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5:25 AM
Q: Eight days a week

DingusBack in 1965, The Beatles released their hit song 'Eight Days a Week'. In this code-golf challenge we are going to reimagine dates of the 21st century as if there really were eight days a week. Input A Gregorian calendar date between 1 January 2001 and 31 December 2100 inclusive. You may take inp...

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11:19 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Member for 3 monthsFind the perfect square! code-golf math Your task is to turn a square root like this: √12 into a form like this: 2√3 For our purpose, we only need to output the left number here: 2 Specifications If the number is already a perfect square, do this: √4 = 2√1 -> 2 If the number doesn't contain p...

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4:15 PM
CMC: Output the year corresponding to an integer 0-2e9 interpreted as a Unix timestamp. Bonus brownie points for showing two versions with and without date libraries/builtins.
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7:52 PM
@Neil may or may not work; x64 machine code (SYSV calling convention): B8792D0311F7E7C1EA1769CA80E079F801CF8D0495B207000081FF8033E101721A81FF0067C203721081FF00ECA4058D50028D40030F42C2C3FFC0C3
prototype: uint16_t get_year(uint32_t);
I'll test it in a second because I had to guess / look up some opcodes
it seems okay
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9:03 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AZTECCOOverlap characters Put all the characters of a given list, following the order, in a sequence of bits keeping it as small as possible. Rules Write the bits of each character on a line. You can overlap bits if they are equal. You cannot change already written bits. Extend the line, in both dir...

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10:45 PM
@Neil Dyalog APL 18.0: ⊃⊃20 ¯1⎕DT⎕

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