet existed, but it was very different from today.
10:12 PM
oh yeah, we used laptops pretty regularly in person before the pandemic
In 6th form, about half of the class would have laptops, but in lower school absolutely not
ironically, the school had just started a program with one laptop per child
not like the non-profit OLPC
At primary school (k-6) laptops weren't used (but we did get a brick ton of ipads halfway through)
same here
But at high school, everyone was given a mac by the school (obv they weren't free but they weren't overly expensive either)
10:14 PM
Most people used Yahoo! or AltaVisa to search. More sophisticated users that listened to the librarians advice would use Northern Light.
@Lyxal however, the high school I went to was actually a k-12 school, where k-4 (iirc) got ipads instead of macs
NGL I'm glad Google became the "default" search engine. Think about saying "Oh, let me just yahoo that" or "I alta-visted it"
For 11 and 12, I spent a fair bit of time here at school lol
@cairdcoinheringaahing how about "I duckduckgo'd it"
Y'all know you can google stuff with Bing, right?
"Let me bing that for you!"
I think Bing is probably the only alternative that doesn't sound awful :P
10:16 PM
Who tf uses bing?
@Lyxal I'd bet it's mostly people who downloaded a Microsoft browser and never figured out how to change it :p
I've used Bing once and it was to search "Google"
@Lyxal "I duckduckwent it"
go'd is weird
@RedwolfPrograms "I ddg'd it"
Because we're code golfers
And we like short
@Lyxal Apparently most of those that don't use Google:
wait people still use yahoo?
@Adám source?
10:20 PM
Bing: Default Windows users that don't know better.
Yahoo!: All the old folks that haven't noticed that we're not in the '90s any more.
Baidu: Those forced to by the Chinese government.
DuckDuckGo: The privacy minded.
Yandex: Those forced to by the Russian government.
@Adám which are you?
it's extremely amusing to watch a cat fall off a bunk bed
@Wezl somehow I think I know the video you're talking about
@Lyxal I wish I'd caught it on video
but I wouldn't share it cause privacy
10:24 PM
This is why I like Google
It does more things than just be useful
@Adám yep, definitely more now for covid reasons (no paper)
@Wezl oh
I saw a cat falling off a bunk bed on reddit
@RedwolfPrograms ah yes, the floor here is made of floor
@Wezl yeah if you post a video of your cat people would look it up in the international cat database and find out where you live
@Adám duckduckgo for the win
@rak1507 so I can trick people by uploading a random cat video? Good to know
10:26 PM
it's probably still stalking me though
DDG has native dark mode and supports custom searching my APL site.
@Lyxal no need, we already know where you live
I recommend searx, it has dark mode + open source + the ability to search through ddg
@rak1507 I will tell you where I live, but I won't show you
@rak1507 well come say hello then! Don't be so rude.
CMP: How many people did you first meet in TNB, and then IRL?
10:28 PM
@Wezl interesting, seems to me that it would be worse to reveal the where than the what online
@Adám do they have to know that you met them? and how do you define meet? does it count if I was looking into their room with a telescope?
Because y'all are overseas (except for JoKing, Ascii-only and probably a few other users)
10:29 PM
@Adám 0 in that order, 1 in the reverse order
@rak1507 I will tell you I'm in the US, and if necessary I'll reveal the state. Never my address
0 as well
@rak1507 You had a conversation here and then IRL.
0 the other way around as well
@Wezl so you'll tell me your state you're in but you won't show me your cat? interesting decision
10:30 PM
I have like two IRL friends I've tried to get on there but they just
I would reveal my address if necessary, but only if someone promised to send cookies to it
Apr 1 at 22:11, by Wezl
this is the gist of my cat:
I revealed my real address to LeakyNun and he came over to visit. Twice.
I won't show its surroundings
10:31 PM
@Adám did he ask first?
No, actually :-)
@Wezl I recognise that cat see you soon
you'll never get past the moat of course :P
The timing was a bit inconvenient the first time (dinner time, but at least I got him to join the meal), which is why he came back another day too.
it'd be interesting to meet some tnb people irl but I doubt I ever will
10:32 PM
@rak1507 same
Once it becomes legal to meet people, you're all welcome to come visit :-)
imagine if everyone from TNB turned up at your house at once
Just 40 people showing up at Adam's house with no warning :P
yeah lol
We could fit, but it'd be a squeeze. If the weather was good, we could party in the garden.
Code golfers don't mind squishing together, obvs.
10:34 PM
stop making me regret messing up my multiple opportunities to study in London
there's a jelly joke to be made here
@rak1507 Meh, I'd be serving APLs.
do you have an APL tree?
With some BQN, presumably?
@RedwolfPrograms No, I'm an Orthodox Jew ;-)
10:35 PM
Is fake bacon (no meat) kosher?
hehe facon
Yup, that's what it is commonly called. Delicious.
would you ever eat it or would it be conceptually too much like the real thing?
oh, well that answers that question
If we pronounce it baked, why dont we pronounce it naked?
Just think about that for a moment
(i found it on a meme page)
10:37 PM
I prefer "bake-ed" over "naykt"
@rak1507 If we eat something that looks (not tastes) forbidden, we have to display a visual indication of it.
@Adám what do you mean by 'display a visual indication of it'?
@Lyxal Do you know the poem called "The Chaos"?
@Adám no, I don't.
Okay I've just read the first few lines
I know what you mea
@rak1507 E.g. we're prohibited from eating dairy products with meat. So if I'm enjoying a "cheese" burger with non-dairy cheese, I'd leave the cheese packaging on the table while eating.
10:39 PM
Cheese is not allowed?
Sure it is.
Oh, meat and dairy can't be eaten together.
just not with meat
What if you have ice cream after a meat meal?
Similarly, if I was eating fake bacon (if it actually exists in a form that visually resembles the real deal) I'd leave the packaging on the table.
@rak1507 Are you asking if it is permitted or if non-dairy ice cream would require an indication?
10:41 PM
@Adám I don't like how accurately it shows how screwed English is.
@Lyxal Yeah, pretty nuts. And it really is all true.
@Adám I accidentally ended up saying some of the words incorrectly because they looked like they should sound the same
@rak1507 Heh.
"I'm not stealing from you I'm just suggesting a golf on your possessions" is totally a line I should use one day
@Lyxal It is a very hard poem to recite.
10:43 PM
@Adám If it's allowed, how is 'together' defined?
@Adám Class is on a laptop.
@RedwolfPrograms "this isn't murder, I'm just golfing your life expectancy"
"I'm lowering your execution time"
Someone, 83 25 years
Game of Life
10:45 PM
The most annoying thing in the world has to be explaining to someone that code golf does not involve real golf
I beg to differ
who thinks that lol
The most annoying thing is explaining that golfing languages can't do everything in the world
Especially when you have to explain what you've spent the last year of your life doing
(which is code golf and golfing language creation)
@rak1507 There are actually multiple levels of Jewish law: Biblical law, rabbinic law, universal custom, local custom, and sometimes personal custom. Biblical: can't cook together and then eat. Rabbinic: Can't put in mouth together even if not cooked together. Universal: must wait 1 hour after meat before dairy. Local custom is 1 or 3 or 5 or 5.5 or 6 hours. Many have a personal custom of 6 hours despite local custom, and I've hear of one person keeping 24.
So I generally try to avoid talking about my CGCC github projects and say that I've been working on just little personal projects
10:47 PM
@Adám Interesting
@RedwolfPrograms Roger Hui uses the phrase "golfing for speed".
@Lyxal exactly, but for everything
I was in a spelling bee once when I was 9 and I got the word "rabbinic" and lost :(
I told someone I spent a week on a single line of code once and they looked at me like I was mad
@RedwolfPrograms really? that's a pretty easy word to spell
Not when you're 9
10:48 PM
@rak1507 Why would your code span multiple lines‽
Somehow, people think short code is fast code
it's exactly as it sounds
I missed a b
@RedwolfPrograms gluten was my word that I tripped up on
oh, rabinic? relating to rabies? lol
10:49 PM
No, that's rabid
yes, I know rabinic isn't a real world
I'd say "rabinic" should be an acceptable variant spelling.
Is Rabi an acceptable spelling of Rabbi?
I think so. Definitely seen it in print.
10:50 PM
no, that's the singular of rabies
no, it's '(in South Asia) the grain crop sown in September and reaped in the spring.'
does 'Rabi' there have the same meaning as 'Rabbi'?
Yeah, and Rabi (i.e. long "a" and short "i", as in RAH-bee) is actually closer to the original Hebrew than Rabbi (short "a" and long "i", as in REH-bye).
huh, well 'rabinic' isn't a valid scrabble word and it allows all sorts of nonsense variants, so I'm not sure about that one still
11:19 PM
Well, I think I got Low Blow pretty much optimal against the current bots in the koth :P
11:31 PM
@RedwolfPrograms I directed this user to your bounty for new and interesting challenges. They can't comment yet, so I thought I'd let you know
@cairdcoinheringaahing Low Blow's pretty impressive, a lot more than Funny Number +1
I'm still surprised the OP's bot did so well at first
11:54 PM
@user Naiive is annoyingly good
I ran an arena locally where it showed the final scores of each matchup, and against Low Blow, only Crab and Hard-coded made Low Blow score fewer points, and that's cause the optimal approach is to drive them down to 1 ASAP

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