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Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Construct the Constructability sequence
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@NewPosts I downvoted but if position is also required to output then it seems not bad
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So how do bounties work exactly? I've been thinking of putting one up
You click the words "start a bounty", select an amount of rep to give, select a bounty type (only impacts the title of the notice), enter a message, click bounty, wait a minimum of 48 hours and then click a + x next to the answer you want to give rep to.
Where x is however much you spent
What are the spend options?
Rep is deducted immediately after submitting the bounty
@Bbrk24 50, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500
got it
Could be some multiples of 50 in that range too
7 days to award it manually
After that, it gets automatically given to highest scoring (i think)
Bounty message can't be edited after posting (not by you at least. It can allegedly be edited by a moderator not sure on that)
So make sure you get the amount and message right unless you want to ping hyper or caird or joking or wheat wizard
You get a notification 3 days before expiration to remind you to award the bounty
More info can be found here: codegolf.stackexchange.com/help/bounty
That's what it'll look like when it's ready to be awarded
It'll be gray for the first 48 hours though to indicate its not ready
Which is probably to avoid rep laundering
Or at least, make it less untraceable
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Q: Clone GNU cat 8.32

SomebodyWrite a program that precisely clones GNU cat version 8.32, which is installed on my computer. In any case, if called with the same arguments, same stdin, and same files, your program's output to both stdout and stderr must by byte-for-byte identical to that of GNU cat, and the exit code must be ...

Found this in r/memes
Didn't believe it
I do now
Thanks Microsoft
what the heck
There's also options for word, PowerPoint, Outlook, one note and probably a few other apps
But that's not as nearly as bruh moment as opening LinkedIn
those are all microsoft products that you probably have installed anyways
but linkedin? which doesn't even have a desktop app?
That's why I said not as nearly as bruh moment
Like installed apps i get, but LinkedIn?
And sure Microsoft owns LinkedIn so it's technically a Microsoft product
But it's so oddly specific
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I was able to guess Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. What's OneNote, N?
I think so
yep lol
At least that's what I saw in the reddit comment saying that there's more
(O P X W for the first four, if it wasn't obvious)
Fun fact: while writing an answer and editing a list with multiple indents, shift-enter flattens the list to all be the same indent level
That sounds like fun
Writing a trilangle deadlineless bounty, specifying the conditions and accidentally messing up the formatting?
3:24 AM
thankfully Ctrl-Z still worked
@lyxal This was the main reason I was asking, to see the list of options
I figured it out because of the list with multi-level indent part :p
I'm doing 200-400 based on certain criteria, and at the end I say
> If an answer takes the baseline +200 but not the additional +100 bonus(es), I will award an individual +100 to an answer that meets both the baseline criteria and the unclaimed bonus.
Is that clear enough?
...I'll take the lack of response as a yes
Maybe best to just separate them - "I'll award 200 rep for the first answer to do <xxx>, and I'll also award 100 rep for the first answer to do <xxx> and <yyy>"
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@Bbrk24 that lack of response was called "dealing with the heat because it's summer and simply just too hot" :p
it fucken dember
Southern hemisphere
Upside down country
42° Celsius
@Bbrk24 also, answers on that question are posted here as an rss feed
lyxal is hot confirmed
@lyxal I didn't know that
I also haven't seen it yet so
Nov 24 at 2:25, by New Bounties With No Deadlines
A: List of bounties with no deadline

lyxal200 reputation for golfing in Vyxal 3 Note that this is separate and distinct from the other Vyxal deadlineless bounty. Hi so Vyxal 3 exists and it's brand new and doesn't have very many answers at all. I think that needs to change, because it's a very cool language and y'all'll like it. In fact,...

Literally last month
On the 24th of November
3:46 AM
I haven't been super active recently
It'll show up in a few minutes. maybe. Remember back when we didn't have NP/SP?
Looks like that one took 15 minutes
@emanresuA I better not open up ao3 and find steamy TNB shipping because of this
A: List of bounties with no deadline

Bbrk24200-400 Rep for Sub-Quadratic Trilangle Meta-Cat I just submitted a Trilangle answer for the meta-cat test-battery question. I am offering a bounty to an answer that meets the following criteria: Baseline +200 for a program that has an output that grows asymptotically slower than \$O(n^2)\$ on ...

See, there it is
3:50 AM
oh cool
thank you chat very cool
Stars, like votes, like to be locked in :p
also wow that's the first triple starboard I've had since a long time
i never unerstoo vote locking. also my keyboar is broken
probably to avoid revenge voting, etc
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@Bbrk24 Generally speaking, if the answer hasn't changed, why would your vote?
Obviously, it's always possible to make a mistake and accidentally up/downvote a post, but that's why there's a 5 minute grace period
Sometimes you don't notice the mistake until the next day when you see a +9 rep
Q: Construct the Constructability sequence

caird coinheringaahin gConsider compass-and-straightedge construction, where you can construct new points from existing ones by examining intersections of straight lines and circles constructed with one of the following two options: Draw the unique infinitely long straight line passing through points \$(x, y)\$ and \$...

5:56 AM
casually updating an OEIS sequence
@Bbrk24 also, it's trivially easy to bypass if you have enough rep :p
And or a diamond
6:13 AM
@mathscat I've done it once with one of my challenges, why not again?
ooh right
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Why we require to pass value via argument not global variable in most of language, and require via global variable and not argument in Excel?
@l4m2 How to pass by argument in Excel?

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