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12:36 AM
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1:41 AM
Ok so I have been doing this in haskell
And it refuses my result even though the output is "correct" when I run it on TIO, does anyone know the exact string it wants printed?
Like does it expect a newline does it count 1 and . as "digits"
Maybe try the website without ng, I don't know that it works properly
That is the dev version
On the normal site it shows you the string
Oh huh
That does help thank you
but my code outputs something different on the website than on my machine
Ok I fixed it. Thanks a bunch!
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4:05 AM
A: List of bounties with no deadline

lirtosiast200-400 rep for discompassionate geometry Construct a pentagon avoiding compass use is about finding a compass-and-straightedge construction of a regular pentagon while minimizing the number of circles drawn. The Poncelet-Steiner theorem says that any construction possible with a compass and st...

I'm slightly afraid Anders Kaseorg will just trivially modify the existing best construction
4:22 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

bigyihsuanCharacter Frequency in a Random String Tags: code-golfrandomstringcounting Given a random string of printable ASCII, output the frequency of each character in that string. The Challenge Input is given as a string of random, printable ASCII characters (decimal [32-126] inclusive). Output the ...

5:21 AM
Q: Print everything which a regular expression matches

Leo TenenbaumModern regular expressions (regexes) have many features (\d, {n,m}, \1, etc.), but to define a regular language (modern regexes can define broader classes of languages, in their defense), all you need are three operators: concatenation (+), union (|), and the Kleene star (*). Here are some exampl...

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12:44 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A__Bits and Bytes constant generation In this challenge, you have to generate the shortest Bits and Bytes program that outputs an integer input. For the simplicity of the challenge, you only have to search with ! and <. Input / Output Input will be one integer. Your program should output the shor...

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2:23 PM
Q: How many pages have issues?

william porterAt work I've been acting as quality control on our public documents, to make sure that they are WCAG 2.0 compliant. Given the length of some of these documents there tend to be issues, and so I record the issues and the pages they occur on. The challenge: Given a string input, output a count of...

Q: Battle of the Jimmys

Quinn/o\ Jimmy has been receiving a lot of attention on this site recently and it has caused Jimmy to get a little stressed. The bodybuilder Jimmys /-o-\ started bad mouthing the OG / acrobat /o\ Jimmys saying they are way cooler because they are bigger. But of course the acrobat Jimmys thinks they ar...

@NewMainPosts ` /o/o/o/o\o\o\o\ ` You came to the wrong neighborhood
Hey they fixed our favicon on meta
it no longer has the weird white part
@Poke a lot of things were fixed yesterday
2:46 PM
I just noticed that the chat icon and the main site's are different. Is it just me?
Or is this by design?
@J.Sallé blame cache (or browser UI)? Both link to the same address to me
@dzaima maybe main's is cached, then
2 hours later…
5:13 PM
@Poke Yes
Geometry was never my strength though
5:53 PM
> Warriors! Come out to play-ay!
Q: Brute-force the switchboard

Rin's Fourier transformThe other day, our team went to an escape room. One of the puzzles involved a board of six mechanical switches where you had to find the correct combination of on and off in order to unlock a box, somewhat like this: -v-v-v- -v-v-v- Being developers, we decided it would be more efficient to tr...

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8:21 PM
I was trying to write some code in python for something that looks simple but it was driving me mad. I couldn't find a simple way to do it that was actually correct.. So I posted a SO question but it would be great to see how short PPCG people can make it!
Q: How to split a list using another list

AnushI have two lists. Both are sorted lists of numbers. Say: A = [1.1, 5.2, 12.3, 12.6] B = [2.3, 2.7, 5.2, 11.1, 12.1, 15.6, 16.6] For each number in A I find the nearest value in B. E.g. 1.1 -> 2.3 5.2 -> 5.2 12.3 -> 12.1 12.6 -> 12.1 I would now like to split B into a list of lists using t...

I will feel a mixture of bitterness and fascination if anyone can make it really short :)
ЀŒṘʠẆ, Jelly, 6 bytes
is that really for my question!
ah :)
I was going to faint :)
hehehe :D
8:28 PM
it just looks so simple and yet I have found it soooo fiddly to do
even the function find_nearest isn't that trivial
@AdmBorkBork syntax error...
If you're happy and you know it, syntax error
@Anush ooh, came up with a pretty algorithm for the first part - get the interval index in the array of (A+B)/2 for each pair in B
also, Ѐ is now well deprecated in favor of the shorter ... :D
Anyway, gtg. \o
8:32 PM
@dzaima nice
8:52 PM
This may be a stupid thing to say... but Jelly seems like it has an interesting structure even when you ignore the fact that it's primarily a golfing language. Are there languages with longer ops that work the same way? How difficult would it be to implement long ops in jelly?
I suppose that's partly directed at @Dennis
(hope that ping worked)
@Poke What do you mean by long ops?
APL/J are very similar and they're not intended to be golfing languages
(Although it's probably more correct to say that Jelly is similar to APL/J rather than the other way around)
larger tokens perhaps? Jelly already has quite a few 2-byte tokens and there's nothing stopping it from having longer ones except that there's no need for them
yeah larger, more explicit tokens
More information... suppose I don't know ruby syntax. I can still roughly tell what the code is doing because of how general programming constructs work
but then you look at Jelly
and it's basically obfuscated
So tacit programming with descriptive function names?
That is a better way to put it, yes
Maybe I'll take some peeks at APL and J at some point
9:00 PM
Adám is always looking for people to teach APL too, he's probably a good place to start if you're interested
Just casually interested for now ;)
I'm outta here. Going climbing
It wouldn't be hard to write something to translate a sequence of large tokens into a sequence of small tokens, but if you're wondering from a learning perspective, you'll probably get used to the special symbols fairly quickly
@Poke Ooh fun! Indoor or outdoor?
I go bouldering on Tuesdays and Fridays after work
Nice. I haven't been in a while.
9:01 PM
If you're worried about typing Adám also made some wonderful bookmarklets for that
I find it much more enjoyable than going to the gym
which I do on Thursdays and Sundays
@Poke Petition to create VerboseJelly?
9:17 PM
Reminds me, I've been thinking about creating my own golflang, and I've been aiming to actually implement it with verbose tokens before creating a code page so that I can mess around with it and get a feel for what I'm doing before possibly making mistakes with what's 1 byte versus 2 bytes versus not usable at all, but even with that idea I still haven't gotten far enough in the ideation to start implementing it
9:30 PM
Have you decided the basics yet? Base data type, implementation language, etc.?
@UnrelatedString Verbose first is a good idea.
2 days ago, by mınxomaτ
I'm using the juicy new GPU for some GPT2 learning and i'm training it on Medium blog post titles to generate some bogus ones. So far, I like "How to find and use Facebook friends on Facebook" and "How to get started? Why? Why have I not given up yet?"
I've published my training set: github.com/turbo/medium125k
I’m not even sure why I’m so indecisive about the design when I don’t really intend for it to ever be able to compete with more mainstream golflangs
what do you intend for it to do?
@UnrelatedString There's Q that's supposed to be a more descriptive version of k for something like that from the APL-ish lang family (though k4 (the k Q is based on) doesn't have trains which is the point of the conversation). The main useful thing about APL is thinking about idioms & patterns though, and having long words instead of pretty symbols hurts that a lot.
9:35 PM
> The data set should only contain english posts, but sometimes a foreign title slipped through the Medium language detector (e.g. chinese)
How the heck can medium not know chinese from english
@J.Sallé This is the title:
> 我等香港人:海外研究生就法院有關雨傘佔領者判決之聲明 We Hong Kongers: Statement by Overseas Graduate Students on the
Might be ambiguous.
Ah, I see
I thought every single character was chinese. This makes much more sense
Q: What are some of the most character-efficient programming languages?

Emmanuel LopezLike Brainfuck would be one of the most efficient in terms of number of characters needed, but what languages would have the highest amount of information per character? I'm thinking of APL, and J (scraped from code golf forum), but there must be more.

I’ve decided that it’s probably going to be stack-oriented, homoiconic, and based on the idea of each “command” really being a function on a program state which is mostly just the main data stack, but I’ve gotten hung up on the details
9:51 PM
@Anush I believe this is an answer in APL (remainder being just the last item of res)
@NewMainPosts It's a shame this is off-topic. We really need a list of golfing languages with their relevant attributes
It might work to have a meta post for cataloging them, if we don’t have one already
@lirtosiast I remember seeing a github page listing languages and what they're good at. i'll see about finding where to dig it up
It doesn't have enough info though
@lirtosiast oh yep, that
@lirtosiast what info do you have in mind? There aren't many more general facts about golflangs besides what they're good at and what paradigm they are
10:02 PM
@dzaima Special features? String compression was a big deal when it was first introduced. So were Canvas commands.
@lirtosiast heh, from ETH's list - "the list mainly needs more languages and more use for the "Specialty" column." it could be used for exactly that (and maybe pluralized to encourage multiple?)

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