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8:47 PM
Hi everyone, a quick update: I just talked to the owner of mabinogi.net, and he said that he would link to Mythology.SE when he next updates the site (in a few months)
I also found out that there's an organisation called the International Aurthurian Society: would it be a good idea to partner with one of the "mythology societies" that are out there (e.g. "America Folklore Society", etc)? Those organisations could be a good source of activity.
9:24 PM
@Hamlet Awesome news about maginobi.net. I love that place.
Regarding the societies thing. . . Sure, I guess.
Open Source had a discussion about partnering with related organizations. Actually, many discussions. Here's on relevant meta post:
Q: Should we reach out to all organizations?

Zizouz212Earlier this evening, many members of the community participated in chat with a representative (for lack of a better word that comes to mind) from the Open Source Initiative. Having been initially contacted during the Area 51 phase, the OSI is still interested in this site. We've discussed and a...

Another thing we could do to increase site activity would be to put out bounties (by "we", I mean users with higher rep who are willing to spare some) on unanswered questions. I just put one on one of my questions, and I might do the same to another person's question soon.
Space Exploration inspired that idea:
Q: Let's try and answer the unanswered questions!

PearsonArtPhotoLet's see what we can do to answer the unanswered questions. I was able to answer one about cryogenic propulsion recently, and I'm suspecting more can be answered. I'm going to place a few bounties on some of these questions, but let's see if we can get them all answered. Perhaps some other high ...

10:07 PM
@HDE226868 it's not that awesome, because by "a few months" I meant "next year"
but yeah, I just think it would be a good idea to get more links to our site: I reached out to the moderator of /r/mythology to see if he could update the sidebar to link to us
It's just about contacting people who run well-maintained websites about mythology
For example, with mabinogi.net, I emailed him a few months earlier with a question about the mabinogion, so when I asked him to link to the site he already knew me
@HDE226868 we should also make sure that this question gets answered (mythology.stackexchange.com/q/1065/62): it's a good one asked by a new user who we want to make sure comes back
also, I edited Arthur George's question, so it is less opinion based...
10:25 PM
@Hamlet Don't worry about Arthur George's question, by the way; I wasn't going to close it. I actually really liked it, and upvoted it. Now I think it's perfectly fine.
The Achilles question somehow got by me. It's excellent.
Is /r/mythology related to reddit? I'm not familiar with that whole thing.
10:47 PM
@HDE226868 it's reddit. I actually hate reddit, but that's where a lot of people interested in mythology are, so you got to go where the people are I guess
@HDE226868 not sure why someone downvoted it then
11:29 PM
Also, can this question please be closed? It's currently asking what percentage of all woman featured in mythology could be classified as "water nymphs"
Q: Is there a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology?

MalandyIs there a preponderance of seductive water nymphs in mythology? That is, among the more sexually inclined maidens in mythology, are they more likely to embody or be connected to water than other elements? For example, there's the Russian Russalka, the German Rhine Maidens, the Lady of the Lake...

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