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1:50 AM
Haven't looked at Meta in a while, but were links always so colourless? Unless they have an underline under them, I genuinely can't distinguish them from other text
2:15 AM
Same as me. I can't tell the difference until I clicked the link. (Do all metas over SE primarily use black and white over the site? It gives me a depressing feeling.)
3:13 AM
Q: Branch Out - Monkey Edition

leopardxpreloadThe Monkey has swung home to find his tree all in pieces. He likes order and scoops up all his 'tree-parts' and sets them out in 3 groups. The Monkey's 3 nested lists: STEP = [['S', '1', 'B', '3'], ['S', '3', 'B', '11'], ['S', '5', 'B', '12'], ['S', '4', 'B', '13'], ['S', '2', 'B', '14']] TRA...

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6:55 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

a'_'The Wrap-around Triangle code-golf ascii-art Background Due to the wrap-around of the line output on Try It Online, it's possible to see outputs like this: / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Task Given a natural number n, produce a triangle similar to the ab...

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8:21 AM
Q: (RGS 2/5) How many strings can you count within these character classes?

RGSTask Given a string composed of ASCII printable characters, return how many strings could fit the given pattern with character literals and regex-like ranges. Pattern string The pattern string follows this grammar: pattern_string := SAFE_CHAR | ASCII_RANGE pattern_string* CHAR := any ASCII ch...

8:40 AM
Q: Shift the letters, soldier?

The random guyContext We're at war! You need to transfert an important message to your general to inform him from an imminent assault. The thing is, your enemy knows a lot about cryptography : you will need to be more creative in order to encode your message... Task Create a program that accept a message as...

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12:45 PM
@NewMainPosts The easiest challenge I've ever seen! It's too bad that it's deleted...
6 hours ago, by New Sandboxed Posts
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

a'_'The Wrap-around Triangle code-golf ascii-art Background Due to the wrap-around of the line output on Try It Online, it's possible to see outputs like this: / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ Task Given a natural number n, produce a triangle similar to the ab...

Do you have any suggestions on how to clarify the question?
@a'_' Yes, actually explain what you're asking for rather than just illustrate it with examples.
@Adám How do I do that?
@a'_' Well, how did you create the sample cases? What was your thought process?
1:00 PM
@Adám Can you remark how the process is written? There seems to be potential flaws in the description.
@a'_' I think you have an off-by-one issue: "a triangle of a height of 5" but your example for "5" has only 4 lines.
@a'_' "1 more preceding space than the previous" → "1 more preceding space than the next", no?
@Adám Any more problems I need to fix?
@a'_' Is 0 a natural number?
@Adám Asking for more because it's quite easy to change the input specification to a "positive integer".
@a'_' Is 0 positive? (hint: always use "strictly positive" or "non-negative")
1:17 PM
@Adám I explicitly specified that 0 can't be a possible input.
@a'_' Looks good to me now. I suggest you wait a week before posting.
2:04 PM
@a'_' what do you mean by "above" on the first sentence of your question?
@Adám Completely unrelated to Code Golf, is this a pun of some sort?
@AdmBorkBork Yes, the term is חלב עקום, non-Jewish milk, but the word for "non-Jewish" is actually an abbreviation for "worshippers of heavenly bodies" (planets and stars). However, when the letters in the abbreviation are read as a single word (with is common to do for Hebrew abbreviations) it literally means "crooked".
Fascinating. I'm always interested in puns in other languages, just because the translations never seem to work. Excellent explanation - thanks!
My favorite example was a reporter speaking with the Dalai Lama, trying to tell a joke about a Buddhist monk who went into a pizza shop and asked to make him "one with everything."
2:19 PM
How did that go?
Not very well, and the interaction between the three (reporter, translator, and Dalai Lama) was very, very awkward.
@AdmBorkBork Judaism is probably the only religion where puns play a significant role.
Purim Torah is humorous and satirical comments in the learned style of talmudic or halakhic comments customarily read, recited from memory or authored on or for the Jewish holiday of Purim. Purim Torah can be simple or elaborate. Purim Torah authors, often displaying an amazing grasp of Jewish knowledge, playfully use some of the far-fetched methods of Talmudic logic and Biblical exegesis in order to reach absurd conclusions. Another popular method is "play on words" where a reasonable word or phrase is purposefully misinterpreted as something absurd that sounds similar. For example the verse...
Interesting. I grew up Catholic, which is a Very Serious™ religion. Even the happiest days, such as Easter (when Catholics believe that Jesus was resurrected), the music and worship is still extremely solemn.
Certainly, I can't recall anything like Purim Torah.
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4:17 PM
Q: Embedding Sets of Sets

Zachary HunterSet Up: For two sets \$A,B\$, we say \$A \subseteq B\$ if every element in \$A\$ is also in \$B\$. Another way of saying this, is that we can order the elements of \$A,B\$ into two lists \$L_A,L_B\$, such that \$L_A[i] = L_B[i]\$ where \$i\$ ranges over the indices of \$L_A\$. We proceed to ex...

> vacuity be damned
@AdmBorkBork So odd. We all hold of the same original texts. Do Catholics skip Psalms 100:2?
4:44 PM
@Adám do christians and judaists skip verse 5 there? it evokes a classic "problem of evil" argument :)
@ngn No, things just often look non-good in our eyes.
Q: Is there a Haskell function for calculating the power of one Integer to another?

FatBazI am currently solving a Haskell problem where the question asks me to use as few tokens as possible. As a function used between backticks (including the backticks) marks counts as one token, it would make my code very efficent to have a pow function I can use. This is an extract of my code, and...

2 hours later…
7:12 PM
@Adám Not so much "skip" as probably "gloss over." I know that David Haas or Marty Haugen or other contemporary composers pull pieces from Psalms for their liturgical music, but even "happy" tunes have a somber feel to them. I'm not old enough to have been around pre-Vatican II, but I suspect that some of the "old" traditions still stick around.
3 hours later…
10:07 PM
@AdmBorkBork @Adám it always amazes me how unconcerned religions are with the actual existence of god(s), and yet how much loyalty and power they enjoy among laypeople
10:18 PM
@ChristianSievers Hi.
@ChristianSievers I was looking at numbers of pairs of string with edit distance up to k that you code produces for binary strings of length 6, say. For k = 1, 2,3, 4, 5 you get 448
is that plausible that the number is exactly the same for k <=3 and k<=4 ?
hmm.. I suspect I have just copied the k = 3 and k = 4 files on top of each other
luckily they are fast to rerun!
@ngn What makes you say they're unconcerned, rather than just coming to a different conclusion?
10:43 PM
@James it's complicated. gotta go now, i'll try to answer tomorrow.
Q: On "golf this for me" tips questions

xnorSometimes we get tips questions from a first-time contributor asking for help golfing a particular piece of code that they wrote. Often these question don't fare so well. Can we do anything here? There's many ways for these questions to go wrong. A benign one is for answerers to treat it as a st...

@Anush See your examples in your challenges, for n=6 you have averages 50 15/16 and 61 21/32. Multiplied with 2^6 you get 3260 and 3946.
11:06 PM
Thank you yes. It was a simple copy and paste error

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