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1:05 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing at least one person understood
2:05 AM
@quartata It's intresting but not worth 25$
@Adám notes.earthlings doesn’t work
Ok. Y'all need to stop starring messages or chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/41384464#41384464 is going to leave the starboard and never be as funny as it should be.
2 hours later…
3:56 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Jakob LovernSquaring the circle Background This is a two part question, and a generalization of this question on puzzling.SE. Essentially, it asks you to generate a ring of integers such that any two adjacent integers add to a perfect square. The original question gave you a part of the ring. I wish to gen...

4:13 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PyRulezFind and execute a program from the internet code-golf internet You have some task to do, but you are too lazy to do it yourself. Your also to lazy to make a program to do it. So you are going to make a program that finds a program to do the task you want. Select a programming language Q (which...

4:29 AM
tfw strawpolls wants to use my twitch login
how about no
4:51 AM
@Riker Wat
I mean the choice of Oauth is kinda weird but I don't see why it's worse than using, say, your facebook account.
1 hour later…
6:28 AM
@ATaco are you just trying to demo Funky
I’m testing things, not necessary showing things off. Neat things I’m posting.
This is why I need a blog
I have a bunch of little things like that lying around. Unfortunately, some of my favorites are Java applets that have been defunct for years
I think one of them would be pretty trivial to translate into funky, based on this recent one you linked
7:02 AM
Community promotion ad for PPCGv2: codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/14305/60042
7:12 AM
@FrownyFrog It was probably added after TIO's APL was built.
@Adám So Dennis should update his APL?
@Pavel He could, yes. My 16.0 has earthlings.
@Adám how do you get the minor version of Dyalog running?
Nevermind. TIO has Version 16.0.30863
7:42 AM
Man, trying to install Windows 7 on a modern laptop is very, very complicated
Gotta find the correct option in the BIOS menu to enable legacy boot (which can be tricky, because every mfg has their own term for legacy boot), then gotta convert the disk to mbr...
9:05 AM
@Pavel I have 16.0.31640 from four days ago, but then again, I have to test nightlies…
Q: Spiral out the Alphabet!

Mr. XcoderLook at the following string. Notice a pattern? ABEFNOPEFGHFGHIJSTUVWX DC G Q I K Y M H R J L Z LKJI S K M A D T L N B C U M O C BAZYXWV N P D E O Q E D P R F C Q S G BAZYXWVUTSR T ...

Why are so many Project Euler problems "find the same thing but for a stupidly large number"
@Fatalize To avoid bad (inefficient) computer programs :P
9:20 AM
That turns more into math problems than programming problems
Ik, I am not a huge fan of PE
9:55 AM
Q: The leading zeroes challenge

Brian H.The challenge Given two integers as input (x and y), output x as a string with as many leading zeroes necesary for it to be y characters long. Rules If x has more than y digits, output x as string without modification. Output as integer is not accepted, even if there are no leading zeroes. Wh...

@Mego IIRC Windows 7 should be able to support UEFI/MBR if you're careful?
10:11 AM
On PPCG, which are the most commonly used non-ASCII languages?
Jelly and 05AB1E probably
@Adám Jelly, 05AB1E, Husk, Charcoal
Also Brachylog, SOGL and Actually sometimes (far rarer than the ones mentioned above)
"commonly used" ∧ "Brachylog"
> far rarer than the ones mentioned above
you edited :(
10:20 AM
It used to be more used (excuse the pun) in the past
CMP: On PPCG, which are the most used ASCII golfing languages?
@Mr.Xcoder Golf=make as short as possible. How can it be a serious contender if it wastes 1/8th of the code's bits?
It can be a serious contender sometimes, it just has to be very well designed (if Pyth would have a code page, I think it would tear apart other languages sometimes)
CMP: On PPCG, which are the most used non-ASCII non-golfing languages?
10:35 AM
@Mr.Xcoder Obviously, but I wrote which are, not what is.
@Adám I don't think there is any other non-ascii non-golfing language around.
@Mr.Xcoder Sure there are, like TI-Basic and Fortress. Maybe Perl and Haskell count too?
TI-Basic Just uses tokens
Perl barely has a few non-ascii characters ≥≤≠ and stuff. IDK about Haskell
@Mr.Xcoder But if you wanted to spell out the individual letters, you'd have to use unicode for things like and ².
@Mr.Xcoder Actually, maybe I should start counting Dyalog APL in tokens. That's how programs are actually stored.
10:55 AM
@Adám perl6, Julia and mathematica all contain a lot of functionality for certain Unicode chars (especially mathy ones)
11:15 AM
@Mr.Xcoder Thanks for the edit!
@LuisMendo No problem
11:38 AM
Q: when it is find one error, acceptable behavior for a function

RosLuPAcceptable behavior in case of error We are not in the beginning of informatics in the place and in the time someone place the first stone to the home for computers. In a programming language, in codegolf the only acceptable behavior on errors are: 1) code not compile or function not link for...

@NewMetaPosts vtc as dupe pls
11:58 AM
^ Done
3 hours later…
2:28 PM
Looks like image prior will be the successor of classic EBII. Very promising results.
@mınxomaτ That looks really good.
@mınxomaτ I don't think I've seen that challenge before but that looks like a nice answer
Not sure why the challenge is still open, though, since it's a popcon and all
It's very out of date. I will probably replace the answer with a faster, cleaner implementation.
Parts of it at least
2:52 PM
So I just begin to learn Python, and solve some easy problems for practice. My code for this one is:
data = "0123456789+"

digits = [dat[7*i:7*i+7] for i in range(11)]

inp = sys.stdin.read()

inp = inp.split('\n') [0:7];

result = str(eval("".join([
			[ line[6*i:6*i+5] for line in inp ]
	for i in range(len(inp[0]) // 6 + 1)

print (
			digits[data.index(ch)][i] for ch in result
		for i in range(7)
Do you think the nested list comprehension is too obfuscated, and any code-review tips?
3:03 PM
comment your code
spell out variable names
if you're going to indent on nested functions like that, be consistent and do it for all of them
or use intermediate variables
stop using tabs :P
What's wrong with tabs?
personal preference :]
Hm... i and ch probably stands for integer and character? Yes, not very informative but not too useless either.
I was mainly talking about inp
@user202729 char is usually what I use when iterating over a string
3:11 PM
inp = input, probably?
Well, I don't like using char because it's C/C++ reserved keyword so I must avoid using them when I use C++, and that became my habit.
@user202729 IMO, change the double assignment to inp into inp = sys.stdin.read().split('\n')[0:7]
Makes sense.
@cairdcoinheringaahing I think you'd like to see my new "Favorite challenges" paragraph on my profile :P
3:22 PM
@Mr.Xcoder Nice! Thanks :P
I have enjoyed the challenge so much that it really deserves some advertisement
Q: Advent Challenge 1: Help Santa unlock his present vault!

HyperNeutrinoDescriptive Keywords (for searching): Make Two Matrices Equivalent, Overlap, Array, Find Challenge Santa has had a history of elves stealing presents from his vault in the past, so this year he designed a lock that is very hard to crack, and it seems to have kept the elves out this year. Unfort...

3:52 PM
I'm a little unsure if I should edit this proposed challenge (my first challenge so far) and remove the requirement to determine "glass fullness", it kind of feels a little glued onto the challenge and just an extra random thing to do. Also, requiring to output long, fixed strings is bad. Shoud I remove it, change it, or leave it as it is? What's your opinion on that...?
I think just leave it. Other's opinions?
Should I allow abbreviating it ("F", "MF", "ME", "E")? That would remove the requirement for outputting long strings.
Probably "output any 4 distinct output" or how we did with Truthy/Falsey values.
Yeah, that works. The focus should be on actually computing the value and not on printing some fancy string, I guess.
4:09 PM
Question: Does floor(floor(y/4)/32) equal floor(y/128)?
@HyperNeutrino Why & what is "Advent Challenge"?
@Sherlock9 Yes.
I see. Thank you :D
4:30 PM
anybody doing advent of code this year?
@user202729 a challenge per day of advent
which is 1-24 december
(a challenge per day?)
I've done it the last 2 years, not this one tho
it's pretty cool, it's got 1-24 pts A & B, gets harder progressively
I just got the Necromancer badge for andwering the Community Promtion Ads post
Speaking of which, codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/a/14305/60042 needs one more upvote in order to appear as an ad.
@Riker What languages are allowed?
you just need to do the answer to the problem
code isn't required
people generally post submissions on r/adventofcode if it's in something cool though
i.e. befunge, brainfuck, etc.
@Pavel no? has 7 :p
4:38 PM
@Riker Does now
Would anyone mind checking the Sandbox to see which of my last messages is more aesthetically pleasing?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Link to sandbox post?


Where you can play with chat features (except flagging) and ch...
I meant the room :P
@Riker Yeah I am doing the Advent of code. I just solved problem 1
4:44 PM
I'm only ever getting the TIO ad now.
Is ad frequency proportional to upvotes?
@Mr.Xcoder :D good luck!
@cairdcoinheringaahing they're not identical?
@Pavel idts
@Riker No, one uses `` and the other uses 4 spaces
4 spaces always looks better imo
4:46 PM
yea ^^
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RunOrVeithThou shall permute! Given a string of upper and/or lower case letters and/or numbers (or list of characters if you want), and a list of permutation cycles, compute every intermediate step of applying this permutation under the following rules: The space to move letters around is one row above...

@AdmBorkBork I can do this just fine on 100°F california sand thanks
it's just hot as heck and we call it "offroading" :p
@Riker I kinda doubt California's beaches are steep enough for skiing on sand.
beach? not beaches
oh, yeah, no skiing
Sand Dunes?
4:51 PM
no, mostly just trails
fun to mountain bike or atv tho
I've been to the Sand Dunes, and they're awesome
haven't been myself
@Riker I'm pretty sure California has more than one beach.
@Pavel no, I just didn't mean riding on dunes :p
I've never done that personally though somebody probably has
They're amazing. I'm probably gonna go again next year
4:53 PM
Personally, I don't find other parts of the United States very intresting.
@Pavel 'murica has a bunch of natural parks I'd like to visit some day, but that's basically it.
@Pavel Other parts than what?
I'd also like to go to Colorado some day :p
@DJMcMayhem Other than where I live.
I want to live in the US when I can :P
4:57 PM
Everywhere else either doesn't really have anything interesting or is 3hot5me
@Pavel don't move to ca :p
I'm actually considering going to college out of state entirely because I hate the heat
@Pavel Washington is pretty great, I'll give you that. But Utah's incredible. The Redwood forest in Cali is amazing. (and the beaches in Cali). The Rockies, the plains, and the Sand dunes in Colorado are gorgeous. The grand canyon (and even smaller canyons) are breathtaking.
There's a lot of other cool places
Those are just the ones I've been too
@Riker cough cough CSU
"this page is in vietnamese would you like to translate it"
@Riker cough cough UW
no thanks I'm pretty sure TNB is english last time I checked
5:01 PM
CMP: What is the most beautiful place on earth you've seen?
there's this mirror in the bathroom, everytime I look there's this really handsome guy's photo on it
but seriously: mammoth CA is nice, it's pretty much just untouched wilderness
at least the good parts of it
@DJMcMayhem New York at sunset from the top of the Freedom Tower
@DJMcMayhem I don't really appreciate looking at nature from a safe distance. I'd probably have enjoyed the grand canyon more if I could have climbed down into the canyon itself, but I didn't end up going anywhere it was remotely safe to do so.
That's why I like forests. You can climb whatever you want there.
Have you been to the redwoods?
That's probably my answer. It feels like you're in a fairytale.
@DJMcMayhem Nah. One of the few places I want to go to.
5:05 PM
Although Island in the Sky in Utah is pretty close too
ಠ_ಠ America has some amazing geographical places. All we have is busses, pigeons and litter
@DJMcMayhem true, I still like mammoth better though
@cairdcoinheringaahing eiffel tower? </sarc>
I especially don't like it when my parents drag me to some city. Chicago is great and all, but it looks like a taller Seattle and smells worse.
@cairdcoinheringaahing That's cause the US has 40 times the land area. What do you expect?
I've heard big ben n the palace are nice tho (the palace better be nice it's a palace)
5:07 PM
@Riker Huh? I thought we cleared this up last time, I'm from England :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Right but everything in Europe is close together, right?
isn't it like, 5 miles to france?
@Riker That seems a little short
(I know I was joking)
5:09 PM
The shortest distance between France and UK is 26 miles :P
Assuming @cairdcoinheringaahing lives in London, he is 212 miles away from Paris.
According to W|A
@Pavel TIL I live more than 212 miles from Paris :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing caird lives north of london confirmed
@Riker Or west of it
So it's a tie between Welsh or Scottish? :p
5:12 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing >implying wales is a real country
I mean come on, really?
why would there be a country for marine mammals ;p
ಠ_ಠ There's a whole half a country between London and Scotland
There is England beetween London and Wales
Ninja'd kind-of
Well half a country isn't a lot when said country is like 500 miles wide eh? >.>
Which is not a bad thing at all, just a comment :p
If I go 500 miles in any given direction here I'll be either at sea or still in Brazil D:
I can name 5 countries which can fit within the region where I live (UK version of a state)
So can I hahahah
Well a region in Brazil has a few states, actually
5:16 PM
@user202729 advent is defined roughly as the arrival of something/someone important; in this case, it's the 25 (or 24) day countdown to christmas. i'm going to try to post one advent challenge a day but I don't think I'll be able to :P
My state is quite tiny, tbh
@HyperNeutrino I can help you When you lack inspiration ;P
Lichteinstein, Vatican, and San Marino all fit into like anything
I think we should all pitch in to help Hyper do the Christmas advent challenges :P
@DJMcMayhem Lake Baikal in Russia
5:19 PM
@Pavel Are you Russian? I thought that you said you speak Russian, but your profile says you're in Washington
@DJMcMayhem probably the scottish lowlands and the Lochs
I have a whole bunch of challebge ideas in mind too, so I’ll probably post a lot of them during Advent (although not directly reLated to ChristmaS
Bad internet?
Oh gosh, I completely forgot
I take my answer back
Gulfoss Waterfall in Iceland.
@DJMcMayhem I live and was born in Washington, but my parents are Russian and I've been to Russia several times.
5:20 PM
@DJMcMayhem I physically cannot not star that :P
I've literally walked up to that waterfall and stuck my hand in it
@cairdcoinheringaahing yup
If you go to Baikal in the winter, you can snowmobile over the surface
I'm going to do that some day.
All of Iceland is gorgeous, but Gulfoss takes the cake
Þingvellir is pretty cool too
I'd tell people to check out Baikal, but really I probably just haven't been to enough pretty nature places, and it's hard to get a visa.
5:23 PM
@DJMcMayhem my next trip will probably be to Reykjavik (in Iceland), then Tórshavn (in the Faroes)
Also, they put Gullfoss in ATLA. When I saw that episode, it made me so happy that I recognized the scenery. 78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m4nybtMGTf1r7v3rbo1_1280.jpg
@DJMcMayhem I'm like, a third through loading that image. How bloody huge is it?
(That's something that @Mego would probably appreciate)
@Pavel 1600x1200
Huh. I wonder why it in particular is loading so slowly
Ooh, some water just loaded in
Haha, how bad is your internet?
@Pavel Are you fluent?
5:25 PM
CMP: What two-char ascii replacement should represent ¤?
@DJMcMayhem Yeah, like a native speaker.
@cairdcoinheringaahing ^o
@Mr.Xcoder VTC'ed
Wait that’s not ascii
5:30 PM
@Mr.Xcoder why would you vtd that quick
@Mr.Xcoder ^o is ASCII
nobody had even commented to say "hey man this is off-topic"
@Mr.Xcoder literal caret, 'o', not ctrl-o
@Riker That's what the VTC is for :P
not VTD though
@Riker / VTD means “And after closing and waiting for a bit, VTD” IMO
5:34 PM
Vtd wtf?
vtd is vote to delete
Q: Restrisct pings to use a specific gateway

pioupiou1211Here is my network, and I have to use this ip class: 10.34.64/20 I'm having trouble trying to set up the interfaces of each computer in order to respect this order in the pings: m1 => m2 => m3 => m1 and then m3 can ping m4 in both ways. So if I want to ping m3 from m1 I'm supposed to use a g...

A friend of mine is asking if I know of a chat "where they discuss 'The X-ic way to do Y' like 'The Pythonic way to sort a list of objects' things like that"
Quoting again: "I mean, a lot of stuffs can be done using different paradigms: using for loop, for each, functions such as sort(), etc"
I figured we might, but do you guys know of any other chats like that?
@Sherlock9 Python chat?
@Sherlock9 The ones over on SO?
5:36 PM
I'd say just narrow it down per language, then go to that language's room
But TBH, TNB isn't a bad place for that in general.
Thanks. I'll pass it on
Random developer appreciation: Discord is awesome. Not only is there dev team really funny and constantly improving discord, but the number of different things it supports always surprises me. Today I learned that if you share a spotify link in discord, it will onebox and connect to the instance of spotify you're running. You can play/pause from within discord
That's pretty cool
@DJMcMayhem I found that out yesterday and was just as amazed.
5:55 PM
TIL thanks for sharing :D
6:54 PM
Q: Mark My Mail! - ASCII Barcodes

FlipTack4-state barcodes Many postal services (Royal Mail UK, Canada Post, US Mail, etc) use 4-state barcodes to encode information about their mail. Rendered in ASCII, it may look something like this: | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | A ...

7:05 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WorldSEnderAdvancing k-combinations code-golf math k-combinations for a set of size n represent in what different ways one can pick k elements out of a set of n elements. There is a natural representation of such a pick as an integer with n bits, of which exactly k are set. Using the ordering of integers...

@DJMcMayhem :o the Gulfoss image finished loading
You're right, it's really pretty
@Pavel Hahaha, that took a while
How many Kilobits/s does your internet get? :P
@DJMcMayhem According to Fast.com, 19 mb/s
I'm not sure why that image was so bad
It's 280 KB
That should download instantaneously
No idea.
7:15 PM
that image loads instantly for me >_>
I have no idea why it wasn't working
It loads fast now but that might be caching
Anyone here know how to connect to TIO in python?
@cairdcoinheringaahing Make POST requests using the TIO api, which you can find in talk.tryitonline.net by searching.
@Pavel Hmm, thanks
7:35 PM
Amazon's mechanical turk website design is a blast from the past.
@mınxomaτ Holy shit, that's great
@mınxomaτ Is that one of Amazon's new products or is just a website from long ago that no one shut down?
That is a service by Amazon. It's been around a while.
> Artificial Artificial Intelligence
2 hours later…
9:44 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ZgarbMod-balanced arrays code-golf array-manipulation Introduction Suppose I have an array of integers, say L = [-1,2,2,1,2,7,1,4]. I like having balance in my life, so I'm happy to see it has as many odd elements as even elements. What's more, it also has an equal number of elements in all modul...

10:00 PM
so... close... to... 8k
10:22 PM
@FlipTack Your rep is round and nice now :-)
And at exactly 150 answers :P
@Mr.Xcoder That's satisfying :)
...and there it goes, 8005 now
11:22 PM
Is anybody aware of an implementation of BF that actually uses ! to separate code/input?
It's useful to initialize the tape while golfing

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