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12:52 AM
Q: Area of diagonal-folded regular polygon

BubblerI have a piece of paper whose shape is a regular n-gon with side length 1. Then I fold it through some of its diagonals. What is the area of the shape formed by the (former) edges of the regular polygon? Illustration Suppose n = 8, i.e. an octagon-shaped paper. Let's name the vertices from A to...

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2:34 AM
Hi everyone. Though I don't participate on the site much any more, I do check in from time to time. I've seen the SE situation and I've seen the Moderator resignations in protest. I wanted to ask people what the vibe of the site is - are people still having fun, enjoying posting and solving challenges? I'm hopeful that can continue regardless.
@KritixiLithos firenvim
1 hour later…
3:55 AM
@isaacg I haven't really noticed too much of a drop in activity, and it's hard to judge mood beyond the mod resignation posts, and the occasional declaration in chat of a long time user leaving. I suspect a lot more people would have jumped ship if there was a similar enough alternative site, and there's been talk of restarting development on Axtell.
btw, does anyone know what happened on Nov 5th for the site analytics to show such a massive spike in views?
4:12 AM
i imagine a hot network question with a click-baity title?
4:38 AM
@primo I can't see any around then with a lot of views. Maybe Pi to the power y, for small y's at 6k views?
But that's not really above normal. The rock-paper-scissors question last month got 9k views
i have no explanation
Can you see the actual view count at the spike? (just asking because I don't have access to it)
@JoKing well, there was a chat room event over in The Sixth Barrel on November 5th
also, i wish that question woutld have been tagged [pi], I didn't get my email alert :<
But I doubt that would have caused views to increase
4:42 AM
A: Pi to the power y, for small y's

ggggJulia 1.0, 18 bytes @.π^(big(1)/1:12) Try it online! (big(1)./1:12) divides a BigInt 1 by each of 1 thru 12, then π.^ raises pi to each of those values. So long as there is one BigInt or BigFloat involved in each computation, it will calculate the result at that precision. The @. macro tran...

The total views for that day was 34410 compared to the previous 15558 and next 16236
how does that 1:12 not require parentheses?
With 13165 of those being new visits compared to previous 2349 and next 3090
i bet i could improve a few cgios...
nevermind, it does
It's the highest spike since traffic starting being recorded. (Unless that's reset every now and then)
If anyone has access to a different site's analytics can you check if it's similar there?
5:17 AM
Q: Format a swedish phone number

Sara JIn some parts of the world, phone numbers are fixed-length, apparently. That sounds boring, though. For this challenge, your task is to take the digits of a what is presumed to be a valid phone number, and format it based on some simplified rules around what a phone number looks like. Input for...

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8:18 AM
8:46 AM
@Anush howdy!
today I am trying and failing to install gmic on ubuntu
it's very frustrating
A _
9:26 AM
@Anush Why do you want to install gmic?
@Poke I have the intuition that Poke want me to change my username to Jono 2906.
@Jono2906 I guess the views have decreased on that day; I have avoided to view TSB on November 5th. (As far as I can tell, there isn't anything interesting there on that day.)
9:59 AM
@A_ I want to remove a car from a picture :)
any college/university students who have taken a probability class? Here is a tricky puzzle someone gave me
Suppose that X, Y and Z are independent random variables, each uniformly distributed on (0, 1). How can you prove that (XY )^Z is also uniformly distributed on (0, 1).
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11:47 AM
how can I grep for lines that only contain characters from a-z?
that is all the characters are from that set of size 26
12:07 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AnushA guess the word game The agreed dictionary. Rules: This is a game of two players and the task will be to implement one of them. Player 1 choose a 4 letter word with all letters distinct from an agreed dictionary Player 2 repeatedly guesses a word with all letters distinct from the agreed di...

12:21 PM
any help with this question gratefully received
CMC Read in stdin and output each line sorted into alphabetical order
i.e. if a line is cab then the output for that line is abc
@Anush -P ^[a-z]*$
@Adám is that grep -P ^[a-z]*$ ?
@Anush Yes.
interesting, thanks. The -P cleverly deals with the LANG problem
I always learn something new here
12:27 PM
@Adám ooh.. I quite like that
is it too trivial for a main challenge?
@Anush Not only that, it will also be panned for awkward I/O.
I really don't understand this hatred of standard in/out
the clue is in the word standard!
To be acceptable, it'd need to be given a list of strings, sort each which is way too trivial.
you would have sort each individual string
@Anush For purely functional languages, it is a huge annoyance.
12:29 PM
but yes
@Adám I thought haskell had that all resolved
any thoughts on my sandbox challenge?
@Anush Compare e.g. my solution above to the corresponding solution for given a list of strings, sort each: ∧¨ which is literally "sort each".
@Adám I see
@Anush None of the agreed dictionary's words have 4 letters.
did I say 4??
silly typo, fixed
> how many letters they guess has in common
somthing wrong here ^
12:33 PM
fixed. Thanks
Define in common with.
same letter at same position or same letter anywhere?
added an example. Does that help?
It does.
So we have to optimise for all 12 million cases?
3482 cases
in the sense of the number of words
For each of the 3482 words Player 1 can think of, there are 3482 words Player 2 can guess.
12:37 PM
ah ok... trying all possibilities doesn't seem a good way to make a strategy
because then you have to worry about the order too
it's basically minesweeper
@Anush No, for each response from Player 1, combined with the history of guesses from Player 2, there's just one (or a few equally) good options for the next guess. Thus, this problem is finite, and can in principle be coded as a simple decision tree.
yes a decision tree is a good idea
but the problem is to find a good decision tree
It is simply Mastermind in disguise, which is a solved problem.
well.. it's a version of mastermind but I don't think this version is solved
but I do believe it is solvable
so there are a few options. 1) Assume it is easy to solve optimally and make it code-golf
2) assume it is hard to solve and make it code-challenge
3) assume it is medium hard and make the score the max number of guesses + the number of bytes in the code
I am not sure I believe 1). At least not easy enough to just demand optimality.
1:19 PM
@Anush I would use grep -v [^a-z] (with appropriate quoting and whatever LANG stuff you want)
@Neil the -P trick seems nicer somehow
to avoid the LANG issues
@Neil but your grep line doesn't seem to check all the characters in the line does it?
it doesn't need to
the -v means exclude matching lines
so if the line only contains lowercase letters, then it won't match, and therefore won't get excluded
(I can't comment on -P since I don't have the grep manual handy)
ah OK
-P, --perl-regexp
Interpret the pattern as a Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE). This is highly experimental and grep -P may warn of unimplemented
@Neil How is that even possible? Try it online!
following your convenient link is handy, but having to actually type "man grep" was already sufficiently unhandy (despite being a use of my hands... because reasons)
1:32 PM
Alexa: man grep
in my dreams :)
so it seems that sorting each individual line from standard in is actually non-trivial in anything apart from APL :)
@Anush I'm sure you can use APL (no, the other APL) to teach Alexa that.
how about the lowest score and if two answers have the same score, the smallest number of bytes wins
what tag would I use for that?
1:52 PM
@Anush , I think.
@A_ in my sandbox question codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/questions/2140/… the first score is not that
ok I think my question is done codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/18265/9207
my only problem is if the link to the dictionary is not permanent
is there any way to tell how long it is supposed to last?
@Anush You could make it a GitHub gist.
@Adám I genuinely don't know how to do that
2:49 PM
Q: Counting syllables

Uri GrantaChallenge Write code that, given an English word, outputs the number of syllables it has. Scoring will be determined by a combination of code length and accuracy. Rules The accuracy of the solution should be measured against this CSV file (which countains syllable counts for all the 52,439 e...

could someone check the gist link works please codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/18265/9207
I have never used one before
it seems ok
3:09 PM
Q: A guess the word game

AnushA guess the word game The agreed dictionary. All words are 6 letters long with all letters distinct Rules: This is a game of two players and the task will be to implement Player 2. Player 1 chooses a word from the agreed dictionary Player 2 repeatedly guesses a word from the agreed dictiona...

3:34 PM
@Anush What is stdin if not running directly in an OS? Canvas can't read stdin because browser JS, and even from the input box it cannot read all because to it the input endlessly cycles, and it's first attempted to be evaluated as JS, so a while(1); in the first input line makes every program freeze forever.
4:21 PM
@dzaima interesting
4:31 PM
pbs.org/newshour/politics/… Is going on right now if anyone is curious.
Taylor's testimony is almost through
Yeah, now it's onto question time
I might read the transcript after.
5:12 PM
Q: Exploding Primes

AviAt the time of writing this puzzle, there are soon to be 269 puzzles related to primes. To celebrate/mourn this event (269 is prime), this challenge will be about exploding primes. In preparation for this task, I've obtained a permit (legal, I assure you) for dynamite charges of military grade, a...

Wow, that's really good.
6:13 PM
Q: Sort and Table a Sentence by Word Lengths

Sumner18In as few bytes as possible, sort the input, a delimited string OR list/vector/array of words, words contain printable ASCII except space (ASCII values 33-126) into a numbered list, table, or something resembling a table. Table rules are as follows: Optional order, labelled rows from shortest ...

@dzaima (reading up on it) so you're talking about not being able to represent uncomputable functions?
Sara Chipps on November 13, 2019

In my very first blog post, I wrote about what a personal experience taught me about the Stack Overflow community. I said we were going to step back and re-evaluate how we deliver feedback, how we can improve content quality, and how we can reduce friction between people. I said that our goal is to have the question asking process be painless and beneficial for new people and Stack Overflow veterans alike.    

During this re-evaluation period, we noticed something in our reputation reward system. We give anyone who receives an upvote on an answer ten additional reputation points, but only give five reputation points to people who receive an upvote on a question.  …

@KritixiLithos afaik it shouldn't be uncomputable, but as the complexity calculator must terminate for any valid program (with validity being checkable in a finite amount of time), it cannot be turing complete, which means there are limits on what it can do
6:28 PM
but WheatWizard already established it has to be less than TC?
@KritixiLithos yeah, that's obvious. what i'm saying is that that means some time complexities might not be representable even though they could be made in a halting matter in a turing complete language
"might not be representable" representable in what?
oh you're saying that the language in which the function is represented in must be < TC?
@KritixiLithos yeah
@DJMcMayhem Wow. There's going to be a lot more points distributed as a result of this.
Yeah, I'm expecting the "leaderboard" to shake up quite a bit
6:38 PM
@DJMcMayhem I wonder if they're going to take the daily cap into account while updating the rep this way.
I believe so
I bet you're going to break the 100K barrier pretty soon here ;)
That's potentially a +5000 for Joe Z. with Build a working game of Tetris in Conway's Game of Life alone. :)
I did the math, and I'm expecting about +13.5k
Calvin will almost double
Martin will probably take first place back
Did it say when it was happening? Is it like an overnight thing?
I think it's rolling out right now, but it's kinda slow. Should be active on MSE already
6:47 PM
This is definitely a plus for CG. Not as good as Qs being twice As, but still in the right direction.
@dzaima from what I understood in the numberphile video on TREE, the finiteness of TREE(n) for all n∊N is unprovable in the peano axioms, so I guess that means it is uncomputable in peano?
@dzaima also do we know for sure that you can have a program that runs in O(TREE(n))?
@DJMcMayhem Yep, I just went from 700 to 1200 over there
@KritixiLithos sure - compute 2^TREE(n) in base 10 :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing How to detect?
i wonder how much (if they're even calculated in) will the repcap badge amounts change
6:51 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Did you actually get a rep-change notification?
No. If you go to the site, then click the SE hamburger, your rep counts should be different
I'll take a screen grab in a second
Dang. I was hoping for a huge notification
@dzaima :| but even if not TREE I guess there are other functions that really are not computable
See that I only have 726 in the dropdown menu but 1201 in the topbar?
Anybody have a closer meta score to their site score? (Scores must be higher than 200)
6:56 PM
Woah, wait what?
Mine are the same
I've never noticed the meta score listed before
Where is it?
@cairdcoinheringaahing In the drop down too? Mine are listed as the same on the actual meta site, but in the dropdown it's different
@cairdcoinheringaahing snap you are right. Wow
6:58 PM
Mine's the same minus 100
They're different in the drop down by around 1200
oh, I misunderstood. So the profiles show the main site rep?
Where can you see the meta rep for others?
But my meta score has gone down, my main site hasn't gone up
@dzaima perhaps I should ask this on CS.SE? (ie spoil the fun for ourselves)
@NathanMerrill I don't think meta rep is listed anywhere
Although it's definitely tracked (you can get a badge for repcapping)
I doubt that I legitimately have 40k rep on meta with only 120ish posts
7:02 PM
people pile on more with meta posts, but you may be right
and i have 13k meta rep with 56 answer upvotes and nothing else o.O (maybe a couple more in deleted sandbox answers but still)
what even is meta rep
@KritixiLithos sure, i mean i barely have any idea what i'm talking about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@dzaima neither do I :P
7:49 PM
oh rep change has occurred
@Arnauld Congrats on hitting 100k! :D
Martin didn't overtake Dennis like I predicted
Reobtained moderation tools :)
Oh cool, I'm going to get the epic badge because of this :D
About +2k for me on this site. Not bad.
8:05 PM
I nearly doubled my rep: 7,182 -> 13,573
Only a bump of 690 (10x Nice)
My network rep went up over 20k o_O
Oh nice 8.5 -> 12.8
Huh. It hasn't rolled out to me yet.
I nearly doubled on Christianity.SE (which makes sense since most of my contribution there was questions in the early days of the site).
8:15 PM
@AdmBorkBork Hmm, I wonder if not all users were hit at the same time
Because Martin doesn't appear to have gained any either
There it goes. 29941 -> 40725
@El'endiaStarman I almost tripled on Movies
@cairdcoinheringaahing ...how?
lots of downvotes, apparently
I have three Famous Question badges, and 5 answers :P
8:17 PM
mathematically, the only way for somebody to triple when question points are doubling is if they have lots of negative rep on their account (bounties, downvotes, etc)
That would make sense, yeah.
I went from around 1000 IIRC to 3000
Ah, I have a cached page up for you. You went from 1.9 to 3
Ah, I haven't been to Movies in a while :P
I went from 16th here to 14th
9:10 PM
Only about 1.7k more rep for me
did i get free rep
w/e i don't remember how much i had previously
i only have 4 questions on ppcg
@Poke you were at 2.7K before
gotta brush that dirt off my shoulders now
9:33 PM
A lot of people got yearling huh
Yeah, I got 4 of them, and I know I'm not going to be at the high end
Only got 2 here :P
I should make a data.SE for how much rep one will get from the new change :p
not sure if i'm good enough at SQL for that though
i have 80 questions?? i don't remember asking that many...
I could be getting upwards of 5k maybe... lmao
9:49 PM
uh... guys?
It gets really tough with the rep cap
my profile page proudly claims
You've earned
(I did not earn this badge)
likely related to recalculation
Howdy everyone!
Oh, I'm up to 5 yearling badges :)
10:03 PM
@Neil How do you keep your SO rep's derivative so constant?
@Neil You did now
@NathanMerrill 15 here o_O
Passive rep, no new content?
10:31 PM
@Neil Yes, this is due to the recalculation. (The counter on my Legendary badge went from 80-something to 116 because of that.)
Wait, I just earned yearling for the same site twice
I don't actually have it twice, I just have two notifications
You can get Yearling badges for each year you've been there.
I'm talking about SO meta. I got two notifications, but one badge
The rep part is retroactive, actually. I've had it happen where I got three yearling badges at once because I gained 600(ish) rep in a short time.
11:15 PM
@Adám by having so many answers that I gain rep by the law of averages?
@Neil Interesting, because your profile page says 50/50 for the epic badge
ah, I guess I must now qualify, but the daily check to award it hasn't happened yet
It probably isn't setup to handle retroactive awarding for a badge that should only end up being awarded at the end of the day
@Neil I just earned it today also, and there was a little while where my profile said I hit the requirements but it wasn't awarded yet
The rep is recalculated user by user, so I'm sure the script will eventually catch on that you've earned epic and award it for real
11:57 PM
Now it's three yearling notifications, but only two badges for SO meta

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