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12:23 AM
Q: The Perfect Polynomial

Nip DipThe coefficients of a perfect square polynomial can be calculated by the formula \$(ax)^2 + 2abx + b^2\$, where both a and b are integers. The objective of this challenge is to create a program is to create a program that not only can find if an input trinomial is a perfect square, but also find ...

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3:52 AM
I think it looks good
4 hours later…
7:49 AM
Q: Fractional iteration of a function

NirvanaBackground Information An iterated function fn(x) is defined as f(f(f(x)...) for n times. For instance if f(x)=2x+2, then f2(x)=f(f(x))=4x+6. But this definition only works for an integer iteration value. Bbased on the rule that fa+b(x) = fa(fb(x)) , one could use a definition where f1/2(x) sati...

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4:54 PM
Q: Tips for restricted source in Haskell

Wheat WizardI tested the waters on this sort of question with python, but now I get to the real question I want to ask. restricted-source challenges are uniquely rewarding in Haskell because of Haskell's strict rule set. Type coercion which is the bread and butter for other languages in these sort of challe...

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7:23 PM
Q: Will all the dominoes fall?

userThe purpose of this challenge is to figure out whether all the dominoes will fall, given an input string representing a top view of the table. Input format The program can take the input as a single string with newlines or a list of strings. Spaces denote, well, empty spaces, and the rest represe...

7:48 PM
Q: Delicate primes

caird coinheringaahingInspired by Find the largest fragile prime. By removing at least 1 digit from a positive integer, we can get a different non-negative integer. Note that this is different to the Remove function in the linked question. We say a prime number is delicate if all integers generated this way are not pr...

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8:52 PM
> Adám
London, United Kingdom
Jesus, that's a lot of rep given away in a year :P
I used to be first place in terms of rep given away. I need to step my game up
@WheatWizard Adám's APL deadline-less bounties look to be fairly doable bounties to claim, so I'd recommend something like that :P
2 hours later…
11:25 PM
Any last minute nominations?

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