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7:00 PM
@AndréMuta That's only true if your line is a perfect fit to the data. You minimize the errors but they're only nonzero if there's no error.
in such way that in the end the sum of errors is always 0.
Yeah, but their sum is zero.
They are not zero but the sum is.
@AndréMuta Assume not all residuals are zero. Then the squares of those are all positive. Which results in a quite positive sum?
Oh, i was thinking about the errors not squared errors
You are right.
If the sum of squared errors is 0, you have no variance, which implies a perfect fit of the line to the data, which is rarely the case.
@AndréMuta I'm always right. >:D
7:03 PM
@AlexA. As soon as you mention variance it sounds way to mathy.
@AlexA. .....not sure if actually biased, or confirmation bias...
That wheel is to blame for my umm, constant mental anguish and uh, associated loss of revenue and so and so forth. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
The sum of the squared errors is the coefficient of determination (r^2) right?
7:06 PM
i do not think so
as r^2 is always between 0 and 1
Except perhaps when you put some complex numbers in your data.
Which admittedly does not make much sense then=)
@AlexA. The starboard begs to differ.
But if I fit the own model
on its data
Ah nevermind
A: How to Convince Humans to Allow a Machine Take-Over

GiliusMaximus"How to convince humans to allow a machine take over?" - the answer is, of course, "Gradually." Start with putting one machine into every home, say an AI that is so dumb that it is not really an AI, but just a computational device. Then start adding other similar machines, maybe some that will ...

The R2 is the squared of the correlations it seems.
@Geobits I like how the comments have evolved into a debate on whether machines can have souls.
7:11 PM
Yea, especially since the obvious answer is yes ;)
Are any questions on world-building actually about world building?
I think there were a few when they were first starting.
What is actual world building?
It's definitely more "rationalize this thing I came up with" from what I see of it.
@AndréMuta The sum of squared errors is (n-1)s^2, i.e. the estimated variance or mean squared error or whatever you'd like to call it, multiplied by the sample size -1.
7:17 PM
@Dennis In .uu|*GHhGjNT1Q I'm using .u as a repeat until the value stops changing. This is because I'm using the arity 2 form instead of the arity 3 form. The value in question is an integer. Another common use pattern, not used here, is the apply N times pattern.
@feersum Constructing a setting for a story.
@flawr It's just jargon for the mean of the squared distances between the points and the line.
@AlexA. I made some changes, feel free to edit anything on my sandbox
@AlexA. I know, but it still sounds way to mathy for this chat..
@isaacg I tried answering that question in Pyth (I had seen you use .u like that before), but I couldn't figure out how. So .u<lambda><integer N><integer> is repeat N times, and .u<lambda><integer> is repeat until fixed point, correct?
7:21 PM
@flawr Says someone studying math and considering a master's in it ;)
@AlexA. But not with something as dirty as probability or stats???
@AlexA. Way too useful.
Excuse me, dirty? ಠ_ಠ
@AlexA. And we are still in the nineteenth byte.
@AlexA. Already excused.
No, we lost a byte; we're the 18th Byte now.
Where did it go?
7:24 PM
Dennis golfed it.
He didn't do a very good job. I count 19.
He should do it in cjam and I bet its about 5 bytes shorter
Unless this is one of those tag moments...
@Dennis ^
@Alex ^
@Dennis Right. In general, .u<lambda><anything> is repeat until fixed point, and .u<lambda><integer N><anyting> is the same as .u<lambda>U<integer N><anything>. The integer in the latter case is converted to its range.
I always find myself thinking about hashish whenever the word 'hash' comes up.
7:26 PM
@Geobits Many years ago my girlfriend went on chat roulette and just put her cat in front of the camera and left her there. She spectated off-camera, watching people attempt to get the cat's attention.
@flawr I'm glad I'm not the only one.
Poor cat. Probably scarred for life.
Cookie's fine.
Cats are very durable. Cookies not so. We have a paradox.
She don't give a shit about anything but being warm and snuggling.
Sorry, that was just my "pretend like I care about cats because this is the internet" mode activating.
It's been manually switched off now.
7:28 PM
@Geobits You missed the opportunity to use a .
Like or
Pet peeve: When people put their entire email message in the subject line and leave the email body blank.
> Any files for call - other than the one Adam sent last night (however, I expect Caleb's presentation to take most of time)
I try to save tags for umm... important things.
I'm conflicted. See, Alex is always wrong (see the tag). But here he is not wrong.
7:30 PM
@Geobits Then obviously .
I wouldn't go that far ;)
@isaacg This describes me fairly well.
Haha, just today in the free commuters 'newspaper' there was a headline: "People who like coffee are psychopaths" I agree.
7:32 PM
@flawr As someone who likes coffee, I can confirm that this is true.
My dad roasts his own coffee. It's amazingly good.
I bet I could still resist=)
@isaacg That's neat. Would it be possible to make .u detect infinite loops? .u?%N2h*N3/N2Q could work for the Collatz sequence.
@flawr Do you like tea?
I just realized that this makes it sound like I'm wrong.
@AlexA. No. @AlexA. Why would anyone think anything different?
What do you drink?
7:39 PM
thats about it=)
So you drink eggs, syrup, and meat broth?
What??? I assumed those were the same in english, let me look those up.
Ovo = eggs, sirup = misspelling of syrup, bouillon = the salty concentrate from which broths are made
Like the Cards Against Humanity card: The gray nutrient broth that sustains Mitt Romney.
@Dennis That should be doable. It could change functionality, but probably only rarely.
Ovo=milk with some brown powder called ovomaltine.
sirup=the correct spelling of sirup
7:42 PM
@Dennis I guess you'd better post that to the Pyth feature request question before it goes off topic. :P
bouillon=not only the salty concentrate but also the broth itself
i really like herbal and vegetable bouillon
So you drink chocolate milk, whatever "sirup" is, and vegetable broth?
Well, not all together, but other than that, yes=)
@Dennis what do you think about changing u on 2 inputs to work that way as well?
Are you really sure it's syrup?
7:45 PM
Do you know those bouillon cubes that are not cubes?
@flawr Apparently ovomaltine doesn't contain sugar in Switzerland.
@flawr Yes
@AlexA. But is still sweet as f*** when you put enough of it into the milk.
It's made from malt extract, which is sweet.
But in the US it also has sugar.
@AlexA. My rule basically is you have to put enough powder into the milk such that the spoon stays upright.
So you drink sludge?
7:47 PM
Well you basically have to eat it if you do it that way=)
PS: Do you know Lucky Luke?
(French comic about a Cowboy who can fire quicker than his shadow.)
This is an opening sceene in one of those comics where the cook explains how to make coffe.
And he is saying that in the end you have to do the horseshoe check: If the horse shoe sinks, it was not enough coffee.
I'm pretty sure none of the following constitute "beverages": an ovomaltine concoction so thick that you have to eat it instead of drink it, some kind of syrup, and vegetable broth.
Why not? There is fluid in all of them and you ingest them from glasses/mugs?
If you have to eat it, it's no longer a beverage, right?
There's fluid in soup but it's not a beverage.
Vegetable broth is basically soup.
@AlexA. Is cereal a soup?
And I didn't know that one could drink syrup without dying on the spot.
7:52 PM
On the other hand you drink soup too, but it is still considered food.
@TimmyD No, soup is salty.
Well I hope your cereal is not salty.
@TimmyD Cereal refers to the grain-based thing you eat. It's just usually prepared with a beverage poured over it, such as milk.
What kind of syrup do you drink, @flawr? Like corn syrup? Maple syrup? Molasses?
Frosted Salted Flakes. They're ... something!
@TimmyD Diiiiiiiiiisgusting
7:55 PM
@AlexA. No, like raspberry syrup or with any other fruits.
(Where sirup does not only refer to the sugary very viscuous fluid, but also to the beverage when you dilute this fuild with water.)
Here I was thinking you drank the viscous sugar liquid.
@isaacg That's also "repeat until change", correct? If yes, it probably makes sense.
@AlexA. But you can freeze it and make ice cubes out of it, very good in the summer=)
Somewhat offtopic: In those LuckyLuke comics there is always a (quite stupid) dog who eventually got it's own comic series. And as a reference to the original comic it has the slogan Rantanplan, the dog that is even more stupid than its shadow.
@flawr coffee is too bitter imo
@DankMemes Incorrect, -20 points
7:59 PM
@DankMemes +20 points.
so you'll downvote me with an army of 10 accounts?
How many does he have?
@Dennis Check it out: pyth.herokuapp.com/…
I'll take "Alex is Wrong" for $2000, please.
Aug 2 at 2:48, by Alex A.
+20 points to @BrainSteel.
Chat points are different
@PhiNotPi You'll be out $2000 then.
@flawr Just the one, unlike some people I know.
glares at NotDoorknob
8:01 PM
Then what about @ಠ_ಠ ?
Oct 1 at 20:39, by Alex A.
@ಠ_ಠ is not my sock! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
If anyone sees a PiNotPhi account floating around, I swear it's not mine.
@PhiNotPi Does such an account actually exist?
@isaacg u@,/G2h*G3GQ for the non-cumulative case. Nice!
8:03 PM
What about @PhiIsPi?
I think PhiNotPi's username is proof that PhiIsPi is false.
Mmm ... pie ...
8:06 PM
8:07 PM
yay, so we all agree on that
But still gets a ton of money.
I don't know how anyone can watch a dude screaming at his screen for hours
pew pew pew
8:08 PM
similarly, IDK how anyone can watch like the world cup or super bowl for hours
boring watching people do stuff
I'd rather play games/sports myself, even if I suck at it
PLOT TWIST - the guy in the video is a jet plane pilot and the video ends with him crashing his plane
The Super Bowl is 6 hours of television to show 20 minutes of actual gameplay
@DankMemes Objection! I don't agree. Shower me with down-stars.
8:10 PM
Funny coincidence: Today a swiss F/A18 crashed.
(In france.)
ok I'll stop it's not funny anymore
okay srsly, @AlexA. created another sock ?
oh, DankMemes is a real user..
(c) by Alex A.
DankMemes even has a TM
8:12 PM
@Optimizer hahahaha
you are doing the evil laugh because you fooled me in believing that he is a real user and not your sock?
interesting term you guys have
why not just say alt
test account
@DankMemes Less fun.
@DankMemes Refers to a hand sock. A puppet.
I understand that
8:14 PM
Like the...eh, Muppets...
It's a perfectly cromulent word.
DankMemes: "I understand." El'endia: Continues to explain.
Well, it's often not for legitimate reasons...hence the masquerade and why it's called a sock and not an alternate or test account.
@TimmyD I had to go look that up DX
8:15 PM
Me: continues to continues to explain.
Now you're just explaining because I called you out on it. :P
For teh lolz
I already had it in mind but I couldn't resist... :P
why the stars?
Why not?
It's like the Milky Way
8:16 PM
I am out of context today.
@Optimizer You're digging for stars here aren't ya?
So many star
@AlexA. I see no stars. There are just pixels.
8:17 PM
Who told me the site to make equations into images to post here? I lost the link.
@AlexA. Hey wait, that's the Pleiades, right?
@AndréMuta I don't know said it before but you can try this: quicklatex.com
@El'endiaStarman That's the first Google Images result for "stars"
No, there's a way to do it with codecogs that's better.
@AndréMuta I use this one here: codecogs.com/latex/eqneditor.php
Oh right. That's the one I've used before.
I was thinking the one I linked to didn't look familiar.
8:20 PM
2 hours ago, by minxomat
Use !http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?<yourlatexhere>
\boldsymbol{y = ax+b}
@TimmyD That's what I was thinking of!
How should this work?
!http://latex.codecogs.com/gif.latex?\boldsymbol{y = ax+b}
8:21 PM
Hmm. That didn't work.
Oh, got it
symboly is bold.
URL Encoded
Yeah, I know you can do it that way.
8:22 PM
But how I put this on a post?
like a normal link?
Click the "insert image" button?
Worker @Optimizer
I answer before questions
8:24 PM
Hahahahahhahah, I just realized that
Here, have my upvote
@AlexA. wow, so amaze, such space, many star
Pre-emptive ninja'd
@flawr The "M"
Here in Minnesota, we measure distance in hours, so ...
@TimmyD That is meters
8:35 PM
@flawr Well, for one is it meters per hour or miles per hour
In which case it should be miph
If distance is measured in hours, it's hours per hour, and you always travel at a speed of 1 hour/hour.
Makes calculations easy
@TimmyD So how many hours are you tall?
@TimmyD Or how many square hours is a 1m^2?
I'm 219,000 hours old.
Actually, +24*(days since 9/18)
gravity has an acceleration of 1337 hours/hour^2
8:38 PM
How much is that in meters?
I'm 48 meters old.
And one gallon is 0.LEET exactly cubic feet.
Ah yes, using n00b's formula.
My mass is 42 kilometers
@flawr I'm 0.06118 seconds tall
8:39 PM
I weigh 12 footpounds
In what base system would 1 gallon = 0.LEET cubic feet?
@AlexA. You mean 219'000 hours?
@PhiNotPi Base 10.
@flawr I do not mean that because I'm not European. :P
well you could measure distance in light-hours and light-seconds
Yeah but those are actual distance measurements.
8:40 PM
@AlexA. Note that the British are European and we think that's a weird system
that's the point
Lets use pounds/stones/grain/oz per acrefeet as an unit of density.
how about birds / hour ^3
perfect unit of density
@flawr Makes just as much sense as lb-ft does for torque ...
8:44 PM
@TimmyD Are these nautical feet?
My feet are not in the water.
@AlexA. Your feet are water.
Mostly, yes. As is the rest of me.
"Ugly bags of mostly water."
When doing a golf intro course I learned that humans actually sound like bags of water if you hit them hard enough with golf clubs in the face.
8:48 PM
I was not one of those involved.
@TimmyD Foot-pounds actually do make good sense.
@flawr Uhuh, is that what you told the police too? ;)
What is the imperial unit for force?
@flawr I assume by golf clubs here you mean IDEs.
8:50 PM
@flawr Newtons?
pounds are a unit of force already
one slug ft/s^2
@DankMemes So what is the unit of mass then?
and then there's like a dyne for energy and something or another for power
IIRC watts is metric power.
nvm dyne is metric
I'm getting confused
8:51 PM
Where do BTUs fit in?
horsepower yeah
not sure
BTUs are energy.
The system of imperial units or the imperial system (also known as British Imperial) is the system of units first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824, which was later refined and reduced. The system came into official use across the British Empire. By the late 20th century, most nations of the former empire had officially adopted the metric system as their main system of measurement; however some imperial units are still used in the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries formerly part of the British Empire. The imperial system developed from what were first known as English...
To be fair, I've heard of maybe 75% of those. American English is ... loose ... with definitions.
8:54 PM
so if I heat an object to 1337 BTUs at standard pressure then increase the pressure to 9999 lbf / ft^2 while keeping volume constant at 400 ft-acres then how many horsepower can it output if it goes back to stp in 1 hour?
@DankMemes Enough to travel time.
@DankMemes ......I think the dimensional analysis doesn't work out here, so this is an invalid question. :P
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Dom HastingsSecret Santa - Revisited Yeah it might be a little too soon to be thinking about this, but not in my house! Christmas is fast approaching and along with it, arranging the annual family Secret Santa. I'd like to try and get a head start on this, but making sure couples don't buy for each other ke...

guess who came up with the unit of horsepower
8:56 PM
A horse?
close, but no
James Watt himself
That explains why 1hp = 1W
How is that close? Is he a pony or zebra or some related animal?
isn't 750W = 1hp?
8:57 PM
1hp is 550 foot-pounds force / sec
@El'endiaStarman I think the dimensions work.
@feersum Why is your username "feersum" here but "feresum" on GitHub?
It should be specified what the heat capacity of the object is, though
@AlexA. Name-squatters of course.
Because otherwise we don't know how much 1337 BTU can heat it.
8:58 PM
@El'endiaStarman Foot-pounds do make sense, yes. Insisting that because we're now talking torque we must call it "Pound-feet" doesn't.
lol perch and rood are measures of area
@feersum I'm not familiar with that term. Are those people who sit on names?
@ThomasKwa There's also the problem of STP regarding an object...
What else?
@TimmyD Ah-ha, I see.
8:59 PM
yeah I think I screwed up the problem
Is that a problem?

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