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12:28 AM
@Mr.Wizard No link just a reference:
Essay: "How many inches in a mile?". First Published In: Winter-71, Saturday Evening Post
@Mr.Wizard I answered this before somewhere, probably on SO
Q: question on Trigger and updating of Manipulate expression

Nasser M. AbbasiExperts, I can't figure out why the Manipulate expression is being evaluated 2 times each time I click on the 'StepRightButton' which is part of a Trigger control. When I click on the '+' button, I see the counter going up once as expected, but the expression is being evaluated 2 times, not one...

12:56 AM
@SjoerdC.deVries I linked him to the one you answered, but it is not a dupe. This is different
1 hour later…
2:17 AM
Man, once started it's just impossible to stop playing with the Penrose iteration:
@Mr.Wizard, 1.276s on my PC your version of minimalFast with the 1000 length dataset, versus 1.30s of my first idea... Your still the king
Bigger advantage on the faster 8000 lengthed dataset
Plus, your first minimal version couldn't be more elegant
2:48 AM
Second idea, even slower...
3:24 AM
@halirutan Not a Penrose tiling, but something either on chat or meta over the weekend got me playing with:
g = {Circle[{0, 0}, 1/4, {0, Pi/2}],
   Circle[{1, 1}, 3/4, {Pi, 3 Pi/2}],
   Circle[{1, 0}, {1/4, 3/4}, {Pi/2, Pi}],
   Circle[{0, 1}, {3/4, 1/4}, {3 Pi/2, 2 Pi}]};
  Translate[Rotate[g, RandomInteger[3] Pi/2, {1/2, 1/2}], {x, y}], {x,
    0, 10}, {y, 0, 10}]]
and after a bit I started printing them out so I could more easily trace the paths to see how big they got...
@BrettChampion yes, this is nice too. Reminds me a bit of the stuff from Indra's Pearls where they have such rotation and translation groups.
have to sleep. bye all.
3:43 AM
This has one of the longer paths I've seen:
2 hours later…
5:20 AM
Just check my brand new avatar
I swear they are Beziers
6:01 AM
@Rojo I must have missed something. Where is your first idea? (And the second, for that matter.) I don't see an answer from you. ::confused::
@belisarius Nice! I've kept the same gravatar from the beginning but I'll consider using The Real Logo myself. >:D
@Mr.Wizard I think we may all change our avatars to TRL for the inauguration party. What do you think? Is rebellion an option ? :D
Hi Sza!
hi, but gotta run!
@Szabolcs Lawyers are here? so soon?
6:36 AM
@Mr.Wizard You there?
6:58 AM
@belisarius I am now; unfortunately Chat pings take a while to arrive if I don't have the room open in a tab.
@Mr.Wizard No problem
There is a theme for a blog posting that is crawling in my head since a few days ago
and I want your opinion
There is a task that I had done a few times: you have a set of homogeneous equations, but you don't know the systems' dimension a priori, and you want to write a solver for that without specifying the number of equations beforehand
May sound silly to you now, but the first time I approached the problem, it was hard
Does it sound too silly?
@Mr.Wizard ping
lol -- sorry, again. I was watching the end of Forrest Gump. :^)
@belisarius I'd read your article with interest, FWIW.
@Mr.Wizard I am sure he ended richer this time
@Mr.Wizard ok. "Introduction to dimensional-free Solving". The first you need a shocking title :D
7:14 AM
That should do it. :0
thanks :P . Good night!
Good night, belisarius.
8:06 AM
@R.M Yup, I have the same feeling:)
@belisarius I'm in!
4 hours later…
11:55 AM
@Mr.Wizard, well, I was playing around at real time when I said that... I didn't think it was worth posting late loser ideas. Should I?
Ok, I'm posting the one that got close
12:20 PM
@BrettChampion this is pretty neat
2 hours later…
2:17 PM
I overtook Szabolcs! not by much though... Still, the first time since day 2
2:44 PM
Q: What to do when a new version comes out and renders questions obsolete?

Eli LanseyGiven the huge volume of questions we get here, it's likely that some newer version of MMA may greatly simplify some answers to questions about improving/refining/avoiding some built-in MMA functionality. One thing in particular that comes to mind is the whole legending issue (legending), where e...

@R.M now go for leonid
3:33 PM
anyone here a linux person?
running redhat, trying to install (shudder) fortran compiler
and i can't disable SElinux to get this thing to install
tried setting SELINUX=disabled
but couldn't save the stinkin' file
"/etc/sysconfig/selinux" E166: Can't open linked file for writing
hi jin!
the design looks nice!
thanks. i'm excited about the site launch later today. still working on the css conversion now.
3:49 PM
ah, figured it out (thanks xkcd.com/149 )
sudo vi did the trick
stinkin' linux
@Jin can't wait to see the final version!
the logo has been updated since my mockup
per WRI's request.
@Jin shame. stinkin' lawyers. you're using the later versions of that logo (i.e. spiky with the arms cut off)?
ok, at least it's still pretty!
not as distinctive, though.
oh well
yeah i think it looks nice still
it doesn't look as "mathematica-ish" as the last time, but i think that was the point the legal team was trying to make..
3:59 PM
yup. but less-obviously mathematica-related.
@Jin ah, i see
4:21 PM
posted on July 17, 2012 by Wolfram Blog Team

It’s back! The only event in which Mathematica experts are live on camera to answer your questions: Mathematica Experts Live. The first Mathematica Experts Live virtual event was such a popular success that we’re doing it again. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Many of you asked for help with dynamic interfaces, so this [...]

4:31 PM
@StackMma, The Stack Exchange network
A Q&A site for users of Mathematica
1.4k tweets, 22 followers, following 0 users
I already skinned the Twitter account :)
4:51 PM
@Jin looks great! Some of them still have WM on it...
@R.M right. tweets before the design change won't be updated..
that's why I went ahead updated the twitter account design early
I see the old, pentagon-based icon here in chat!
@Jin no, it's just 2 of them that stand out... all the rest are the new logo, even going as far back as early june
@Szabolcs that's just for the blog feed
I wonder if the logo should've had 1 step less triangulation
@R.M hmm weird. i don't know how twitter decides which version to know. i'm guessing it's a caching issue
4:55 PM
@Jin That's what I thought, but I opened the page in a spankin' new chrome profile that has never seen either this site or twitter, and the same thing there
or do you mean caching on twitter's end?
@R.M caching on twitter's end. I mean which logo icon to display in the twitter stream
The new logo looks a bit different when the thin lines separating the polygons are missing (yes, I know those lines were a rendering artefact)
@Jin Will the design go live today or tomorrow? Just curious if I'll see if before I sleep today (which is around 21 UTC) :-)
@Szabolcs the design goes live in about 2.5hrs
3.30pm EST
as usual, i'm scrambling :)
I'll be sure to check back before bedtime then!
@Jin that's when you work the best :P
yay community deletion! less than a minute after the first vote was cast
5:02 PM
@R.M Will you please publish the Hello World post tonight then? (If I'm already sleeping)
yup, will do
@R.M Will the guy get a notification (and your comment), or will he just see the question disappear?
@Szabolcs It wasn't a question, so he can always see his deleted answer regardless of rep
I think my comment was already in his inbox by then, with the real time updates and all that...
I think I'm the only one in the company who actually like working with CSS-SSSS
@Verbeia Are you around?
5:09 PM
@Szabolcs I think he's on a business trip
Is "explication" a commonly used English term? Is it exactly the same as "explanation"? Am I avoiding it due to hypercorrection only?
@Jin "She" ;-) Will the new blog design go love at the same time?
@Szabolcs ooops. sorry @Verbeia!
what is the blog url?
@Jin mathematica.blogoverflow.com --- no posts yet, the first one should go out tonight!
ah. I doubt the blog design will go out today. But should be sometimes this week for sure
I wasn't aware that there was a Mathematica.se blog
@Szabolcs Really? Which will it be?
5:15 PM
Well, there aren't any posts yet, so it's not surprising :)
@Jin Those heathens! ;)
@TimStone stop stalking me!
I thought I smelled bacon, so I had to check in.
@Rojo Check the blog chatroom and the pinned messages!
@Szabolcs ok, no need to yell!!
5:17 PM
@Jin Haha
@Rojo Not yelling :) In Hungarian we use the "!" mark whenever we ask someone to do something (imperative), and I tend to do it in English too
¡You need to flip it for Rojo to understand!
@R.M Haha, I'm one of the few that remain fighting for ¡'s survival in Spanish :P
5:26 PM
@Jin Could you provide an equivalent of this, but with the new logo? I'd like to add it to the inaugural blogpost
@R.M sure. give me a few mins
Oh, no Answers?
not allowed to use anything with "Mathematica"
5:36 PM
holey moley!
I really thought "Mathematica Answers" would it less "official"
just seems a bit weird that the site is called "Mathematica"
but the lawyers OKed it!
"Answers" did sound nicer ...
@Szabolcs yes. that's the convention we've used for a site that focuses on a product. e.g. WordPress Answers, Drupal Answers, etc
Hmm, interesting. Lawyers are crazy. Logo looks nice though, whose handy work was that?
@TimStone See this post wxffles made the base version which was our original choice. Verbeia fiddled with it and came up with different combinations of sides + curves/no curves etc. and this was one that was okayed by the lawyers
5:42 PM
Ah, nice :)
@R.M Is there an imgur link of the real one handy?
@Jin did they really say that nothing else should be used along with it?
@Szabolcs see jin's post one page up in chat
no, not next to "Mathematica"
subtext is allowed though
something like that? where the [[ Answers ]] can be considered to be graphics?
that's not allowed
5:46 PM
lol, that's ridiculous
basically, no other words on the same line as "Mathematica"
sub text is ok
@Jin So, "Answers" could be on the line below?
@rcollyer yes that'd be OK. but i tried to design it that way.. looked weird
also, i plan to use the space between for "meta" for the Meta site
@Jin true, even if it was legal, weird trumps it.
@jin Were they making things up on the way, or do you know if they're allowed to dictate terms this way? I'm not a lawyer, but I presume you know a bit about where the lines are drawn wrt logo/graphic design/trademarks, etc.
5:47 PM
From what I understand, SE what through a lot of trouble with LEGO® Answers, too.
Let the man work, it's too late to start a revolution ...
@Szabolcs I always figured we would run into issues, I just wished they had cropped up sooner rather than later. :P
@rcollyer Well, we were the ones who contacted WRI about the issue. I'm still surprised they had problem with the logo though.
@Szabolcs well, we shouldn't have... Letting lawyers do graphic design is never a good idea
@Szabolcs It is what it is. I liked it, while it lasted. The new one is good, too, but not quite the same. Oh well, back to baby-sitting my code.
5:53 PM
@rcollyer well, to be honest, I'm just super relieved that we're even allowed to use "Mathematica" in the site title :)
we had a much tougher time with Lego
that's why we have to call it "Bricks" which to me is silly..
@Jin hush you! Don't give them ideas
@Jin Good point.
See you in a couple of hours when the site goes live. Bye for now.
There's www.mathematica-users.org . They're using the name with another word, but not the logo. Unfortunately the site is down again.
well, it's Luc's site right? Maybe it has been blessed internally?
And it has never been very active. Also, its creator is an Executive Director at W|A.
6:01 PM
@Jin So, should the twitter page simply say Mathematica and not Mathematica SE?
@R.M hmm good question. i'll have to ask the community team
One more look at the old one ...
btw i still don't have a captcha image..
totally forgot about it
i'd like to use some kind of robot image
I liked RM's suggestion:
brb, googling for robot lawyers
6:13 PM
@rcollyer that's confusing though. the image shouldn't look like the actual captcha
@Jin I meant put the actual captcha there
@R.M oh we don't actually control what captcha comes up
@Jin but you do have some placeholder for the image, right?
@R.M yes
So why not TextRecognize[<placeholder>], followed by an input field?
6:16 PM
i don't quite follow
Hmm, that would make it difficult ...
hmm... looks like that whole block is a widget/code from recaptcha
@rcollyer I added to this question, but I wasn't sure if that tag was meant solely for programs written in Mathematica
what would be a good 404/error?
for that we can use mathematica code
6:21 PM
My interpretation is that it is not, but I'm not sure
Jul 13 at 14:30, by R.M
@Jin I suggest: "General::404 : Page not found"
great, thanks
what about error?
@R.M Can you make an image? Just define the message, issue it, set the magnification to a large number, and use the image uploader. I'm a computer that has weird fonts (Chinese Windows)
ah but wait, the image uploader doesn't respect magnification on Mac ... sorry
I think a page with several light red boxes everywhere would be good for an error page... similar to an FE gone bonkers
Trying to force some errors now
@R.M I think it is a good general purpose tag. I wouldn't worry about it.
@Jin ^^ something like this would be nice for the 404 page
Maybe a lighter gray for the extraneous stuff
6:34 PM
@R.M I was about to suggest that. Maybe a little less, too. But, I like it.
@R.M would that be better for the error page?
(with different output msg)
Anyone know why GraphicsGrid might clip the items inside it, and how to disable that? (It has to to with AspectRatios, but I'm not clear how.)
@R.M BTW, I had forgotten about that question. Thanks for giving it a bump on the front-page.
@Jin yeah, that works too
What I used is the messages displayed (verbose mode) when I try to import a html page that doesn't exist
Makes me wonder what mma would do if it can't find the kernel ... almost tempting to try.
6:37 PM
@R.M could you make one for the error page? i'll use yours
@rcollyer just a MathLink error. Not very interesting. More interesting results accrue from SetAttributes[CompoundExpression, Orderless]...
@OleksandrR. I'm almost afraid to try that. Let me save what I was working on ...
@OleksandrR. I just get Null for (f = 5; f + 6). Of course, I get Null for f, too.
@Jin What font do you use for the code block?
@rcollyer I get immediate errors and nothing works any more.
@OleksandrR. no errors, but nothing works.
A quick way to fubar a newbie's session, though.
Hmmm ... Didn't notice the message window. But, I only get one:
The front end encountered an error while processing a "UpdateKernelSymbolContexts" packet.
6:44 PM
Try opening the doc center or something like that. Totally locked up for me.
@R.M doesn't matter
monospace type would be fine
@OleksandrR. Well, running (f = 5; f + 6) in a fresh session gave me an Options list which is weird. Running ?f gives me a few errors ... :)
Plus Null as the result.
I tried it without the FE. Seemed to be alright initially, until I did a Plot... kernel crashed.
Seriously messes up a lot of internal functionality. Maybe some more of the system and internal functions should be locked ... :)
Although, that would likely affect all of the functionality built on top of those ... :(
Locked is a very annoying attribute. You can't Block Locked symbols either.
6:50 PM
I did not know that. Definitely annoying.
Despite its tendency towards the cryptic, I like Mathematica's errors better than this one DFT code I'm using. It was crashing and the only error file with anything it told me I should check the error files! Not helpful in the least.
(DFT: density functional theory, for the uninitiated.)
Could be worse. I've used such programs where the only error message you get (if you're lucky) is a stack trace as it segfaults.
@Jin ^
@R.M looks good. Gray text could perhaps be slightly darker (marginal visibility here).
GrayLevel[0.8] good? This is 0.9
@OleksandrR. true, and this is usually on that order. But, I was able to trace this particular error because of a log file that is kept to record the timings on the individual machines. One machine was taking twice as long to complete what it was doing ...
6:57 PM
great. thanks!
Either works for me.
i'm done with main site conversion, finishing up Meta now!
down to the wire
nothing quite like it.
@Jin do you want a wire form of the logo or are you just convertng it to grayscale?
7:01 PM
@Jin we're all quite excited to see the final result!
@R.M i'll converting it to b/w
i thought about using the wireframe form for Meta, but it doesn't show up well in smaller format, e.g. favicon, 48px icon etc
Is this question a migration candidate?
@Jin ah, ok
@rcollyer IMO yes but I think all he needs to do is have a look at his correlation matrix to see where the problem lies.
@OleksandrR. that's true, or even at the other questions here involving NonlinearModelFit.
Personally, I was thinking of having it migrated than closed if it is substantially answered by another question.
7:05 PM
@rcollyer those would definitely help. NonlinearModelFit is a great function. But I think more likely he has too many parameters and one of them is simply not well determined, rather than being stuck in a local minimum. Of course without the data it's impossible to say for sure.
@OleksandrR. I agree, his system is likely ill-conditioned.
Flagged it for migration.
See you all later.
@rcollyer bye!
7:26 PM
Question: Why does this not work
StringJoin @@@ Partition[StringSplit["00EFFF", ""], 2], 16]]
It should produce three integers, but it doesn't
By contrast, this does work:
FromDigits[#, 16] &, {StringJoin @@@
Partition[StringSplit["00EFFF", ""], 2]}]
I'm not sure why Thread doesn't work as advertised...
@Guillochon FromDigits is evaluating before Thread gets its hands on it, so it returns 256 "00" + 16 "EF" + "FF".
MapThread does not have that issue since FromDigits[#, 16] & cannot evaluate before the threading/mapping occurs.
What is controlling the order of operations?
I see
Thread does not have the Attribute HoldAll.
You are not the first to run into this, it is annoying.
7:31 PM
You're welcome.
Hi @Matariki, nice avatar!
almost time. realistically another 15mins or so!
i'm debugging csssssss
@Jin ewww! been there done that. not fond of it.
^ story of my life
Unfortunately, I have to run. Swim lessons for a short person.
Good luck.
7:35 PM
@Jin thank you very much for all the hard work! "Design-by-lawyer" must have been very frustrating. Hope that doesn't happen to you too often.
@rcollyer Thanks. I thought of changing it to one of my, admittedly late, entries for the site logo.
@OleksandrR. nah it wasn't too bad. I'm just glad I for informed ahead of time, than being sued afterwards :)
plus the only objection was the logo, not the overall site design. so it didn't impact me too much
Fair enough. You're still calmer than I would have been about it. :) Which other sites are launching at the same time? (Or in other words, what else have you been working on lately?)
@OleksandrR. well, i've been catching up on other SE site's top user swag packages 'n mod cards.
also working on another SE site launch
Ah, okay. I didn't think we'd be the only site to launch this iteration. :)
7:43 PM
@OleksandrR. we don't launch(graduate) site as often as we used to. because I caught up :)
@Jin any hints which one?
ah, nice. That must be a fun one to do
I think it will be well received! I'm working with another designer on its design. well, she's doing all the work really :)
why did Physical Fitness stagnate after a design was presented?
7:47 PM
@R.M i believe we're on the site stats to improve. also i may update the design
ah, I see
i was actually surprised when i was told that Mathematica was graduating, since it's a fairly young site within the SE network
but I guess you guys just rock! the stats went up fast
heh, we are a pretty tight knit and enthusiastic bunch... :)
I think the user stats (rep wise) and voting/editing stats and community participation blow away several of the graduated sites, including the first ever to graduate — Web Applications
building production...
after launching 30+ SE sites, I still get that butterfly in the stomach feeling whenever we're about to launch a site..
Very exciting!
7:55 PM
[refresh] ... [refresh] ... [refresh] ...
@EliLansey I installed a Chrome extension to reload for me...
@BrettChampion that's like, cheating!
you must destroy your F5 key like the rest of us
@Jin Isn't the entire point of a computer to automate things?
@BrettChampion that's just an urban legend
7:59 PM
I suppose I could just Import the site using Mathematica inside a While loop...
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