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12:57 AM
I can't seem to figure this question out in JS...
Many useful things in JS are(afaik) out of reach, such as this, function call, and arrays.
Function call is very damaging I think, as it locks us out of eval and String manipulating/creating functions
1:34 AM
if only you'd had a UK keyboard, ` would have been on the left half of it, and usable for function calls; as it is, I don't think there's a way to do output (not even returning from a function because you can't define one)
really, that question seems to give an unfair advantage to languages which spell eval as exec
2 hours later…
3:18 AM
Hey guys, any tips on how to write quines?
More specifically, languages that don't have strings/string formatting
Because I know in langs like python, php, c, etc, there is a data and code section
But that requires string formatting
@Jono2906 Without either of those, you're mostly left with what we call "trivial quines" (simple tokens that cause the same output as the code; e.g. 1 in a lot of golf-oriented languages) and "cheating quines" (programs that directly read their source code).
3:55 AM
I think you can use the same principle without built-in formatting, it's just a bit messier, and it's a lot messier if you don't have string literals to begin with
Yeah you encide and decode using a type different than a string.
For example you could encode into an integer in some base and then decode with the digits being different characters.
3 hours later…
6:48 AM
@Mego Did you actually had to sign something when you became mod?
7:19 AM
@flawr technically I can't speak for Mego individually, but yes, mods do have to sign some oaths/NDAs when becoming mods.
7:40 AM
@Mego @Riker ok, nvm, i don't want to get anyone into trouble
3 hours later…
11:10 AM

AZTECCOI just got a job as a postman and I need your help to keep it. I have to order a lot of mails before I go out to deliver them. Streets are numbered strictly sequentially, starting with 1 at the start of the street, and continuing in order skipping no numbers until the end, with odd numbers on th...

1 hour later…
12:30 PM
@flawr Digitally sign, yeah. I'm pretty sure the contents of the moderator agreement are public on meta somewhere. The gist of it is that I can't reveal confidential information, including stuff like how many times/how long a user has been suspended, and I can't talk about stuff that is said in private mod chat rooms unless all parties agree.
@ngn I promise you all that, as soon as I can, I will talk in more detail about what went down. But the ball is in SE's court right now - we mods can't say much publicly until SE makes a statement, because we have to see what details they make public.
@Mego thanks
Mego might have his hands tied but ogeM probably didn't sign anything
Heh, his avatar would be a penguin with a mustache, possibly sunglasses
@Mego What’s stopping resigning mods from publishing everything?
the more i follow this drama, the more worried i am about SO ltd's awkward attempts to silence it, than the details of what actually happened behind the curtain
12:45 PM
@Fatalize My word. If I agree to keep something private, I'll keep it private.
I mean if you’ve resigned you don’t have to follow the moderator agreement anymore, especially if you feel like SE is not respecting mods
That's not how agreements work. I no longer have to fear retaliation, but that doesn't make the agreement null and void.
Monica has summarized her interactions by now, explaining why she was fired. Combined with the question, which explains how she was fired, it paints a pretty complete picture.
A: Stack Overflow Inc., sinat chinam, and the goat for Azazel

Monica CellioI was told offline I need to provide this information ASAP. Trying to be brief until after RH. Caleb described the issue, so I feel safe in expanding now. In January a mod asked a discussion question on the mod team: should we require that people use preferred pronouns? My answer said we must n...

^ did not see this post, gonna read it
1:07 PM
Welp, this past weekend was a crapshow and a half, wasn't it?
Just catching up with the whole thing. SE screwed up bad this time, eh.
@J.Sallé as someone summarized it: a good idea with bad execution
1:40 PM
Well, that was a fascinating 45 minutes worth of reading.
1 hour later…
2:56 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

infinitezero21, 21, 23, 20, 5, 25, 31, 24, ? Inspired by this Puzzle, given a positive integer \$n>0\$ , print out the following sequence until you reach a non-Integer (spoilered, in case you want to solve the puzzle yourself first) TestCases: Input and Output may be taken in any reasonable format, st...

A _
3:49 PM
I don't need it / Just delete it (deleting most of my GitHub repositories)
A _
3:59 PM
Great! I only have 1 repository left!
@Dennis Even that's not entirely true. Former mods can still be disciplined for breaking the agreement.
@Fatalize Confidential information that I've seen doesn't stop being confidential just because I can't see it anymore.
4:57 PM

BeefsterThere's a little-known secret in Banjo-Kazooie that you can interleave the three Cheato codes on the Treasure Trove Cove Sandcastle floor and it will still recognize all of them. So you could, for instance, enter BLUREEGOLDDFFEEGEAATHTHEEGSRSRS, activating BLUEEGGS, REDFEATHERS, and GOLDFEATHERS ...

5:18 PM
Q: Little Endian num 2 string conversion 🔃

Kamil KiełczewskiIntroduction During work with BMP (bitmap) generator I face problem of converting number to little endian hex string. Here is function which I create in JavaScript - but wonder how small code can works similarly let liEnd= num => num.toString(16).padStart(8,'0').match(/../g).reverse().join`...

2 hours later…
7:04 PM
If anybody is looking for a new language to compete in, check out the petting zoo: plzoo.andrej.com
2 hours later…
8:43 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AZTECCOCUT OUT code-golf ascii-art Write a full program or a function taking the number of pieces N to do this job on a sheet: -> Cut out an exagonal shape with side B-C equal to 2 '/' * N -> Translate the piece above by 3 lines. -> Repeat N times decrementing by 2 '/' side B-C until smallest exa...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Sriotchilism O'ZaicChange in perspective In this challenge you will write a piece of text which when viewed from two different angles will create two different programs. Image here The first program will be the first non-space character in every column of the string, or a space if no such character exists, in th...

9:21 PM
@NathanMerrill are these all languageds this guy invented?
no idea. Just came across the website, and thought it was interesting
10:14 PM
fyi: i've just been kicked out of tmr :)
@ngn tmr?
What did you do?

 The Meta Room

General chat & hangout for Stack Overflow, including Meta disc...
People in that room must be sensitive these days...
@LuisMendo sorry, i can't talk about it. it never happened.
10:15 PM
You get kicked for mentioning that the room was recently frozen?
@LuisMendo mm... no. did i?
Now I'm feeling lost
> @SamuelLiew Yo, why did you delete meta.stackoverflow.com/…? — opa
my last sentence was literally (literally literally) this one
Yes, I saw that
10:18 PM
> @opa sorry, we can't talk about it. actually, it never happened. — ngn
huh, now i'm there
> @ngn The snark is not helping. — user58
So it was a pat rather than a kick :-)
@ngn Yes, kicks are temporary
@ngn I think first-offence kicks are only for like 5 mins.
10:20 PM
Wait. Were you kicked again? What tone are they referring to?
@LuisMendo I think the thanking for letting him experience being kicked out.
Of note is that the third kick is thirty minutes and generates a modflag.
bedtime anyway :)
@Adám Ah, I missed that one
10:24 PM
that... works, I guess
@JohnDvorak that might be worth doing on purpose
for the record - first two weren't, i was just trying to be funny
@ngn Mother Meta may be a bit sensitive to jokes these days. Kind of like you shouldn't joke with TSA officers.
1 hour later…
11:49 PM
@Mego, when generating file encodings using gen_code_page.py from the golflang-encodings repo, how do I include newlines/tabs/anything that needs to be escaped within a codepage? Because trying to include a newline (\n) seems to not work.
@Jono2906 You'll need to pass the raw characters - a heredoc is probably your best bet for newlines
@Mego But wouldn't that mess up python's input() statement?
Because gen_code_page.py uses input() to obtain the code page string
I think a heredoc will work fine with input()
If not... Just temporarily hardcode the string in the file
@Mego That's what I'll have to do then. Thanks!

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