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12:00 AM
I see
But I'm just one man. One that's only been here a couple months, at that.
Oh hey, more people starred the Doorknob comment :)
I'm averaging two stars per day, and most of it I don't really want to be starred lol
You can thank me for that one. I like starring things that look good taken out of context.
I am just thankful that nobody has starred one of my it's its mistakes. I am really bad about that.
Luckily, Doorknob hates it so much that I don't think anyone can tell if I did it on purpose or not anymore
That doesn't bother me nearly as much as your/you're or there/their/they're.
12:12 AM
I have only one grammar pet peeve - "Hi. How are you?" "I'm doing good."
Oh yea? I'm doing EVIL.
Does anyone else get emotional when they have a fever?
12:52 AM
I can't remember the last time I ran a good fever, so I couldn't tell ya. I could mention that my seven-year-old turns into a damn brat when he gets one, but...
1 hour later…
2:15 AM
Anyone committed to Puzzling yet? Looks interesting!
I've committed already and am shamelessly promoting it everywhere now :P
2 hours later…
4:22 AM
Updated the scoreboard, uploaded a project with all of the submissions included, and gave some of the "cheaty" wolves honorable mention. I'm sooooo tired.
9 hours later…
12:52 PM
Q: Show display error for specific ip address in wamp server

user2727841I'm working at gaint project which is share between developers the project is place at one computer and we are accessing it through the network localy we're using wamp server now in wamp display error is off what I want is to open(on) display error for specific ip address (for me) except other tw...

Kill it
in The 2nd Monitor, 14 hours ago, by rolfl
We did, but don't tell the PCG folk ... ;-)
Oh @Doorknob - do you have delvote privileges on this yet: codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions/26193/…
@TheDoctor Already voted a long time ago ;)
...still waiting...
That chat message by rolfl is deemed important in my spying
if the question was off-topic no one didn't give me down vote... — user2727841 1 min ago
Doorknob you realize CR stole your chatbot?
1:11 PM
Yeah, it's open source though so I don't care :P
Ahem, I believe I licensed that under MIT, meaning you have to give attribution to me. ;) I'd prefer "The Supreme Overlordly Knob of the Door, Superior to Mankind in All Ways," but anything goes — Doorknob 5 secs ago
1:56 PM
Invent a 23.432 bits per second sound compression algorithm... sounds like fun!
New question?
Q: Musical Tweet Challenge

dan04This is the audio version of the Twitter image encoding challenge. Design an audio compression format that can represent at least one minute of music in 140 bytes or less of printable UTF-8-encoded text. Implement it by writing a command-line program that takes the following 3 arguments (after ...

2:22 PM
@mniip thanks for the math, mniip -- I was figuring it was around that scale .. fun indeed!
finally figured it out...
ffmpeg -ar 8000 -ac 1 -acodec pcm_u8 -f u8 -
You can |aplay it and it magically works
Love it
480000 bytes it is, in the 8K format
I just need to apply a 3428x compression
So far it's only 16x...
3:11 PM
@ProgrammerDan oops, it's actually twice that
46.8645 bits
Hmm, I did a project similar to what echonest.com does a while back that might help. It basically used FFT, beat and pitch detection to give a sample that was usually around 40kB for a 180 second song.
That's somewhere around 1800 bits/sec, which might compress well. The downside is that I'm not sure how well it would decode back to PCM. It was for a rhythm game, so it would be a MIDI-like representation, but it might still be recognizable.
A quick calculation shows that this is the exact amount of possible twitter messages:
I'm sure I could strip some of the more irrelevant parts out of the output, though. Might give this a go this weekend...
3:26 PM
Good luck to you both, noble contenders! I probably won't take a stab at it -- my audio encoding knowledge is minimal at best :)
So is mine!
2 hours later…
5:29 PM
@mniip You've either got an error in your calculation or you've misread the question. Unlike the image-in-a-tweet challenge, which imposed a 140 character limit, it's asking for "140 bytes or less of printable UTF-8-encoded text". That imposes a loose upper bound of 18.667 bits per second.
5:40 PM
And since it's printable chars that rules out 33 values per byte, imposing an upper bound of 7.8 bits per byte; and since it has to be UTF-8 that places additional constraints; I suspect that the achievable encoding limit is about 140 * 7 bits of information, for 16.333 bits per second.
It's certainly written that way, but I wonder if that is truly the intent. If the intent was simply to make it tweetable (140 characters), that makes a big difference. It may have been a mistake, but unless corrected/clarified, I may have to rethink my approach.
5:56 PM
Can one of you deliver me a giant bowl of chicken noodle soup please
I'm dying over here
... (stupid ninja edit)
My digital stomach is satisfied. My physical self continues to die :(
let it, and join the matrix
If you die in the real world, you die in the matrix
5:59 PM
or wait ... we might not be able to upload you with sufficient fidelity. Apparently we would have to fit your entire consciousness into a tweet...
None of this matters if I don't get some food before my head explodes. The only real delivery place we had says "Closed for the holidays." and everything else is pizza...
There's a Sonic like a block away... I think I can make it...
Corn Dogs and more soda than I could possibly want
ProgrammerDan, beam me up!
\me activates transporter platform!
6:15 PM
@PeterTaylor Regarding codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/26219 : can you please stop shortening your code even further and instead help me improving the much more performant version ;-)
Can anyone help with codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/26173 ? I don't speak TI-BASIC. Maybe I miss the built-in icosahedric calculation engine or anything alike?
6:35 PM
@Geobits All approaches I can currently think of won't even come close to 1kbit/s before they result in plain noise.
My idea was to convert to a simple notation/midi type of format and compress that. Then on decode generate PCM from that. It would be incredibly lossy and would only capture the main melody, but it might work out all right. Music with a lot of "noise" probably wouldn't work so well, but simple instrumentals might.
I'm definitely not going to try a straight-up compression of PCM data, no matter how lossy.
Pcm data can't be compressed further than 32 times
I am considering a similar approach. But 60 seconds is quite long and if the music is not completely boring we have something like 200 distinct notes (for a single voice!) and thus we have <10 bits for encoding a single note.
6:53 PM
@Geobits wrt your KoH... I've noticed if your pack times out their behavior in subsequent rounds is erratic.
I haven't pinned down why in the game code this happens but wondering if that was your intention?
Hmm. erratic how exactly? I've seen a few timeouts, but haven;t noticed anything too odd.
after timeout the commands you send don't apply to the correct member
Take this for example:

boolean delay = true;
public void respond() {

try {
} catch (InterruptedException e) {}
delay = !delay;
for(Member m : members){
m.setDirection(m.id, m.id);
without delay you see the members spread out in a linear fashion as expected. But if you delay, all the members move in seemingly random way
Let me test this and see what's going on right quick.
7:26 PM
My thought on highly compressed music was to take a MIDI-esque approach but encoding chords rather than notes. For slow waltzes at 120bpm that means 1 byte per chord and a bit of overhead for bpm, voice, etc.
@PeterTaylor 1 byte per chord only if you play the base chords without any rhythm elements.
7:44 PM
@FGreg Fix committed. The timed out responses weren't being discarded on the IOHandler side, so it ended up reading old inputs. Thanks for the report!
TIL: Java's InputStream.skip() is basically useless.
8:02 PM
@Geobits Nice thanks!
8:16 PM
@Howard Having a look at your code now. I've already found one trick which I can steal to save 1 char... ;)
@PeterTaylor Which one?
I'll stop any improvements if the outcome is that your solution becomes even shorter! ;-)
Do you mean '.+'1/* -> '.+'\*?
'+*' prevval *. I'm doing '+*'1/* and that can become '+*'\*
Saw just now that you use the other version.
I didn't think to check how string string * works. It's not something that I've used much, if ever.
I use it quite often.
Whenever you need to capture a string, e.g. '<>' 'tag' *
8:27 PM
I wonder whether your approach can be made to work without all the array gathering and ungathering
Yes, that gives an immediate 1-char improvement to 55: ~''.@,{))[':*'2$*\:x,2>{x\%!},{.~$x@/~$+}/]{,}$0=}/]-2=
And there's probably one or two more to be saved
8:49 PM
9:06 PM
I'm down to 56 with a variant approach which I think is different enough that if I squeeze a couple more I would post it as a separate answer.
9:38 PM
Done. Now to get on with the washing up which I should have started 90 minutes ago.

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