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12:58 AM
Sigh my bounty is about to expire and no answers :((((
2 hours later…
3:10 AM
Q: Single Digit Representations of Natural Numbers

MukundanTask Write a program/function that when given a positive integer \$n\$ and a digit \$d\$ which is not 0 outputs a way to represent \$n\$ using only addition, subtraction, multiplication, exponentiation, division, concatenation, parenthesis and the digit \$d\$. Examples n = 6, d = 1 => (1 + ...

7 hours later…
10:13 AM
I'm posting this in 10 minutes : codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/18573/78850
Any last minute feedback before going live?
(if there is feedback, I'll wait until tomorrow to address it and then post)
10:24 AM
Welp, here goes nothing!
Q: String-wise calculus (i)

LyxalThis will turn into a series involving other aspects of calculus, including using the "derivative" of a string to find "stationary points" etc, as well as "integration" of sentences Introduction If y'all have ever studied calculus, you'll most likely know that differentiation is limited to diff...

1 hour later…
11:50 AM
I just did a useless edit to the challenge - removing the readable contractions. Can you please reject it?
12:22 PM
Q: Pairs of palindromic anagramic dates separated by a palindromic number of days

Regis PortalezDefinitions: A palindrome is a string which reads the same backward or forward (not counting spaces or special characters), such as "madam" or "Sorel Eros". A date is said to be a palindrome when its dd-mm-yyyy format is a palindrome (or any other local representation). Two strings are said t...

12:59 PM
TopAnswers Code Golf is now live!
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2:16 PM
Q: Square-Cube Digit Usage

a'_'It is a widely-cited fact that 69 is the only number that uses up all of the decimal digits of 0 to 9. 69² = 4761 69³ = 328509 A possible input to find this number is 0123456789, because it at least has one occurence of every number in this number range. The point of this challenge is not to ...

2:26 PM
posted on February 27, 2020 by RGS

Factorial joke code-golf string factorial Sometimes I make bad jokes... And a bad joke I like to make involves interpreting exclamation marks in sentences as the factorial sign. Task Your task is to write a program that receives a sentence and applies the factorial joke to the sentence. The "factorial joke" consists of looking for exclamation marks "!" and doing the factorial of whateve

@NewSandboxedPosts What's up with your formatting?
Announcement: APL Cultivation about to begin in the APL Orchard
6 hours later…
8:17 PM
@Adám That's so neat!
At least we have a (kind of) functional alternative
@Mr.Xcoder If anything doesn't work right, you can just tell the devs. 6-8 days is only for the most difficult issues…
@Mr.Xcoder See here that all 3 requests were fulfilled in 2 days. The other requirements took over two weeks due to lack of community effort, not waiting for the devs.
@Adám Everything related to the infrastructure of the site seems to be working fine :). Through kind of, I was actually expressing my concern about how many people are actually going to get involved
It's an appreciable effort, and it's good to see they got it to work so quickly
Hopefully it will gain popularity among at least some of the users of SE
8:33 PM
@Mr.Xcoder I don't particularly like the design, but I have a plan
I'm confident that the design will improve with time
Yes, just like SE's design has deteriorated with time.
@Mr.Xcoder Can you try it in Firefox or a Chromium browser?
It even works fine in a newer version of safari
I guess mine is pretty outdated :)
8:44 PM
OK, then I don't think it is worth bothering the devs with.
fwiw, the site is completely unusable in my Safari which is version 5.1.7 (7534.57.2).
Ah, I use Version 12.1.2 (12607.3.10)
9:01 PM
well no shit, lol. safari 5 came out a decade ago?
@Poke It's the newest version for my OS.
not sure what OS you're on, but it sounds like you need to update or get a new browser
i can't imagine that's a secure web browser in 2020
'tis only like 8 years. ;-)
that is forever in tech lol
FF is my daily driver. Chrome for websites that don't work in FF. Edge for screenshots. Chredge for lolz.
9:09 PM
@Adám What's your public IP address? Asking for no particular reason ... >.>
@AdmBorkBork IPv6: 2001:8b0:fb58:48d8:8085:f36e:2423:674e IPv4:
lol, I didn't actually expect a response, twas more of a joke
I know. But I think I'm safe. (Famous last words…)
Safe from me, anyway. I don't plan on doing anything.
9:54 PM
A: List of bounties with no deadline

RGS450 reputation for the RGS Golfing Showdown As per these rules I will be awarding a total of 450 reputation to several answers to the RGS challenges. These bounties are a bounty of 200 to the winner of the challenge and 5 x 50 rep bounties to surprising answers, as defined by me. The first 50 ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RGSHow many petals around the rose code-golf integer How many petals around the rose is a dice game you can play with your friends. Similar to "can I join the music box", there is a person that knows how the game works and the others have to discover the rule. In this game, someone rolls some dice...

hello everyone, can I get some help with the scoreboard people usually use around here?
10:09 PM
@RGS Why do you want it?
Because of the RGS competition
instead of going through the answers 1 by 1
I figured the leaderboard would help
and it is helping, I already have it in the "rules" post here
But it would be even more helpful if I was able to "freeze" it tomorrow at 08:00 UTC
So basically I want to open my laptop and do something to extract the scores at that point in time
and keep them like that
I tried running the snippet, copying the whole HTML result and pasting it into the answer, but I found out that I can't use the table, so it doesn't render
I wanted to know if anyone had a nice idea
Does this make sense @Adám?
@RGS It does.
Do you have any ideas? :o
Not really. I've never used the leaderboard myself. However, if you just need it for yourself, you could install a userscript for it.
what is that? a "installing a userscript"?
thanks for these links! wow
This really helped me out
11:02 PM
Another completely inappropriate use of SQL spatial functions as a graphical drawing language:
A: Carpet an Airport

BradCT-SQL, 680 bytes CREATE TABLE g(c INT,s geometry) INSERT g SELECT c,geometry::Point(x,y,0).STBuffer(.4) FROM(VALUES(1,7,8),(1,13,9),(1,14,9),(1,15,9),(2,2,14),(2,3,13),(2,4,12) ,(2,8,8),(2,9,9),(2,10,10),(2,11,11),(2,8,1),(2,12,4),(2,13,3),(2,14,2) ,(3,1,7),(3,2,7),(3,3,7),(3,4,7),(3,5,7),(3,6...


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