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2:04 AM
I think my "auction in St. Petersburg" KOTH will have to wait until May.
> Acquire lock
> // do stuff
> release lock
> exception: lock released when it is not held
Threads why are you like this
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4:52 AM
Q: How many mentees can be met in 24 hours?

JimYou've got several mentees that you need to meet with on some day and they've all given you a potential block of time they can meet. You've been given two arrays, one with the start times (as "s") and one with the end times (as "e"). You should return the number of potential meetings. (i.e. Fi...

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10:10 AM
@LeakyNun My favourite comment: "Never gonna give EU up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"
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3:54 PM
Q: It's a Train Station!

Daniil ManokhinMaria works at the train station. Recently, she was instructed to study the train schedules and to find out what is the maximum number of trains that can be at the station at the same time. The train schedule is the same every day. During the day, n trains come and go to the train station, for ea...

4:35 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

IQuick 143Low diversity quine. A low diversity quine is a quine (program that outputs it's source code) that uses a low amount of distinct characters used. Scoring: As a code-golf challenge the program with the lowest score wins. Score is calculated as: NumberOfDistinctCharacters x ByteCount Rules: S...

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6:10 PM
Q: New Order #6: Easter Egg

agtoeverIntroduction (may be ignored) Putting all positive integers in its regular order (1, 2, 3, ...) is a bit boring, isn't it? So here is a series of challenges around permutations (reshuffelings) of all positive integers. This is the sixth challenge in this series (links to the first, second, third...

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7:35 PM
Hi all
i was thinking about the maximum sub array sum problem en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_subarray_problem
what can you do if you want to find the sub array that maximizes sum/sqrt(length of sub array)?
hmm, there isn't obviously an easy solution, because whether adding a value to the start of an array or not will help the scaled sum now depends on how long the array is
7:49 PM
I was wondering if the n log n divide and conquer could work
8:09 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ElPedroSum of the Binary Values of ASCII Characters code-golf The Background This challenge is inspired by a question that I recently posted on Puzzling Stack Exchange. Please feel free to follow the link if you are interested in the original question. If not then I won't bore you with the details he...

8:33 PM
Are you sure the regular algorithm doesn't still work?
As in, keep dropping stuff from the left side as long as it doesn't add to the sum.
how can you know how many elements to drop?
@feersum. I am not sure. Do you think it does?
@ais523 Based on the length of your current best solution ending at some rightmost element.
A counterexample would be if the best interval having rightmost element r is (l, r), but (l - a, r + b) is the best solution ending at r + b for some positive a,b.
Yeah I think the counterexample probably can happen.
Since for a longer interval, the marginal cost of increasing teh interval gets lower.
So the algo probably doesn't work.
1 hour later…
9:45 PM
> The scammiest of scams that the scamming scammers scammingly scam the scammed with.
10:18 PM
@Riker halp where do I even begin, is this a scam?
11:09 PM
CMC: Given a string of printable ASCII, return a string of Unicode that looks exactly like that ASCII to the naked eye but contains no printable ASCII
pretty sure that's impossible
find me @'s doppelgänger :P

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