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4:18 AM
@acl Sounds like "The Godfather"
3 hours later…
6:59 AM
hey is anyone here? I'm wondering if mathematica can replace microsoft access as a relational database, anyone have any experience with this?
2 hours later…
8:39 AM
@LukeAllen mathematica is not a relation database. There are plenty of free databases around, such as SQLite, mysql etc...
5 hours later…
1:14 PM
Pouring questions
1:34 PM
Who is here in Champagn?? Just Leonid?
(And me...)
Q: Examples of (well coded) packages using custom notation

NoEscapeWhich packages do you know of, that have the following properties: using custom notation (for input AND output would be preferable) well coded & designed

Subjective and open ended?
@rm-rf I save my opinions for a better cause
1:51 PM
@rm-rf Guy seems to have clarified his definition of "well coded" in the mean time...
2 hours later…
3:54 PM
This feels like a dupe... anyone?
@rm-rf I'm pretty sure there was one on So
@belisarius I just linked to a general one on Unique... dupe enough?
@rm-rf I think not. He is not asking specifically about Unique. And I would go for x[i] if I was in his shoes
@belisarius True, I probably would too...
@rm-rf But I hope a newer user will answer that one :D
4:00 PM
@rm-rf some question about the blog...
@YvesKlett Sure
huh - this chat thing works (never tried before) :-)
welcome! :)
werrrl... I started on the draft. Bringing it online would be via "Submit for Review"?
@YvesKlett :D
4:03 PM
@Murta My position is also in CMI.
@belisarius hey ho!
You can use the preview link to share it with others here for comments
It is still not published and not public
huch, you got me there for a moment
@belisarius can you see that preview?
Not sure about the format... I´ll just put some thoughts there for each day. Might be rather irrelevant. But, well, it is a blog. Also a first for me.
uh, and all things about V9 will be NDAed
@rm-rf nope
4:08 PM
@YvesKlett You could post updates each day... perhaps something like how each session went or what a special session (if you're attending one of those) was on and what level of mma knowledge was required (for future attendees), etc.
@belisarius Hmm... ok. Then only Yves and I can see it, I suppose. If it needs to be shared, then I'll make it private and push it out
@rm -rf yeah, good point. Would be happy about any kind of suggestions.
@rm-rf Only in case Yves prefers it that way
I´ll do a 5min Accelerate presentation which is simply a rip off of the most popular (mostly graphics) questions. Very convenient for filling slides quickly!
@YvesKlett hehe you know that trade
I've been getting some trickle upvotes on my boggle answer... I'm guessing it's from users who have received the SE swag looking at questions on the mini cards
@belisarius which one? Quick presentations or ripping off? ;)
4:15 PM
@belisarius what trade? Ripping off?
Heh, another reason why it doesn't pay to edit first before answering :P
@YvesKlett Oh well, both :)
@belisarius Ouch! Do I have a bad reputation?
@YvesKlett Not yet :). remember to post some pictures of the event!
@rm-rf just simply air it once you think it is o.k. to do so... the fun starts tonight with the welcom reception.
4:30 PM
@YvesKlett You tell me when you're ready with it and I'll check it over and publish it :)
Maybe this can go out tonight after the welcome reception... some pics might be nice
@rm-rf yup. Should go easy on the liquor, then.
Drunk blogposts are better :D
wassat? Ser grammer gets wors but ser fun nver nds! hoooray!
mix up random German words
gooten tag ich bin ein bavarian - und ich bin eine pretzel!
Incidentally my talk goes by the title of "Fun with Flags"
4:36 PM
@YvesKlett stackexchange people could go for lunch today!.. I'm in WorkBench training now.
uhhhh... I am sitting there too. Last row left side :-)
I'm with red social t-shirt
in front of you I think
@Murta careful, red socialist t-shirts are not welcome in the US ;)
@YvesKlett are both of you still sober?
4:39 PM
it is checkered, right?
yup, right behind ya. Nice to meet you!
@YvesKlett Maybe you could ask a question at the beginning of your talk and show how fast answers pour in here — by the end of your talk, there'll be an answer :)
Coincidence!.. Nice to meet you too
@rm-rf Just keep the thing easy :D
4:41 PM
@belisarius yup 0%. Although US coffee whitener does strange things to me
@YvesKlett Coffee? In USA? ... don't joke
9 just installed!.. But I can tell anything or they you kill me.!
Does every attendee get a copy of v9?
@belisarius I agree. You have to learn to speak Starbucks to get a horribly overpriced thing not entirely unlike coffee.
@rm-rf yo.
@YvesKlett you forgot the "almost, but not quite" part
4:46 PM
@YvesKlett dang! Wish I had been there
@belisarius in loving memory of DA
great guy
@rm-rf now it really it is a pity. No kidding
@YvesKlett Stop it, you will make the toad cross the road
Frogger :-)
Now I know why chatting is a bad idea. Really hard to stop.
4:49 PM
@YvesKlett Is there already a date for V9?
@belisarius nope.
And if there were, I would not know. Neither be allowed to tell you. But no.
@YvesKlett You're quite photogenic
@Murta Weird thing, this Internet... you have two strangers in consecutive seats finding out they're chatting in the same room... :)
@belisarius I go for the casual look.
@belisarius If I were in Yves's shoes, I'd pick my most flattering photo too... :)
4:56 PM
@Murta True, too.
@J.M. That's nothing. There are people flirting anonymously with their own SO
@J.M. huh?
@belisarius Ah, that has happened to this couple I know... "You're sexymama18?!" "You're huggybear2000?!?!"
@J.M. Which one?
@YvesKlett He just upperbounded your looks ;)
4:58 PM
@YvesKlett I mean, I'd ask them to use a cool-looking picture of mine, too...
@rm-rf this is one upperbound meant to be broken, y'know. :)
@belisarius Bah, too fancy... :)
btw, anyone here familiar with LinearProgramming[]?
@J.M. In (6) you were in need of a comb
Stop distracting me, I am trying to the hang of workbench documentation building
5:00 PM
@rm-rf Only a bit. Mathematica's conventions are somewhat... different.
@belisarius Yes, a bit... punk-ish, that one.
Hmm... I checked the site and only whuber has used it in an answer and quite comfortably too.
I have the problem that it recovers the values of a sparse vector correctly, but not the support. Driving me nuts
@rm-rf Shhh .. we are socializing. Go working somewhere else
frackin bonding ´ere
@belisarius I'm multitasking
@rm-rf Are you a girl?
5:03 PM
@belisarius nice use of italics, there
@YvesKlett wait, what italics?
oh, belisarius
@belisarius no, a toad.
@rm-rf ...sorry, "support"?
@J.M. it's a sparse vector, so support is 1 where the vector is non-zero
@rm-rf So, stop multitasking. Breathing isn't a preemptive task and you could die from asphyxia
Ah, okay; was thinking of something else...
5:06 PM
@J.M. In other words, I should've gotten [a 0 b 0 0], but I get [a 0 0 b 0], for example
You're saying the result of LinearProgramming[] doesn't have the structure you're expecting?
Oh, okay.
@rm: I'll presume you know how to switch between primal and dual forms...
(or that you've tried it, for that matter...)
@Murta Shall we try the Golden Harbor thing for lunch?
@J.M. This is the primal form, and I was reproducing an algorithm that uses the primal. I guess I could try with the dual, but since it is a convex problem, the optimal value should be the same
@rm-rf Yeah, it's a somewhat random suggestion... of course, if the dual returns the exact same wrongly structured vector as well, then something's fishy.
5:16 PM
Unfortunately, I need to run now. :( I'll ping you when I return (if you still need help by that time).
...with that, see y'all later.
Q: Does everyone know about Joel Spolsky's talk: The Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange?

George WolfeYes, I cheated, because I don't know how to let StackExchangers about something of interest and this talk by one of the founders of SE seems important. What was the right thing to have done? Is this what Community Bulletin is for? And if so, am I authorized to post that? http://vimeo.com/3730...

1 hour later…
6:28 PM
Someone in CDF Session?
@Murta What do you need?
6:45 PM
Just to know if someone from forum is here.
@belisarius I think he means the CDF session at the conference, not a mathematica session :)
oh well, no ...
7:24 PM
@georgewolfe Meta or community bulletin might not be the best place for the video, but if you have something interesting to share, you can drop a link in chat. Users can then star it as "interesting" at which point, it shows up on the sidebar for others to see. If it collects a few stars, a room owner or a mod can also pin the post so that it stays up for 2 weeks. A lot of users visit chat (or read the transcript even if they don't enter) and it might be a good way to share interesting tit-bits.
7:41 PM
Not sure how this chat works
eg. who is here
@GeorgeWolfe I am. Or so I think
I just watched the "Cultural Anthropology of SE". Very interesting
@GeorgeWolfe Do you hear the "clang"?
Yes. But I wasn't sure where it came from.
@GeorgeWolfe It's me, by typing your name
try with mine
7:46 PM
now try answering a message
by clicking in the arrow to the right of the msg
@belisarius I get it . The number threw me for a moment.
you need to type something
@GeorgeWolfe You're a chat pro now
@belisarius Do only hte people you @sign see your comment?
@GeorgeWolfe Nope, the whole internet
Your msgs are indexed by google too
no privacy
7:50 PM
@belisarius Humm. I'll keep that in mind. Has everyone here (MMa.SE) watched the "Cultural Anthro..." video I mentioned.
no idea
@belisarius Have you?
nope, I don't enjoy Joel's ways too much
@GeorgeWolfe I have watched it before
@belisarius @rm-rf I've been impressed by the way the structure and rules of SE control and "manufacture" the results.
7:53 PM
And most of it evolved over time... Stack Overflow, when it launched was nothing like the SO of today (although the objectives and goals were the same)
@belisarius @rm-rf But it also pointed out how out of place my answer to learning about finance is.
If you're interested in history, you could read the back stories and decisions on blog.stackoverflow.com and also the (somewhat) weekly podcasts between Jeff and Joel, and several important questions on Meta Stack Overflow (but I'd skip this one, because it'd be way too much of a time sink for very little gain)
@GeorgeWolfe SE has a site for that too quant.stackexchange.com although I guess you're already aware of it since you have an account there...
@rm-rf I'm trying not to write a book, but that's almost what I enthustiastically started doing. I absolutely know what I'm doing is helpful, and I'm trying to follow Leonid's suggestion to wrap it around MMa, but I realized (ex-post) it's not what SE is for.
@rm-rf Got to leave for a while.
Alright, see you later :) Feel free to drop in any time... usually there's someone around, but even if no one is, the transcript is always saved, so the conversation can be picked up later.
1 hour later…
9:14 PM
3 hours later…
11:54 PM
@rm-rf you forgot to add purple neon lights

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