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1:07 AM
is there any good resource on "mathematica as a tool for mathematical thought"? (much like APL as a tool for thought) ?
@term-rewritica NKS?
belisarius: is this meant as a joke?
Ohhh you said "good" ... sorry
I couldn't tell given (1) I like mathematica (2) I don't know how the Mathematica community views NKS.
@term-rewritica NKS? It can be viewed with dark lenses only
1:11 AM
to avoid being blinded by it's sheer brilliance?
@term-rewritica You said it
at night, I don't use lights, I just open up my copy of NKS and glue it the ceiling
@term-rewritica You are about to miss the free copy of Mma v9 WRI promised to all Mma.SE users
belisarius: what? how do I get my free copy?
@term-rewritica To get your Mma 9 free copy you should write 900 times "I believe in NKS"
1:13 AM
@belisarius: this is important. how do I get my free copy?
Table[ "I believe in NKS", {900}]
@term-rewritica To get your Mma 9 free copy you should write 900 times "I believe in NKS" with a finite automaton
DFAs/NFAs accept/reject strings, they don't generate strings.
You don't have faith. Rule 31 can do everything
@Rojo what? are your granma telling jokes?
1:18 AM
@Rojo slanted glance
chinese or korean?
@Rojo Damn. I have a /. First@Solve[a,x] (*-> False *)`
can't believe it
@Rojo look
npts = 7;
deg = 3;

ys = Partition[RandomReal[{0, 1}, npts], deg, deg - 1];
xs = Partition[Sort@RandomReal[{0, 1}, npts], deg, deg - 1];
lxs = Length@xs;
w = Array[x^#2 p@## &, {lxs, deg + 1}, {1, 0}];
t = Thread[Total /@ w == y];
m = Map[{x -> #[[1]], y -> #[[2]]} &,
Transpose /@ Transpose@{xs, ys}, {2}];
joints = (x -> #) & /@ First /@ Rest@xs;
d0 = Equal[#, 0] & /@ D[Differences[Total /@ w], x];
s = Solve[(a = (And @@ Flatten[
ReplaceAll[#[[1]], #[[2]]] & /@ Transpose[{t, m}], 1] &&
And @@ Flatten@Thread[ReplaceAll[d0, joints]] &&
(* FALSE *)
Permission to laugh
1:34 AM
@Rojo Soldier, hold your position
@belisarius What's going on with that?
a/. (Solve[a,x] )[[1]]
False ...
I mean
you know why that's happening?
Because .... Too much beer?
a /. Equal -> Subtract /. Solve[a]
1:39 AM
Huh to what?
@belisarius That gives me a list of numbers of the order of 10^-1
that should be == 0 for the equations to be True
I have a folder containing .m files and subfolders which also contain .m files. Is there a way to load them all with Get by loading one .m file?
@AndrewMacFie Make that m file load the others
right, and how?
What are those m files?
BeginPackage things?
Anyway, you can get all m files in a folder like this, for example, 1 sec
1:43 AM
yes, they look like "BeginPackage["blah`"] ... EndPackage[]"
Typically, you put them in Package/Package/init.m, so when you <<Package` , it'll load everything in init.m
@AndrewMacFie And are you sure they all don't get automatically loaded already? I mean, I don't want to give you a brute force method when it's not necessary
but you can always get the list of files in some directory with FileNames["blabla\\blabla\*.m]
and do a Scan[Get, FileNames...
@Rojo Time to watch a movie. I shouldn't try to think against ethylic alcohol
@belisarius Enjoy
the movie and the alcohol
1:46 AM
@Rojo i'll try this
@Rojo it seems like, when the package is running, Directory[] isn't set to the directory of the package
@AndrewMacFie No it's not
@R.M You're saying typically all the code of a package goes in one file?
@AndrewMacFie No
Those BeginPackage
take as a second argument, the packages that that package loads
so in general, packages are already set to load the necessary subpackages
@Rojo OK but it seems like only packages in the same folder can be referenced with BeginPackage
@AndrewMacFie No
you load a package
referring to it's context
such as Needs["bla`"], or in the second argument of BeginPackage
it does a search on a certain path, that includes, for example $UserBaseDirectory\Applications
for .m with that name
folders with that name too
Inside that folder, it searches for an init.m file..
Similarly, if your context is bla`bla2`
it searches for init.m in the folder bla2 inside bla1
1:56 AM
So, in general, the packages inside your main packages are located in subfolders, and have composite names
such as myPackage`mySubPackage`
and lie inside myPackage folder as mySubPackage.m, or inside the mySubPackage subfolder
alright, i'm trying this
@Rojo OK, i think I've got it now! thanks : )
@AndrewMacFie No problem
in mySubPackage.m, it has to say BeginPackage["myPackage`mySubPackage`"]
in your example
and in the package file that includes it
myPackage`mySubPackage` needs to be in the second argument of BeginPackag
2:01 AM
ya, as the second argument
2:29 AM
The website looks soooo AWESOME!!!
sorry guys, this is the first time today that I see it and I got excited. That is all.
2:44 AM
@jmlopez Indeed it does!
It would look even better with The Real Logo (see left).
I like both logos actually
Honestly, good. :-)
I can't wait to start doing everything in Mathematica.
I love the graphics you guys created
I had nothing to do with it, but I agree.
@Mr.Wizard you do. your name was used in my site design mockups :)
2:47 AM
@Jin lol -- thanks :-D
@Mr.Wizard I'm looking into that top nav CSS issue you reported
what text zoom ratio do you have your firefox set to?
Thanks for that too. I've been experimenting with different zoom levels, both "Text Zoom" and "Full Page Zoom" -- I've even experimented with Minimum Font Size but that tends to break things. (continued)
It sit farther from my screen than most do, and I really need things a bit larger or it kills my eyes. I realize that the design needs to accommodate the average user first, but if it is possible to make it more readable for others I hope you will consider that.
I also notice differences in the fonts as displayed in the prototype image and what I see. If you have time to talk about these things I'd love to try to figure out why.
@Mr.Wizard Can you perhaps sit even further behind so that you can't answer anymore? I'd like to overtake
Of course I know you're busy and if you don't have time to work out one user's problems I understand.
@R.M HAHAHA.... NO! This is my spot. Nobody sits in MY SPOT!
@Mr.Wizard well, the top nav is now absolutely positioned within the header. I could make it relative. so it's not affected by text zoom
2:52 AM
@Jin That kind of change would be very helpful.
@Mr.Wizard it's really what I should've done to begin with. I was afraid I may be running out of time before the launch, so I went with the easy way :)
but now I have more time to fix bugs post launch
refreshes stuff
@Jin Do you have time to look at screen shots and talk about the fonts?
@Mr.Wizard Hi !
3 in a row
2:57 AM
@belisarius Hello, brother.
he ehe
@Mr.Wizard Hullo
@Mr.Wizard sure
@Jin OK! One minute please.
@Jin Out of curiosity, since I've been meaning to ask...why does the Stack Exchange™ SuperCollider MultiDropdown™ get such vibrant/bold bands of colour on a lot of sites (here, DBA, Gaming), by the way? Catches me off guard a little on some of these sites, heh...maybe I spend too much time on Meta with its muted greys.
@R.M kill that hypnofrog for one night
2:58 AM
@belisarius I did
Although technically, my gravatar changed at its bidding
@R.M It refuses to hibernate here
@TimStone i normally use site's accent color for the dropdown's header and footer. but I don't really do it consistently. I feel like Mathematica's is a bit too strong. I'll tweak that
@belisarius have a refreshing beer
@R.M No more beer tnight for me :D
ha i just noticed some of your chat avatar is the "old new logo"
3:01 AM
@Jin Clap!
Gotcha. And alright, cool. Also, I suppose it's not particularly relevant to...well anyone, but I find the build number in the footer a little hard to read.
@Jin 4 so far, and more to come :D
> Mathematica is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc. While the mark is used herein with the limited permission of Wolfram Research, Stack Exchange and this site disclaim all affiliation therewith.
@R.M "therewith" is a nice word
Jin, please look at this image; on the left is what I see on the new design; on the right is a crop from the prototype image. The names on the right seem more readable. Is that because of the fonts I (don't) have installed?
unreadable? you mean its color?
or the way font renders?
3:05 AM
No, the font itself. Mine (left) is more narrow and squished together. The one on the right looks better.
it's because I changed the font at the last minute.
Is the diamond a different colour on purpose?
uh... are such things locked in now or flexible?
in my mockup, I used Verdana for the names. but I felt on the live site it's too wide, in case some users' names are long. so I made it Heveltica/Arial stack
Verdana is fatter than Helvetica/Arial
so I only used Verdana for the question titles
@R.M no. it's a bug
@R.M Diamonds are forever
@Jin it's all in the eye of the beholder
3:10 AM
@Jin are such choices permanent (barring major incidents) or can they yet be changed?
@Mr.Wizard everything can be changed :)
i'm rolling out some bug fixes tonight
@Jin you better use Arial narrow for this guy then mathematica.stackexchange.com/users/1747/… :)
be back in a few...
@R.M at pt2
I just got a notice that a Firefox update is available. I think I should install that before I get back to design stuff.
3:19 AM
@Mr.Wizard Be careful if you use add ons
most of them have been not updated yet
huzzah! He survived the update!
@belisarius uh... right. :^) I think I'm good though. BTW, many add-ons can be made to work by editing the .rdf file in.
@Jin rather than wasting your time by rambling about one detail or another I'm going to take some time to put my thoughts together and highlight the details that (ideally for me) might be changed.
@Mr.Wizard sure.
i'm hungry, going to make some ramen
I hope that comes out well. Good eating!
p.s. it's not the cheap $0.10 ramen. it's my "home-made gourmet ramen"
A: How to go from instant ramen to gourmet meal?

JinI use thin chopped bacon slices(uncooked) as a flavoring agent. Also drop 1-2 eggs in there and stir, this adds texture. I normally stir-fry some chopped steak on the side and dump in the ramen afterwards. I don't use the seasoning pack that comes with the ramen. For flavoring, I use ponzu sauc...

3:30 AM
@Jin My suspicions are confirmed. :-)
@Jin Oh man, now you've made me hungry. Now your turn to suffer:
A: Should I prick sausages during cooking?

belisariusHere in Argentina is very common to bbq LOTS of sausages for big parties. Just for reference: To ease the work of turning them, we usually hold them together with metal skewers, that also serve the purpose of draining the fat: But if you don't prick them (besides of the aforementioned h...

@R.M hehe
@R.M aww.. i'm a big fan of fine meats.
me here
@R.M looks like I need to start visiting a new SE site. Okay all, bye for now.
3:32 AM
dumb question: are the people with the 5-stars
the mods?
no, the admins
lol, no, just people protesting the forced change of the site logo
(and I happen to be a moderator pro-tem)
Who? Us?
3:39 AM
the ones with the orange star
with curved sides
you can be one too :)
where is the image icon?
@term-rewritica We master the world. Beware and be humble
@belisarius: Table[ "Many believe in NKS and belisarius", {900} ]
@term-rewritica But we invite you to join us. You have five minutes. After that you are kaput
3:42 AM
Fantastic. Where is my 5 pointed star?
I wonder what will happen if I refuse to program in non-mathematica languages for the next 6 months.
@belisarius use a better res gravatar.com/avatar/…
that black line was added by gravatar
i'm surprised it's not available as a svg
A: What should our site design look like?

J. M.Since Jin has already put up the (nearly) final design for the main site, here's the final code for producing our official logo, as adapted from the code by wxffles and the coloring by Verbeia (which is what I used when I sent Jin the *.eps logo file): p = Polygon[Table[N[{Cos[t], Sin[t]}], {t, ...

Convert it to your favourite $Format
3:49 AM
this is pretty cool
Hi folks
Congrats all with the new site.
welcome to the most friendly stackexchange in the world
@SjoerdC.deVries How's it going? When do you get to the US?
3:52 AM
Arrived this afternoon. wish I was back on Iceland. man, NY is hot!
I'll be in NYC next month... should be equally bad
I'm not used to this. And internet is slow too. Stupid hotels, charging like its gold
@SjoerdC.deVries Hi to you "old school gravatar"!
@SjoerdC.deVries Hi to you "old school gravatar"!
@SjoerdC.deVries Are you in NYC? I've never been there, except for a brief stop at LaGuardia airport.
@SjoerdC.deVries My experience is that the expensive hotels charge for internet, but the medium priced ones don't.
3:55 AM
I think this is my fourth or fifth visit in 20 years.
It's not really easy to see who's in the lobby right noe
how do we convince stackexchange to give us mma.stackexchange.com ?
@term-rewritica I don't think that's a good idea... not everyone knows it as mma.
we can't have both (i.e. mma as an redirect/alias) ?
@R.M Thanks! Updating!
@term-rewritica don't think it matters... I certainly don't type more than 1 letter before my browser autocompletes. There's also a bookmark that I can simply click, and I assume most people have similar arrangements
3:59 AM
@belisarius Nice....
@BrettChampion Your computer is clearly ill. A physician may help you to put an end to that
I'm off to bed now. Just paid to see us graduate. Not sure whether I'll be around the next couple of days. Perhaps a Starbucks... Next week free wifi in cape cod ( I hope)
4:16 AM
Anyone knows about this? twitter.com/stackmma
4:26 AM
@belisarius his computer is legally supposed to do that ;)
@VitaliyKaurov What's being used for the background? I haven't spotted a seam in it yet.
Ah, now I see the seam.
Hey Rob!
There shouldn't be one what's its set up correctly.
8 hours ago, by Oleksandr R.
user image
@BrettChampion hard to see - but yeah
@BrettChampion Hello.
@rcollyer It's only designed to tile in one direction, not two. :-)
4:31 AM
@BrettChampion I see. Yep, that would cause issues.
so the Twitter only set up for graduated communities?
We've always had this account from day 1. Just got themed today
Hi @rcollyer
The twitter account has been around for a while. In fact, I think we have two. (One from SE and one that Sjoerd set up?)
Hi @VitaliyKaurov
4:33 AM
I wonder why neither blog or official Twitter feed are not prominent on front page
I think those have to be done by hand.
there are only 22 followers with > 1000 members
@VitaliyKaurov I couldn't care less about twitter.
Hey @R.M, if a bunch of you are going to use the same avatar, could you at least vary them a bit? Like various amounts of rotation. Multiples of 2Pi/5 should be enough for you.
@vitaliy they are present in the history of tweeted posts
4:35 AM
@BrettChampion A single point down, I think, would be more indicative of his personality. :)
@rcollyer twitter is a good way to get updates when u r not stuck to PC, some folks may appriciate it
@VitaliyKaurov Absolutely. I'm just a person who doesn't care about it.
@R.M ? ?? ????
First line in history
BTW, I could get used to the new design. :)
4:37 AM
@R.M I am not sure what u r trying to say
@R.M Ah, I see. It was tweeted at some point.
The only thing that I wanted to say is that good logistics is linking blog and Twitter from the front page
True. And I am fairly sure it is one of the few aspects that isn't automated.
The blog will be linked. twitter, no. It is actually a bot that selects Qs based on some algo, so you can't push stuff you want.
It is very late here, and I have to get up early. Night all.
4:42 AM
Here's the one Sjoerd set up: twitter.com/mathematicaatse
I've seen ads on other sites asking users to follow the twitter account, so we'll have one too when we get out coomunity ads set uo
@rcollyer Night! (It's getting late for me, even...)
5:17 AM
@term-rewritica That's reserved for the Mixed Martial Arts site. ;-)
5:50 AM
Anyone here?
6:12 AM
@Heike are you here?
@Mr.Wizard partially
@Heike Which part? :^)
@Mr.Wizard The part of me that is waiting for the calculation to finish.
@Heike Ah. Could you check something on the site for me?
I've missed the launch by the looks of it. Was there any ceremony?
@Mr.Wizard Sure, what?
6:18 AM
(I missed it too.) I seem to have lost the ability to select anything other than newest for the ordering of Questions -- nothing happens when I click. Do you have the same problem or is it on my end?
@Mr.Wizard The buttons work for me. FYI I'm on chrome for windows 7.
@Heike Okay, thanks. Happy calculations... :-)
7:06 AM
I'm also here!
The "Sign up for the newsletter" button was too wide for me and the right edge was cut off. Unfortunately I foolishly pressed the button before I could take a screenshot and now I can't bring it back ... can anyone take a screenshot please?
I don't see the button
@VitaliyKaurov You're right, there's a seam. I made the background tileable only in one direction (originally for the SE site only, which needs horizontal tiling). I'll try to make it tileable in both directions if possible ... I'll also update the code I posted on meta that generates the tilings so others can play with it.
@term-rewritica I think you may need to reload the page a couple of times before it shows you
7:22 AM
@Szabolcs The button looks OK in Firefox.
@Heike I figured out that the sort buttons problem is a manifestation of this one.
@Mr.Wizard Can you ask the SE team to create a community promotion ads meta post for us?
@Szabolcs Possibly, if I can be made to understand what you just said. :-o
@Mr.Wizard After a site graduates, the users have some control over what kinds of ads are shown on it through a meta thread like this one. It's not created by default, it seems it has to be requested by a mod (that's what happened on EE when I asked their mod if they thought anyone on their site would be interested in Mma.SE)
8:24 AM
This might sound strange, but I think that the removal of Answers influences the look of the site more than the logo change. It's more balanced with a coloured Answers.
8:41 AM
Hi @Manishearth
8:55 AM
Hey-lo :)
What brings you here? :-)
Oh, MrWizard was talking about community ads
Apparently you get a post a few weeks into the graduation
@Manishearth So it's automatic? I asked him to inquire about it. I thought we had to request the post before we get it.
No, manual. I think.
I see no reason for them to do it immediately, though it may just be that they prefer to keep it in the flow of the thing
Anyway, we can wait for rchern's (or whoever) response
Sure! Actually I thought they didn't do it at all unless we requested it. That's why I asked about it so soon.
9:14 AM
Hmm, dunno about that :/
9:28 AM
@R.M I must do something about that! Also, it seems I can't vote to delete right away, so I miss the 20k now!
9:40 AM
Q: Mathematica.SE - Wolfram - what is this community doing to get listed on Community page?

fredob314I am new to Mathematica and find this site very helpful. Much more than the MathGroup that is listed on the the community page of Mathematica, see Wolfram Support page. So in the interest of getting even more attention from users of Mathematica, I am wondering what this community is doing to ge...

I asked for this question to be migrated here. I'm not sure they'll do it because it isn't off topic on SO. I think it would be good to have it here as a "canonical version" to mark questions as duplicates of (e.g. this one).
9:56 AM
Is anyone running the new, history-enabled version of the image uploader? If yes, how do you use the history feature? Do you tend to copy one URL at a time, or several? Do you it it would be better if the history window closed automatically when you copy an URL?
Do we have an edited version of the community ad with the Wolfram-kosher logo?
@J.M. Not yet, but we have an image to start with.
Yeah, that's a starting point. Sadly I don't have a decent image editor on hand...
(Maybe I should be working on an avatar that uses our color scheme... :D )
no GIMP?
@Szabolcs For some weird reason, GIMP acts funny on this computer I'm using... just closes after taking a long time to load.
10:07 AM
One problem with that image is that it looks like it is advertising Mathematica, and not Mathematica.SE.
@Szabolcs Yeah, that's why added text would go a long way towards clarification.
(Now, if we'd retained "Answers", then there's less need for clarification...)
room topic changed to Mathematica: General discussion for the newly launched mathematica.stackexchange.com . Celebrate with us! (no tags)
room topic changed to Mathematica: General discussion for *the newly launched mathematica.stackexchange.com . Celebrate with us! (no tags)*
I'm wondering if perhaps @Jin has made a new version of that ad. There was a version in the original site design mockup.
@J.M. Time for another confetti post? :-)
10:24 AM
@Szabolcs We need other ways to celebrate, apart from confetti... ;) Rendering a wine bottle in Mathematica might not be the best challenge question, however.
(Maybe Heike or bel can come up with ideas later...)
10:41 AM
How can I force a button to be standard size, just like in ChoiceDialog[]? Compare ChoiceDialog["boo"] with MessageDialog["boo", {"OK" -> 1, "Cancel" -> 1}]:
10:55 AM
I think I have solved this before, but I forgot how (I used ChoiceButtons eventually, so the solution is not in my code. This time I can't use ChoiceButtons)
@R.M I mailed them about the black line. It's fixed now (you'll need to re-crop it, but you don't need to re-upload, to fix)
11:20 AM
@Szabolcs Standard size is ImageSize -> CurrentValue@"DefaultButtonSize", but no idea how to add button options to a MessageDialog
11:40 AM
Tiny quiz: guess what TrigReduce[Sin[x]^21] /. Sin -> (Pi/2 &) does.
12:27 PM
@J.M. well I just came up with a bunch of different things (it solves a recursion relation etc etc) but I guess you have a simple motivation. what is it?
12:37 PM
@acl It's a somewhat tricky obfuscated way to evaluate Integrate[(Sin[x]^21)/x, {x, 0, Infinity}].
1:13 PM
@J.M. ah, that's true
1:57 PM
I voted to close this question as duplicate because it is essentially asking how to call C or C++ functions from Mathematica.
2:21 PM
@belisarius do you think the comment was too harsh?
@R.M I am not following this user behavior, so I can't really tell. I am in a good mood today :)
@Szabolcs Looks like it indeed, but I don't want to use my unilateral powers. Maybe if two more executioners come...
That's why I posted here, to give it more visibility. I asked for the other question to be migrated for this.
@belisarius ok. He's the same guy that had a -5 question which had a snarky but appropriate answer from rojo. It's now deleted
Q: "can any one do it?" A: "someone can do it."
2:31 PM
@R.M Get rid of that ugly black line under your gravatar :P
I am loving this "send in the clones" business... :)
@R.M Oh.. I remember now. Well, perhaps the right way to shape him as a good user (or scare him away) is posting just hints and not complete answers. may be doing that only in short comments. We should keep a list of those particular users in a shared doc to remember how to treat them :D
@szabolcs i'll fix it a little later
@belisarius a hit list? :D
@J.M. Join the Dark Force!
@Szabolcs yes it's hard to see how it's different
(well apart from someone randomly turning up and lecturing the world on numerical recipes, but that is to be expected)
2:37 PM
@R.M I'd love if the mods (or high rep users) could post a mark besides some users' gravatar meaning "Beware how you answer"
@R.M a (s)hit list... >:)
@belisarius What the hell is this, Scarlet Letter?
@J.M. hehe
@belisarius Let me think about it...
The devil's mark
@acl I like that the current edition nowadays stresses that their code is "pedagogical"... :)
2:39 PM
I think there are way too many pins on the sidebar, most of them old news... can't see the stars. Can a room owner or JM clear some of them?
Thanks :)
@belisarius perhaps we could post five orange pips next to their gravatar?
@acl Better than tatooing his arm, sure
@acl In the arrangement of a hyperbolic pentagon? >:)
@acl Have you seen the modern series?
A quick question: do we get input into the standard list of sites to migrate questions to?
(I feel like I should be singing: "Send in the clones.")
2:52 PM
@rcollyer I thought the set of "standard" sites was different for each site.
@Szabolcs Right, they are. That's why I was wondering if we get any input.
@Szabolcs I think we should only migrate to "cooking" and "skeptics"
@belisarius Really? I thought Sci-fi should be included, too.
And, definitely webapps. They're a perfect fit.
@rcollyer Speaking of that, your gravatar is démodé. Upgrade it!
I should think about a question to celebrate graduation
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