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12:00 AM
Come to Seattle and let's jam. :D
taking next flight from Sweden
do it do it do it
> Come to Seattle and let's jam. :D
12:00 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ CJam 2 confirmed?!?!
Code in 7/11 notation
prays that it wont be on sourceforge
@AlexA. I'd rather have a Jelly 2
12:01 AM
@ThomasKwa o-o Jelly the First is hardly finished
@ThomasKwa Jelly 1 isn't even done
I'm amazed you listened to Meshuggah @AlexA.
these things keep on happening to me XD
12:01 AM
I was just about to say "or a Jelly 1, for that matter"
Never met anybody who actually listened to them
@sweerpotato Why? It's good stuff. :)
Nothing has always been my favorite album by them.
Jelly 1 has barely been started.
Stengah is so fun to play
can't handle the snare solo in Spasm
rest of the song is so-so when I play it
Have you done any drum covers on YouTube?
12:03 AM
I have a really old cover of Slipknot - Psychosocial
Haven't heard it. I was never really into Slipknot.
I'd love to see the video though! :D
goddamn I was awful
almost 6 years ago
I think you sound great. :)
Thanks :X
damn.. 6 years ago
now I have my own apartment and a digital drum kit
rip in time
@Dennis True, but shoco would beat a dictionary-approach for compressing Jelly code itself with the proper patterns
12:10 AM
Oh, Dennis is gone.
He's abandoned us ;_;
@AlexA. what kind of music do you like?=
Just realized I can edit posts
@sweerpotato All kinds of stuff.
Minus the Bear is one of my favorite bands.
Never heard of them
Lemme search them up
@AlexA. wat
@quartata lel
So what happened with this:
Q: Can I ask a question seeking feature requests for a golfing language?

isaacgI noticed an old question, An improved version of GolfScript, which asked, as a tips question, for people to suggest ways to improve GolfScript. This was a well-received question, but times may have changed. I'd like to ask a similar question about Pyth, for obvious reasons. I'd like to know whe...

dat song title
I thought this was acceptable but I just noticed the Pyth topic got closed
@sweerpotato Yeah, I don't normally judge books by their cover but here I'm judging both the book and the reader
12:19 AM
ayy lmao
@quartata ಠ_ಠ
@quartata ಠ___ಠ
ಠ is fun, btw.
@quartata Their song titles are often strange, particularly for older albums, but they rarely if ever have anything to do with the actual song. I recommend giving it a shot.
Aside from string and array manipulation, any thoughts on how existing features in Jelly could be improved?
@Sparr That definition is right. You need to select an IPAddress
and return it
12:21 AM
@quartata You should go to the Jelly room.
@quartata Class interaction.
@AlexA. this is really nice
@ThomasKwa But no one goes into the Jelly room :/
Can you imagine standard libraries in Jelly? D: Written in Jelly?
@sweerpotato :D
12:21 AM
I'm in the Jelly room.
I wanted to just see what everyone thought of Jelly so far.
@Sparr oh, lol, just read your other ping
@ThomasKwa Out of context quote of the day
should have read all pings before replying
Hey guys my bot has a die roller utility now
12:24 AM
@AlexA. ever heard Ghost?
@sweerpotato Is that a band? Maybe but I'm not sure. I think not.
@SuperJedi224 How did you generate that?
@quartata Carefully
Ah gotcha.
@sweerpotato Not really my cup of tea. For some reason I thought the chant in the beginning was from Monty Python. o_O
I thought for a second you had made a soup whose ashes were the image
Monty Python?! :D
12:28 AM
Still nice
...weird. You get ashes from soups...
@El'endiaStarman Cellular automaton terminology
12:29 AM
God I love Monty Python
why am I listening to this stuff
@SuperJedi224 We're so weird
Monty Python 2.x
@SuperJedi224 I know. It's still weird. Both terms make sense in their own individual context, but together...
@quartata This is the soundtrack to my dreams
@AlexA. 10/10
12:30 AM
@quartata That would be awesome though
@SuperJedi224 Like a reverse soup finder.
Take the still life and find a soup that produces it
That would be... something
Another sandbox question written
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Thomas KwaNumber of strict partitions of a positive integer code-golf math integer-partitions OEIS A000009 counts the number of strict partitions of the integers. A strict partition of a nonnegative integer n is a set of positive integers (so no repetition is allowed, and order does not matter) that sum ...

Strangely, we don't have a plain integer partitions question.
@ThomasKwa because this: pyth.herokuapp.com/…
and it should be seven bytes except for a bug
Dec 8 at 2:21, by quartata
Every time I try to do it, I get hungry for tacos.
challenge 2 difficult
@quartata Eat tacos beforehand then power through
12:43 AM
@AlexA. That's a good idea
@Maltysen Catalog then? I feel like partitions is a fairly standard problem.
calls Rubios
Can I have liek 10 chicken tacos and 10 fish tacos pls?
who is Rubios
Oh I forgot you don't have them up in Washington
Rubio's Coastal Grill, formerly known as Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill, is a fast casual "Fresh Mex" or "New Mex" restaurant chain specializing in Mexican food, with an emphasis on fish tacos. As of 2007, Rubio's operates, licenses or franchises more than 190 restaurants in California, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and Nevada. Rubio's was voted "Best of the Best (Cheap Eats)" in the June 2008 issue of San Diego Magazine. Its headquarters are in Carlsbad. According to founder Ralph Rubio, he and some friends from San Diego State University were on spring break in San Felipe when he first encountered fish...
filthy plebian
I think for one or both questions I should impose a runtime restriction. Is it possible to generate partitions without counting them?
12:44 AM
Oh damn, Ralph is the name of the Rubio guy who started it :O
So what does everyone say on integer partitions: catalog or not?
Catalogs don't exist anymore
Just do whatever
Should it be to polynomial time?
@ThomasKwa Yes
I think I'll also disallow builtins that solve the problem exactly.
12:49 AM
@ThomasKwa ಠ_ಠ
Julia, 10 bytes: partitions
It looks like the partition numbers grow superpolynomially, so it's not necessary to disallow Pyth's ./
> superpolynomially
I won't have any restrictions on strict partitions, I think
Mathematica IntegerPartitions
Julia wins the built-in contest
@AlexA. It looks exponential but I can't tell.
12:51 AM
/me hurriedly implements integer partitions built-in in Minkolang
@El'endiaStarman They're banned don't bother
@quartata >:D
Maybe the slope goes to zero on that second graph, but I don't know.
If it was exponential, the log-scale plot would be linear, wouldn't it?
I think the log-log plot would approach linear if it kept going.
12:54 AM
Nooo, my internetz
@quartata Pyth: ./
@Maltysen you mean l./
but does that juila built in return length?
@Maltysen Length?
You mean the number of partitions?
and is it strict partitions? Pyth's isnt
12:56 AM
partitions(n) actually returns an iterator, but if you collect() it, it's an array of arrays.
So I guess you could do n->length(partitions(n))
@AlexA. IntegerPartitions returns an array of arrays
So that means Mathematica is shorter
We need the number of partitions though
Then Count[IntegerPartitions[#]]
Except I can't golf Mathematica
So there's probably a shorter way with @ notation
Julia, 24: n->length(partitions(n))
idk mathematica but I'm gonna guess Count@IntegerPartitions
12:58 AM
So Julia still beats Mathematica :D
@Maltysen That wouldn't work
i've never actually used mathematica before ;P
I think that's it.
I have. I bought a student version of it many years ago and realized soon thereafter that I don't like it compared to Maple.
@AlexA. WHAT
1:00 AM
IMO it's hard to use.
Plain integer partitions is posted ☟
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Thomas KwaInteger partitions! code-golf math integer-partitions restricted-complexity OEIS A000041 counts the number of partitions of the integers. A partition of a nonnegative integer n is an unordered list of positive numbers that sum to n. For example, 5 has three different partitions: 5, 4,1, 3,2, ...

Wait, I forgot to edit the start
@quartata My girlfriend just got home and I played that at full volume as she walked in the door
1:04 AM
@AlexA. I'm sorry.
She's the one who originally showed it to me.
Wait, why does 2+1+1+1 not count as an integer partition of 5? Is it that not all summands are distinct?
No, I forgot to edit it from my other question @El'endiaStarman
3 rows of people instead of 2, crazy days man
@phase Not for me.
Also @phase can you explain to me how string subtraction works in O?
1:12 AM
𝔼𝕊𝕄𝕚𝕟 shows up fine for me here, but not on PPCG
Q: Is it a pangram?

AmporaWrite a function or program that takes as its input a string and prints a truthy value if the string is a pangram (a sequence of letters containing at least one of each letter in the English alphabet) and a falsey value otherwise. Case of letters should be ignored; If the string is abcdefghijklm...

Trying to make an answer for this in O.
@quartata "test" "est" - prints t, because est was removed
"westtest" "est" - prints wt, as all instances of est were removed
Oh I see.
So that's why this does nothing
Is there a way to make it more like remove each character?
Rather than a whole instance of it?
Cause if there is a way to do that...
Then O wins :P
@quartata Like abc "minus" ac gives b?
@phase Yes.
Like ideally that link I gave you
OK, more like this
That should output nothing instead of a
Is there any way to do that?
So it's like a set difference?
1:20 AM
You could iterate through the alphabet set and remove it if it was in the input
I might need another approach.
Either way I doubt it'll win now. Maybe I can hope for a tie..?
So you can iterate through the strings like an array?
@quartata You have to split it into an array with s (for the moment)
I was thinking something like Gs{n:V;Q_s{nV=VN?}d}d
I was thinking take the input iterate through the alphabet and subtract each char individually, then length the result
I guess 0 can't count as a truthy value though
@quartata You could increment it ()) to make it one
@phase Yeah
How do I iterate through the array :P
I can't read your C.
1:28 AM
@ThomasKwa is it even possible to generate partitions without exponential time? ._.
@quartata "test"s{np}d
Oh, got it.
n = used in for loops
That's the counter right?
@quartata The object that is being iterated, so the current element for arrays, counter for numbers
Oh I just realized I'm thinking through this backwards
Got it
Now I just need length
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ I think the challenge actually is to count them.
1:32 AM
That's e
All right beautiful
AFAIK there is no formula
11 bytes
nom nom nom now 14
1:33 AM
@quartata but that also prints out any leftover of the string, since e peeks instead of pops
@phase Ah
you could just says "only works in REPL" if that's allowed
Is there something like nip?
What is nip?
Removes second element on stack
1:34 AM
\; is the best you got
Although I just realized that using length won't work
Since falsy has to be a constant value
Logical NOT?
There is none yet :\
I usually use some weird 0=10?
Oh but wait
Got it.
11 bytes. Can't be shorter I don't think.
Ah well.
1:38 AM
Prints true for a_bcb_defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
@phase It should.
That has all the letters of the alphabet
oh i derp
Wait a second.
Why is The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog a pangram? There's no a
I'm dumb.
1:42 AM
I'm off to... shudders Update the docs. Wish me luck! :D
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ gg
A: Is it a pangram?

quartataO, 11 bytes GQ_s{n-}dS= Try it online. Sadly, O does not have set difference :/ Explanation G Pushes the alphabet to the stack Q Pushes input to the stack _ Converts the string to lowercase s Split string into char array { }d Iterate through ar...

Pyth cannot be beaten, sadly.
I've tried all the languages I know.
Here's a pretty O solution at any rate
How long is pyth, again?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ 6 bytes
1:44 AM
Oh it's 7.
,-sai in Jolf, I think
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ glhf
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Seriously
Probably uses stuff posted after the challenge though
@quartata It's invalid, of course, since the s object is.. yeah
At any rate I beat most of the other golfing languages
1:45 AM
wait actually l-sai
Tied with CJam
Thanks @phase
@quartata no prob
mini challenge print the ascii characters from 32 to 126
1:47 AM
My language (currently under development) would probably beat that score without special modifications to fit the challenge, but would be invalid (the language isn't done)
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ GS2, 1 byte: ç gs2.tryitonline.net/#code=w6c&input=
@Cyoce what is it's paradigm?
@Dennis there's a newline...
As in, object-oriented, stack-oriented
1:48 AM
That's called paradigm @CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ
@quartata shit
Calling it orientation implies some very.... strange... things
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Nope.
@quartata yeah
1:49 AM
That brings up some good philosophical questions actually.
@Dennis Nevermind, just a display bug on your part :P
Never split output up by punctuation
Any rate, I'm proud of my O answer.
The first answer I actually put effort into.
Watch it get no upvotes in exchange.
I think I'll down upvote it
@quartata my life
Can anyone identify this language?
> Te kiero preguntar algoo
1:52 AM
@PhiNotPi Really shitty Spanish
It means "I want to ask you something"
yo say habla?
me no habla
1:53 AM
It's something European, bc 'preguntar'
It's really shitty Spanish.
I'm 100% confident.
But, alas, quartata is an idiot.
okay, I got it as a random text message from an unknown number
"preguntar" is a word in Portuguese too, yeah?
1:54 AM
@Dennis duh
@Dennis yay
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Idiots don't make great O answers
disclaimer: all of my knowledge of Portuguese comes from looking at the home page of Stack Overflow in Portuguese
Never mind... it's "perguntar." Slightly different.
preguntar means to ask or inquire. I speak a little bit of spanish
Lo sabía también ;)
@Doorknob It's also quero, no quiero, which it what the kiero is supposed to spell.
1:56 AM
I'm tired.
@Dennis Maybe it's just supposed to be really, really bad Portuguese. :P (probably not)
It's Spanish txtspk, no doubt about it.
Anybody here not in America?
Well, Dennis is in South America...
1:58 AM
I'm in America. ^
Where then?
Like what country.
Paraguay, I think.
Some weird country like that.
Hush, you.
1:59 AM
Never met somebody named Dennis from Paraguay. :P
Well, now you have!
Wait, from Paraguay or in Paraguay?
I don't think I've ever met anyone from Paraguy (aside from on the Internet).

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