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12:04 AM
Good morning @petStorm
12:58 AM
Any feedback for this?
1:28 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

petStormThe x + 1 challenge, but with 274 catches code-golf The purpose of this challenge is to find out which CGCC user is the most active over the entire year. Although I could have done an analysis, this is not going to be accurate, since several of the challenges in a row can be overly hard and the u...

1 hour later…
2:46 AM
Not sure if it helps to make the empty area circular. (the graph is just 4-connected.)
Definitely harder to implement.
Challenge idea: given a connected area and a starting point, construct a "pathway" through it with the maximum number of 3-branches.
Or... (1.5* (number of 3-branches) + (number of 2 branches)) ?
Still need to compute the correct coefficient.
On another note...
People could figure out the near-optimal solution (*), even though each iteration takes a second to execute.
How good can an AI do?
(*): they looks good, according to my rough calculation.
(random comment: typing "======" in a message will split the consecutive block of messages. chat.stackexchange.com/messages/55200536/history)
2 hours later…
4:24 AM
I think the "quine must not read its source code" should be removed, just like the "built-in are banned" one.
It's usually just confusing, and there are several ways to work around it (JavaScript's reading a function's source code, and jelly's (I forgot what the built-in is).
Besides, languages can just make a built-in "take the rest of the program and run it with itself as input"... if they really want.
With no increase in score.
4:53 AM
Q: One-card Poker for Two

Rosie FThis is a challenge to write bots to play the 1st and 2nd players in the following simple poker game. Rules of the poker game There are two players, A and B. Each antes $10 into the pot, and is dealt a card, which is a real number in the range [0, 1). Player A goes first, and may pass or bet. If ...

3 hours later…
8:07 AM
Q: Can I exit the maze with this many bombs?

BubblerInspired by this Puzzling challenge, and easier version of my previous challenge. Challenge A 2D rectangular grid is given, where each cell is either an empty space or a wall. You start at the top left cell, and you need to exit through the bottom right cell. You can move to one of four adjacent ...

5 hours later…
1:12 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DionSimulate simple Bloons Tower Defense! For those who are unaware of this legendary series of video games, here is a link. The task You are going to be given an integer number and type of bloon wave and two integers describing the damage and pierce (max amount of bloons you can damage in one attack...


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