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12:54 AM
:O typo in haskell source: eta-expaned
time to make a pr :D
:| idk how i feel about making a PR for a single letter
it was a joke about some people making typo fix prs to make it look like they contribute to open source
wait wut
i searched for "expaned"
out comes not one, but two results
what are the chances
actually, seems like they ran a spellcheck 7 years ago on the documentation, maybe it's time to run one in the source
3 hours later…
4:21 AM
@Anush I'm not entirely convinced the puzzle makers have considered the possibility of test cases designed to be so close you need humongous precision to distinguish them. Although possibly you can exhaust enough cases to prove that cannot happen. What I see is that 2^(7*x+3) >= 7*100^x + 3 so if the exponents are far enough apart the powers will always be too.
2 hours later…
6:43 AM
@Adám Mostly nothing, one of those symbols was unassigned, and the other was a predicate that was almost never used.
Finally bought an ErgoDox EZ keyboard; it's pretty amazing
7:25 AM
"When you extend your finger, it doesn't go sideways, does it?"
yes, it does. because my elbows are approximately 55cm apart, and my wrist approximately 20cm apart
unless i want to hack my wrists outwards at a 30° angle
1 hour later…
8:31 AM
@ØrjanJohansen 2^(7*x+3) is not allowed as input is it?
@ØrjanJohansen but the overall point is that you can't solve the puzzle by evaluating the values explicitly
@Anush It's not meant to be an input, but a bound on one.
If x>=7y+3, then 2^x > 100^y.
right... but if you took logs to get x log(2) and 100 log(y) then you might be able to order them, right?
And stronger, 2^x > 7*(100^y) + 3.
@Anush Sure, assuming you don't run out of precision when comparing.
@ØrjanJohansen for all integers x between 1 and 100 log(x) is easy to distinguish
the problem is how to get to that form I think
They can be much larger than that.
My observation is just a first step: If you can show the exponents are that far apart, you know the whole power is.
8:36 AM
@ØrjanJohansen we will need to take logs repeatedly
so I don't know what size the thing we take logs of will be in the end
are you sure it will be large?
It's not about being large. You can make it small. The problem is that it won't help if you end up having to compare two numbers that are so close you need more precision than you have memory.
And I don't know whether that can happen or not, and there's no obvious reason why it cannot.
Let's take 2^3^4^5 and 5^4^3^2
Perhaps it's possible to check all a^b^c cases and verify none of them are closer than 7 times each other unless they're equal. If so that should give an algorithm.
8:42 AM
we could rewrite the first as 5*4*3*log(2) and the second as 2*3*4*log(5)
why not?
It's (3^4^5)*log 2 and (4^3^2)*log 5.
oh oops :)
so if we take logs again it gets messy?
Yeah although not too bad with two steps
8:44 AM
hmm.. nice puzzle :)
That does work with my observation, though. 4^5 = 1024 > 7*(3^2) + 3.
And then you know the former ends up larger, no matter what the rest of the bases are.
9:37 AM
@ØrjanJohansen at least we can agree it's not trivial :) Do you think it could make a nice ppcg challenge?
Well it might be tricky to check if implementations actually solve the problem...
9:59 AM
I would settle for a solution I believed might work currently :)
10:20 AM
@Giuseppe I came up with another solution based on A019446, but I still wasn't able to write it in Retina as I'd originally hoped
10:59 AM
Q: How can I encourage voting for non-golf languages?

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2 hours later…
12:32 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

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2 hours later…
2:48 PM
How do most people pronounce 05AB1E? "Oh-sah-bee", "Oh-sable", spelled out, a weird screeching noise?
3:08 PM
I think "oh-say-bee" is the preferred
3:58 PM
three hundred and seventy-one thousand four hundred and eighty-six
Q: The Nth Gryphon Number

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4:18 PM
@AdmBorkBork I've always said "oh-sah-bee" in my head
Q: Intel prefixes instructions, checking optimisations problems

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5:16 PM
@Veskah Definitely a weird screeching noise
5:31 PM
Mego, did you know that o and w in Actually (the prime factorization builtins) don't work on negative numbers anymore?
5:52 PM
@flawr I'm a little bit late, but
@Sherlock9 Anymore? They did at some point?
@Mego Way way back when I wrote this answer
Oh yeah that was back in Seriously
The fact that factorization "worked" on negatives was a consequence of using trial division for factorization
Hrm hrm, ah well
commands.txt saying that o and w work on |a| still implies that it works, but that's easily fixed
6:43 PM
I never thought I'd say this, but React is quickly becoming my preferred web dev framework
Ooh, what prompted this conversion from ... I think you were using Flask for Axtell?
I've been using React more, and my company is remaking our mobile apps in React Native
And it has so many fewer pitfalls
I've been trying for an hour to add a simple checkbox to user settings
And only part of the problem is our overengineered frontend code
7:03 PM
You just need simple programming. Like this.
+1 it has e.ps1
7:21 PM
The amount of nonsense I had to go through was absurd
@Mego I didn't know you could program in tinnitus
Update DB schema, update SQLAlchemy models, update frontend models, add checkbox to JSX template, add it to serialized data, update route to handle new param, update controller to set new param in DB, update backend serialization to include param in data passed to frontend... And that's after all of the stupidity with updating my dev environment so that Axtell will actually run
Meanwhile in React with Redux it's just: update store to include new param, add new param to component, update mapStateToProps to pass param to component, update mapDispatchToProps to provide onChanged handler
7:37 PM
@Adám I'd say it's a sort of lime green sea green mix
So long squirdshlickers, have a good weekend!
2 hours later…
10:03 PM

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