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12:00 AM
q~ instead of riri
why did I never notice this xD
I thought it was only for blocks
Mini-challenge: Given a string S, print +_+ is S is "mime", ;_; if S is "sad", and ._. otherwise.
@quartata razorback for 6v6?
this means that the distance formula in CJam would be something like q~-@@-mh?
I think it's working but I need some test cases
1 2 3 4 as input gives what I think is the square root of 2
@quartata whitelist we ended up with: whitelist.tf/6218
Milk and Jarate should never be allowed in 6v6
Not sure why DH is banned
Caber shouldn't be allowed
Sandvich shouldn't be allowed
Quick-Fix should never be allowed
everything else looks ok
@HelkaHomba what i have so far: lambda x:("._.","+_+",";_;")[(x=="mime")+(x=="sad")*2]
12:15 AM
Oh, DA, Widowmaker, Short Circuit and GRU
@HelkaHomba #define f(S)printf("%s",*S==109?"+_+":*S==115?";_;":"._.")
I think there is probably a better way that uses the fact that they all have _ in the middle
@quartata why not?
I think that's all
@quartata kk
@quartata DH?
12:16 AM
@ConorO'Brien Quick Fix is way too overpowered in 6v6 play
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Direct Hit
@quartata true
@quartata conor said so
It's OK in Highlander
@quartata not a good idea for 6v6 play.
12:17 AM
ban those?
@ConorO'Brien DH soldiers are common in 6v6. It's not too popular but it is a possibility for pockets
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Yeah.
DA, GRU = ?
@quartata I suppose
Disciplinary Action, Gloves of Running Urgently
GRU is gloves running urgently
why DA?
Both are speed effects. Not usually a good idea. Only exception is Escape Plan really
12:18 AM
ban DA? why???
it's allowed in 2v2
DA is particularly broken in that regard. Could mean that combo can beat demo to mid
okay. well why GRU? the heavy already is slow
@DestructibleWatermelon it would be longer in c
@ConorO'Brien Exactly, he should stay that way :P
12:19 AM
also seems to be longer in python...
@quartata fine
CMC repost:
11 hours ago, by ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ
A ΡPCG User Who Cracks This Μessage Εarns A Βatch Οf Cookies. Ιpsum Αmet, Αdipiscing Εlit, Sed Εiusmod Τempor Incididunt Εt Μagna Αliqua. Ut Enim Αd Μinim Veniam, Quis Νostrud Εxercitation Νisi Ut Αliquip Εx Εa Commodo Consequat. Αute Irure Dolor Ιn Ιn Voluptate Velit Esse Cillum Εu Fugiat Νulla Ρariatur. Εxcepteur Sint Οccaecat Cupidatat Non Proident, Ιn Οfficia Μollit Anim Id Εst. Ιpsum Dolor Sit Αmet, Consectetur Adipiscing Elit, Sed Εiusmod.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ you are a latin professor who is high on eiusmod
12:21 AM
just reduced it a lot by reverting list to string
I think that's fine. I'm personally not a fan of banners but esea allows them
You might need to ban the concheror temporarily (recently buffed)
@quartata it was?
what I have now: lambda x:".+;___.+;"[(x=="mime")+(x=="sad")*2::3]
@ConorO'Brien Regen rate increased I believe
12:24 AM
@quartata nope. always was +4
at least, as long as I can remember
No, it used to be +2. (changed in Tough Break I believe)
In fact it used to not regen health at all :P
> Fixed an issue with The Concheror regen not being 4 health per second as intended.
dec. 18, 2015
Read December 17 2015
not quite "recently"
For competitive that's recent.
Can take 6 months - a year for meta to respond appropriately
12:27 AM
it's been about 9 months
We still haven't figured out what to do about dropped med guns. We have them disabled for now
they've been nerfed decently--now decrease in regen rate. basically zero whenI got back to mine
@quartata why dropped?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Dropped med guns preserve uber.
So if someone died with 100% any medic could pick that up and get that uber
so "pop it don't drop it" is more applicable than ever?
Yes, except we have dropped weapons disable in esea and co for exactly that reason
@quartata uber decreases as of MYM while medigun is dropped
12:30 AM
@ConorO'Brien I know, still not good
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei ?
12:34 AM
@Dennis @LeakyNun fixed cheddar, use npm install -g cheddar-lang to install\
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ the capital letters from the message that arent ASCII
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei you're nearly at the solution, look a bit further
I tried looking at common rot shifts
anagramming now
37 letters. if it was 36 it would be a square, a good crypto method
12:41 AM
@DJMcMayhem hello DJMcMayhem
@DJMcMayhem o hai
Non-ASCII letters and punctuation are 49
12:54 AM
Would you guys tag this ascii-art? It is barely
I'm so bad at CJam
@HelkaHomba ye i vud
I tried to make a quadratic formula solver
@Zwei i kında did in C
so large
input is in the format 1:A;2:B;-3:C;
12:58 AM
My program's input format was ./program -2x^2+7x-8=0
I'm not even sure it'd be valid
@Downgoat Updated.
Q: Wave-Particle Duality Laterally Programmatically

Helka HombaWrite a program or function that takes in a nonempty single-line string. The string will either be zero or more spaces followed by one period (a particle), such as . or ., or the string will be a sequence of one or more alternating forward and back slashes (a wave) that could start with ...

@NewMainPosts ninja'd
mainly because it relies on such a specific input format that is valid CJam code that is executed
1:00 AM
@HelkaHomba your particle formatting is borked
and even included variable assignments and such within the input format
@DJMcMayhem How so? It may be weird on mobile but blame SE/markdown :/
Oh, yeah it's mobile
@DJMcMayhem Try now
Do we have to deal with arbitrary input? i.e. can I assume that if the input has a "." then it is at the end?
1:08 AM
@Zwei The string will be in one of those 2 forms
That's a little better. It's hard to tell that many spaces apart. Looks good on mobile though
so I can assume that any input that contains a "." will be a particle, and if it doesn't contain it then it will be a wave?
Challenge idea: Take a number n and output A010097(n) in binary.
1:19 AM
Hmm for wave-particle, one is prepend and the other is append, which makes things slightly trickier :P
I'm so bad at using CJam
q:I'.#){SI+}{}? is what I have so far. Particle is handled properly, and the code to handle the wave will go in the second block
how is every one here
can I assume that the input will always be <10 when it is a wave?
1:26 AM
@Dennis Thanks!
j;f(char*n){j=strlen(n)-1;printf("%s%s",n[j]<47?" ":n,n[j]==46?n:n[j]==47?"\\":"/");} looks good?
@Dennis question: what encoding does Cheddar's TIO use?
it seems to work but it's sooo long and probably poorly golfed
@Downgoat The server's default. Should I change it to UTF-8?
1:34 AM
@Dennis Cheddar works fine with UTF-8, UTF-16, and ISO-8859-1 (may some others but idk about others). so as longs as its one of them its OK. If it's not UTF-8 would be nice :3
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ can you add rational cast from numbers? :3
@Downgoat OK, done.
@Dennis :D thank you!
brb, gonna sleep for 8 hours
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei bai
1:39 AM
@Downgoat k, lemme just add casts to/from
So many wrong/deleted answers :o My challenge is not that hard
@HelkaHomba it's trickier than it seems
Current history of the OEIS server upgrade message:
Thu, Aug 11 2016, 01:01:18:
"The OEIS may be off the air this weekend August 13 to 14 so that we can upgrade the server. There may be further interruptions later."
Sun, Aug 14 2016, 01:06:44:
"The OEIS may be off the air the weekends of August 13/14 and August 20/21 so that we can upgrade the server. There may be further interruptions later."
My program is absolutely freaking massive
Currently, the OEIS is read-only :/
1:47 AM
I assume the other ones are failing on the waves because they copy the second-to-last character
@HelkaHomba In my case, that's not really a question of hard but of me being stupid. Take 2 should work though.
my answer is bad but it works correctly
oh my mathoverflow's design is scary ugly
2:06 AM
I thought you were joking, goat; then I saw
this is offensive to my eyes, brb flagging for designer attention
it's not that bad
It's fine.
Why does mathoverflow even exist when there's already math.se?
2:14 AM
One's more academic and the other's more general
Q: 100KB image compression

CodingGolfHockeyYour task is to, given an image, compress it to 100000 bytes or less while still preserving the image's quality as much as you can. Rules: No cheating/loopholes. Your code must not be optimized to work best only on the test set of images, but rather produce a good output in general. Colours th...

@DJMcMayhem I think MO was first, actually. And yes, the questions there are generally much higher-level. As in, PhD and Masters research level.
@DJMcMayhem because some people have math questions that aren't just trying to get others to do their homework for them :)
i kid ... only somewhat
@El'endiaStarman So it would be like if ppcg split into two sites, code golf and code trolling?
Unfortunately xnor... I think that kidding is pretty close to spot on :/
2:27 AM
@xnor hey I ask legit questions on math.se :P
r/tf2 has more shitposts than r/tf2shitposterclub
@xnor o_O I can't believe casework is actually shorter, would never have expected that
fairly arcane ^^
2:58 AM
I'm now the only standing cop.
@Downgoat nice
@feersum that's just lazyness then
stack cats has a small enough character set that 14 chars should be within bruteforce range, no?
3:05 AM
It's actually 10 due to flags, so you'd only have to brute force 9
WELL within bruteforce range then
Having said that, my first few brute force attempts haven't gone well these past few days...
You could say any uncracked answers is due to laziness, I suppose.
@orlp The answer was also generated by brute force, so yes.
Depends how many days you spent brute forcing I guess :P
About 1 I think.
3:10 AM
Hmm interesting, I've already spent more than 1
Hoping Dennis doesn't have any more old copies of Jelly parked on Github somewhere.
3:34 AM
He doesn't. ;-;
4:25 AM
Do you think this would make an interesting challenge? v.tryitonline.net/…
@DJMcMayhem yeah
though it might be a dupe
That's what I was worried about
I don't know what to search for though
Q: ASCII Box rendering

J AtkinTask Your task is to write a program that will output ASCII boxes at the locations specified by the input. Input You will be given a list of numbers. The format here is a bit flexible, in that you can use any deliminator you want (e.g. 1,2,3,4, 1 2 3 4, [1,2,3,4]). The list is in groups of 4 a...

Q: 1P5: Nested boxes

JoeyThis task is part of the First Periodic Premier Programming Puzzle Push. You get a hierarchy of items in the following format: 2 Hat 1 Gloves which need to be put in boxes, like so: .------------. | Hat | | .--------. | | | Gloves | | | '--------' | '------------' In the input forma...

Those are both way cooler than my challenge
I think it's pretty much a dupe of sp's challenge. I'm gonna look into some minor changes
4:38 AM
Idea: golf a novel.
Q: Type out Green Eggs and Ham in vim

Joe Z.The book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss is famous for only having 50 different words in the entire story of the book. Your task is to create a sequence of keystrokes that will result in the entire text of Green Eggs and Ham when applied to an empty file in the vim text editor, starting in norma...

Like NaNoGenMo, but with an indefinite period and it being a .
@DJMcMayhem wow, you got a challenge made about you even before you joined PPCG
@DJMcMayhem Wait, are you sure this file contains at least 50 thousand words?
I guess not.
4:44 AM
I love that challenge cause it's about Dr suess and vim. My two favorite things on this site
which is why it makes me more suspicious that is actually about you and not just a coincidence ¬_¬
> The "novel" is defined however you want. It could be 50,000 repetitions of the word "meow". It could literally grab a random novel from Project Gutenberg. It doesn't matter, as long as it's 50k+ words.
> Novel: a long written story usually about imaginary characters and events
Uhh, it doesn't matter.
@Downgoat You caught me. I'm Joe Z. Iron DJ is my sock
4:48 AM
As long as it has at least 50 thousand words.
@DJMcMayhem so should i ping you as @JoeZ.? :P
But I still can print"meow "*50000 :d
@Downgoat I prefer "DJJoe"
@DJMcMayhem wait wat Iron DJ? Are you DJMcGoathem, Dr ham jam or iron dj
so many anme .__.
@DJMcMayhem :/ doesn't roll off the tounge as nicely as some of your other names though
btw congrats on having highest voted PPCG challenge
> Member for 1 year, 3 months
TIL I've wasted used 15 months of my life in this place
4:56 AM
What's the point of having a sock with more rep than your real account? Shit, I think I'm doing it wrong
^ good point. ¬_¬
i think JoeZ is sock of you!
wat this is infinite sock loop
Well, he, I mean I, have been on the site longer than I, I mean me, has- uh have- uh wut?
im confused too ._.
I've been on the site longer than myself.
That's better
Hmm, I should invite people to the Remaining Bytes. :3
For those who missed the few previous thoughts on TRB, it's this:
Jul 31 at 8:24, by zyabin101
@DestructibleWatermelon The Remaining Bytes, a Google Spaces space for PPCG users.
So well, no one wants? :/
@Downgoat TS
@zyabin101 Terrific Stuff? :D
@Downgoat Theoretical Star.
Q: Percent-Encode a String

GamrCorpsIntroduction As some of you may know, URLs actually have a list of characters that do special things. For example, the / character separates parts of the URL, and the ?, &, and = characters are used to pass query parameters to the server. In fact, there is a bunch of characters with special func...

5:49 AM
Two answers, two invalid. It's like the story of Martin Ender.
Aug 2 at 18:19, by Martin Ender
4 answers, 4 invalid. this is going well.
6:01 AM
Built-ins that accomplish this task are not allowed, nor are standard loopholes.orlp 17 mins ago
The parent answer isn't entirely a built in.
Guess today's doodle sport :3
No answer.
Today, thank goodness, is a rest and recuperation day.
And Father Day in Brazil.
6:17 AM
@LeakyNun it's shorter to whitelist rather than blacklist ;)
@orlp sure
@zyabin101 :(
@LeakyNun did you see this answer?
A: Wave-Particle Duality Laterally Programmatically

orlpC, 69 bytes p;f(char*s){p=s[strlen(s)-1]^46;p^=p?93:3022856;printf("%s%s",s,&p);} This requires a little-endian machine, and output to a terminal that support ASCII escape codes. p=s[strlen(s)-1]^46 grabs the last ASCII code of the input string, and XORs it with the ASCII code of a dot. p^=p...

IMO it's much better than the one you called genius :P
cmon man there is no way, you commented in like 10 seconds :P
no way you had time to read it
@orlp I read fast
6:34 AM
@LeakyNun Did you try \w in Python 2?
@Sp3000 It produces this garbage %C3%91%C3%89%C3%90%C3%94%C2%AE
utf-8 encoded
@LeakyNun What's hacky about it?
@DJMcMayhem that it uses script? or is it what
@LeakyNun Which test case is that supposed to be?
Oh, you mean that is uses the eval register? e.g. \=
6:37 AM
@Sp3000 the fourth one
@DJMcMayhem yep
It's actually a pretty useful feature:
Q: How do I replace a character with its hex value?

DJMcMayhemI want to replace a character with its hex literal. For example before regex: h After regex: 0x68 I'm trying this: s/\([a-z]\)/\=printf("%#02x", submatch(0))/ But this replaces it with 00 What am I doing wrong? Is this even possible?

@LeakyNun my python port doesn't work because Python is more generous in what is an alphanumeric character
@orlp yep
@LeakyNun Hmm I see, Python 2 strings treat 128-255 different. It works with a literal '\xd1\xc9\xd0\xd4\xae' string thought
How about re.match("[!'-*.\w-]",c,256)?
(btw you might want to specify Python 3 in your answer, I think)
(or at least that for Python 2 it needs to be a u"..." string)
@Sp3000 Nope.
6:48 AM
... in Python 3, for that one
@LeakyNun Well it's cool that a non guilty link has been deleted by Ideone, no?
Hmm actually, I am a bit surprised u"..." isn't working on ideone, it seems to work locally for me
@Sp3000 different version?
ideone claims 2.7.10, which is what I also have
print len(u"ÑÉÐÔ®") seems to give 10 on ideone and 5 on my computer and on repl.it though
7:01 AM
maybe ideone's input sending is broken?
Hm... maybe? Not sure tbh. At the very least, Python 3 should work though
@Sherlock9 I made some changes to the docs and sent you a PR.
7:20 AM
@Sp3000 lets say I have some program p
in stack cats
that ends with two numbers on the stack
how do I get a program that instead ends with the sum of those two numbers on the stack?
@orlp carefully
At least, that's what the language seems like to me, since I haven't taken the time to sit down and understand it :P
In general Stack Cats doesn't concatenate easily, e.g. if you have programs A and B it's not exactly trivial to get a program that does A then B
The exception of course, is if you do something like Martin's *(...)> template, which only takes into account one half of the code
I have that right now
which results in [3, 24]
or generally, [n, 6*(n+1)]
if I can sum them we can beat feersum :P
7:27 AM
Yeah that's the thing - because Stack Cat's is reversible, you can't exactly do [a b] -> [a+b], since you can't extract a, b back from a+b
So after you add, chances are you'll need to spend a byte or two moving the result to a new stack or getting rid of the excess value
@Sp3000 can I re-use the same Interpreter for multiple runs?
the same StackCats object, that is
From memory, yes because that was the original intention
oh nevermind, my intention was to re-use it for different code
but the code is fixed
Oh, right. Yeah the intention was fixed for a specific piece of code, but run on different inputs. nvm
Just did a bit of digging, and apparently -_[X]_- adds two numbers and outputs the result correctly if the sum is neither 0 nor -1. Doesn't really help here though
7:42 AM
@Sp3000 huh
it doesn't?
>>> run(":_!_!_!",3)
[3, 24]
>>> run("-_[:_!_!_!",3)
@Mego I was making some of those changes but I hadn't committed yet. This is much more comprehensive. Thanks :D
Yeah, that's what I mean but it's not concatenative, you can't just tack it on like that to get the same result
then what was X supposed to mean if not concatenation?
Will accept your PR when I get home
7:43 AM
The X swaps neighbouring stacks
I thought you meant 'put whatever here' with X
Yeah, that was confusing, oops :P
@Sherlock9 No, thank you for getting the ball rolling! :P
I just went ahead and made you a collaborator on the repository
7:45 AM
Do what you want with the docs branch, but please don't break master :)
7:57 AM
Typing with Dasher is fun
[typed in dasher]
Speed up, now!

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