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12:17 AM
@feersum Sounds like a good time for eval(`L`.replace(",","^"))[0] :P
My comment on this meta answer has gotten a couple upvotes. Do we have a meta post for what number systems should be allowed for input/output? Should I make one?
just make a separate answer to that question?
it doesn't seem like a separate question @BrainSteel
Well, I don't really know what systems should and should not be included. I'm entirely indifferent to ternary.
12:39 AM
Does anyone remember that trick to see vote counts even when I don't have enough rep?
@BrainSteel the list in your comment seems good.
@PhiNotPi ask a high-rep user?
I'll go ahead and answer it, then.
@PhiNotPi Manually send the POST request. There's a script on StackApps for it.
@Doorknob Found it, thanks.
1:10 AM
what language outputs to STDIO the fastest?
cat? :)
I feel like the bottleneck is the actual rendering of the text and not the program generating it.
(assuming the text is being rendered as it's being outputted)
C is probably the fastest (?)
1:52 AM
Best way is to use fwrite w/ in memory buffer
2:11 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MaltysenTell me how many math problems I have to do! My teacher always gives me the most complicated set of math problems for homework. Like: pg. 546: 17-19, 22, 26, pg. 548: 35-67 odd, 79, 80-86 even. And I want to know in advance how much time to set aside for my homework, but I don't want to have to ...

@MartinBüttner I'm not sure if I've asked this before, but just to double check - is there a defined behaviour for (?:(...)) (i.e. capturing group in non-capturing) and is it the same for most flavours?
It seems to capture normally when I try on Regex101
what else would it do?
Have (?:) not capture anything at all even if groups are inside, i.e. (?(?ab)*c)+? But I guess you'd lose the ability to capture, which would be a problem
yes. the ?: only refers to the specific parentheses it's attached to
Right, got it :) (will probably try and fix Slip up once exams are over, in that case...)
2:54 AM
I'm just so happy. I can't believe Jimmy actually changed his username.
Wow we sure have had a lot of Fibonacci tilings
@Sp3000 Some things are more important than exams.
@Sp3000 there's at least one more ;)
Is there?
yeah, Dennis's fastest code from the other day
and we were definitely in dire need of the tag. I found 13 challenges where it's definitely applicable... maybe more if I did a more thorough search.
2:57 AM
Ah, I mentally assumed that since it was so recent you'd already tagged it
no, I just created the tag today, and then made a list of relevant challenges sorted from oldest to newest
I'll probably finish retagging those tomorrow
8 hours later…
10:53 AM
lol I have a crack for user jimmy23013's hash but putting the numbers in my post crashes the browser
Q: Testing a new challenge v1

VajuraI will use this to test a modified version of Red vs. Blue - Pixel Team Battlebots code that automaticaly gets data via javascript. Please ignore it for now.

i think i have a solution for this codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/50467/… but happens to be runtime-golf not bytes-golf
plz add (fastest code) tag for it
helas, bounty is for codegolf , i suck at golfin :/ nvm
11:25 AM
@Agawa001 Yeah, I suck at code-golfing too, but would have loved to try and find some heuristics for this problem.
11:39 AM
so.. only 2 more bytes to go to beat Pyth in young hook product...
maybe user Jimmy23013 can help
Ho ! So Jimmy = user !
11:58 AM
oups, i should rather say alas instead of helas , and i should especially save my english from my french.
yes @Katenkyo i have an heuristic with complexity=O(2n) and i m testin its implementability
@Agawa001 Yeah, but won't be able to score good at golfing I think, except if you implement it in a golfing language, but you would break your complexity :/.
@jimmy23013 Out of curiosity, how did you pick 600 to be the number to split by?
12:30 PM
I overlooked that I is 2^2^30, and thought it was 2^2^20 just like the run time limit. And 600 is enough to make the longest input smaller than a full square...
Yeah, I thought it might have been something like that... I was initially confused too, but Martin clarified that the domain limit and runtime limits are separate
My initial thought was that if it didn't fit in a square, I'd try to fit it in a rectangle instead and account for the difference
But squares certainly hurt my brain less :)
12:50 PM
Hum, have some idea for a KotH, should try to lay down that
1:23 PM
Hey y'all!
What are you up to?
He's still trying to fight his internal Pi
1:54 PM
What is the numerical value of Phi && ! Pi?
So they finally clarified that 10 questions per day is a must for graduation..
@PhiNotPi why do you take && ?
also, && is logical, so its 0
Let's organize an assembly line process for challenge writing.
but ..
I guess & is actually bitwise and.
> Afterwards (after 1 year in beta), certain features of graduation (elections, community ads, full migration target, listed in footer) are enabled and the label beta is removed.
what are reputation levels ?
1:57 PM
The reputation levels needed for certain privileges change.
Well that wasn't very informative.
That's Mathematica for you
also, its not BitAnd
BitAnd works, but only for integers.
I have nothing to do at work :(
2:06 PM
BitAnd[Floor[GoldenRatio * 2^64], BitNot[Floor[Pi* 2^64]]]/2^64 // N
@Vioz- BBBF?
My solution is to shift them and then unshift them.
@trichoplax huh?
Gives 0.6015635247988785
Q: Block Building Bot Flocks!

Calvin's HobbiesIntro This is an interactive king-of-the-hill contest where the controller is fully contained in a Stack Snippet at the bottom of the question. The controller automatically reads the answers and plays through games. Anyone can run it at any time right in their browser. Game in action (Baseline ...

2:08 PM
Hm, interesting
Never actually done anything with Javascript
@PhiNotPi Nice :P I kind of hoped Mathematica had this sort of thing builtin, but I guess even this is too niche for Mathematica
I was thinking of buying Mathematica, but $300 for a personal copy.. eh\
(student licence woo, although some people have it better because their uni/college lets them get it for free)
@Sp3000 I don't have any license. still I can use it. without any piracy involved..
Well I don't have a Pi :P
2:14 PM
what ?
me neither
Now I feel like a Pi is a good investment if I get Mathematica free, haha
Wait, if it's bundled with the OS that you can download for free, couldn't I just have a VM with Raspbian OS?
I simply signed up for 15 day trial online
Or that too
2:18 PM
after 15th day, it send me a mail that my trial expires today.
but I can still login online and use it :D
really? wow..
I don't know how their trial works, but I've had a piece of software with a 30 non-consecutive day trial.
So you could use it on 30 different days over the course of a year?
That's.. interesting
I wonder how they implement that
2:22 PM
g=file.read("daysleft.txt");if (g=="0") exit; else file.write("daysleft.txt", g-1);
2:44 PM
I'm currently looking at this challenge: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/11880/…
Ha ha good luck ;)
Here's my pan of attack:
From the basic Game of Life, I have the metapixel.
I am trying to use groups of 9 metapixels in a square as an ubermetapixel. By giving each of the 9 metapixels a different "rule" I intend to use those ubermetapixels to emulate WireWorld.
Um, adding more levels of automata??
Have you read Permutation City?
It might serve as a cautionary tale...
Well, WireWorld is a lot more workable, since programmable computers have been built in it.
Do you need to produce the display too, or can you just send video output?
2:58 PM
Possibly produce the display. It's too early to be concerned about that, though.
You've actually made it sound plausible, especially if you can describe in it terms of these much larger pieces, to give a manageable description of the whole thing
@PhiNotPi here's mine:
Hmmm... I think I've gotten an ubermetacell to work for a von neumann version of WireWorld.
Well, maybe not.
Not quite, but I'm going to see if I can work with it.
3:14 PM
which simulator do you use?
My mind.
(Just sketching stuff by hand for right now)
I'm wondering, how will you handle the rotation of a "|" piece for instance? Could slow down the fall by an impressive amount of time if it has to stay static :/
1 hour later…
4:17 PM
So I just tried to fry some fish.
This doesn't sound like it's ending well
something smells fishy...?
Well, it worked out a whole lot better than it could have, because the fish was successfully eaten
(The context being that I'm a teenager who's home alone for the day, having little to no cooking experience.)
Being alone home is the best way to start cooking some good thing !
You don't have to be afraid to cook something bad for others :p
4:43 PM
I'm a fringe-adult, wouldn't go near trying to cook fish (or anything other than, like, KD or eggs & sausages), haha
Wait, why aren't you in school?
School's over for me. My graduation ceremony is this weekend.
Graduating from High School?
oh, wow
my younger brother still has school 'til near the end of June
Where are you planning to go for school next year?
4:48 PM
Heya all, I have a maths problem. How do we find the number of relative extrema a function has in a certain interval? The number I expect is quite large (> 1e9) so actually finding all of the extrema is not an option.
Well, i can't say anything but gg so ^^
@BrainSteel what kind of function?
This function is fairly similar in terms of denseness to what I want. Wolfram refuses to graph mine, though.
If you find the acceleration of the period, you should have the number you're looking for, no?
the given one is easy to calculate (I think), what is yours?
4:55 PM
@Katenkyo That... seems to make sense... Can you be a bit more specific? I think I can tell what you're getting at.
sin((x+4)e^(e^(x^9))) for 1 <= x <= 5
sin(x*e^x) has something like floor(xe^x/pi)local maximum in [0,x] (the expression is definitely wrong, but the format is similar)
What's the process for getting to that answer?
@BrainSteel Well, for this case, If you can find the rate the periode is shortened at each cycle, you can know how much period you have for an interval based on the length of the first period and this rate
you can get rid of the sinus, and you only want to count how many times the inner expression goes through a value of k*pi+pi/2 which is the maximum of the sinus
@randomra I got that far, and perhaps my brain just isn't working today, but how do I know how many times it goes through k*pi + pi/2?
5:00 PM
Have to go, will think of that and come back if I find a formula to calcyl that
Alrighty, cya! :D
it's strictly monotonic, so with division
(endvalue-startvalue)/(pi/2) +-1 based on the exact values
I'd have to find where some complicated expression is an integer, though, since k is 0, 1, 2, 3, 4... right?
no, you just need the number of times you cross it,so if you know the biggest k is 10, the lowest is 1
then there was 9 maximum
OH... That makes a lot more sense, wow. I feel like I should have seen that :P Thank you!
5:05 PM
you're welcome :)
That is much more elegant than trying to actually count them.
5:51 PM
no questions today yet.. :/
so much for 10 questions per day
I don't think that would be healthy anyway with the same size of userbase
I might be wrong though
well, tell it to the community manager of SE
PPCG is quite different from the other Q&A sites
tell that too
5:53 PM
I'm working on a question
is there any benefit from graduating?
Icons get customised
we get good css
totally worth it
Rep requirements get higher
What is 'graduating'
5:55 PM
This is a beta site
@Vioz- you'll get to know next Saturday.
Sites start out on Area 51 as a site proposal, and have to prove themselves as a beta site before graduating into a full Stack Exchange site.
I see. So next Saturday we'll know if PPCG is going to graduate?
We are graduating next Saturday
Ohh, I see.
Are we going to see any immediate differences? Except for more active people? (in theory)
5:59 PM
more active people is not a result of graduation
@trichoplax "Worst Case Manhattan Exclusion"? at first read it seems like the solution is very simple, but I'mprobably wrong
Well I don't know, I just kind of assumed graduating = more visibility = more people
will think about it, I have some spare time, and no new questions :)
@randomra I'm looking for feedback on any trivial methods before I decide whether to post, so please let me know any thoughts you have
@Vioz- its the other way round
6:00 PM
@randomra Thanks :)
Oh :(
Is this simply another part of that running gag?
I have no idea what you are talking about
Its totally serious this time
Alright, now I'm confused..
@Vioz- @PhiNotPi used to joke around here about the false graduation date. So he is still in denial stage when we are actually graduating.
6:03 PM
@Vioz- People like to joke about graduation coming soon. If you want to know how it really works, you can read this
Alright, thanks
Now I think I get it.
@Vioz- We aren't actually graduating. (Nor did I ever claim we were graduating)
Denial Stage
Generally you can ignore any comments about graduation, unless they come from a high rep user like @Geobits
1 hour ago, by PhiNotPi
School's over for me. My graduation ceremony is this weekend.
6:08 PM
6:24 PM
@trichoplax My name is Geobits, and I approve this message.
@Geobits I assume you've seen the announcement?
I took a look yesterday, but I'm off this week, so don't expect much activity from me. Kid just got out of school and all ;)
When did we even see any sort of activity from you ?
oh... you mean meaningless chat messages ?
and graduation announcements.. ?
Mainly. So less of that this week :P
@Geobits No that wasn't a hint! Have fun
6:37 PM
I strongly dislike CSS
As a concept or how they are implemented?
It has no real base except for the fact that I'm design-challenged and I can't for the life of me make anything good in it
Yet my boss keeps giving me tasks requiring CSS, haha
Do you want to get better at it or convince your boss you give you different tasks?
I'd rather get better at it, because I see what can be made from it and want to be able to do that
I have no issue with the tasks except for the fact that I don't think it's my strongest point, he usually tells me what exactly he wants though which makes it easy to search up the properties and set them accordingly
6:55 PM
Even once we graduate it will be a long time before we see any changes. Code Review graduated in September and is still wearing beta colours
@Vioz- I'm just learning JavaScript so I'm still looking up everything before I do it. I haven't used a great deal of CSS with it though - just changing fonts and colours so far...
Yeah, I have no problem with the simple stuff, I guess I just don't have the eye of design when it comes to making something that looks good. It all works, but none of it is something I'd actually want to use, which is where my boss comes in. Even when I did freelancing when I was younger I had a friend do all of the front-end design because I couldn't make anything look good, haha
@trichoplax I don't have a proof, but I think the answer is around (w+r)//2r * (h+r)//2r + w//2r * h//2r (+- 1's probably missing from r's)
yes diameter is 2*radius + 1, so that might make a difference
My main interest is whether such a formula applies to all cases (in which case the challenge isn't worth posting)
How does your formula respond to r>w or r>h?
you have to prove that no overlap is necessary and it worth to put the first center at 0,0
I'm going to add a diagram before I post, to emphasise that the exclusion zones are diamonds (squares rotated 45 degrees) and that the grid wraps (so that all starting points are equivalent)
I'm also working on a stack snippet to allow playing around with the numbers and placing items with the exclusion zones highlighted
7:10 PM
@trichoplax I just counted the number of tiles contained in a w*h area, so it should be fine with any r, with proper +-1's which I didn't bother to figure out
Okay, I just asked a question to break the silence..
@randomra Ah. I think I've asked a slightly different question than I intended. I was picturing the exclusion zones not overlapping, but the way I've worded it they only exclude the centre of other zones, not the entire zone. I can't quite work out if that is equivalent but with a different radius, or a fundamentally different question
I'm going to need that stack snippet just to understand my own question
I meant the same way, as tiling the grid with r+1-by-r+1 diamonds
Quick question, how would we write numbers in bases higher than 36? Is there a standardized way to scale this? Maybe I'm thinking about this too hard.
up to base 62 works with mixed case letters
7:17 PM
Cause I'm looking at Optimizer's question and have no clue how I would go about creating an alphabet for a number in base 3047 for example
or maybe I don't need to do that..
base 58 excludes ambiguous characters 0, O, I and l
Ah, base 62 isn't going to cut it then...
@Vioz- you don't need that
Q: All about basic binary

Mr. LlamaPlease excuse the punny title. This is a question is inspired by A Curious Property of 82000. In it, the author points out that the number 82000 is binary in base 2, 3, 4, and 5. The post then poses the question "is there a number that is binary in bases 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6"? (For those curio...

@Optimizer you've changed!
@Optimizer Am I right in thinking that the representation will always be binary for 2, n-1 and n?
Seriously ?
Its not me. It was a joke.
because his name is Mr. Llama
7:26 PM
It is you - it just takes a while for the chat avatar to catch up. I've changed my avatar before...
And I changed my username at the same time just for completeness
Nice question by the way
Just posted a self answer
You changed your avatar back again??
@Optimizer how do you assign a value to a variable in CJam?
7:29 PM
X is variable name
top stack element is value
What's the longest program you know of written in CJam?
(I don't mean a bowling answer, I mean a substantial program)
(or Pyth or GolfScript or whatever)
algorithmshark has a collection of his long J codes in his info box: codegolf.stackexchange.com/users/5138/algorithmshark
7:38 PM
@Optimizer Nice :)
A: Portal Maze Shortest Path

HowardGolfScript, 182 characters ;0`{41 3 10rand?/3%`}98*0`]10/n*n+.[12n*.]*.0{[`/(,\+{,)1$+}*;]}:K~\2K:P+${[.12=(]}%.,,{.{\1==}+2$\,{~;.P?0<!P*3,{10+}%1+{2$1$-\3$+}%+~}%`{2$~0<@@?-1>&2$[~;@)](\@if}++%}/-1=1=.0<{;}* Examples: 0000001002 1010000001 0011010000 2001020000 0100100011 0110100000 0100000...

GS, 182 with strings and whatnot
...and that's the shortest answer too...
A: Integer Emotions

aditsuCJam - 169 S24*aB*2li_D=3{_0<2{_2%}?}?\;:X"^^<>__":s"(O)"a2*+2/=~6X3=-{S*_@+_,C\-S*2*+@@++}:F~t7'o5*_7F:MtX3={5Mt6'o_7Ft}*X2<{X2*6+'o_5Ft}*{" |"\+'|+}%S'-26*+aa2*\*_3=1>"()"\*3\tN* Try it at http://cjam.aditsu.net/ High-level explanation: S24*aB* makes a matrix full of spaces, for the face w...

CJam, 169
wheeeee... question silver, mortarboard, and 1k rep on mother meta :)
huh, since when does 1b work in CJam?
nice :)
7:51 PM
1b used to always work
I have always preferred 1b over :+ for sum, as 1b works on empty arrays
nah, it used to cause an endless loop
that way round
no, never
no I mean Integer 1b
oh, he fixed it long back
he should fix 0b too :|
what would that do?
7:52 PM
not throw ?
right, but what should it return?
right now, you cannot do ri_,fb
(I just tried basic binary... my code is exactly the same as yours...)
trying to write CJam but with the SF operator list I have very little clue what the operators expect...
(or in future if f had implicit ,, you should be able to do ri_fb
7:54 PM
@randomra yeah, there are definitely a few surprises :D
@MartinB├╝ttner the few surprises for me are "woah, that actually worked" :)
I thought I almost had a working program
but according to my function 82000 in base 328 is 0..
@Optimizer got 26 bytes with bonus
oh, no I don't
yeah 0b definitely needs to work :D
I guess X 0b should just give [X], such that 0b0b is still a no-op.
@Optimizer why is your 27 byte version not based on the 20 byte version?
8:11 PM
Spent so long on a Py2 solution only to see one much shorter posted, darn
@MartinBüttner, maybe the CJam interpreter is having problems, but your suggestion solution (19.5 bytes) seems to go on infinetly (or at least a lot longer than Optimizer's)
I never suggested a 19.5 byte solution
Whoops, I meant Dennis, haha
Not sure why I thought that was you.
8:26 PM
I wonder if you could claim a 19.5 byte solution in a question without a bonus if the final 4 bits are not used (can be set to anything without invalidating the code)
if you used a case-insensitive language, you could subtract 1 bit for the 32s place for all the letters in the program !
I was thinking about it in multiplication-by-self-modification, there A and C could be non-full bytes but would add up to full bytes, and you would get some extra character at the AB-BC joints
That would be kind of annoying for ties if it wasn't as distinct as a 4-bit lead to win. Imagine losing to someone who's last character takes 6 bits when yours takes 7.
However, making the entire count based on bits would be interesting
Then symbol-heavy languages would have a benefit over letter-heavy languages
Now that I think about it further, the standings in challenges probably wouldn't be much different than now
A: All about basic binary

TheNumberOneJava, 181 155.25(207 * .75) bytes class I{public static void main(String[]a){long b=new java.util.Scanner(System.in).nextLong(),c,d=1;a:for(;d++<b;){c=b;String e="";while(c>0){e=c%d+e;if(c%d>1)continue a;c/=d;}System.out.println(d+" "+e);}}} Expanded: class I { public static void main(S...

8:43 PM
@Vioz- It takes 50 seconds with the online interpreter on my computer.
The Java version takes 0.25 s. Not sure what's going on there.
Yeah, I figured something was weird with the online interpreter
Q: Tell me how many math problems I have to do!

MaltysenMy teacher always gives me the most complicated set of math problems for homework. Like: pg. 546: 17-19, 22, 26, pg. 548: 35-67 odd, 79, 80-86 even. And I want to know in advance how much time to set aside for my homework, but I don't want to have to figure all that out. That's why its your task ...

9:24 PM
Would [this](https://pyth.herokuapp.com/?code=VQI%3E2eSJjQK%2B2N%2CKJ&input=82000&debug=0) (score 12.75) be an acceptable answer for the Basic-Binary-Question? ;-)
I print each base on a separate line, it includes the binary value using the base (separated with a space), but it also prints some other stuff like ,()[].

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