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12:10 AM
Q: International Peace

Zach GatesToday, September 21, is the International Day of Peace. This day is dedicated to world peace, but moreover the absence of war and violence. Each year, the United Nations Peace Bell is rung at the UN Headquarters in New York City. The bell is cast from coins donated by children from all contin...

I think I'm going to create a post for every international-day-of-something, haha.
That's every day ^^
@ZachGates Does the ASCII character [BEL] count as ASCII art? :D
Damn, I knew someone would ask that!
@minxomat Adding that to the footnote.
12:18 AM
I'll be right back. Need to get groceries for the week.
12:46 AM
AFK --> Angry Flying Kings
Aardvarks Foraging Kindly
Alex Fights Kittens
It's true.
Andy Farts Koalas
... did you intentionally stealth ping me because you know my name is Andy? o.o
(if not, that's the most amazing coincidence)
What, your name is Andy?? :P
So that's a yes. :P
12:56 AM
2 spoopy
I know what Alex's name is.
Alex French kisses author Franz Kafka
It only happened once!
It changed me. I underwent a metamorphosis.
I became some kind of bug thing.
@PhiNotPi Shhhh
@AlexA. Metapod?
1:00 AM
Huh? (If that's a reference to The Metamorphosis, I read it a long time ago.)
@AlexA Do you live, by chance, in Redmond WA?
(If so, this is when I make a point about being careful with your online identity. If not, then :?)
Alex is less than careful. His full name, address, and satellite pictures have all been in chat (and later deleted) at some point in time.
1:05 AM
I remember all of this except for the satellite photos.
Are we playing the look-people-up-and-see-what-we-can-find game?:D
I can play that game real well.
@PhiNotPi Why yes, in fact I do.
@AlexA. It was only up for a few seconds IIRC. Easy to miss.
Roughly the same time as the address.
I found out that information from this website: intelius.com
1:06 AM
@ZachGates Okay. I'm Geobits, go for it :D
@Geobits Fact 1: You prefer to keep an air of mystery about yourself.
Hmm does the site do non-US?
I try to be somewhat careful, but using information that's publicly available from chat you could probably find my full name and a distinguishing picture of me, if you really wanted to. :P
Fact 2: Your SE nickname is @Geobits
^ he owns that company
@PhiNotPi Sorry, this is incorrect.
Some guy stole my name before I was using it and set up that site.
> stole my name before I was using it
1:10 AM
Darn, hate when that happens.
I have multiple friends named Alex. :P
I bet I'm older than all of them.
The last man to steal from Zach Gates, was Zach Gates. >:-)
Sounds like a scandal is brewing: Zachgate.
1:11 AM
Sounds like multiple scandals are brewing.
> Zachgate
I'm definitely going to use that lol
Too late, I already registered zachgate.co.uk.
As if co.uk matters :P
.io is pretty trendy right now
1:14 AM
Take it down before I become Alex A. >:-)
Then it will be a Gatesception
@ZachGates FYI you can get suspended for impersonating another user, especially a mod. ;)
.io is to expensive for what it is.
It really is^
all these .io domains make me read all their names in a Mario voice. "it's a-me! statuspageio!"
I prefer .ganymede.
1:15 AM
@AlexA. Darn
@feersum .sexy is on the rise.
I don't think you get suspended for doing impressions of mods, though ;)
Fact 3:
Jun 10 at 14:33, by Geobits
'Geobits' is a nice-ish shade of green.
^^ true identity
That much is true.
It's also true that a mosquito got in somehow and is bothering the crap out of me.
not a child porn site ^
Seriously, it's not
Still can't click it. Not worth the risk.
1:20 AM
It's amazing the things you find on the Internet.
Something tells me that story he put on that page isn't 100% true...
> Please stop sending police to my house
/me uncomfortable
Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious?
I'm with you.
1:25 AM
Meh, I think it's bullshit and he just put it up for free traffic. No big deal either way.
It had me in tears a few minutes ago
It is BS, but you know someone had a ton of fun making that site lmao
I wonder what the Real Ultimate Power kid is up to these days.
Probably this.
Actually, this.
9:59:59. Not 10 hours as advertised.
This is more like it:
One extra second.
Not properly advertised
Peanut Butter Jelly Time? Hampster Dance? People your age know those things?
@Geobits All glory to the Hypnotoad.
Q: Mirror programs

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴHere is your task, should you choose to accept it: Output (through STDOUT, or whatever is most convenient) some n by m ASCII art that has at least one line of symmetry and is non-empty. Example: HiiH iooi iooi HiiH This is a 4x4 example output. (Note: I define an ASCII character to be in the ...

@AlexA. People my age even have children who know these things :P
:O !!
1:51 AM
@AlexA. Of course we do
the hampster dance source material: youtube.com/watch?v=JPt1n2AdQd4
My kid wouldn't recognize the windows error sounds, though. I don't think he ever played on any win before 7.
(apparently the song is called "Hampster Dance" even though the animal is usually spelled "hamster")
@Geobits That's too bad. He didn't see the glory days.
Yea, 98SE was killer >_>
1:54 AM
Vista was also a killer, but in a different way.
It was ME for those that missed the original.
Good old Windows, the One True® operating system.
Once you go Mac, you never go back.
How is it that both of you are wrong?
I used a Mac in grade school. I then went back.
2:03 AM
Enlighten us then, Dr. Bits.
That's... real? :/
Where did you find it?
@Geobits I remember XP and a little bit of 98
2:06 AM
I remember when 98 was amazing :)
@AlexA. Since I bought my Macbook, I haven't been on my PC. Not even to transfer my files lmao
@PhiNotPi Whoa.
> The operating system was designed to "talk with God"
2:11 AM
IIRC, one of the function keys prints a random bible verse.
Have you used it?
I'm somewhat tempted to install it as a VM.
no, I haven't used it
Hopefully another key tells me I'm going to Hell. I don't get enough of that around here.
> God said to create the operating system with 640x480, 16 colors display and a single audio voice
> Initial release: 2013; 2 years ago
I do want to put it in a VM, though.
2:13 AM
@Geobits You're going to hell and I'm coming with you.
It's rather impressive, since it's not based on Linux.
@AlexA. It's even better when people tell me I should feel bad because I'm condemning my child to eternal damnation. Like, "Umm, don't you have anything better to do today?"
> Written in: HolyC
I need to learn that language
@Geobits Haha, why is he condemned? By virtue of being related to you? :P
I need to learn PySatan.
2:15 AM
That exists??
I should make PySatan.
@AlexA. Because I don't take him to church I guess. I sometimes tune them out around then, believe it or not :D
Living surrounded by Southern Baptists is fun.
@AlexA. PySatan should just output the zalgo-fied source code...
I'll help with PySatan if it's Python based
No joke
PySatan should be like SPL except with the Necronomicon.
2:17 AM
If it's python-based, it's already halfway to satanic, isn't it?
Python is <3
At least it isn't Java.
@Geobits I can only imagine...
I think my last was misinterpreted: python -> serpent -> "satanic"
Lol, the paint on TempleOS is called God Doodle
@Geobits My father-in-law is a Southern Baptist minister, haha
This is annoying. /:
2:20 AM
@ZachGates Oh, don't get me wrong, there are tons of nice, normal Baptists. There's also, however, a large subset that really just don't GAF that they sound batshit-crazy.
Oh, there definitely are (a large subset that really just don't GAF that they sound batshit-crazy) lol
HolyC has some really interesting concept. Here's a technical review: codersnotes.com/notes/a-constructive-look-at-templeos
Might golf in it sometime ^^
It actually exists??
Yes. It's what TempleOS is written in.
9 mins ago, by Zach Gates
> Written in: HolyC
2:24 AM
I thought it was joke.
I never joke when it comes to TempleOS
Talking to God is no joke, hahaha
> TempleOS has system-wide autocomplete. You can hit Ctrl-F1 at any point and get a list of completable words. Not just filenames, but also symbol names. All source code is indexed and you can jump to any function from anywhere, even from the shell. The same system works in any program throughout the OS.
> There is no hardware support. By that I mean that TempleOS does not support any hardware other than the minimal core system that makes a PC. There is no support for any graphics card other than VGA, there is no support for any soundcard other than the PC speaker, and there is no support for networking.
Gotta dig out my old VGA cables :P
> From the command-line, you can call Uf(“Foo”) to disassemble a function, and each symbol printed will be hyperlinked in the shell window. Click on it to go to the source. objdump can’t do that.
That's just cool.
Someone should take the source and incorporate it into more... neutrally stanced... software.
2:29 AM
Blasphemer! To the dungeon with you!
> TempleOS seems to use 65% of my CPU time, even when doing nothing
From the HolyC compiler manpage: * Allows "5<i<j+1<20" instead of "5<i && i<j+1 && j+1<20".
@AlexA. Talking to God is CPU intensive ;)
Python does that too, though. And I'm sure others do, too.
Python is a scripting language, not a low-level compiler.
Oh, true /:
2:32 AM
Native compiler development is really fun but not easy ;)
Ugh, it's written in Visual Basic and indented with tabs??
You can choose your indentation.
Tabs, you say?
After reading some of the comments, this seems like the truest one on that TempleOS page:
> To everyone leaving negative comments, I would be careful leaving comments with my real name attached to them. Terry seems like the kind of deranged lunatic who would track you down and murder you in your sleep.
@minxomat I mean the source code
2:37 AM
I got TempleOS to work in VirtualBox!
How is it? Do you feel saved yet?
@AlexA. If I ever bother writing a language, 1) Indentation level will be significant, and 2) Spaces won't count as indentation. You're welcome :D
My head is still spinning from the Hitler thing.
@ZachGates Dare I ask: What Hitler thing?
Were you not here for that?
2:39 AM
@Geobits ಠ_ಠ
Just to clarify, did I remember correctly that Alex hates tabs but Geobits likes them?
@ZachGates I guess not.
6 hours ago, by mbomb007
Also, completely random, but many history books (like the ones I learned from in HS), have that Hitler committed suicide, but he didn't. http://yournewswire.com/fbi-hitler-didnt-die-fled-to-argentina-stunning-admissio‌​n/
@Justin Yes.
Oh no, I saw that.
6 hours ago, by mbomb007
@AlexA. Fine, here it is on fbi.gov: https://vault.fbi.gov/adolf-hitler/adolf-hitler-part-01-of-04/view
Yeah, I see that you did, haha.
2:41 AM
Q: Did Hitler survive until 1962?

Sindri TraustasonI noticed this book, "Grey Wolf: The Escape Of Adolf Hitler", mentioned (without real criticism) in a major Icelandic newspaper. According to the article, the book claims Hitler did not kill himself, and the authors claim to have proof that he lived in Argentina until he died from natural causes ...

That was posted earlier, also.
I didn't see it, so no it wasn't :P
Skeptics SE has a tag for Hitler??
Oh jeez, Terry Davis left comments on that TempleOS article and they're... bad.
@ZachGates What can I say? People just can't get enough of Hitler.
2:44 AM
@AlexA. That's what I meant about the comments earlier.
Yeah, I hadn't seen Terry's yet though.
What makes you think it's not a random troll?
Q: Are "Hitler" brand ice cream cones sold in India?

March HoA number of recent articles (Daily Mail, Fox News, Hindustan Times) describe ice cream cones being sold in India which are labelled as "Hitler" distinctly on their boxes. If you think the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has nothing to do with ice-creams, you’re wrong. Photographs of an ice-crea...

@feersum Idk. Either way they're pretty bad comments.
The kind that would probably get someone perma-banned from SE.
2:47 AM
Terry's analogies are hilarious though.
@feersum The TempleOS page itself has some similar content: templeos.org/Wb/Home/Wb2/TADRant.html You have to scroll through a bit to see, but even if it is a random troll, it doesn't seem out of character.
@AlexA. >Linux is a semi-truck with 20 gears to operate.
Windows is more like a car.
TempleOS is a motorbike. If you lean over too far, you’ll fall off. Don’t do that.
I don't doubt that he makes uncouth rants in general, just the comment on that particular page.
2:49 AM
Anyone want a challenge race?
A challenge race?
@Geobits He's schizophrenic, apparently.
@Geobits We both get 2 hours to write a challenge and the one with the most eventual votes wins.
I'm feeling so saved by TempleOS right now.
2:51 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I feel I can't play this right now. I'll be asleep in under two hours.
(the probability that I'd lose has nothing to do with it ;)
The problem with challenge races is that the guy who proposes it usually has an idea already.
I'll spot you one vote for every 5 min under 2 hours
Challenge: Reimplement TempleOS.
Do I win?
I truly don't! (Or do I ;))
You always do.
2:53 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies I'll compete, but I'm not famous like the rest of you, so I'm not sure that's fair. /:
No thanks. Mine wouldn't end up being "good" with those rules. If I'm strictly looking for quick votes, it would end up being chock-full of some pop-culture references and a banal challenge.
@PhiNotPi Have you seen the light? If not, try turning up the brightness on your monitor.
Well, I honestly don't have any ideas, but I was thinking of writing a challenge tonight and this seems to spice it up.
@ZachGates So if you post a challenge in the next two hours I'll assume you're competing ;)
I got yogurt on my trackpad.
@AlexA. Gross. A trackpad.
2:56 AM
Gross. Yogurt.
@Geobits If it makes you feel any better, it's almond milk yogurt. :P
@Calvin'sHobbies Easier to clean yogurt off of than a mouse.
@AlexA. Mice can clean themselves, like cats
I don't feel bad anyway, I'm not the one eating yogurt.
@Geobits Fine, I guess I'll have some oatmeal.
I may just delete my last post. Seems to have flopped.
2:59 AM
@Calvin'sHobbies By that argument, couldn't any reasonably flexible animal clean itself?
A tongue also helps.

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