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5:50 AM
Q: Find the discrete logarithm

Mukundan314Task Write a program/function that when given 3 positive integers \$a, b\$ and \$m\$ as input outputs a positive integer \$x\$ such that \$a^x\equiv b\ (\text{mod}\ m)\$ or that no such \$x\$ exists. A reference implementation can be found here. Constraints You can expect \$a\$ and \$b\$ to be le...

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8:29 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

simonalexander2005Create a Boolean Calculator Our boolean operators are AND, OR, XOR, NAND, NOR, XNOR and NOT. Our numbers are 1 and 0. The challenge is to write a program or function that calculates the results of the input. Input A string, array or other input; containing alternating numbers and operators, e.g. ...

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11:47 AM
Q: Arithmetic Sequence or not?

TanmayChallenge In this challenge, the user will give a set of numbers and the programm should be able to tell if the set of numbers is an Arithmetic Sequence. Input The User will input a set seperated by ,(comma) or , (comma+space). This can't be an argument for a function. The User should input the ...

12:14 PM
Q: JavaScript get string "-" using only these three symbols

David CallananChallenge: Get a JavaScript string value containing the "-" character using code only containing the following three symbols: +[]. Note: I'm not sure if this is possible. Why? I've set myself a challenge to be able to write code using only the above three characters that can evaluate to ANY javas...

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1:14 PM
Announcement: Only four weeks left of the APL Problem Solving Competition!
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5:16 PM
@AviF.S. Do you or @cairdcoinheringaahing want it antifrozen?
5:32 PM
@wizzwizz4 I‘m not particularly bothered, I was just letting Avi know of it’s existence

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