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12:00 AM
Now instead of being crazy irl, I am crazy here :P
@hyper-neutrino Do you have the ability to search for all posts by a specific deleted user if you know their ID?
And if so, do you know any SO mods who'd be willing to do that for my old account so I can enjoy some quality cringe?
Don't you need 10k rep on SO to see those posts?
Not deleted posts, posts by a deleted account
If there's one thing that helped me become ironic/more mature, it's this chat room and site
> more mature
12:02 AM
I'd argue they're actually inversely related
@lyxal I would've loved/hated to meet you before you came to CGCC if that'st rue
@user I've gone from being one of those "random"ly funny kids to being ironic 24/7
Ironic I get, but mature?
Interacting with other people I've never met IRL, managing a growing esolang, hosting things like LoTM in May, etc
things you need some level of sensibility to do
Fair enough
12:05 AM
before code golf, I used to think things like the word "fish/fush" was the funniest thing ever (I blame scratch humour for that)
now my humour is more 21st century/zoomerish
See, there's the problem. If you want to come across as mature, you need a Gen X sense of humor. ;)
okay xoomer
Not a Silent Generation sense of humor? (get it? 'cause they're silent and never laugh lololol)
12:25 AM
@RedwolfPrograms yes
@RedwolfPrograms maybe; i can ask
I don't remember too much about my old SO account's questions...but I know they were truly awful
anyway i've asked TL, will let you know if/when i get a response
also TIL just how disgusting my current keyboard is - my brother popped out one of the keys because he wanted to know what type it is (membrane) and it's... full of random shit cuz this is a second-hand keyboard from god knows how long ago and I bet it's never been cleaned ever
@RedwolfPrograms what's your old account's ID
The only reason I know that is that I somehow have a different SO account with the same name but its chat parent ID is the deleted SO account
I suspect that the questions will range from mildly uninformed to extremely cringy
19 posts, 7 deleted: pastebin.com/ufaC88Va
while you're at it, you may as well check to be sure none of the 12 undeleted ones need any cleaning up :P "something good should come out of the cringing" to quote the mod who got me these links
:o Thanks!
12:37 AM
> My program thinks the average of 50 and 50 is 2525
that's some high quality programming right there
lemme guess
x/2 + y/2 except types are wack because JS sucks
cuz 50/2 + 50/2 = 25 + 25 which is 2525 if your language is trash peculiarly designed
Dang all of the good ones I remember are deleted :(
12:39 AM
Haha this is the one where I wanted to goto in JS
Q: Move to other part of javascript code

user5965902I am creating a data storage site with html, css, and javascript. On the login, It uses an if/else inside of a function. An example of what I need is below: $('.activelogin').click(function(){ //get the username //get the password if (username === 'myName') { document.cookie = 'succesful=true'; ...

I think I've only ever deleted 1 SO question because it was a dupe
> teleport
> Teleport to other part of javascript code
> I am creating a data storage site with html, css, and javascript
Lol, my background in TI-BASIC did not help
@hyper-neutrino It's so vague, I love it
Tbf I was ten when I wrote that but uh...
@user I'd post a screenshot of some of the cringe I posted on scratch, but that might accidentally doxx myself
do it anyway, then it's not accidental doxxing if you do it purposefully :P
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Halve Code Regen
1:31 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

LordlyAmigoCHEMICAL ELEMENT OUT OF A STRING# Challenge is that you have to extract all legal chemical elements out of a string. eg: Worlds -O -Sr -Lr Smallest code wins

2:19 AM
back in grade 8 i tried making a program that would attempt to convert a word into a concatenation of element symbols if possible
This is a pretty sus @ sign
does the @ sign have a name or smth
like how & is called "ampersand"
I was just reading about how it does not, actually
Some names have been suggested, one of them being the ampersat :p
Personally I like "arroba"
> Whatever the origin of the @ symbol, the history of its usage is better known: it has long been used in Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese as an abbreviation of arroba, a unit of weight equivalent to 25 pounds, and derived from the Arabic expression of "the quarter" (الربع pronounced ar-rubʿ).
Although "strudel"'s a good one as well
Ooh I just came across a YT video with 77K likes and 777 dislikes
Unfortunately it'll be a little while until it hits 7,777,777 views
Chances are it'll accumulate a dislike in that time
2:35 AM
I just call it the at sign
Yeah that's what everyone I've ever met does
(Everyone. It's the first thing I ask them.)
@RedwolfPrograms because that's what it's called in Unicode
The at sign, @, is normally read aloud as "at"; it is also commonly called the at symbol, commercial at or address sign. It is used as an accounting and invoice abbreviation meaning "at a rate of" (e.g. 7 widgets @ £2 per widget = £14), but it is now seen more widely in email addresses and social media platform handles. The absence of a single English word for the symbol has prompted some writers to use the French arobase or Spanish and Portuguese arroba, or to coin new words such as ampersat, asperand, and strudel, but none of these have achieved wide use. Although not included on the keyboard...
Huh, mobile Wikipedia doesn't onebox
@RedwolfPrograms Person: How do you do?
@RedwolfPrograms @lyxal Where d'you think that quote came from?
Redwolf: What do you call @
2:40 AM
@RedwolfPrograms the yt video you were talking about
Darn, how do you type multiple lines on mobile?
No it was totally unrelated lol
@user you don't
@lyxal It does for me
That's what fun about mobile
You can't send multiline messages
Because the enter key epicly trolls you
2:41 AM
How did you just…
I totally didn't write the message
In another app that allows you to
Write things with newlines and then
Copy and paste it into chat lol
Heck, it doesn't even have to be another app
You could enter text into the vyxal online interpreter and
Copy paste from there
:o TNB with no pins?!
Wanna change that?
2:45 AM
How dare we not interrupt the starboard with mostly unimportant announcements :p
There we go
A pin in TNB
^ can i haz stars thank you
The star is starred and the pin is pinned
I saw that edit
2:49 AM
Everyone can go home for the day now
Because we've accomplished humour for the day
@RedwolfPrograms Sorry, I see no lol option here, although I can raise a flag with the text lol if you want
@lyxal I’m already home and the day’s almost over here lol
NOOOOOO my precious stars
Haha jokes on you I got a screenshot of the pin being pinned
@RedwolfPrograms well there was a chance to pin the bmg announcement, yet no one took it
Very uncharacteristic of the ROs
But not of my star 😞
Yeah sorry about that I had to be quick with the screenie in case it got cleared
@user post it in Vyxal chat and it shall be permanently starred
Also, welcome to the frequently in TNB list
@user Dw, I took a screenshot before one of the other ROs unstarred them
Took it just seconds before the unstarring
3:01 AM
Thanks, both of you :)
@lyxal I’ve got to be one of the newest users there, I chat too much lol 😂
I recently ended up on the list as well
Hmm, change in the algo maybe?
I've got a somewhat thick YA novel's worth of shitposting that's accumulated here, so...
Because lyxal recently showed up too
@user No, it wasn't super recent
I've been there for a while, but not too long of one
It values recent activity more than older activity
3:05 AM
Then I probably have the title of “Most garbage spewed out of keyboard “
NP/SP are on the frequent list lol
Wait no
That's currently in room lol
3:34 AM
man I forgot just how cursedly cringe Scratch's front page is
@RedwolfPrograms Not sure what you mean here. Seems like this is the account you mention, but that doesn't seem to be associated with a chat account.
Also, howdy from a fellow Texan! :-)
3:52 AM
There's this chat account, which is the one that I end up on when I log in with what used to log me in to the deleted SO account. But then I have a different SO account currently connected to it? Idk, it's confusing :p
Thanks for finding those posts for me by the way, I knew they were bad but I really had to see just how bad :p
No problem; it's easy enough to find with the account ID.
@RedwolfPrograms Ah! Should I reparent that chat account to something else? I'm always happy to push buttons. Sometimes, I even know what they do.
No, I kind of like it being weird :p
I only really ever use that account to test stuff, so I guess it's fitting to have it sort of broken in a way
Heh, alright
I feel like theres an oddly high number of mods from Texas, but that might just be confirmation bias
Although I can't actually think of any right now
There aren't any other SO mods from Texas. (Used to be, but he stepped down a couple of years ago.)
Although Catija is from Austin, like me.
I am not sure about other sites. I can't think of any off-hand either, but I can't claim to have the mods on all, what, 150+ sites memorized.
3:57 AM
Oh hey, I'm about a half hour from Austin
Heh, me too. I actually live in Georgetown. But nobody knows where that is, or they think I mean D.C.
Oh cool!
Been here since high school. Moved to Austin proper to go to school at Texas, then back to Georgetown.
I was living out in the SF Bay Area for work, but I came home to Texas at the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and I am still here, working remotely.
2 hours later…
5:32 AM
someone come over to my city
how about I don't (because I can't)
5:54 AM
@emanresuA i actually just got my friend to fall for this
@lyxal come over or big ligma
@Razetime wdym
@Razetime hang on just lemme check the status of the Australian borders
Oh yes that's right
They're closed
How tf am I gonna get to India if I can't even leave my country
@PyGamer0 just run here you dumb dumb
@lyxal superposition
6:02 AM
@lyxal just remove your ground hook and float over the security lines
if you're in india and australia at once you haven't really left your country
high risk no reward
@Razetime and get shot? No thanks
@lyxal the third covid shot the government doesn't tell you about
6:04 AM
@hyper-neutrino unlike you, some of us aren't subatomic particles
@hyper-neutrino they coat the bullets with Pfizer so you get some immunity before you die :p
reject humanity, return to pre-atom formation particle soup
You know what, frick you. *un-hypers your neutrino*
unsteams your hams
Mfer really just made my luncheon forgettable
Evil Seymour be like: I hope you're ready for a forgettable breakfast!!
6:18 AM
@Razetime I see your joke and raise you one better
user image
definitely looks different with the colors inverted
6:50 AM
A: "Hello, World!"

RuanErrLess, 17 bytes SHello, World!S?. Prints Hello, World! to stdout, without a trailing newline. ErrLess is a stack-based language I made for fun over the last few months. You can read the docs here, and I also started a tutorial. I haven't written an JS interpreter yet, so there's no TIO-like se...

1 hour later…
7:53 AM
@lyxal lolololol
@Razetime bruh
8:28 AM
@RedwolfPrograms that's how you do arrays in Batch... you use things like set/a x_%i%+=1
@lyxal wait, @ is matrix multiplication in Python?
i don't think any built in type actually supports it but that is what it's for
@Neil apparently so
Jan 21 '20 at 6:07, by Jono 2906
Hey @xnor (and anyone else who golfs in python): have you ever used the matrix multiplication infix operator (@) in an answer?
Been so for a while
9:06 AM
CMC find four integer values a, b, c, d not equal to zero so that a+2*b+3*c+4*d = 0
1, -1, -1, 1
is a fairly easy one
@UnrelatedString nice
now find about solution that is not a multiple of that solution
3, 2, -1, -1
very nice
@Anush 4, 3, -2, -1
9:12 AM
@Neil cool
also I think 2, 3, 4, -5 works, but I haven't checked
in general if I have aw + bx + cy + dz == 0 and for known integer w,x,y,z is it easy?
(I am building up to a new challenge)
in general, pick a, b, c, then multiply them by z, and solve for d
I guess the restriction that they are all integers means you might have to do a little more?
no, if you let a=zi, b=zj, c=zk then you have ziw + zjx + zky + zd == 0 so d = -(iw + jx + ky)
9:24 AM
how would you pick a random int from -x to x excluding 0 in a python golfed way?
@Neil yes, __matmul__ for overloading
9:42 AM
anyone improve on random.randint(1,x)*random.choice([1,-1]) ?
Q: Find the smallest solution

AnushInput 4 integers w, x, y, z from the range -999 to 999 inclusive where none of the values is 0. Output 4 integers a, b, c, d so that aw + bx + cy + dz == 0. Restrictions Your output should be the solution with the smallest sum of absolute values possible. If there is more than one solution with t...

9:59 AM
I am worried about the low number of users on this site now
10:38 AM
@Anush at that point it might be golfier to switch from import random to from random import * to avoid repeating random.?
11:11 AM
@Neil good point
11:28 AM
I am now hoping that at least one person is working on my challenge!
I am surprised there is no answer yet
11:55 AM
@lyxal amazing
12:18 PM
@Anush Tip: CGCC is relatively inactive on weekends
@Bubbler oh! I really didn't know that
12:47 PM
Mondays are the optimal day to get activity
I think I still remember the olden days when you would get five answers in the first hour
That still happens on certain kinds of questions
It also depends on posting time
The easy ones get 30+ answers and go to the HNQ
^^ too. I wonder in which timezone the most CGCC users live
@user maybe there is a profile of usage by hour that can be extracted?
from which one could guess the time zones
12:56 PM
Redwolf made a graph about this once
But it's probably outdated by now
maybe it can be done again?
On a different note, who is my phone's background today?
(ba dum tss)
@lyxal Owl.
@GrainGhost who?
12:59 PM
@lyxal An owl. (Owls don't have names)
It's a joke
What a hoot!
@user It's not.
1:00 PM
It is
@GrainGhost lyxal agrees that it was meant as a joke even if it wasn't the funniest ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@user Lyxal must be wrong then.
Or lying.
But I can't figure out why lyxal would lie about that.
The joke is that "who" sounds like the noise an owl makes
That's just a coincidence.
Yes. It's a play on words
1:02 PM
He italicized "who" too
There's no saying why though.
We can just use Occam's razor here. "It's just a coincidence" is the simpler answer so it's just more likely to be true.
The pun, also known as paronomasia, is a form of word play that exploits multiple meanings of a term, or of similar-sounding words, for an intended humorous or rhetorical effect. These ambiguities can arise from the intentional use of homophonic, homographic, metonymic, or figurative language. A pun differs from a malapropism in that a malapropism is an incorrect variation on a correct expression, while a pun involves expressions with multiple (correct or fairly reasonable) interpretations. Puns may be regarded as in-jokes or idiomatic constructions, especially as their usage and meaning are usually...
A coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances that have no apparent causal connection with one another. The perception of remarkable coincidences may lead to supernatural, occult, or paranormal claims. Or it may lead to belief in fatalism, which is a doctrine that events will happen in the exact manner of a predetermined plan. In general, the perception of coincidence, for lack of more sophisticated explanations, can serve as link to folk psychology and philosophy.From a statistical perspective, coincidences are inevitable and often less remarkable than they may appe...
I have a feeling WW/GG is just messing with us now :P
That's the more complicated explanation.
1:12 PM
made a more tricky unassessed bonus question
which I am quite pleased with :)
2:07 PM
yay i have 500 rep now
i can access....review queues?
what are they?
You help out CGCC by doing some moderation tasks
If you go to each of the review queues (click the notebook with a check mark on the top right next to your badge notifications), you'lll see their descriptions
i just did one
Nice, which queue?
@user first answers
@lyxal i still laugh when i look at this
also my brother was asking you: "how do you make memes(as in which app), i want to make some"
@Razetime You mean going to India?
@PyGamer0 idk about how lyxal made that one, probably Paint, but imgflip has some templates you can use
2:50 PM
@PyGamer0 BTW, for first answers, it's always a good idea to pull up TIO and test the code (if possible), as new answerers are the most likely to make a mistake
Plus, it's a good way to double check byte counts which are wrong surprisingly often
3:19 PM
4:13 PM
Q: can anyone make my code as small as he can using any programing language (even an enter is considered as a character!!)

CHAOS#include using namespace std; int main(){char a,x[]={' ','K','M','S','C','D','c','v',' ',' ','w','W',' ','A'};int i;cin>>a;string y;if(a=='T'){std::cin>>y;i=y.size();cout<<-54/5.0+i*(521/105.0+i*(-13/35.0+i/105.0));}else for(i=0;i<14;i)if(a==x[i++])cout<<i;}

4:58 PM
Quick reminder to newer users, questions are allowed. E.g., there's been a few comments on ^ about it being off-topic, when it's actually just...not very good.
It could use some VTCs as unclear though.
Also, downvoters, could y'all please undo some of those? I know it's a bad question but...it's not really a great greeting for a new user. Spam gets fewer downvotes than that.
So uh...a halloween decoration light thingy that my dad bought had warnings on the back saying "not for indoor use", "for indoor use only", and "this applicance must be grounded" (there is no ground pin on the plug).
@PyGamer0 If you want to review stuff more, since there's almost never anything in the queues, you might want to check out Generic Review Tool
I developed it a few months back, you just open the https://codegolf.stackexchange.com/review page, pin the tab if you want, and whenever a new task shows up it'll open it in a new tab (and optionally play a ping noise)
5:30 PM
Any feedback on Genetic Quines?
@NewPosts Yeah, as Redwolf says, this might be on topic. Definitely should be VTCed as unclear tho
6:08 PM
CM(ega?)Q: Anyone know how to set up GitHub webhooks for password-protected websites? I've got a webhook working for a PythonAnywhere webapp, but I want to enable password protection, and doing that ends up with "Unauthorized" as the response
wait, like you want github to be able to send the password to your server?
Yeah, is that bad for security?
Or maybe there's some way to protect all pages except the webhook one
yeah you shouldn't need to protect the webhook endpoint
that's what the secret is for
Oh right
Hmm...7 upvotes and no answer. How high can it go?
6:12 PM
8. After that we delete it.
Also people keep upvoting a comment asking me to do something that I have done. I can't tell if they can tell this
i mean we've had challenges go up to several hundred upvotes with no (real) answers :p
@user Why not just link to the unanswered tab :p
Oh lol, didn't know that existed
unanswered != unanswered
I guess the answer to Anush's questions is 29 :P
@hyper-neutrino wut
This is even more smortly designed than JS
6:15 PM
@user the unanswered tab says "questions with no upvoted or accepted answers"
There's only 2 questions that are unanswered with an answer though
well it's still technically different :p
especially when there's literally a tab for questions that truly have no answers
@user a lot of those are closed!
@user looks like making it to 10 is an achievement
6:47 PM
I'm about to answer it, should be about 10m
Aw man I won't be first
7:01 PM
@rak1507 Hi. Is there a language with LLL built in?
@RedwolfPrograms but you will be the best :)
@RedwolfPrograms what is your method?
I count up from 0, and for each number, I increment all possible combinations of items in an array which is initially [1,1,1,1]. I then find all 16 signs of this array. I then just have to check for the one that is correct.
That guarantees the minimum absolute value.
I also get to use a double or maybe even triple nested recursive function :p
do you think it will be fast enough for the test cases?
It runs the first one almost instantly
that is good!
have you tried it with Arnauld's tricky case of 3 14 62 74 ?
I get [2, -4, 2, -1]
7:07 PM
so all the cases work?
I wish I could test it myself
Yep, I haven't added them to TIO because it doesn't support the version of JS it uses
@Anush You can in your browser console if you want
@RedwolfPrograms is there another online JS interpreter that works?
I'm making a polyfill of flatMap, just a sec
I'll add the rest of the test cases now
7:10 PM
I'm worried some will timeout
One of them would require something like 15 iterations, which since the number of things it needs to test grows exponentially, will almost certainly not complete
9923, -9187, 9011, -9973 certainly times out :)
I feel there is a more mathematical way to approach this problem
They all run near-instantly except the 894 and -170 ones
The 894 one takes about 20s
7:15 PM
I don't understand what tio.run/##PY3RCoJAEEXf/… is outputting
Var1 Var2 Var3 Var4
64 -1 -1 1 1
Var1 Var2 Var3 Var4
7981 1 -1 -1 1
that's not right is it?
I just found the world's most cursed golf
Just about to post it
It uses JS's type casting in a horrifying way
what do you think you would have to do to solve 9923, -9187, 9011, -9973 ?
> I think I found the world's most cursed golf. Instead of using [...Array(16)] to get an array (the indices of which I'd use to find the various signs), it seems [...g+""] works...by casting g (a function) into a string and splitting it into characters. Since there's modulo stuff going on with the indices, going over 16 doesn't matter since it just results in some duplicate arrays in the outputs that are checked.
@Anush There are a lot of optimizations missing in my code, since they'd add too many bytes. For example, there's a ton of duplicates that get checked.
Running that with my current solution caused a segfault so...
> /srv/wrappers/javascript-v8: line 4: 18091 Segmentation fault (core dumped) /opt/javascript-v8/usr/bin/d8 "${TIO_OPTIONS[@]}" .code.tio "$@" < .input.tio
I guess it uses up way too much memory, which makes sense since the memory usage is exponential depending on the size of the correct output
Ooh, just thought of a somewhat neat golf
Instead of w*a+x*b+c*y+d*z==0, w*a+b*x+c*y==-z*d saves one byte and does the same thing
7:40 PM
@RedwolfPrograms if eventually you can make a version that solves the bonus question I will be impressed
@RedwolfPrograms :) the life of a golfer
I wonder how many of the peculiarities of my naan are from this being my first try, the flour being whole wheat, or the recipe being very vague on how to bake it
7:55 PM
@Anush Do you know roughly how big the solutions' numbers are?
The approach will probably differ a lot if it's in the tens or the thousands
@Wezl Buy naan instead, ez
actually I do both :)
@Wezl did you use good enough quality ghee?
I used yogurt
8:11 PM
@Anush sagemath
@RedwolfPrograms Arnauld seems to have solved if!
@rak1507 that's very interesting. It would be great if you could use LLL to solve my question
I don't think I can, it gets the right answer for the first one but idk if there's a way to prevent 0s from occurring + it gives a wrong answer if there's a short vector close but not equal to 0
@RedwolfPrograms -3, -17, 7, 19
That's not too bad, mine could probably do it with some minor optimizations
That would be cool
8:18 PM
Actually, some slightly less minor ones
You'd probably have to stop using arrays for some parts
That's pretty cool!!
yeah LLL is dark magic
True dat
8:48 PM
@RedwolfPrograms any idea how Arnauld manages it?
9:07 PM
No, and I'm not going to try reading it :p
2 hours later…
10:48 PM
@PyGamer0 zombodroid meme generator
It's quite good, doesn't leave watermarks, and is free
@user paint isn't that advanced that it lets you invert images easily
The meme generator I use does let you invert images easily
Nice, wish I had android
Wish I was android honestly
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