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12:17 AM
@Mego hey, are you still at Google? I'm in host matching for an internship now, and was wondering if you know any groups or projects that are cool that I should ask for.
@Maltysen I never got the job at Google, despite being offered one twice
oh, ok
1:08 AM
@Maltysen good luck with your internship, btw
Q: Introducing the New PPCG Leaderboard Widget!

connectyourchargerIf you are just here to get the code for the widget, you can skip down to the bottom of this post. Hello! Over the past week, I have been working on a little project of mine to improve the leaderboard snippet that is widely used across PPCG. The original snippet was developed by Martin Ender, ...

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3:29 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

TasUse input letters to create as many words as possible I have the scrabble letters as magnets on my fridge and I was thinking: how many actual words could I make using only these letters. Obviously it would be hard to work out myself, so I challenge you to create a program which will take a str...

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7:12 AM
Just checking, do we not have a pure digit sum question?
7:48 AM
@JoKing Doesn't seem like it
8:10 AM
@flawr Hi... the note at the top of codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/184743/… is not correct
it doesn't have an answer at the linked question
I don't mind your closing and/or deleting the question but I do feel that what is written should be correct
8:54 AM
@Fatalize dibs
9:21 AM
@Anush I don't think you can provide custom texts for this banner
@flawr You easily could if SE wasn't so ridiculously uptight over customization
9:34 AM
@Fatalize well maybe we get sometihng in the near future
I'm betting we'll just get a logo, a banner, some different colors and that's it
Actually there is custom close reason...
pretty much no feature whatsoever
@user202729 how?
Custom close reason. (the disadvantage is that there isn't a banner at the top)
9:39 AM
I cannot find it, can you tell me where how exactly you can find this option?
I mean the "off-topic -> other".
ah I see, but that doesn't work for dupes
I think he's talking about the custom text for some of the off-topic close reasons
like objective criterion
9:57 AM
I suppose I would argue it's not a dupe so some other reason has to be given to close it.
I still do think it is a dupe. You can obviously extend it to any number of stacked exponents and make a new challlenge each of those, but where do you stop? They all have the same problem in common and I think there should be just one challenge for one such problem.
@flawr It's the opposite - for n exponents there's a general algorithm, but for 3 exponents there's a special simpler one.
You do not specify what algorithm to use.
But nobody used the hard algorithm for the 3-power challenge.
Q: Can I repost a challenge with different difficulty parameters?

orlpThe challenge in question is this one, which is solving a couple 4x4 sliding puzzles (also known as 15 puzzle) with the least amount of moves in a certain time limit. I posted an answer that computes optimal answers within the time limit, essentially ending the challenge. Such an answer is not p...

So I think you should probably just have picked the version that was most interesting and still suitable for . If you want to enforce a certain algorithm you should mention that.
10:10 AM
Different people find different ones interesting...
It's not like that we close all KC challenges as dupe of hello world.
In my opinion we very well could.
That was not a very good example, you know... We are having too many KC challenges.
@user202729 Have you used the sandbox for feedback?
(it's not my challenge) What feedback could people possibly give (without significantly changing the challenge)? "Don't post this"? That's just what you're saying right now...
for example
but also you could discuss the parameters
Well whether people find it interesting is a totally different matter. In this case I think the two challenges were posted just too short after eachother. I think the many downvotes can be explained that people either do think that they are too similar. Maybe some people even had the impression that you were just rep farming or that you just posted another challenge to amend some mistakes you made with the first challenge which again gives the impression of a poorly thought out challenge.
@user202729 that is what the sandbox is for
I'm sure I post less than a third of all the challenges ideas I draft in the sandbox.
10:17 AM
People can downvote for whatever reason (they don't like the challenges is the common one) but closing is different.
I cannot vouch for it but I'm pretty sure if you posted the newer challenge maybe a month later (and also explained the differences) it would have been better received. At the same time I'd still consider it as a dupe if nothing else changed.
the only advice I can give you for future challenges is posting them in the sandbox and discussing it there, possibly going through many revisions before posting or discarding them
Then you also get an idea what people might consider as dupes.
@user202729 huh sorry, I thought I was talking to Anush - another reason for you to get a more distinguishable avatar:)
:50064095 I have a black-white colorblindness.
2 hours later…
11:59 AM
I'm lucky in that regard, I don't think I've seen another dude in this chat with just a loop gravatar
Slightly less lucky in the color-blindness regard. Only Red-green
12:34 PM
@Veskah Still: Join the animal-avatar party :)
Lots of people use animal avatars, don't they? I can think of a (santa) lizard, cats and dogs, a goat and a penguin off the top of my head.
minxomat is a deer-thing
Yeah there's their stag too
Yes, that's the word. ... "Deer-thing" lol.
@flawr We're very friendly
12:50 PM
@Mego Just what someone who is probably unfriendly would say
it's his environment that might be unfriendly... :P
1:06 PM
@Maltysen hm, I was wondering about your new challenge... maybe a winning criterion other than (such as a where fewest moves win) can also fit
Morning fellas
Just requested a review from my boss on github only to find out that it knows the future: prntscr.com/nh7kze
hey folks, I'd like to let you know that there's a ##jsgolf channel on freenode (irc), with some golfing challenges for javascript
solutions are usually secret
(there's a bot that handles things)
3 hours later…
4:09 PM
Is there a computer science term for the process of repeatedly feeding the output of a logic circuit back into itself? (A simplified description of a computer.)
4:22 PM
@feersum iteration seems appropriate, but idk exactly about logic circuits
4:49 PM
@feersum Feedback loop?
Q: how to save textfield in parallel array

user86773When the user clicks on the “Save” Button both the name and the GPA should be saved in two parallel arrays: nArray (String) and gArray (double), then both Text Fields will be cleared.

5:29 PM
Q: Fix Brain-Flak push-pop redundancy

NitrodonBrain-Flak is a stack-based esoteric language with eight commands: () Evaluates to 1 <> Switch active stack; evaluates to 0 [] Evaluates to height of current stack {} Pop current stack; evaluates to the popped number (...) Execute block and push the result; evaluates as result <...

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6:47 PM
Q: Congruent Numbers

AdmBorkBorkDefinitions: A triangle is considered a right triangle if one of the inner angles is exactly 90 degrees. A number is considered rational if it can be represented by a ratio of integers, i.e., p/q, where both p and q are integers. A number n is a congruent number if there exists a right triangle...

how does mov rax, 0 all by itself cause a segfault?
youtube.com/watch?v=VscdPA6sUkc A lot of ums and uuhs but interesting so far
It's the Diablo Postmortem by the lead dev
2 hours later…
8:51 PM
Q: New PPCG Leaderboard Widget - Update 1.1

connectyourchargerYou may have seen my previous post, in which I introduced a new leaderboard widget over the old system. Well, turns out there were a few major bugs with the program. I've gone through and fixed all of the bugs (to my best knowledge). Thanks a lot to all of the users who assisted in the developmen...

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10:46 PM
Security through obscurity? Robtop, you should know better than that
But seriously
xor, zlib, modified base 64????
That's clearly illogical
11:21 PM
Q: Word Changer Reachability

BeefsterWord changer is a game where you are trying to turn one word into another via single-character edits, with each step being its own word. For this challenge, edits may be replacements, insertions, or deletions. For example, WINNER → LOSER can be done with this route (there may be others): WINNER ...

11:37 PM
Which Python compiler does that look like (pyinstaller, py2exe, etc)
Can't possibly tell just from that
But maybe cx_Freeze?
> WinRAR ZIP archive
@Mego Let me try that
pyinstaller doesn't work
None of the executable bundlers don't work since Python 3.5, in my experience
Not without a ton of extra effort that isn't worth it
@Mego oh
pyinstaller works with Python3.5
Even I can use pyinstaller with Python 3.6
But it doesn't work
For decompiling
RuntimeError: Image Convert Tool/Image Convert Tool/Image Compresser/Image Compresser.exe is not a valid CArchiveReader archive file
with pyi-archive_viewer
[*] Processing Image Convert Tool/Image Convert Tool/Image Compresser/Image Compresser.exe
[*] Error : Unsupported pyinstaller version or not a pyinstaller archive
with pyinstxtractor.py
But it looks so much like pyinstaller

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