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12:01 AM
It's ok. You control a hive mind. You don't need Youtube to influence people.
I was going to ask why this Husk program doesn't compile, then realized I had spaces :\
12:17 AM
@user wow imagine not being able to have spaces in your lists for input
Made by Vyxal v1.0.0 gang
Vyxal's pretty cool
I haven't tried it yet, though, because it's just as unreadable to me as other golfing languages :\
@user oh
that's not intended
it's supposed to be readable
To be fair, I didn't give it more than a quick glance, so that was probably a bit harsh.
I used to find Haskell, JavaScript and C unreadable too.
Unfortunately, I still find them unreadable.
If an ordinary person were to stumble across C or JS they'd probably think "oh it's code". If they stumbled across any modern golfing language they'd try to put it in Google Translate.
I think most golfing languages have enough math-y symbols in them to make you think twice about that
12:29 AM
Eh, true.
It's unlikely humans would come up with → or ⍤ to describe sounds
I think Jelly is something like 90% letter-like characters though
Actually, the ⍥ is probably a real letter somewhere
@RedwolfPrograms Fair enough.
Some answers are all Latin
I was going to use the Jelly codepage for my upcoming golfing language, but it doesn't have very many math-y symbols because it's all type-able on a US INTL keyboard
I hate that every time you try to find an image of code, something like this shows up.
@RedwolfPrograms What's your language going to be like? Stack-based, functional, APL-like?
12:32 AM
I'm probably going two have two versions of my language, one that's dense and one that's readable
So you can sort of "compile" to the actual code without having to copy in a ton of obscure characters
Like Charcoal?
That'd be really handy. I hate having to go over to the Husk command page to copy a single character each time.
@user use ddg
What's ddg?
12:34 AM
@user and that image used to be my profile picture
How would that help with images of poorly formatted JavaScript code?
That "code" is the uncanny valley of readability
@user it wouldnt its better than google
12:34 AM
Uncanny valley implies it's close to readable
It's completely unusable for development yet just uncompact enough to be pointless as compressed code
That code is monstrous. I can read Greek better than that, and I can't read Greek.
Okay, using DuckDuckGo, I got this slightly better gif.
Wait is that TypeScript?
Never used it before, I enjoy breaking JS too much to add any sensible features
12:38 AM
TS has some really cool compile time features
Perhaps even better than Scala
@RedwolfPrograms did your userscript patch get merged into the github repo?
Which userscript?
I think so
because i don't know if i have to do that ctrl-f thing
12:40 AM
I'll check
Turns out I don't
the leaderboard shows up
Yup, it got merged in October :p
What's the difference between random-question-1.4 and random-question-1.4s
1.4s has the button in the sidebar
so I should get both
12:43 AM
Not sure if that'd work
Aw it doesn't
Actually I think I have both, let me check
I just said it doesn't
If you create a new userscript and paste in the source code but change the name it should work
Yeah, it worked for me when I did that
If y'all are having trouble keeping track of my userscripts I could make a userscript userscript
12:46 AM
Of course, to handle the updates it'd need a userscript userscript userscript :p
dont do that
Too late
you've got a hivemind to control
I will probably make a repo for them though.
Oh hey, looks like Vyxal is going to be the next LotM
no it isn't
dont get my hopes up like that
12:48 AM
Oh I'm sorting by active
i thought so
you don't think im keeping track of lotm?
Wait I meant to be productive today dang it
It prolly ain't getting LOTM until may
actually no June
oh no it's amy
12:50 AM
Who's amy?
Unfortunately, it looks like people have lost interest in LOTM
This month, there's only been 1 user posting Scala answers
Forth didn't go too well either
That's because Forth looks simple but is actually a pain to manage strings and stuff
Okay, but Scala's really nice
So is Rust
1:04 AM
oh wow @Mr.Xcoder is here!
Hi! (hmm I only received the ping I don't recall entering the chatroom idk how that happened lmao)
2 hours later…
2:42 AM
@Lyxal inb4 i get a half usable perhaps build out by may and it blows up
3:09 AM
That prolly would happen knowing my luck
3:37 AM
I should write a scala answer
college is back so I've been a bit occupied
2 hours later…
5:12 AM
Hehe look at me I'm redwolf
5:35 AM
@dzaima Need some golfing help here: l[[{(<{║11╋}}1;{1≡× for this question
Is there a way to use ŗ here?
4 hours later…
10:00 AM
Q: f(g(x)) decreases while g(f(x)) increases

Martin EnderFor this challenge you need to implement two functions, f and g, on the integers, such that f ∘ g is a strictly decreasing function while g ∘ f is a strictly increasing function. In other words, if you take any two integers a < b, then f(g(a)) > f(g(b)) and g(f(a)) < g(f(b)). There are no restric...

interesting question
10:56 AM
@Razetime no, ŗ is only for string interpolation, not much else
11:46 AM
Tribute to John Conway: Collatz in FRACTRAN @Bubbler I think this hsould have a nomination in the best non code golf answer category
I don't know what to say about it, but probably you can write a nomination
12:17 PM
@Razetime Oh, thanks, I didn't realize I had some challenges for that category
12:34 PM
SE search sometimes helps
2 hours later…
2:29 PM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/38282/… what does "Traversing diagonally" mean here?
I'm not able to understand
3:13 PM
@Razetime Just start in the top right and continue to the bottom right. Wrap around in both directions. (As if you had a second copy of it on each side and you just kept going)
4:00 PM
@RedwolfPrograms oh modular indexed 0,0 1,1 2,2..
god why
Also I think I just found a really obvious and short answer to the problem you linked above
The f(g(x)) one
cool, post it
I feel like it should have a lot more answers
it can probably be brute forced, too
Oh never mind, it doesn't work on negative numbers :/
I figured I was doing something wrong given that the other answers were so much more complicated
4:57 PM
Hi all!
I'm trying to solve a simple problem, but I don't know why I get 0/100!
It seems working when I test on my console :/
@Curio Just an FYI, we do competitive coding here, rather than helping with broken code. People might help you, but that's not the main thing we do here
@Curio I hit the enter key too early :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing Well actually it's competitive coding
@Curio Sure the challenge is, but the fact that you're getting 0/100 is because of a bug right?
I guess so. Can I get 0/100 for exceeding time/memory limit? I'm a newbie
@Curio What's the website/source of the challenge? That might help figure out if that's why
5:03 PM
Are you sure that you're removing the fewest sandwiches possible?
isn't your code's time complexity O(2^n*something)?
5:21 PM
@Curio yes, if you are auto evaluated that is very likely
5:33 PM
@RedwolfPrograms It doesn't ask me to remove the fewest sandwiches possible. Or am I wrong?
@thedefault. So do you think the problem is about time?
Oh, not the minimum number of sandwiches, the minimum total weight. I misread that.
Q: Print a 3D shape

DavideWrite a program or function to print the following cube (if you allow me to call it so) in different sizes: ^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L //^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L ////^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L //////^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L ////////^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L^L /////////...

Well I think so
Or am I wrong? XD
Time probably is the problem; any sort of loop or permutation based approach will probably have really bad time complexity, and there's up to 10k items
How should I deal with this kind of problem?
5:35 PM
My first thought was making a list of each item with all of the smaller items that come after it, then finding the optimal "path" through those
Not sure how much faster it'd be, though
Am I not making the same thing more or less?
Honestly I'm not sure, I can't read Java very well :p
Example: 10 50 8 2 3
Start from 10. Then I try to match 10 to 50, but I can't as 10<50, then the same for 8. 8 is fine, so I do the same thing starting from 8. I match 8 to 2. OK. Then I try to match 2 to 3. False. Path Completed (10 8 2). I match 8 to 3. Path completed (10 8 3). I come back to 10. I try to match 10 to 2...
@Curio yes
@thedefault. How can I deal with this kind of problem? I have 0 experience
5:43 PM
That would be very inefficient with a large number of items...not sure of the exact time complexity but I think it's exponential
I think you could do it something like this:
Make N lists, containing each sandwich later in the list that is smaller
Then I think maybe you could start from the empty lists and work your way up, taking the largest parent sandwich for each
Wait no, I'm not sure if that would work
Anyone? Any idea?
2 hours later…
7:50 PM
Any final feedback for Bot Factory KoTH (2.0)? Probably posting tomorrow.
8:02 PM
Also I just got 11141 in the dino game
My record as of three days ago was 2267 (I hadn't played in months)...the winter bash game trained me surprisingly well
8:19 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

IronEagleIs it a Lobster Number? Introduction A "lobster number", by my own designation, is a number that contains within itself all of its prime factors. The "lobster" description was inspired by the recent question "Speed of Lobsters". The basic idea is that each prime factor can be made by lobsters m...

8:51 PM
Morning y'all. What's good?
9:49 PM
Good afternoon.
What do you guys think about a challenge involving arithmetic with Peano numbers (or some other kind of calculations) at compile time?
1 hour later…
11:04 PM
Q: how to place exactly 2 elements in every 2x2 sub array

peter qiuHow to place exactly 2 elements in every 2x2 sub array in nxn int array such that the sum is maximum? For example, if you have 3x3 array [5 1 4] [1 8 2 ] [1 7 1] you will place in the following way (every 2x2 sub array we place exactly 2 elements denoted as p) to maximize the sum [p 1 p] [1 p 2] ...


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