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8:00 PM
@BrettChampion Can you render it correctly too?
@R.M You don't really know what a webpage is doing unless you read the source.
and it's live..
I see it!
Looks super!
8:02 PM
And so is the blog post!
I'll be monitoring css bug reports on Meta today and forever.
As far as I can tell, there are no major issues.
Very Nice!
@Jin great work!
Very cool! I just saw the exact moment it happened - did not see the chat announcement.
@Jin Great work indeed, thanks a bunch!
oh refresh this chatroom too
thanks to @balpha, our chatroom guru dev
8:04 PM
@Jin cool!
Looks great @jin!
future email newsletters(if you have subscribed to it) will be updated as well.
is the Ask Question link above "Community Bulletin" in the correct place? (Sorry!)
@R.M I can't see it! noooooooooo........
8:07 PM
like the new design
@acl can you send me a screenshot? also what browser/ver/os?
@Jin he's just referring to loss of privileges
oh yeah.. the privilege loss.
The meta logo looks too dark... maybe the center parts should have a much lighter shade of gray than from a direct conversion from colour -> bw
@Jin oops sorry, I was referring to a deleted question (I am now below 10K!). I can see the design just fine :)
8:09 PM
@Jin love the star for starred posts
Q: What will happen when we launch? (aka: OMG! What happened to my privileges?!)

jcolebrandAt long last, the site will launch! All our hard work here is finally paying off. This is quite exciting. But please be aware that this is not without cost. As painful as it may be initially, users may lose some privileges for a little while. On beta sites, some privileges require less rep than ...

Congratulation to everyone involved pulling the graduation off. Well done.
^ maybe some Mods can copy 'n paste that post for Mathematica meta? I'm sure some users will question about the new privilege lvl.
@EliLansey Yup, me too. The site looks great!
@R.M I said it before and I'll say it again: let's call it maplematlab.stackexchange.com. it'll fit right in along mathgroup, too
8:16 PM
@acl I loved Maple
do people still use Maple? I used it in college about 15 years ago
whoa.. it's been 15 years? I feel old
@Jin some people still do
I was wondering which would come first - M SE graduates or I reach 20K. Apparently, the former, but I only need 70 something points :)
@Jin I guess so. It's available on our machines at work, for instance.
i snuck the old logo in there..
8:19 PM
Everything's different
@Jin hehe, tricky :-)
So this is the famous graduation, right?
no one tell the lawyers :)
I don't think it'd be a problem since it's not associated with the trademark
@Rojo yes! next design task for me for this site is the top user swag and moderator cards. that may be a couple of months down the road though
since the site is now an official SE site, it will hold its first round of moderator election
@LeonidShifrin I had hoped to reach it too... about 800 short
8:20 PM
@Jin Congrats on a job done
and everyone on your hard work, etc
Big everyone, full room
@R.M You were going with record speed lately
I was angry that I stopped at 185–190 daily total yet again! So I capped real hard the next 4 days
@R.M. I usually look at the derivative. Yours is pretty high (higher than mine currently, and higher than most other folks, my feeling)
MrWizard is probably the highest everything
i'm just amazed how much time everyone has
8:25 PM
@LeonidShifrin So if I understood the meta chart right, you are 70 points short of being a trusted user
@Rojo Yep.
(I had typed youser before correcting myself!)
@EliLansey Actually, I found that participation here in the day to day SE routine exacts a huge toll and prevents me from completing some larger projects, many of which would be beneficial to at least some folks here, so I will reduce my presence here in the near future.
Q: New Design Launched

JinAs you can see the new design just went live. Which means this site has been officially launched! Congratulations! Thank you for your valuable design feedback. One thing you may notice that's different on the live site from my original design mockups is the logo change. vs The logo mark an...

@Jin I have it here as well. Never used it though.
@Jin not wishing to be a sourpuss, but there seems to be a problem with the tiling of the banner. The way Szabolcs had it, the basic tile was mirrored and that oligo-tile was then itself tiled. However in the current banners it looks like the basic tile is being tiled without having been mirrored first, which creates noticeable discontinuities at the edges.
8:42 PM
^ that's the image i used for the tile, provided in meta.mathematica.stackexchange.com/a/554/96
"This is the "base cell" that can be repeated in a RЯRЯRЯRЯRЯRЯ fashion horizontally only to create a fake Penrose tiling that looks convincing enough. If you look closely enough you'll notice that some of the tiles are neither a kite nor a dart but a parallelogram---an artefact of making the pattern periodic."
I'm not sure if it's mathematically possible to have a seamlessly tiled pattern of that nature?
@Jin ah, okay. Perhaps not totally clear from Szabolcs's post, but the periodically repeatable tile is actually two copies of that one side by side, mirrored in the middle. Then the edges line up. Not sure if you can do reflection in CSS so it might be necessary to make the double-wide tile separately.
@OleksandrR. the difficult part is that the image file has to be square or rectangular.
normally with texture background, it's very easy to make it seamless. I'd just mirror clone the edges. but with intricate patterns like this, it's difficult..
I'll try to produce the mirrored tile to demonstrate what I mean. Sorry but I have very rubbish photo editing software here so this may take a little while.
@Jin The bevel in meta seems softer than that on main... I don't know if I'm expressing it clearly, but the main seems like a solid line through the top bar. Could that gradient be made a little more transparent (on main) to match meta?
@R.M on my screens, the gradient on meta is actually sharper
8:51 PM
That one can then be tiled RRRRRRR (as it were) rather than RЯRЯRЯRЯRЯRЯ
@OleksandrR. ah I see what you mean. I'll make that change. it will go up by tomorrow
@Jin Thanks!
I just assumed that image I used was RЯ ready
Is the position of the logo off by 1 px or so between meta and main? Repeatedly clicking on main/meta shows a slight jump
@R.M I concur. Hard to spot, that one.
8:55 PM
@R.M it is off by 1 or 2 px, i can see it now.
^ confirmed by science
^ i still need that in vector format
it doesn't need to tile, I just need one that can cover up a big area
it will be needed for mod cards later
the slider image on stackexchange.com has been updated too
That will need the new tile too, I guess...
9:17 PM
@R.M can you ping Szabolcs? Not sure how he produced that so I can't make the vector version right now. (Also, going home...)
@Jin Hehe, Thanks @Jin.
@OleksandrR. no rush
i'm going to be afk for a few hours. will check Meta later
9:29 PM
@R.M I hope your answer works, this has been annoying me for some time too. Any idea why it is happening?
9:40 PM
@acl It fixed mine. I give the reason in an edit... basically it has to do with the signature of the app not being "proper"
@R.M aha! thanks
@Szabolcs There's a request for you a few lines up
@Jin I'll send you a very large one tomorrow. It's bedtime for me now
9:55 PM
Szabolcs has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
do any of you use a custom stylesheet?
@R.M Yeah
Heh, ok I needed someone who doesn't use one :P
I asked the wrong question
There's my brother
10:03 PM
@R.M I don't.
He doesn't use MMA either
Q: How do we get the new icon on the browser book-mark toolbar?

Fred Daniel KlineI have about a dozen sites book-marked on my browser's toolbar. No matter what I try, I can't get the new icon to show up there. It does show up in the search-engine menu. What do I need to do to replace the little blue dialog bubble?

@Rojo Well, actually this is only tangential... the real question was that how can you get CellPrint@Cell["foo[x_]:=x", "Input"] to use the syntax highlighting for the FE
@CHM What do you get when you evaluate Options[$FrontEnd, DefaultStyleDefinitions]?
I'm guessing {}, but not sure
{DefaultStyleDefinitions -> "Default.nb"}
Oh, cool. Ok. Thanks :)
I'm working on updating/improving this answer of mine on getting code via the API... It works fine, but the pasted code is all in black. It would be nice to get it in my current color scheme
10:07 PM
NP. What happened to the logo and site name, BTW?
@CHM we got lawyered
How come? Weren't we supposed to write a letter to WRI or something like that?
Us? No, not really.
well, "we" excludes me, of course.
@R.M Oh, well, I guess you need to make it as boxes and not a string
10:09 PM
I just can't find any discussion of the issue on meta or chat. Only post-lawyering comments.
@CHM Well, there was a suggestion that Brett find out if this is cool with the lawyers. He did so and they wrote to Jin saying they weren't ok with it
@R.M Oh. OK.
@CHM It happened over the course of the last few days
@Rojo Hmm... that's a valid point.
@R.M For example, CellPrint@Cell[MakeBoxes @@ MakeExpression["foo[x_]:=x"], "Input"], but i'm getting the output on different lines
ToExpression["foo[x_]:=x", InputForm,
Function[exp, CellPrint@ExpressionCell[Defer@exp, "Input"],
@R.M that seems to work
will need to update the community ads too, with the new logo and shadow
but need to sleep now
10:14 PM
hey everyone, glad to see the launch, only a couple of hours late
Hi @Szabolcs I saw! Kinda of bizarre that the initial blog post was me, as was the variant of the logo that eventually got accepted. wxffles and JM deserve kudos for the code for the logo though. I just played with it and messed around with colours.
but everyone worked so hard on this - I love your tiling for the background
we should probably do a blog post on the process of getting the logo - not the annoying lawyer issue, but the "how you can use Mathematica to explore a space of possible logos" type explanation
@Verbeia are you sure that isn't copyrighted too? ;)
The Community on July 17, 2012


Welcome to the Mathematica Stack Exchange Q&A site’s blog! We are so excited to introduce the blog, to coincide with the graduation of the site itself.

We will have plenty to talk about, from behind-the-scenes explications of our most popular posts, to exposés on how to get even more out of the Mathematica software. Mathematica is an exceptionally rich environment that goes beyond pure programming. Over on the Q&A site, you will find questions (and answers) on front-end features like stylesheets, as well as interfacing with other languages, and everything in between. We also have some questions that are just plain fun! …

@R.M good point, but we can show how easy it is to use replacement rules to change graphics. When I get back home I'll dig out the notebook and work it into a draft post.
@Rojo That works, but having trouble working it into the answer... investigating...
10:25 PM
@Rojo That was overly complicated... a simple Defer works
@R.M Copy the code
CellPrint@Cell[Defer@"foo[x_]:=x", "Input"]
Why does that work?
@Jin great work on the new design. Thank you for your patience and efforts.
And now it's time to go to sleep. See you tomorrow!
10:30 PM
@Rojo Hehe, I don't know, but it works! :P
Answer updated
@R.M [BLANK}, actually
I looked, it's not on our end (i.e., in the post)... something in the way SE has set up the twitter share links
@Szabolcs Hi!
10:52 PM
hola, congrats all on the graduation and new design - looks beautiful
is it true that from the site front page there is no link to the blog?
11:07 PM
@VitaliyKaurov hmm... there should have been a link, especially since a hello post was pushed out today.
I'm guessing that either the link hasn't been explicitly set up or that we get the link only when the blog graduates
@R.M yep, that seems to be reasonable. thanks for answering. I wonder what @Jin would say ;)
@R.M What does it mean "graduation" for a blog?
11:25 PM
@belisarius same theme as the site + it gets linked from blogoverflow.com
Voting stats for the site are pretty good:
Total Votes 53.8k 53.5k (99.31%) up / 373 (0.69%) down
@R.M Ok. But how does it get graduation?
Ours is missing from that page
It will eventually get added
A lot of the blog stuff is done manually (since it's not on the SE engine and relies on WP), so it could just be a matter of time
@R.M Ok! I understand now ... we need a few posts and lot of visits
@belisarius yup
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