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12:18 AM
12:37 AM
what next?
@acl The question answered by "42"
@belisarius as are all questions
that's far too optimistic
damn trying to build the polygons connecting the "floors" . Very difficult
I remember reading an article by Michael Berry where he claimed that, if I calculate the trajectories of two particles (classically I guess and in some box, but I don't remember), and recalculate them after shifting an electron at the end of the universe, the time it takes for the new trajectories to differ so much from the old ones that a collision is missed is...
obviously he made it up, but I laughed so much it hurt
@rm-rf since you use os x you might know: I have an animated gif. If I open in preview, it displays the frames as different images. if I use quicklook (ie select the file and press space), the animation plays. how can I open the gif in something and have it play the animation rather than show all the frames as distinct images?
1:09 AM
Hi. Some native English speaker here?
@halirutan no, but maybe I can help
@acl In German the word "Zusatzfrage" (additional question) has a slightly different meaning than only additional question
It kind of suggests that the Zusatzfrage is far more hard to answer and honor to the one who can solve it.
@halirutan OK yes I don't know what the closest analogous expression is (I know what Zusatzfrage means)
Is there another English term than "additional question"?
@acl Ok.
No problem. I decided anyway to not ask this Zusatzfrage for now ;-)
maybe it doesn't exist. like there is no word for "frustration" in greek
1 hour later…
2:21 AM
@halirutan I don't think there is a truly equivalent word in English, but a version with a joking overtone would be "for extra credit, [....the question ]?
2:44 AM
@rm-rf look
@Verbeia Yes, that's what I was looking for..
3:08 AM
gah! Another day ended at 195!
I have about 2 weeks worth of days now where I was just an upvote away from hitting the cap
@rm-rf You should warn us before it happens
End of UTC day is an odd time for me on most days... I either have seminars or meetings or other stuff around that time.
Or I'll be scrambling to do something at the last minute
@rm-rf Do you like my UFO?
Close the gaps ant it has my vote :)
(might not be easy)
@rm-rf I like the gaps!
I made holes in the surface on purpose
3:17 AM
@belisarius make it a little fatter and it can be a piñata
4:14 AM
@rm-rf look
1 hour later…
5:20 AM
@belisarius Can you put that (one half) in the hypnotoad's eyes? And make one eye out of phase with the other :D
@rm-rf wait
with occluded borders
probably needs Lighting -> "Neutral"
@rm-rf I'll give you the code
@rm-rf here it is
@rm-rf here
NotebookPut@ImportString[Uncompress@FromCharacterCode@Flatten@ImageData[Import@ "http://i.stack.imgur.com/mH2tV.png","Byte"],"NB"]
ok, too much work :P
nah, just fun
5:33 AM
My comment here got 4 upvotes, yet I see no votes to close...
@rm-rf Because you are right, it shouldn't be asked. But we shouldn't forbid it
It's just not a real question... how on earth would you answer something about mma 9 and windows 8 on ARM? Neither of them are released
It's not about censoring/forbidding anything.
Damn! I'm beerless. The World is just worse now
@rm-rf Well, WRI has a very strong bias towards secrecy, but that isn't really a standard. Many companies publish their road months ahead
but you can't absolutely say if something will definitely run or not (which is what makes an answer) with neither of the products in the market.
@rm-rf Again, you are authorized to speak that way because you know a lot about WRI behavior. I work (for example) with IBM software, and I'm aware months ahead of any change in platform support (being an inclusion OR exclusion). When you are planing heavy investments in hardware, that can save you millions
5:54 AM
@belisarius Ok, I trust your judgment on this one. I know Sjoerd argued before that questions such as "Does mma 8 run on X" (and X is existing) should be allowed even though I felt they were localized at that time, but I guess they're fine. I do see your point about investments in hardware, though...
@rm-rf Most probably, WRI releases that kind of info in advance to their big customers (and also the docs containing Internal`, Developer`, etc)
but they keep it outside the public domain
I wish they were more frequent with their updates and bug fixes... it's terrible to have to wait for a whole major version update for some bugs to be fixed
I like MATLAB's predictable twice a year cycle
@rm-rf Matlab is an order of magnitude easier to test and mantain
Mma is becoming a monster. That's no good
just look what's happening with the Graph functionality. Hope they homogenize the whole thing in R9. It drives me nuts
@belisarius Not really buying that... when an operating system, which is probably much more complex than mma can release at a regular schedule (twice a year), I don't see why mma can't.
It probably helps that one has millions of users volunteering their free time to develop it, whereas the other takes place behind closed doors with only a small number of folks working on it..
@rm-rf An OS is quite simple to maintain. It's subsystems are completely decoupled. A database is more complex. Mma (I guess) is a nightmare
6:04 AM
Why is mma more of a nightmare than an OS? (Serious question; I haven't the faintest clue)
@rm-rf Because if you change anything in the evaluation loop, every function is impacted. Think how coupled are Plot or Reduce with the way the rewriting rules are evaluated
In an OS, the disk subsystem maintenance team could live in Mongolia ...
and perhaps more important
there are 60 years of experience developing OSs
invested by the best minds in CS
the concepts are crystal clear by now
@rm-rf anyway, too late here. going to bed
@belisarius Alright, good night!
2 hours later…
8:35 AM
Is it possible to have Mathematica stop evaluation of a Module if it encounters an error and then dump out some of the local variables? e.g. in my module I NDSolve an ODE that takes maybe 30mins, then NIntegrate a function of that solution. Sometimes however NIntegrate gives errors like ::slwcon, and rather than just lose the ODE solutions that Mathematica has worked for, I would like the Module to dump them out (maybe to some global var) if an NIntegrate error is found
9:30 AM
@rm-rf So, how'd the LP thing go?
@halirutan the usual idiom I've seen is "question for extra credit".
Whoops, Verbeia said it already...
9:57 AM
@J.M. Yep, Verbeia already helped out ;-)
10:49 AM
guys how do you 'skin' or color the dialog boxes differently in mathematica? here is ugly default example: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/8116/ca8eb3f632a8444eb8ff155.png

and here is beautiful one http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/7347/8032f66d3b674e719de7a34.png
11:14 AM
@fpghost the debugger can stop on messages and allow you to inspect the stack and local variables:
But I did not understand what you actually want to do so maybe this is not enough
11:44 AM
@acl Isn't it nice? :)
@belisarius this is what it reminded me of
@acl _They live by photosynthesis because they cannot feed on anything in this lake. _ I didn't know that jellyfish could do that. I wonder if it's true
so do I...
Jellyfish Lake (, "Fifth Lake") is a marine lake located on Eil Malk island in Palau. Eil Malk is part of the Rock Islands, a group of small, rocky, mostly uninhabited islands in Palau's Southern Lagoon, between Koror and Peleliu. There are about 70 other marine lakes located throughout the Rock Islands. Jellyfish Lake is one of Palau's most famous dive (snorkeling only) sites. It is notable for the millions of golden jellyfish which migrate horizontally across the lake daily. Jellyfish Lake is connected to the ocean through fissures and tunnels in the limestone of ancient Miocene reef. ...
@LukeAllen First you should know, that this is system dependent. On OSX it looks like your beautiful one per default:
12:01 PM
@halirutan thanks I figured it out by using controlsrendering -> "generic"
does anyone know how to write "any positive integer" symbol in mathematica im new
@LukeAllen In what context do you need it?
x / any positive integer
that's it
@acl "The golden jellyfish are most closely related to the spotted jellyfish (Mastigias papua) that inhabit the nearby lagoons.[6] They are similar to the spotted jellyfish in that they derive part of their nutrition from symbiotic algae (Zooxanthellae) that live in their tissues and part of their nutrition from captured zooplankton.[7]"
like as a display formula in traditional form
@LukeAllen f[x_ /; (Element[x, Integers] && x > 0)] := x^2
12:04 PM
for explanation purposes
@belisarius Aha, symbiotes. I was wondering just how could a jellyfish have chlorophyll...
...so, a bit like a good number of corals.
@J.M. Yeah. Sounded stupid
@LukeAllen This defines f for positive integers only.
@halirutan why would you use that instead of just x / Z-+
i don't know the Z-+ in mathematica tho
@J.M. Did you see the birth of jellyfish? It's impressive!
I saw it in a BBC doc
12:06 PM
@belisarius Oh yes, I was part of this group that did experiments on jellyfish and hydras once... neat stuff. Weird-looking, but certainly neat.
@LukeAllen ...well, Mathematica has no support for the $\mathbb Z^+$ notation, so we make do with what's there.
@LukeAllen Do you mean only for displaying purpose?
Like this
im not doing any calculation
12:08 PM
@LukeAllen If you want: f[x_Integer?Positive] := x^2
@J.M. experiments on jellyfish and hydras ... I always wonder why biologists are not attracted by self dissection
@belisarius I don't know either. :D
@LukeAllen x \[Element] \[DoubleStruckCapitalZ]
thats what i got so far how do i make it positive? the other way didnt work
oh wait
12:11 PM
x \[Element] SuperPlus[\[DoubleStruckCapitalZ]]
what is the element part for
I was copying halirutan's image.
about that, how did he paste an image in here
@LukeAllen ok, here we go:
x esc el esc esc dsZ esc
esc is Escape key
And for this
you type
but what does element mean? I'm really new to math lol
is that wrong or something? looks best to me
12:14 PM
x \[Element] SubPlus[\[DoubleStruckCapitalZ]]
@LukeAllen You know some set theory, yes?
Here we use this for saying element of
no lol I got a C in high school algebra
@LukeAllen look here
especially the notation
@LukeAllen "a is an element of set B" means just that; you have this object "a" that belongs to the set "B".
12:16 PM
ok so that is the same thing as img254.imageshack.us/img254/9695/8d0ddd54a512440dba5f179.png right? just in a more math like form
x E z
What's the slash supposed to be?
all i need is for it to say "x divided by any positive integer"
You can't exactly divide by a set...
its not a set it's a variable?
i just used a random letter
like a^2+b^2=c^2
instead of a, b, or c i used xz
So, say $x/y, y\elem \mathbb Z^+$
12:19 PM
ok let me rephrase
38 / any count number (like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, doing it one at a time not all at once)
instead of just saying 38, since the number can vary (but only one number) i used x as a variable
i'm trying to explain to my classmates how to solve for the least amount of smoke detectors in a room
the only way i know how is to do it through steps you have to repeat over and over, not smart enough to make it an algorithm
so lets say you're given a rectangular room that is 38 by 102 units
each smoke detector can cover a maximum area of 250, and is constrained by a^2+b^2=c^2 (c^2 is 500)
so you can stretch rectangles or use the 15.81 by 15.81 square
the best way to do it, we found out, is to divide the shortest side of the room by any positive integer
so 38 / 1
too big, it exceeds
22.3 is the max, because 22.3^2+1^2=499 or so
smoke detectors cover a circle
so we do 38 / 2 = 19
@belisarius not according to the code book which is what we design to
doesnt matter what real life is
Yes, I've never heard of a smoke detector that isn't omnidirectional. Oh well...
anyway 38 / 2 is not ideal, because it's not very close to 15.81 which is the biggest box
so we do 38 / 3 and get 12.67
this is closer to 15.81, barely
so we use 38 / 3 or 12.67 because it's closest to sqrt(250)
and divides the shortest side of the rectangle evenly
then we tile the smoke detectors across UNTIL
see look
sorry for the misalignment i was messy,
but you can see i tiled the first 5 detectors across, but then the last part was a slim rectangular area
so i used a different, elongated rectangle for that area
and instead of having to use 18 total detectors i could use 17
(matters more in larger rooms)
so im trying to explain this 'tiling by the short side first and then repeating from step 1 for what's left over) process
im not smart enough to make it into a one step formula
DynamicModuleBox[{$CellContext`b$$ = 34.62365341186524,
Typeset`show$$ = True, Typeset`bookmarkList$$ = {},
Typeset`bookmarkMode$$ = "Menu", Typeset`animator$$,
Typeset`animvar$$ = 1, Typeset`name$$ = "\"untitled\"",
Typeset`specs$$ = {{{
Hold[$CellContext`b$$], 45., "degree"}, 0, 90.}}, Typeset`size$$ = {
520., {256., 264.}}, Typeset`update$$ = 0, Typeset`initDone$$,
Typeset`skipInitDone$$ = True, $CellContext`b$1182$$ = 0},
im not sure if pasted mathematica code works here but that is how i was able to do it because you can stretch the rectangle inside a circle (omnidirectional like you said) spacing requirement
@J.M. Smoke gets in your eyes until you can't tell what a smoke detector is.
12:31 PM
@belisarius Eh, I'd rather have smoke on the water...
maybe one of you is smart enough to figure out how to do this in less steps? XD
I've been thinking on it for about 2 weeks
and I know it's theoretically possible to shorten this down to a simple formula but idk wtf it would be
1 hour later…
1:35 PM
@J.M. I wasn't able to understand the smoke problem. He should try with beer instead.
I sorta kinda zoned out after the diagram...
@J.M. fully understandable
2:38 PM
I too think this is NC and needs votes... anyone else?
@rm-rf That makes three of us. I guess any mod vote to close at this point wouldn't be unilateral...
(though for now I just set it CW)
@J.M. Voted to close
@J.M. I guess not, but I feel that community close votes have decreased in general (a lot of regulars are AWOL at the moment), so just trying to nudge some users here (and other 3k lurkers) to vote
@rm-rf I dislike some subtle tones in his comments
That makes it two of us
I would've voted to close this one too
2:47 PM
@rm-rf You were happier as a plain user
It's raining ... questions
@belisarius Heh, naah. I'm not hesitant to close as a mod, but I've seen that when a mod does everything because of the one-click powers, the community slowly relaxes and reduces participation in janitorial tasks. I don't want that to happen, because 5 names on that list means a lot more than one with a diamond. But I do get a feeling that some people were more comfortable voting to close when there was an existing close vote and I usually got the first vote in if it was during my daylight hrs.
@rm-rf I think mods need a "not binding" voting mode
@belisarius Looks like we have... puts on sunglasses... no escape from questions
@belisarius I do too, and so do many others (perhaps most of them), but it was asked and declined by Jeff long ago.
@rm-rf yep. I am aware of that proposal. It isn't needed at all in larger sites, but here it could be nice. Anyway, I guess you could get pointed out for using one or the other mode.
@rm-rf I plan to post a question about using Resolve[] results as a domain for Piecewise. How does it sound?
@belisarius Guy rubs me the wrong way, period.
2:59 PM
@J.M. "To rub" here is ... well ... if you like it
@belisarius I don't actually mind not having a single vote. I think in most cases, as a mod, a comment is just as effective. I've thrown in "possible duplicate" links in questions and some users agree and vote to close if they have 3k and others flag. Once it has a certain number, I cast my vote
I don't think the community would come at me if I closed something like this guy's question here... the hesitation/waiting period is because as I said, I would like the newer 3k users (who didn't have much chances of voting when the top users here were hyper active) to get more involved
speaking of closing, am I the only one who finds this way too localized?
Q: FindMaxValue and FindMaximum - how to find GLOBAL maximum and not just LOCAL maximum

drNI will not be able to provide a simple minimum working example here as this seems to be very specific. I have an interpolating function which I substituted into a PDE and then plot said PDE at a certain time for x and y. I'd like to find the global maximum of this function. Finding the maximum ...

@rm-rf I wasn't aware we're getting "new" 3K users
@acl You're right, but. What can he do to find help? "General" methods for finding global extremes are surely going to pour down if he don't include the actual thing
New 3k users? Now I feel lazy.
Sorry, I love it
I can hear it breathing
3:29 PM
@rm-rf Got an umbrella?
@J.M. remember the question I was going to post about using Reduce results as Piecewice domains. Try this:
f[x_] := Piecewise[{{-Cot[x] - Tan[x]/Sqrt[1 + Tan[x]^2],
Integers], ((\[Pi] + x > 2 \[Pi] C[1] && \[Pi] + 2 x <
4 \[Pi] C[1]) || \[Pi]/2 <
x - 2 \[Pi] C[1] < \[Pi])]]}, {-Cot[x] + Tan[x]/Sqrt[
1 + Tan[x]^2],
Element[C[1], Integers], -(\[Pi]/2) < x - 2 \[Pi] C[1] < \[Pi]/
Plot[f[x], {x, 0, 2 Pi},
PlotStyle -> {{Thick, Dashed, Red}, Blue, Green},
Exclusions -> {Cos@x Sin@ x == 0}]
@belisarius right,that's why I didn't vote to close it. but now he got his help, and I am not sure this question does much more than clutter up the place
@acl Ahhh ... ok. you meant to close it after being answered. Agree.
@belisarius well, that's what I was thinking anyway. I don't really feel all that strongly about it
When in doubt ... let it be :)
fair enough. I'm not totally convinced though.
4:34 PM
hahaha, here we go!
Q: Do you think moderators over-control posts?

NoEscapeAm I the only one that has the impression that the site is under too much control of moderators, instead of being more open to the users?

Q: Do you think moderators over-control posts?

NoEscapeAm I the only one that has the impression that the site is under too much control of moderators, instead of being more open to the users?

Wow, simultaneous! :D
@rm-rf Time to use those eyes of yours...
"Am I the only one..." yes, you are. We should reverse the classic breakup line and play it to him — "Honey, it's not me; it's you."
@rm-rf Are you talking to me?
@Rojo Hi red one!
4:38 PM
I'd downvote, but it'd be awfully unsporting... >:)
Well his question has 3 close votes already... if it gets 2 more, it'll show him how those damned pesky moderators spoiled his... oh, wait.
@rm-rf Power is a drug. Let's fly.
@belisarius The trip is great, but the crash afterwards sucks...
@J.M. I've heard that before
@belisarius Nah, power corrupts only those who never had it in the first place. Compared to the hypnotoad eyes, the diamond is nothing
4:43 PM
Q: Do you think moderators over-control posts?

NoEscapeAm I the only one that has the impression that the site is under too much control of moderators, instead of being more open to the users?

@rm-rf Sorry, brb. Downvotes call me
It feels better now
@rm-rf "Alle befolgen die Hypnokröte" :)
Damn, and here I was thinking somebody was asking how to implement ridge regression in Mathematica... :D
@J.M. hehe ... I was waiting for your answer
I'll just say, thank Golub, Kahan and Reinsch for making SVD practical...
5:28 PM
when lyx crashes, it first pops up a window apologizing and ending with "Bye!"
I thought that was sweet
Never used lyx
BTW rm... how'd that LP problem you had go?
@J.M. Oh, yes sorry I didn't respond to that ping earlier. Was busy then, but forgot about it later. No, I haven't had the chance to look at it yet... I have a talk coming up and was hacking together a few slides
btw, are you familiar with basis pursuit?
@rm-rf Nope, I only heard it from you today. Looks interesting...
It looks like the sort of thing you'd tweak into an LP problem.
Yup... it is tweaked into an LP problem and mathematically, it should retrieve the exact solution. And as I said, it does... except, in the wrong order :D
Need to poke more though... which brings me to a related question:
Do you know of a way to initialize MATLAB and Mathematica to the same PRNG?
A custom one will do too. I'm not interested in cryptographically secure or robust PRNG... just one where I can initialize to the same seed and have both of them spew out the same set of numbers
5:42 PM
What version of MATLAB are you on, again? I seem to recall them switching the algorithm, but I forgot when...
I remembered your blog post on the TI RNG, so was wondering if you had something up your sleeve
@J.M. R2012a
Well, even though the algorithms might be the same, whatever internal initialization they use is different. For instance, using Mersenne twister on both with the same seed won't give you the same stream
Yes, I tried to reproduce the stuff here in Mathematica; no dice...
mcg16807 could be done in Mathematica as the "LinearCongruential" option of SeedRandom[]; swb2712 seems to use the same algorithm as "Legacy". Otherwise, the other algorithms will have to be reimplemented in Mathematica.
Yes, I tried them all, but couldn't initialize both to the same stream. Oh well... might be a good way for me to learn to implement my own generator in both and self-answer a Q
Bethany Marzewski on October 17, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re growing pretty quickly over here at Stack Exchange. But just because they’re last doesn’t mean they’re least – so say hello to our newest hires!

Diandra Partridge, Office Manager


Diandra steps in as the office manager for our new Denver hub. A graduate of Amherst College, Diandra is happy to be back in her hometown as a member of the Stack Exchange team. Her current obsessions include (but are not limited to) Adventure Time, musical theater, and Tard the Grumpy Cat. …

@rm-rf FWIW, that was relatively easy, since it's just a combined LCG. :) Implementing, say, the lagged Fibonacci generator is a bit tricky.
It doesn't help that both MATLAB and Mathematica are coy on how they're using the seeds they're given to warm up the generators...
The voting should be for the answers. Downvoting questions should not be allowed at all (another meta Q) There are no wrong questions after all. — NoEscape 4 mins ago
Clearly he is, contrary to his contention, new to this.
6:03 PM
@J.M. FAQs are hard to read
@belisarius "Screw the FAQs! I have a problem I needed to solve yesterday! SOLVE MY PROBLEM, TWITS!!!1!"
@J.M. Ok. spit it
(Damn, I do a fair impression of an entitled brat...)
@J.M. I know you don't mean this. But brat : 2. A child of a career military person. ???
What is the noun for the child of a carpenter?
@belisarius No; usually, for that sense, there's always an associated modifier: "army brat", "navy brat"...
Nobody really uses "brat" unmodified, in that sense of the word.
6:17 PM
@J.M. "SE brat"
@belisarius more like "forum brat"
I always thought it was disdainful. Never thought of applying it to a child
@belisarius on the contrary, brat is always applied to a child or child-like behaviour
@rm-rf OK. Thanks. I surely mistaken it for another similar word
...it would certainly fit the toddler who was happily exercising his larynx at the supermarket aisle, for instance...
6:29 PM
@rm-rf Why don't mods just step aside from this? The community will take charge
@belisarius Should I delete it then? Was just pointing out stuff he can't see.
@rm-rf He can't see it for a good reason
@belisarius heh, fair enough. Removed
@rm-rf I think a mod action should be a "last resort". You don't need to expose yourself so often
On the brighter side, he's actually somewhat more civil lately. There's still something about his tone, but at least it's not as brash as it was...
6:32 PM
@belisarius You mean on main or meta or this specific question?
@rm-rf I mean "exposing" everywhere. If the community is able to manage a problem, let them do it. If it escalates higher and higher, act swiftly and without debating-
Is it ok for me to lurk here? ... Good ... but, but, Eden was not populated by frogs, wizards, breathing whatits
@GeorgeWolfe Most certainly :)
It is not private
@GeorgeWolfe It's a forbidden Eden. But you may enter.
@GeorgeWolfe We're sorta kinda nuts, but I think you can fit in... :)
6:37 PM
@GeorgeWolfe It's better if you reply to messages instead of editing the previous one (which you can only do within the first 2 mins)... continuity is lost otherwise :)
Ok. Yes, I feel that I am with other of my own kind ... finally.
(...and if you want to edit your message to correct typos, press the up arrow key to start.)
@GeorgeWolfe Are you a knot or a toad?
I am a demiToad
@GeorgeWolfe and let's not forget the fractal butterflies
(well, fractal butterfly so far, but I plan to reproduce)
6:39 PM
I am the spawn of an warty amphibian and a hairy strand of rope!
@acl I shudder to think of what fractal caterpillars look like...
@belisarius So, he's knot a toad...
@acl I thought you had a kid ;)
@GeorgeWolfe I knew I saw you a long time ago
Yes, I have be spoken of before.
Sadly, demiToads are on the endangered species list.
6:51 PM
It's nice to see that people still care about my kind. I must visit.
@rm-rf but not a butterfly.
ok maybe I am missing something obvious, but: I have a list and wish to interchange two elements. what's the most direct way?
@acl {l[[3]], l[[5]]} = {l[[5]], l[[3]]}
@J.M. doh. thanks!
cry swap ya craps
@belisarius "How do I detect a toad using Mathematica"
7:03 PM
@rm-rf Hey! that's my gold mine!
I went too far (With[{# = f[x_]}, argtra := Sin[x]]) &@argtra
@belisarius toadQ[id_Integer] := id == 5
gotta go. c u l8r
7:37 PM
quick trivial question: how to I get access to all questions I tagged as favorites? thanks
@chris Click on your name (to go to your profile) and then click on favorites
Hmm it seems this info is public
@Ajasja ah... yes sorry it was right in my face!
@chris no problem, it happens
(happend to me today as a matter of fact mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/13194/…)
3 hours later…
10:34 PM
Any news from the Wolfram Technology Conference?
Do you know if this year there's also the NDA for everyone?
Is this conference being tweeted or followed by any poster?
10:48 PM
@halirutan Following your code I managed to do what I wanted... !Mathematica graphics
not the post exiting plot on the face of the earth but... thanks again.
11:17 PM
@belisarius You around?
@P.Fonseca Yves is supposed to be covering it for the site
11:31 PM
@rm-rf partially
11:56 PM
@chris Good to hear.

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