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12:03 AM
Yup, I just got 2 yearlings.
12:31 AM
yeah, my badge showed up, thanks
1:23 AM
Q: This one might be a bit unique

DeDoseFor those who have spent hours mastering the art of TI-84 programming, I challenge you to make a 24 solver (given 4 inputs which are integers, use +, -, *, /, and () to create 24) on a TI-84. Of course, this is much easier using a language such as Python or Java, but it would be much more of a c...

3 hours later…
4:07 AM
Wow, I just got a runtime error on CGCC.
A _
Can you tell us what you did?
Nothing. I just clicked a question.
Now it's back to normal.
A _
Refreshing the page might fix the problem.
5:09 AM
Q: Three magic number

chau giangDescription Find all sets of a list, each set will have 3 number that satisfies the largest number is equal to the sum of 2 another numbers. Rule: Given a list that contains a number of element Each element is a number (it must be a integer to prevent Floating-Point Arithmetic problem) A nu...

Did they raise privilege thresholds together with the rep recalculation?
5:37 AM
@Pavel No. I checked SO and CGCC and they didn't change.
I could have sworn I was already close to mod tools
The thresholds did change when CGCC graduated. Now it unlocks at 10k.
1 hour later…
6:59 AM
A: How to weight loss easily?

Common CelebrityCommon Celebrity is leading Health & Fitness Blog operated by Manu Arora. Manu is a Lifestyle Blogger,Health Nut, Fitness Freak & Corporate Professional. Consult with Manu today for your fitness & health. Weight loss is a basic problem in today's general public with obesity on the increase and...

7:51 AM
Q: Why is the output of the following program 34?

user3319015I am not able to understand why the following C program returns a value 34? int main(void) { char c; char c1='a', c2='b'; c= c1*c2; printf("%d", c); }

Hmm, the achievements pane is not showing the rep earned today. The total rep is out of sync, too.
Yeah I don’t know how much rep I gained from that new rep change to questions
2 hours later…
10:00 AM
At least they do update now, though they're still late by ~1hr
10:54 AM
Q: One Line Task: 'for..'

RazerJsOne Line Task: 'for..' The task is, use a for loop to count the number of numbers that fall within a certain range. By default, you have the following declared variables: $ : contains the numbers. * x : contains the lower bound. y : contains the upper bound. r : this is where you should leave t...

3 hours later…
A _
2:00 PM
: 52553713 Which is pretty bad, because I primarily rely on answers to get reputation.
@flawr I’m pretty sure they already do, don’t they?
I don’t remember having more than 30k rep before yesterday
@A_ You don't get any less now rep from answers.
Yeah, the change went through yesterday afternoon US time
@Adám but you do get relatively less rep
@dzaima Sure, but there's no real inflation (yet) as privileges and bounties cost the same.
A _
2:04 PM
@flawr It's unfair! People are always looking at questions and there are less views of answers.
But on PPCG it’s comparatively easier to answer than to question
(most of the time)
@dzaima … except of course, equally sized bounties won't be as incentivising…
@Fatalize Tetris…
I mean, coming up with a challenge to create tetris in GOL is difficult too
I wouldn’t have though about it
(and I’m pretty sure such a challenge would get closed nowadays)
That challenge certainly lacks a proper spec, but it's not impossible to write one.
A _
2:13 PM
VTC as Duplicate. It has been done 4 years ago.
"feature request that will hopefully be addressed by Stack Exchange."
SE is listening!
@dzaima ouch.
A _
I guess that's why I got ~900 reputation in a day. (3890 to 4737)
…you remember your exact reputation every day?
A _
Yesterday I opened a page and forgot to close it. I can see my exact reputation.
I mean, I have about 30 tabs currently open in my browser.
2:26 PM
@Fatalize huh indeed
I would like too see how much rep I gained from this, but I don’t think there’s a way right now (besides computing it on your own)
@A_ I cannot accept more than 10 tabs in my browser at one time
@Fatalize you had 29174 rep yesterday (i have the users page open from yesterday)
A _
@Fatalize I have >3 different browser(s).
@dzaima How much did I have?
@Adám 31453, so that's a big boost
A _
2:31 PM
@dzaima How many user pages did you open from yesterday?
@A_ 1, i'm lazy :p
SEDE still has data from November 10 also
@dzaima Thanks, so I won about 3.5k…
@dzaima Yeah, almost 8000. Can someone please request some bounties of me — I don't need all that rep!
A _
: 52554786 +5000 Bounty for a terrible APL answer!
@A_ Why do you put spaces between the colon and the msg id?
A _
2:44 PM
: 52554863 To avoid pinging you in case you are busy.
Q: is_gaussian_prime(z)?

flawrTask Write a function that accepts two integers a,b that represent the Gaussian integer z = a+ib (complex number). The program must return true or false depending on whether a+ib is a Gaussian prime or not. Definition: a + bi is a Gaussian prime if and only if it meets one of the following con...

Now I'm just 20 rep away from 10k... breathing intensifies
@Bubbler So ask for some bounties. I'll happily give you 10k worth of those.
I'll do when I feel like it :)
3:00 PM
@Adám Why this then: "Awarding the bounty will not cause my rep to be under 10000."
@Fatalize all that rep not any of that rep. I really don't need any of the privs that come with 10k+ rep.
3:20 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AlienAtSystemCalculate Coefficient of Inbreeding Your task is, given a family tree, to calculate the Coefficient of Inbreeding for a given person in it. This is code-golf. Definition The Coefficient of Inbreeding is equal to the Coefficient of Relationship of the parents. The Coefficient of Relationship be...

3:42 PM
Gained about 3000 rep. But more importantly, I moved up a few places on the leaderboard so I'm back on the second page. Not bad for.... umm... holy crap... three years with basically no activity.
4:01 PM
@NewlyFeaturedQuestions why is this newly featured?
oh it is some @Adám magic:)
@Geobits that means you can downvote 3000 more questions!
@Geobits how are you doing btw? No withdrawal symptoms yet?
Oh I'm doing good. There's a three-month-old baby girl taking up most of my time these days :)
4:16 PM
@Geobits Congrats!
Oh, congrats^^
Are you doing good
or well
or both
@Geobits Do you still remember what sleeping feels like?
@Poke Both good and well. I do good well, as well. Good question.
@Adám I remember it, sure, but it's hazy ;)
@flawr finally \o/
4:53 PM
@Geobits 🎉
5:04 PM
@dzaima "an equation for the max amount of steps it can take which doubles as the complexity" actually the max amount of steps wouldn't give the *exact* complexity
also how do you define "function"? a trivial solution would be "f(n)=the max number of steps taken by this program to compute any input of length n"
@Geobits that is something that you shouldn't golf or downvote:)
next thing you know and you have a full grown teenager
@flawr Don't ever have one of those, good god (Source: Am one :P)
Any feedback on this proposal?
5:35 PM
So I basically just signed myself up for writing a mini python IDE from scratch
...on purpose?
I guess so
@KritixiLithos I can make it do that though by making the program wait if it hasn't ran for long enough
@DJMcMayhem why not maxi? don't be shy!
@flawr Huh?
5:45 PM
@flawr I did the opposite. She has two middle names ;)
that too=P
Isn't that just overfeeding? Or child abuse? :P
For shame, have you learned nothing from this site?
5:46 PM
I think I like [name-bowling] better. [child-bowling] sounds like something the authorities should be aware of.
@Geobits maybe fits in the same category as
@DJMcMayhem I learned that's it's not all about golf. There are plenty of other challenge types in life. Including children.
@DJMcMayhem Only Jelly, but I'm not sure if that's worth bragging about :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing what about numerical solutions?
@flawr I'm not sure I understand?
5:49 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing you could solve these diff eqs algebraically (as you demonstrated) or numerially (e.g. Euler, Runge Kutta etc)
and since you deal with real numbers it would probably again make sense to have some kind of specs regarding accuracy
I don't think you could? You're supposed to output 2 polynomials (in x and y), not a specific value
From what I remember, isn't Euler's method for finding the solution for a given x?
d'oh I should finish reading the challenge :)
I think the "mapping x0 to y0" threw me off
@dzaima okay, but how do you define function? even the initial question (about the complexity of loop programs) isn't properly defined
instead I'd write just "x0, y0" (in the input spec), because you don't take a mapping, just two values, right?
Yeah, that could be a bit confusing
5:54 PM
similarly in the first paragraph, you don't take "y(x0) = y0" as input (that would mean you just take y0 as input), instead you take x0, y0 that satisfy y0 = y(x0)
it is just a nitpick though
but other than that it looks fine!
sorry for my confusion
@flawr Don't apologise, it helps me improve it :P
there is this nice saying in swiss german:
"How am I supposed to know what I think before I hear what I say?"
Is there a (golfy) way to do this in python?
def f(a, b, c):
    return (a**2 + b**2) == c**2

l = [[1, 2, 3], [2, 3, 4], [3, 4, 5]]
print(list(filter(f, l)))
First off, remove the spaces :P
And change it to a lambda
6:09 PM
Also, instead of list(...), [*...].
I've already done all of those, this was supposed to be a related example
The issue is that I can't unpack the arguments when I'm passing f to filter
I can't do print(list(filter(f,[*a for a in l]))) either
What is the consensus for including the boilerplate for languages like C# in the byte count? I'm sure this has been discussed before but I looked on meta but I'm guessing my search skills are lacking. I have an answer in .Net Core that I'd like to reduce the byte count down to just the body of a lambda method so I have the boilerplate (namespace, class, Main, etc.) in the header/footer on TIO. Does that make sense?
@DJMcMayhem print([a for a in l if f(*a)])
Which is 5 chars longer.
Seems like what I'm saying is done in Java in some other answers so it's probably fine is my guess
@El'endiaStarman Actually, I managed to save 5 bytes
Just removed filter entirely
6:17 PM
@El'endiaStarman Do you need the []?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Hmm, I don't quite remember.
@DJMcMayhem Err...how?
I went from lambda l:{*filter(lambda p:p[0]+p[1]==p[2],c(sorted(l),3))} to lambda l:{p for p in c(sorted(l),3)if p[0]+p[1]==p[2]} or lambda l:{(a,b,c)for a,b,c in c(sorted(l),3)if a+b==c}
Oh. That looks nothing like what you presented to us. :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing If you don't want a response like <generator object <genexpr> at 0x10fbd34d0>, yes the brackets are needed.
@El'endiaStarman I was just wondering about filter specifically
@El'endiaStarman Maybe if you move it out of the brackets? print(a)for a in l if f(*a)?
6:23 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Syntax error.
Bloody Python, always so strict
If it were up to me, print(a for a)in l(if f(*a)) would be valid :P
[recoils in horror]
pri(nt a for a i)n l if f(*(a))
Even better, using import hacks: lambda l:{p for p in __import__("itertools").combinations(sorted(l),3)if p[0]+p[1]==p[2]}
If it were up to me, no trailing closing brackets of any sort would be necessary, as those can be implied. print(a for a)in l(if f(*a
6:27 PM
That would wreak havoc with BrainFlak :P
I actually wrote a challenge about exactly this topic
Q: Expand compressed brain-flak

DJMcMayhemThis challenge was posted as part of the April 2018 LotM challenge, as well as for Brain-flak's 2nd birthday I was thinking about what the most efficient way to encode brain-flak programs would be. The obvious thing to do, since there are only 8 valid characters, is to map each character to a ...

Nice :)
7:28 PM
woah, GitHubs new notification center is pretty sick
@Malivil yeah, excluding lambda type & variable (and also the trailing semicolon as it's not strictly necessary there to evaluate the function!) is standard for java/C#/etc
7:42 PM
Q: ASCII texturing

AZTECCOASCII texturing Write a function or a full program that apply an ASCII texture to a 2d shape. Inputs : shape, texture, dimensions(optionally). Both Shape and Texture can be given by any convenient method (2d matrix, array of strings or string whit newlines) Shape data have a rectangular sha...

8:07 PM
Are we down?
Yup, looks like it.
at least SE chat seems to pretty much never go down
@dzaima That is nice
I think I have not seen chat go down even a single time
8:10 PM
But… I was just about to post!
Hm, it seems to only be down if I'm logged in. Opening in a private browser window works.
@Adám oh nice, thanks
@dzaima But you can't log in:
There's also something funky going on with chat. When I enter a msg, it seems to fail (retry/cancel), but it does post.
@Adám oh, so that wasn't a one-off for me. there kind of goes my message about chat being indestructible, but it's still running!
@dzaima Yeah, I just press cancel, and it seems ok.
> Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception.
That sounds serious… ⍥
@Adám Yo dawg
8:16 PM
oh, stackoverflow gets a nice maintenance message
> SQL is very, very angry. We're aware and working it.
This is what happens when you recalculate rep. The numbers overflow and crash the whole network.
@AdmBorkBork We heard you like exceptions?
Maybe they ran out of rep.
All future questions will be worth 0 rep. Sorry! We ran out.
8:21 PM
@Adám but not that rare, and expectable if SQL is down as iirc the error page contains the top bar, which requires user data
Where do SE technicians go for SQL advice?
They query the database directly
obviously :)
Sure, they can do that, but what if the question hasn't been asked yet?
Quora? (* shudders *)
@Adám They write an SQL script to insert the question into the database?
@DJMcMayhem And then they just sit there waiting for a colleague to insert an answer?
8:24 PM
In SO non est, ergo non est.
They call Gordon Linoff, obviously.
The site's back up btw
@Mr.Xcoder I now get the "oops" page. Yep.
8:48 PM
Hmm, I wonder if it would be possible to do a "Dollar auction" KOTH
Where you can see all of your opponents past bids
Past bids within that auction, or over the whole run of auctions (I'm assuming there will be more than one)?
Over the whole run of auctions
Why do people post challenges right before they have to leave \○/
@NewMainPosts @Adám @ comment (⊂⍴texture) |¨ ⍳⍴shape
One question is whether you can only raise by 5c or if you can bet an arbitrary amount
8:54 PM
@dzaima Thanks. =/⍴texture so (≢texture)|⍳⍴shape
@Adám true
@DJMcMayhem Another question is how many bidders per auction? If not limited to two, a legitimate strategy would be to not bid at all, ever.
@Geobits I was assuming it would be two. If there's more, do the top two bidders pay, or every bidder?
In 2-player, Not bidding is a legit strategy, but if your goal is to earn more than everyone else (or lose less) everyone who goes up against you starts making more
@dzaima Unfortunately, that technique is no shorter: (⌷∘⎕¨⎕|⍸m←⎕)@{m}⎕⍴''
In the general form, it's open to multiple players, but it usually ends up being a two-person escalation in the end. But, even in two-player, not bidding may make sense. Yes, they make more money against you, but given enough players doing the escalation with others, you may make more (or at least lose less) overall.
9:01 PM
@Adám Even weirder: SO was coded without the use of SO o.O
@cairdcoinheringaahing How is that even possible‽
And the internet was coded without being able to Google how to do things O.O
@cairdcoinheringaahing Sure, but they just Altavistaed how-to instead.
Woah. Check Meta
Adám's CMP from the other day just upgraded into an official question
9:07 PM
@DJMcMayhem seems very susceptible to overfitting against the other answers, but maybe randomness can prevent some of that?
Yeah, I worry that the optimal strategy would be always raising with a 5% chance of dropping
@DJMcMayhem Maybe an appropriate response would be: "If I become a mod, what will SE do to ensure my comfort?"
I don't think there is any general strategy to ensure you make more than not ever bidding. If I were allowed two entries, I'd make one never bid (A), and the other always bid up .05, no matter what (B). That would ensure that all entries who play against B lose some amount of money, while A sits at zero.
I probably wouldn't have to actually submit B, though, because someone else likely would.
@Geobits But if you can see who you're playing, you know you're going up against B, so you see it's not in your interest to get in a bidding-war with it
Then you can recoup some losses when playing against A
(Or at least, you can tell where you're going up against B's strategy)
If it were a two or three person thing, then sure, I'd agree there are better ways to play it. But with ten or more submissions, the odds that any bot will actually win money over the long run goes down dramatically, I think. If you bid at all, you have to win the bid or lose money. The only time I think you could realistically make money is if you bid only when facing a bot you know will not bid back (and the bid is under 1.00).
But that's not all that interesting. It only really even works in real life due to bad human judgement, crowd pressure, etc.
9:19 PM
Alright, how about a modified dollar-auction. Anyone can bid at anytime, but once you win a dollar you can't bid in future rounds. The top two bidders must both pay.
Then either it ends once there aren't enough bidders (stop either at 2 or 3?) or do a pre-decided number of rounds
Eww, I'd never bid into that until everyone else had dropped out.
Because again, if you bid at all, you have to win, or you're beaten by the guy who never bid at all.
Not necessarily. You only end up as a loser if you bid and one other player bids
If you bid and then two other players bid higher than you, you're off the hook and you successfully raise the cost for both of them
Well, sure, but an auction where nobody bids at all isn't very satisfying ;)
Oh, I see what you mean
Surely someone will bid. If no-one at all bids, then the winner is the one bot that bids 5c one time :P
But that still didn't win you anything against someone who doesn't bid.
Eh, I gotta run for now. I'll think on it.
This reminds me of an alternate bidding method I heard about for real auctions, that supposedly is a more fair way of guaranteeing A) The person who wants it the most gets it, and B) That person ends up paying a fair price.
I can't remember what it's called
But everyone secretly writes down the highest price they would be willing to pay. The auctioneer collects and reads them, and then the person who wrote the largest number wins. But, the price they pay for it is the second highest number
Just write down $1,000,000,000
If you're literally willing to pay (up to) that much, sure
But you wouldn't pay it, you'd pay the second highest amount
Which might be as high as $999,999,999
If you write down a number higher than you're actually willing to pay, there's a non-zero chance you'll actually be asked to pay it
9:43 PM
@DJMcMayhem vickrey auction
Yeah, that one
10:29 PM
was there some type of rep recalculation
Yep, questions are now (and retroactively) +10
thats good actually
@aspaghetto no onebox
didnt get as much from it as i expected
i think about 2k
11:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

KeizerHarm(may need a better title) Can this village have a wedding? The quaint hamlet of Кодгольф in the Russian far east has a problem: their population is low (below 66), and no new people have arrived for years. Moreover, after centuries of near-isolation, just about everybody is related to each othe...


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