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1:26 AM
Hey everyone
@JohnP I'm gonna accept the nomination, I'm writing it up now
1:59 AM
A: Who should our Moderators Pro Tempore be?

JohnPmichaelpri Meta I think michaelpri would also make a good moderator. He has experience, as he is a moderator pro-tem on lifehacks, and has been active (In fact, is the leading reputation person on the site) in asking and answering/refining questions, meta and in chat. He has been a primary d...

2:35 AM
@Jez made a comment about our history. Since this election isn't about him (it's about my fitness to be a moderator), I wanted to confirm that we do have a history that is from EL&U. Unfortunately he linked to a chat comment without the background.
Very briefly, Jez was picking my brain for [medical help in chat](http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/19281304#19281304), and I spent a long while explaining what I thought he had, which was different from what his doctor told him.
Long story short, he checked with his doctor (with whose diagnosis I disagreed - 'nuff said, lesson learned) who told him to do something different That's fine, but he then made comments questioning if I was really a doctor.
It wasn't just one problem.
It was several (scar revision, rashes, other).
That's it.
I just told him not to ask me medical questions again.
@anongoodnurse I understand why he downvoted, but the way he described you, as hostile and volatile, don't seem to fit what actually happened
Well, people disagree.
I still think you'd make a good mod
It's hard from the written word to tell.
(Thank you)
One disagreement doesn't change anything to me
2:39 AM
You're kind. :-)
But I don't want to cause hard feelings, either, here.
I just came back tonight and saw that there was a link to EL&U chat and thought I ought to give a bit of background.
Well, you're not really the only one he doesn't like either
He went on a bit of a rampage earlier today
(...I'm not gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole! :D)
I don't think he likes me or @Tim
But his opinion, or experience, of me does matter because it's a possible factor in deciding.
Jez has a vision for this site that's different from a lot of people.
It's going to happen.
The question is how to resolve these differences.
That is for the community to decide, but for the moderator to moderate. :-/
Have you decided whether or not you will accept?
2:45 AM
He thinks I'd use my mod position to oppose his view of what the site should be.
Whether I'm a mod or not doesn't matter, I still don't want the same thing as he does.
I've been thinking...
I don't agree with what he wants either
sorry, my dog demands something...
I haven't decided. I'll try to post by tomorrow.
Have you accepted?
How sweet that you had someone vouch for you already!
Yeah, I accepted
2:55 AM
You are in the lead, too.
Looking good!
Yeah, I just got upvote :)
You got 3 downvotes :(
Guess some people agreed with Jez :(
I'm dogsitting my son's puppy. I also have 2 dogs. That's a lot of fur at my house right now!
(Yeah, I saw that. It might be for the best.)
I love dogs :D
2:58 AM
Me too! Do you have one?
Yeah, a Golden Doodle
Good dogs!
I have two Border Collies.
And my son's puppy is one, too.
Goldens are beautiful and loving, chill. Poodles are smart. The mix must be a very nive one.
I love border collies! I almost got one
I'm not sure how much of the smarts my dog got
But she did learn how to play dead :)
3:15 AM
Ugh. I'll have no peace until I put these dogs to bed.
Haha, are they crazy?
Poodles are always in the top 10 smartest breeds lists.
That's part of the reason we got a Golden Doodle
Yes. The puppy is riling up the other two. They're chasing each other around the house!
And the puppy is trying to tear apart my sofa!
Oh no! :P
3:16 AM
Thank God babies don't have sharp teeth!
I think I'll attend to the crazy dogs now.
Haha ok :)
As always, it's good chatting with you.
@michaelpri for moderator!!!
@anongoodnurse for moderator!!!!
Its a shame that someone is going through and downvoting without posting a reason
3:18 AM
Goodbye o/
normally downvotes don't bother me but for a thread like this expliantion is good
I think that explaining downvotes is most important for moderator nominations
I threw my hat in but haven't done any voting yet
Hi, Joe. Yes, it is. But maybe it's for the best. Night, Joe!
and i think all of the nomiations will do a good job
3:20 AM
It's a competitive pool of candidates
4:11 AM
@anongoodnurse I wouldn't worry too much. I have +6/-3 as well. People just don't want to hear the truth sometimes.
5 hours later…
9:10 AM
@michaelpri yeah, God forbid we actually have a site that accepts as many questions as possible. the neutral might read that and think that "what I want" is something totally outrageous. i wish you'd stop painting it that way.
@anongoodnurse And you told me not to ask you anything again, not just medical questions.
3 hours later…
12:39 PM
@JoeW For some reason the even downvoted the actual question, the post! I mean really?! They think we don't need mods? :p
1 hour later…
2:07 PM
@Jez I wish you'd stop taking it so personally. I have no like or dislike for those kinds of questions, I just don't think it's a good fit for the site. Even nurse triage lines and similar have very specific things they can and can't answer, the rest are "go to the er/doctor". And judging from the number of downvotes on the meta question, the general tone is agreement.
@Jez - I also suggested that if you word the question to make it less personal and incident specific, I would probably vote to re-open. You are correct, there are some questions that can be answered. I just don't feel that was one of them.
3 hours later…
5:20 PM
How should a question like this be handled?
Q: How frequently should non-alcoholic mouthwashes be used?

Law Area 51 Proposal - CommitForeword: Please beware that I ask this question only for mouthwash with NO alcohol whatsoever; so please omit alcoholic mouthwashes (which can cause cancer). My grandmother uses the Crest Pro-Health Rinse which contains 'anti-microbial agent, cetylpyridinium chloride.'. Yet USA Today in 2008 a...

where it makes a claim but provides no information to back it up
in this case that mouthwash with alcohol can lead to oral cancer
@Joew people here don't have to back up their claims in questions... :/ however that's a big one and I don't like to see it on the front page. I'll edit that part out.
That poster has made that claim in two different questions
he also made a similar claim in this question
Q: Are there proven natural treatments to kill bacteria that cause acne?

Law Area 51 Proposal - CommitI ask about natural options only to kill bacteria in acne; these options should replace only antibiotics. Medicine such as topical retinoids don't answer this question and thus are off-topic. Although they help reduce acne, they don't directly kill the bacteria: [Source:] Topical retinoids w...

While I do agree that in a question you don't have to back up all your claims but if you want to limit answers based on a claim then more information should be provided so it is known why you want/need the limitation
The cancer one? That's going too.
@michaelpri Hi Michael! I declined the nomination for the reasons I told you (I explained this in the post too). Thanks very much once again :) I had to think twice before deciding :)
@Shlublu There is always the future :)
5:35 PM
@JoeW I have edited out both of those controversial parts.
wanted to check in here for others opinions before I took actions
though this site might drive me a little crazy with tags in the question title
but with some of the questions I think it is needed to make the titles make sense
and he is editing them back in
Nice the blog he linked even suggests not using mouthwash at all as it has no real impact on oral health
6:01 PM
@JoeW ;)
Yeh, I said that the new working was fine :)
2 hours later…
7:57 PM
@Shlublu Bummer :( Thanks for thinking about it though
8:17 PM
suicide by coffee :p
That would just be crazy
2 hours later…
10:05 PM
@anongoodnurse Have you decided if you will accept yet?

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