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12:00 AM
I'd say '19.
Yeah, typo
The spike at the start of 2021 looks promising, maybe we can manage to do another one of those in 2022
What happened in the beginning of '14?
Code trolling
That spike is on Dec 28, 2013, the day the first code trolling question was posted
Let's start up some other enormously popular but unhealthy challenge type to bring more attention to us :p
Q: AoCG2021 Day 7: Bathroom security goes wild

BubblerPart of Advent of Code Golf 2021 event. See the linked meta post for details. The story continues from AoC2016 Day 2, Part 2. You finally figure out the bathroom code (on the weird diamond-shaped keypad) and open the bathroom door. And then you see another door behind it, with yet another keypad...

12:02 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Unfortunately, Monica being fired wasn't out of the blue. SE had been declining in quality for the more dedicated users for a while before that, and our userbase was kinda stagnating. Over 12k users simply stopped visiting the site in 2017
@RedwolfPrograms Or we could be uncreative about it and bring back code trolling :)
Maybe we could have April 1 as one day a year where code trolling is permitted.
Seems like 2014 and 2017 might've been reverse-bubbles of sorts, where a whole bunch of users start joining, in amounts that the site can't sustain, then they slowly fall off
Compare to Judaism.SE where ridiculous/funny/absurd/impossible questions are allowed for one month a year.
12:05 AM
@RedwolfPrograms It definitely seemed as tho a lot of users joined during the code trolling and pop con era, but then slowly left once they realised those challenges were no longer welcome here
During 2016, we had some of the highest voted (and activity) questions posted, chat started to properly develop a culture of its own (the memes page for example), and we'd just graduated, so everyone was feeling heard by SE
@Adám Tbh, I wouldn't be opposed to this
The biggest issue with code trolling was that so many of the questions were just lazy, vague "write some code that looks like it has something to do with X". If we have a set date for them, we can prep them in advance, and make sure they're actually fun
Box-drawing characters, also known as line-drawing characters, are a form of semigraphics widely used in text user interfaces to draw various geometric frames and boxes. Box-drawing characters typically only work well with monospaced fonts. In graphical user interfaces, these characters are much less useful as it is more simple and appropriate to draw lines and rectangles directly with graphical APIs. However, they are still useful for command-line interfaces and plaintext comments within source code. Used along with box-drawing characters are block elements, shade characters, and terminal graphic...
Would make a nice challenge?
Do I sense a challenge idea? :P
If it has a clear algorithm to generate that, sure
One potential concern that all challenges with box-drawing challenges have is that they're unicode characters, which not every language likes
@Bubbler it does
@cairdcoinheringaahing go ahead
12:12 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing APL…
yeah. "you can count these as 1 byte" is a good mitigation but it doesn't work for many languages like jelly where it just trashes anything not in its codepage :/
ASCII substitution can be allowed, though, right? It's not pretty but it's something
I still have an unfinished sandpit answer I owe the stack 😬
true; you could just allow any <x> unique characters in its place, and just deal with needing to put the output through a substitution to make it look readable
@AncientSwordRage You're the one who suggested it, you definitely have first dibs if you want to :)
12:18 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing by the power invested in me by the chat, I hearby officially relinquish my dibs on this idea
1:07 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

JellyboyThis is a challenge in C++ language. The event scheduler is a recurrent theme in event-driven architectures: something triggers an event that needs to be checked in the future one or more times. This can be summarized in the following interface: using Time = std::uint64_t; ///! nanos since epoch ...

1:22 AM
Mmm, I love having to juggle two GitHub accounts on the same laptop
Why don't you get two laptops and juggle those
Laptops weigh more than GitHub accounts
But it's easier to juggle real objects
And if you just try to juggle the account's session cookies, they crumble and make a mess
git config is the real problem
Every time I clone a repository with the other account that I'm not signed into globally, I have to do git config --local user.name cgccuser
This is why I don't use git :P
Why use version control software, when you can just not? :P
1:28 AM
Solution: Put two motherboards in the same laptop, with all the stuff they need, so you basically have two distinct computers in one machine
Mmm, maybe I should put everything in Google Drive folders from now on, that's basically what git does anyway, right? :P
@rues Stop being literally me :p
I'm sorry, I just have Impostor Syndrome :P
@rues use two browsers. one for your non-cg account and one for cgcc-user
@rues also that's a bit sussy
1:30 AM
@lyxal No, these problems are local
I'm signed in to my non-cg account globally on my laptop (I did git config --global user.name otherusername, essentially), and now I need to manually change the credentials for each CGCC repository I clone :(
For the first time in like, 3 months, I feel like I have no work to do for my course. It feels weird, especially cause I have exams in a month :/
I'm already using two different Vivaldi profiles (and before that, 2 Firefox containers)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nice, more time to spend on AoC :)
Granted, I need to catch up a bit on Probability, but everything else feels up to date :?
@rues I'm not doing AoC :P
Despite being a room owner of the AoC room :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well, you won't know the odds of that being true until you catch up on Probability :P
The odds on everything being up to date isn't a continuous random variable, which is what I need to catch up on :P
1:37 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing i can remove you if you want (:p)
I can remove myself if I want :P
i just added all the TNB ROs to it cuz it's meant to be to keep AoC out of TNB so it's an "extension" of it. but like, only half of the ROs actually go there
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh right, i forgor you could do that lol
If I can ever be bothered to do so, I will :P
@hyper-neutrino Thanks for the tip.
lol, you can thank caird for remembering that :P i forgot that that was a thing you could do
part of me wants to say that's kinda weird but it makes sense, really
1:42 AM
Strangely, I don't remember getting a notification about having become a RO there.
Yeah, you don't
I only noticed cause I was looking at my list of rooms and saw the AoC room under the "Rooms you own" list
So people can just go about making me RO nilly-willy‽
Yeah, basically
It's hardly a bad thing
I made redwolf RO of vyxal chat once
and redwolf never knew
1:43 AM
Why would you do that?!
It has no effect on you, unless you want to use the tools though
Redwolf could've burned down the entire Vyxal room! :P
walks in with a diamond
@rues I might become RO of a room I object to be associated with (e.g. AoC).
@rues it was during the username swap
1:44 AM
What's wrong with AoC?
The A.
makes @Adám RO of the CGCC trashcan
@Adám Then you can un-RO yourself as soon as you notice. Keep an eye on your rooms tho
@ThomasWard Adam is an RO of the Bakery :P
@Adám You want it to be lowercase? :P
1:45 AM
Advent is a season of the liturgical year observed in most Christian denominations as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for both the celebration of the Nativity of Christ at Christmas and the return of Christ at the Second Coming. Advent is the beginning of the liturgical year in Western Christianity, and is part of the wider Christmas and holiday season. The term "Advent" is also used in Eastern Orthodoxy for the 40-day Nativity Fast, which has practices different from those in the West.The name was adopted from Latin adventus "coming; arrival", translating Greek parousia. In the New...
@rues (in case you aren't joking, advent is a Christian tradition)
I am indeed not joking (:P)
@Adám I don't see what's wrong with that but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
borrows everyone's computer to compute the answer to all things, for reasons
@Adám I would suggest taking a semi regular look at the rooms you own, if that's a concern, and un-ROing yourself if anything pops up. Also, while anyone can be made an RO of a room, doing so inappropriately (e.g. in an effort to falsely suggest association/approval) is a violation of SE's "Be Nice" policy
If it does happen, letting the person who RO'ed you know that you aren't ok with it is the best course of action
1:48 AM
@Adám I can see that lol, but AoC isn't a Christian event, it's just for people to have fun
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, now I know to do that.
@cairdcoinheringaahing Is there a feature request on meta to let people know when they're ROed?
to be fair, I should've asked before adding any ROs
and honestly, I didn't really need to in the first place
Anyway, o/ have to eat now
@hyper-neutrino #AllGloryToTheDiamonds ?
1:49 AM
unlike the trash can everyone has write access so the ROs here can move anything they need into it
@ThomasWard well I was gonna say there's no need because we might need to move stuff in but not really out, but yes, #AllGloryToTheDiamonds
@ThomasWard You can compute that in APL with the straightforward formula ⍎⊖⍕⊃⊂|⌊-*+○⌈×÷!⌽⍉⌹~⍴⍋⍒,⍟?⍳0 Try it!
@rues Not that I'm aware of
Anyone wants to do that, or shall I post?
@Adám would you like some coffee to check your grammar?
"I shall I post?"
wags finger
1:52 AM
I suppose it'd be given highest priority since it is about inclusivity…
@hyper-neutrino Interestingly, Shog considers self-un-RO to be one of the most overlooked abilities of being an RO. Which makes a lot of sense thinking about it - understanding that you no longer need to have RO powers is a solid bit of self-reflection
@ThomasWard it's more customary here to wait until the 2 minute edit grace period expires for more lols
@Adám OTOH, it's a chat feature request, so it also gets lowest priority.... :/
@lyxal shrugs then they'll just ask us to change it for them :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, that does make sense. although in this case it is just a matter of me not thinking things through before hand :P so apologies @Adám, BTW
@ThomasWard yes but you can just say no :P
1:53 AM
@ThomasWard no one ever does that ;p
also ^ people only really ask me to edit things if they want redaction (at least in my memory)
@cairdcoinheringaahing Uh oh, I might break the internet SE.
source: the many times I've done that
@Adám Just to let you know, I searched posts tagged and with the terms "room" or "owner", and didn't find anything about notifying users when they become ROs
Right. Thanks.
1:56 AM
@hyper-neutrino Can you edit this to say "Absolutely Adám, you can definitely go ahead and post that" :P
I want to ask HN to edit something that isn't a retraction, and it still fits with the conversation :P
But why? Doesn't it mean exactly the same?
Yeah, but HN said he doesn't remember doing a non-redaction edit, and I like messing with HN's memory :P
Essentially, it's all about doing a little trolling
2:05 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing gaslight gatekeep girlboss?
Exactly! My girlbossing is on point, and I'm practicing my gatekeeping, but my gaslighting is awful, and I'm using HN to get better :P
slay gnc queen 🙏
Q: Notification or confirmation on being made a chat room owner

AdámStack Exchanges should be inclusive. Owning a chat room implies association with that room. A user might object to such association if it conflicts with how they see themselves. This recently happened to me. Luckily, one can single-handedly remove one's own room owner status. Whenever one is made...

2:22 AM
ಠ_ಠ It's 2am, and I just realised that the streaming service I use just added all the Harry Potter movies, which I've been craving to watch for months now, so I'm going to be so sleep deprived for the next couple of days
2am!!! I have work tomorrow. What am I doing up‽
Anyone want to try their hand at violating conservation of energy characters?
community autoflagged you for the duplicate answer xD
To be fair, it was the exact same text
Though I did delete the other answer first, so
it does make sense, yeah. anyway, one of the few times i marked a community flag as helpful ngl
2:34 AM
@tjjfvi can I test your answer in my firefox console or do i need to use like node or smth
(not a big JS user so i'm unfamiliar with what counts as what versions of js)
That's a browser JS answer
The alert will always indicate a browser answer
oh, good point. forgot that
Typically Node.js-only answers will indicate that in the header. For golfing, the only thing Node.js has that browser don't is Buffer
"Noises from attic - Should I be concerned?"...probably this user's last post to hit HNQs
2:45 AM
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ Yep
Okay I think I found a new favorite tag on diy.se
Weird sounds people hear
I'm going to propose an tag there at some point, for mysterious pipes/wires/sounds, since those are my favorite sort
I love mysteries :p
3:07 AM
@tjjfvi your answer has been passed onto the js war criminals successfully o7
my rep got -20
someone's account was removed :P
3:29 AM
I got -130, which I think is the highest damage to me so far from a single removal
^^^^ -20
-40 here
Must've been at least a fairly prolific voter
To whoever seems to have gone through and upvoted enough times to reimburse (presumably all of our) lost rep, thanks :p
you're welcome
oh wow I'm half a month of voting cap away from overtaking Martin Ender
3:46 AM
Oh nice!
in votes cast? wow
I'm current 5th of all time lol
with 10569 votes
gnat is insane omg
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ Well, that's more rep flowing, which is typically a good thing
i mean i never said it wasn't i'm just surprised
3:47 AM
Non-FGITW answers and those posted by me both deserve many more upvotes :p
tfw you write two answers in the same language to the same question and don't notice
@emanresuA ikr
Technically two separate posts are fine because Vyxal r != Vyxal :P
:P flag in Vyxal when? :P
I wonder how many answers you could add to the same question in the same language before people noticed
@Bubbler when I figure out how to make digraph flags ;p
3:50 AM
And if you would get a few upvotes each time :p
I should probably merge them but I don't want to lose rep
Just delete the one with a flag
@Bubbler you can start an issue and we would gladly add it
rickroll and amogus got in so why not this
Q: Would clickbait work inside someone's brain? Click here to find out!

FiredestroyerLet's assume that there is a magic that can push information directly into people's brains. However, that magic has some limitations: It can only "push" single sentences of 8 words or less With a thought, the person can "expand" the text and give the reader more information It only works within ...

make sure to tag it correctly tho
3:58 AM
Hmm, interesting. The user removed wasn't the user I was expecting
how do you know this?
I am CEO of Stack Exchange I have my methods :P
wait, how do you know this? I mean if I tried harder maybe I could find it but I took a cursory look and there aren't even mod tools for finding that info
Basically, when high-profile users want to do delete their account, they have to edit either their username or profile to say something like "delete me" (IIRC). I noticed a high rep user changed their username to something like that fairly recently, and expected them to be deleted soon. I just checked, and they're still around, so it wasn't them
user202729, you mean?
4:01 AM
I don't want to name names
i believe the general consensus re: deleting accts is to let them delete their acct in peace and otherwise ignore it
(as requested by SE/mods in general in the past)
IIRC, they changed their name aboout 6 months ago
(I think)
.shrug SE doesn't listen to usernames alone so
@cairdcoinheringaahing Huh, the FAQ on how to delete your account doesn't say anything about that. I could've sworn that was a requirement...
@emanresuA Ok, I still didn't want to name names. There's usually a reason people want to delete their accounts, and rarely does that reason include a lot of people knowing about it
4:04 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing you definitely didn't have to do that, or at least it's relatively new i think
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sorry
Actually, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only person with 5+ edits this month, but I can't remember who else was there
Fr some reason, I'm thinking either ngn or alephalpha, but they're both still around
4:21 AM
Q: Solve an Inglenook Sidings Puzzle

bigyihsuanSolve an Inglenook Sidings Puzzle Background The Inglenook Sidings Puzzle is a shunting/switching yard puzzle by Alan Wright for model railroading. The rules for the puzzle are as follows: (Source) Form a departing train consisting of 5 out of the 8 wagons sitting in the sidings. The 5 wagons ar...

4:44 AM
Back with part two of "what is this ad"
I'm so confused
Easter five months early???
CMQ: Should I remove LCTs from flax?
@Jasen In the interest of not starting an edit war, I'm asking in chat. I (respectfully) disagree with the revision of my spelling change here codegolf.stackexchange.com/posts/105164/revisions (specifically I disagree with the edit labeled "Websters so-called dictionary is an abomination."). I firmly believe it should be spelled "capitalization" not "capitalisation" is used more. Other non-reputable dictionaries spell it my way.
@cocomac Both are fine, and there's really no point in editing it.
4:50 AM
@emanresuA OK. I'll leave it be then
I wonder who's account got removed
4:53 AM
@cocomac Isn't the s/z thing in those sorts of words an american vs. british english thing anyway?
@RedwolfPrograms Pretty much yeah
american snake: zzzzzzzzzzzz
british snake: ssssssssssssss
Wait I thought it was the other way around
@RedwolfPrograms looks like elsagate material
pretty sure americans use ssssssssssss
4:55 AM
I've always associated the zs with american english
Am I just a bad american
5m to aoc peeps
Wrong room :p
Keep in mind ngrams are for published books, so you're not likely to get many mentions of "minecraft" even in modern ones
> Verbs that in British language can end in “ise” or “ize” will always be spelled with “ize” in American English.
4:56 AM
Knew it!
(so i changed my snake joke)
@Rɪᴋᴇʀ That was fast. Round two, anyone?
@tjjfvi js nerd sniping is a wonderful time
@tjjfvi Dammit, [^] doesn't work
@RedwolfPrograms Honestly, I don't know. I've always heard capitalization (and that is what my browser's spell check says), but honestly, it isn't worth arguing over, so I'm not going to argue over it, and possibly get in trouble with the mods
5:02 AM
Jasen isn't in chat anyway, so they won't get your ping
either way, thank you for not starting an edit war over it; it's OP's post anyway so they should get to decide on the final spelling
I only approved the edit because it improved the other parts; if it were just the spelling of course i would've rejected it
^ better glyphs for things?
@cocomac Don't worry, you wouldn't get in trouble for arguing over spelling, as long as things stay civil (and the discussion was here, not in an edit war).
Although of course not arguing over spelling is still a preferrable outcome :p
@RedwolfPrograms I know discussing it in chat is fine, but I didn't want to cause one of these. I'm fine with leaving the spelling be
@hyper-neutrino I realize it wouldn't make sense here, but generally, can I ping a user that isn't in chat? Sometimes over on Ask Ubuntu I want to ping someone regarding a question or comment I want to discuss
@cocomac Nope. Mods can superping users but generally we only do that for really important matters
you can invite someone to join a room though
They do have to have a chat account for that though, right?
@hyper-neutrino Good to know, thanks for explaining!
the invite part, yes
I can superping people who don't have a chat account and it will force create one for them lol
i think
5:40 AM
@hyper-neutrino Can a non-mod do that? E.g., if I create a chat room, can I invite someone that doesn't have a chat account? Sometimes I'll just post a "Let's move this discussion to chat", and link the relevant chat room. Even though I can't move messages like mods can, it usually works out well
@cocomac no, it's specifically a mod thing (and that's for superpinging only, not inviting)
the "let's move this discussion to chat" thing actually doesn't invite the user even if they have a chat account
Oh ok, thanks!
@hyper-neutrino True, but commenting on their question pings them, and when they get the notification, they'll often just follow it to chat
yep, exactly
6:08 AM
some high quality content that y'all know and love
6:22 AM
We of the autopfp
@PyGamer0 sort the letters with funny bits alphabetically
@lyxal ok
Don't use stuff like ⚺⚻ which don't render in all fonts
@emanresuA so what should i use for min/max
Also, what's the (visual) difference between Ƅ and ƅ, or ð and ?
@PyGamer0 Idk, you could pull a Vyxal and use g / G
6:44 AM
@emanresuA cant
They're quite visually similar
g is lowercase
@emanresuA the latter isnt
the former is
the point is, the former makes sense
What do they do?
@emanresuA keep in mind that flax is like jelly in that uppercase is monadic and lowercase is dyadic
6:47 AM
@lyxal Oh true.
Ƅ Filter
ƅ Filter over right
^ modifiers
What does Jelly use for those?
@emanresuA jelly doesnt have them
also keep in mind that i changed glyphs
I mena for max/min
@PyGamer0 Δ and
6:48 AM
@lyxal ∇∆ thx
Yeah, that looks good
Ƒ for filter and ƒ for filter over right?
@lyxal ok that makes more sense
@PyGamer0 just for clarity: are the chaining rules exactly the same as jelly or are there some modifications?
@lyxal same
6:51 AM
okay cool
ok updated the code page
and the atom/modifier list
shoot forgot to update the other character with diatrics
ok they are decently ordered
Also doesn't render in my font
Can you post a screenshot?
(Also, small numbers like ²₃⁵ should probably be grouped together)
@emanresuA it's a subscript 10
6:59 AM
@emanresuA ok
@PyGamer0 are there any explicit train separators?
(like Jelly's øµðɓ)
(except the last one)
where they?
7:01 AM
ɓ is surprisingly useful; i would recommend including it
ok done
a less jank version of ) could also be a good idea
though maybe with a different glyph unless you can think of a satisfying way to match ( with it
granted jelly's is pretty pessimal considering ( is literally undefined
ok done
have a lot of space left, which i think is a good thing
7:23 AM
pygamer are you reimplementing Jelly
technically, partially, maybe, probably, physically, chemically
just the specs
havent started writing any program yet
probably should. though there are quite a few popcon graphical-output challenges of similar ambiguity and idk if they should all be closed or opened
but this one seems a bit worse specified than most
Also, goto sleep, it's 3am
^ so how does this code page look?
Pretty good
@PyGamer0 needs a superscript 3
8:16 AM
what would ³ do?
....square ...root?
Nah, use √ for that
It's just weird to have 1245 but not 3
@PyGamer0 1st input or a constant if no inputs
input as in command line args?
and what should the constant be?
whatever you think would be convenient for niladic programs
8:23 AM
16, 32, 64
ⓑ outputs 0 1
CMQ: Should I create a separate array class for flax or should I use lists?
do you plan to have infinite lists? if so, it's probably easier to make everything your custom class; if not, i don't see why you'd bother
whatever suits the needs and feels more natural for you
@hyper-neutrino does jelly have infinite lists?
no, but 05ab1e and husk do
ok then flax might have infinite lists in the future
8:40 AM
there are other ways of doing infinite lists, of course, but that's definitely the most obvious
and probably most idiomatic in Python
@Bubbler And Vyxal, although it;s a little buggy
> a little
ok i shall start on flax
@JoKing how do mods know that?
ip address?
Just watched My Neighbour Totoro and I have the theme music stuck in my head
@PyGamer0 I think mods can see users' email addresses
8:52 AM
@PyGamer0 with the caveat that it doesn't entirely behave like a list, but you could probably build a more proper infinite list around generators if you want
might be worth looking at some of the funkier haskell sequence answers

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