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2:01 AM
Woo 400 consecutive days visited!
@Lyxal I'd recommend posting it today/tomorrow, if you haven't received any feedback in past 3 days
@cairdcoinheringaahing tomorrow then
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3:40 AM
Q: sporeball numbers

sporeballBackground We've studied at least five different types of numbers based on the IDs of different users on this site. Why not study another? My user ID is \$91030_{10}\$. Its binary representation is \$10110001110010110_2\$, a representation which has an interesting property of its own: One option...

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4:50 AM
A: sporeball numbers

Lyxal05AB1E, 47 45 bytes bDV.œεʒÂQ]˜ÙЀgàUʒgXQ}εYsõ:Ðg;ôËsgD0ÊsÈ**}O>≠ Try it online! Don't mind me... just posting another overly long answer in 05AB1E that will probably be golfed by Kevin. The ÂQ trick to see if a string is a palindrome was taken from this 05AB1E tip answer by Kevin. Explained bDV...

I'm now taking bets regarding how many bytes Kevin will golf from the answer
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6:36 AM
CMQ: Is there a way for me to see all challenges where my answer comes 1st?
7:02 AM
Q: colloidal polyglot

Thomas FischerDear computer science polyglots. I was intruiged by this problem and tried to transfer it into colloidal science. See: Mahla Mirzaee-Kakhki et al, Simultaneous polydirectional transport of colloidal bipeds, Nature Communications (2020). DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-18467-9 We succeeded in programing f...

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11:06 AM
Since @xash's answer here is currently deleted, I just want to put it out there that I just threw together an entirely different Brachylog solution that fails on 394...
I think I've figured out that it's due to a cut, which is a bit odd considering that his solution doesn't have one
11:21 AM
...since it's taking ages to figure out what will work, here's my solution
oh yeah so they both miss a ton and it seems to be all the same ones
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12:29 PM
@Lyxal You could probably use SEDE
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2:33 PM
@DLosc how do i use strings in Bitcycle?
3:16 PM
3:27 PM
@Razetime There aren't any. It's a strictly bits-or-numbers language. ;P
oh lol
hey anush
bit late innit
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4:54 PM
@DLosc btw i sent a pull request a little while ago for the pip docs
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9:05 PM
Q: More Codington Crescent

LyxalWho's up for a second attempt? If you've ever listened to the radio program "I'm sorry, I haven't a clue", then you've probably heard of the game called "Mornington Crescent". For those who haven't, it's a game where players name random stations on the London Underground network. The first person...

9:39 PM
Jan 26 at 16:57, by dzaima
@LuisMendo I don't think SE would kill communities, and community activity isn't influenced much by how many moderators there are. Many moderators leaving doesn't make it seem like being a mod is fun either.
Jan 26 at 16:45, by Luis Mendo
@Adám So no danger that we are somehow shut down by SE? Do you think it would be a good idea to ask on Meta.SE? Or would that call unnecessary attenation on us?
So there is the possibility that an SE site gets shut down due to lack of moderators:
This is going to seem somewhat harsh... As CMs, we absolutely care and want our sites to flourish and it's been hard that we haven't been able to be as hands-on recently but if a site fails to keep flags handled and two consecutive elections fail, the next step would be to start looking at shutting down the site. The onus of site upkeep is on the community on each site. Your community here is the heart of whether your site continues to exist or not. If that community goes away or stops managing the site's needs, keeping around a husk of a former site that slowly fills with junk is bad. — Catija ♦ Sep 16 at 5:50
I'm glad that we have a candidate. Thanks, @WheatWizard
@LuisMendo so there is. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If only one serious candidate is nominated, do we still hold an actual election, or do they just get appointed as a mod?
10:11 PM
@NewMainPosts I pressed close as duplicate on the old one but forgot to confirm it was a duplicate lol

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