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12:16 AM
How do I "accept and answer"?
12:29 AM
By clicking on the tick mark on the left, under the place where you up or downvote the answer
@TedErsek If you feel that a particular answer to your question has given you the solution you were looking for, there's a check mark below the voting arrows which you can select to mark that answer as having been "accepted".
1:11 AM
@TedErsek In addition, know that you can remove or transfer the Accept (checkmark) at a later time, so you are not locked in once you use it.
1:30 AM
@MrWizard Are you around?
Is there something special in how mma treats Slot? Consider this:
I found an icon on the left, with a tool tip "This is a great comment." Is that what I use to accept an answer?
Block[{Slot = List}, # &]
(* #1& *)
I expected Function[List[1]]
@TedErsek no, look under the vote arrows of the answer... you should see a check mark
@RM Sorry, I looked at another tab when you didn't reply immediately, and you didn't ping me. I'll look in to that.
1:40 AM
@RM Compare
Block[{Print = List}, Print@# &]
Block[{Print = List}, Print@#]
@TedErsek in this image from top to bottom: (1) Vote Up (2) answer score (3) Vote Down (4) Accept
@RM You just need Evaluate:
Block[{Slot = List}, Evaluate[#] &]
Or you could use With:
With[{Slot = List}, # &]
@belisarius hmmm... I can't explain those either. Block[{Print = List}, Print@# &[""]] changes it
Hello Rojo.
1:46 AM
Hey wiz
@MrWizard I don't get it — it's still Slot, not List...
With works
@Rojo hi
@RM strange
@RM Wait a minute, using Block[{Slot = List}, Evaluate[#] &] what do you get? I get: {1} &
@belisarius hey
@MrWizard #1 &
1:48 AM
@MrWizard Same as belisarius above.
Well that's different.
What does this give?: Block[{Slot = List}, HoldForm@FullForm[# &]]
a slot machine
Okay; Block should be extraneous there but I wanted to know.
Catching up with what you're talking about
1:51 AM
@Rojo If you do understand what we are talking about, please tell us
I wish I could play with v8 on this one. I find it very odd that Evaluate doesn't have the same effect in v8 as it does v7.
I just saw the problem
What does this give?: x /. Slot_ :> (# &)
Just what I thought
Should we migrate this one
Q: How to solve a linear differential equation with a random coefficient in Mathematica

iluvatarI have a differential system like dx/dt = A x(t) + B y(t) dy/dt = C x(t) + D y(t) where A, B, C, and D are real constants. Now I need to explore the behavior of the system if A, instead of being a constant number, is a random number uniformly distributed between a given range. I just need to c...

1:53 AM
I think this is a buggy optimization
MMA thinks that Slot, as a particular case
is somthing that doesn't evaluate to anything
so it skips its evaluation to save time
@Rojo Careful, you might jump to Conclusions -- ask belisarius about that. ;-)
For example
Block[{Slot = List}, Function[Evaluate[Slot]]]
doesn't work
@MrWizard x[1] &
Block[{Slot = List}, Function[Evaluate[2; Slot]]] works
Both work when you trace them, so it means they are intended to work
Also, I've been struggling with this a couple of weeks ago:
When you use a symbol instead of "end", MMA collapses because it tries to evaluate everything and can't handle the stack
Not even constants such as Pi, or HoldAllComplete symbols work
However, Slot does
And I love jumping to conclusions. I'm always well aware that they are always wrong and ready to adapt them ;D
Okay, I'm going to crash Mathematica. be right back...
(Composition @@ Range[100000])[#] crashes the v7 kernel, FWIW.
1:59 AM
Consistent with the theory
2:10 AM
I don't whether trademarking "Eat more X" or "hyperbolic pointy things" is more ridiculous
@RM Frightening. I want all my pointy things removed from this chat IMMEDIATELY.
5 hours later…
7:21 AM
"Tuesday launch" ... meaning we have one day to come up with a good and finished logo design
7:33 AM
@Szabolcs I'd vote for "Just use the existing beautiful masterpiece of a logo until we get an official notice from Wolfram", but that might be too confrontational or non-constructive.
@Ajasja The problem is: the SE team is already in contact with their legal dept and they did already say that the original logo is too similar to the Mma one
I know, I know, I guess I', just a bit disappointed... And personally I don't see that much similarity, but of course this in not relevant.
I think we all share the feeling
I would imagine so. (I also guess it's not possible to convince Wolframs legal dept to re-evaluate their decision?). Oh well, that's life.
8:03 AM
@Szabolcs does that mean a different logo has to be designed that is sufficiently different (however that can be defined) to the official MMa logo?
It's a shame, I really liked the logo.
8:39 AM
@TedErsek did you succeed in finding the vote and accept buttons? You don't happen to use Lynx as a browser, do you?
9:00 AM
@SjoerdCdeVries I had the impression he meant to accept a comment, not an answer.
@Mr. Wizard Where your image shows a check, I see a star with a too tip "This is a favorite question (click again to undo)." .... Still stuck.
@TedErsek Can you post a link to the particulat question you're talking about? The star is next to the question (on the top), while the checkmark button is next to the asnwers (below).
@TedErsek For example, try on this question. There should be a checkmark button next to the answer (but not next to the question).
@TedErsek I see you found it :)
@Szbolcs Yeah, found it.
I'm posting this here as well in addition to the blog chatroom
This is the proposed introduction blog post, to be published at the same time as we graduate.
9:36 AM
@Leonid Have you seen this question about a Mathematica package manager? You mentioned before that you were thinking about the design of something similar. I'm asking because I'd like to add an auto-updater to the image upload palette (which is a much less ambitious but related task). I want to avoid re-implementing things others have already written.
1 hour later…
10:50 AM
@Szabolcs Hi. R.M told me here in a comment, that our current logo cannot be used. Do we have some statement from WRI about that?
@halirutan I also missed the discussion. I only have this chat history link nad maybe one page above that.
Thx. Maybe R.M can bring some light in this because until a few moments ago I really thought we (can) use the spikey pentagon..
@halirutan As I understand from the chat transcript, the discussion was between the responsible people at WRI (most likely not the people who contribute to this site) and SE employees (Jin?) I don't think we can see the discussion (see here)
@halirutan I guess we just have to accept that both SE and WRI are in this country ...
Okay, that webpage I linked is probably not an accurate source of information :)
@Szabolcs yes, it really sucks that WRI does not allow it. I mean.. not that we really really promote Mathematica..
11:32 AM
Do you think this is the result of machine translation?
11:47 AM
@Szabolcs I don't think so. Why would an automatic translator capitalize all the words? I think this comes from someone whose native language supports many capital letters (like German :)
@halirutan I thought German was the only such language ... and wouldn't they learn on their first English class that they're not supposed to capitalize? I don't remember much from my (mostly useless) German classes, and I definitely couldn't write such a question in German, but I do know what to capitalize!
What I really hate is... the use of ... this kind of suggests you have to read between the dots which you actually can't. So the dots are pretty useless
@Szabolcs You capitalize all real and imaginary things like Apple, Tree, Guitar but even Government, Sky and Imagination.
Btw, now that you say it, I cannot think of another language too which uses capitalizes.
@halirutan I do remember that much :-) I had German as "second foreign language" in school. Unfortunately even the teachers thought that we're overworked, and in practice it was demoted to an "unimportant subject", with teachers changing almost every year. So I didn't learn much :-( I wish German had been my first foreign language, and English the second one. We all learn English anyway, it's unavoidable these days.
We should be lucky, that it's such a simple and expressionless language we have to learn. Assume you had to learn Hungarian ;-)
As native Englishspeaker, of course. This would be a tough task.
12:08 PM
The name seems to be Indian (Tamil). That would explain things: English is an official language there, and people may be ashamed to ask for help with English, they are simply expected to know it. The native script doesn't have capital and small letters.
As a native Hungarian speaker who is a Romanian citizen, it's much more difficult to learn Romanian for me than to learn English because I'm just "supposed to know" Romanian, and I can't treat it as a foreign language that I can learn at courses. I just need to pick it up.
If I have trouble with English, I'm never shy to ask :)
It's similar in Malta too---it took me some time to even discover that there are people who don't speak much English here. When you try to talk to people on the street it never happens that they refuse to speak English and it almost never happens that they even admit that they don't speak it well. They either try to help with the few words they know, trying to hide the fact that they have difficulties, or they quickly ask another person on the street.
I was told by one person here that language is tied to class. Upper classes speak English. She said in her experience it's similar in India. I don't have first hand experience with this though. I don't understand the local society well.
This whole language-class thing is very foreign for me. If we ever had it, communism has wiped it out.
12:25 PM
@Szabolcs that person has asked a number of questions, all in this style. they were told not to write like this a number of times, too.
1:10 PM
19 hours ago, by R.M
It's almost as if he's trying to be annoying... there is no particular pattern there. No txt speak, no slang... it's mostly correct, but annoyingly capitalized and highlighted.
lol, he's done it again
@RM Do you think he could be an Indian who doesn't speak good English and is confused about capitalization (my comments above)? Both Indians and Chinese have a tendency to mess up capitalization. I think it might be because the native script doesn't have this.
He is Indian, but the capitalization doesn't make sense. Even if he genuinely had trouble, I think I've told him about 3 times, belisarius told him yesterday and he still continues to write this way. He ought to at least make a better effort.
The reason I think he's doing it deliberately, is because he used correct capitalization (for the most part) in this question, which was his first. Note that it has not been edited, so all of it is his. No ellipsis, no arbitrary caps
His next question was also fine. Grammar and small spelling mistakes are fine, we can easily correct them. However, I see a deliberate pattern here that is inconsistent with his first couple of questions
Either that or he's sharing his account with someone else and they may/may not be asking with his knowledge
1 hour later…
2:34 PM
Can someone else please take care of this? meta.mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/341/…
I'm away all week with just an iPad, no Mathematica.
The approved version is not my favorite but at least we kept the colour scheme.
2:52 PM
got an email from WRI(via Brent) over the weekend. Their legal team liked that one above
@Jin do they have any objections to our current ideas for the badges?
@rcollyer nope.
it's just the logo and logo mark they had problem with. the site design is fine
@Jin Cool. I've generated an eps of the logo, and was just looking up your email.
3:07 PM
no, thank you!
now the logo issue is out of the way, site launch should go on without interrupted tomorrow!
i'm aiming for 3-4pm EST
Now, if only google would cooperate and send the damned file. :P
That should arrive any time now.
@rcollyer got it. thanks!
@Jin You are welcome.
3:12 PM
and thanks to everyone else who have been involved in site design. this is truly a community effort!
now I wish I could absorb all your Mathematica knowledge... via osmosis or something.
This one was out of my hands, the graphics sub-system is currently not my forte.
And, you know where to ask ...
hmm only if there's a site where I can ask Mathematica questions...
@RM I warned him one last time. If he's going to repeat this again this will be the first time I'll suspend a user. He's indeed Indian, how did you know?
3:15 PM
@Jin I heard SO allows them
I used to use CAD(autocard mostly) to create more complex geometric shapes, because of the precision it provided. That was so long ago. Now I only use Illustrator, which isn't great for this type of thing.
But, I can't figure out why. :P
@Jin I've seen it used, but haven't played with it myself (CAD or Illustrator).
Hi @rcollyer @jin
@SjoerdCdeVries maybe it's better to just keep closing the questions if they keep posting them like that. doesn't suspending sounds a bit extreme for this? I mean, they're not really disrupting anything or causing any real trouble, just annoying some of us (myself included)
@SjoerdCdeVries howdy
3:17 PM
@SjoerdCdeVries Hi!
Good to hear the legal issues have been solved
Hi @acl
@SjoerdCdeVries Hi :)
Are legal issues ever solved? Or, do they just settle down to a slow ferment?
@acl the pattern now looks like trolling. The questions are mostly very basic and not very useful to many.
@SjoerdCdeVries that is true
3:20 PM
@SjoerdCdeVries Maybe suggest to him privately that it has the appearance of trolling as a not-so-subtle last warning.
@rcollyer Yes...That Might Work... But... maybe Not....
@acl True, but he can't then say, "I didn't know." It is as much a CYA measure as an attempt to correct the behavior.
We're supposed to use private messages only for very serious issues as a last resort. Not sure if this counts as one.
@SjoerdC.deVries if you're about to suspend him, doesn't it count?
If you are considering suspending him, then it may rise to that level. Otherwise, ignore it.
3:26 PM
J.m just suspended another user using a private message to communicate this. I'll do that too if we see another post like this.
Okay. Works for me.
Last day Iceland for me. Tomorrow NY.
New York City, I'm assuming.
Yes. Going from 16 deg C to 32deg, if that means anything to you :-)
I live about 350 miles from there, but yes, it means hot!
3:30 PM
@SjoerdC.deVries sounds good. personally I'd warn them first, but it's up to you of course
or, at least approaching intolerably warm.
@SjoerdC.deVries luckily here it's been stuck at 16 for some time
@acl that sounds much better than here: 27C today.
@acl Ill add a warning to my comment
@rcollyer back home it's 43, apparently
@SjoerdC.deVries that sounds good
@SjoerdC.deVries can't complain then
3:31 PM
@acl ick.
We're running at 62% humidity, though, which adds to it.
@rcollyer humidity is worse than high T for me
but I hate both
@acl I agree with both sentiments.
nothing like a good, solid layer of snow underfoot to brighten the mood on the way to work in the morning
I was in Singapore a while back. 32-36°C and >80% humidity constantly (even in the middle of the night) is very wearing.
Living in Louisiana for a while, we would hit 40-42C with 80% humidity in August. Note, we stayed in side most of the time.
@acl Don't I know it.
3:36 PM
@rcollyer I have a Bahraini friend. He told me about how 52°C and 90% humidity isn't unusual there, which is truly life-threatening heat. Have to go everywhere in an air-conditioned car.
@rcollyer are you fluent with the Celsius scale? Or are you using W|A?
@OleksandrR. Oh my.
@SjoerdC.deVries Units`
But, I do have a few points of reference. Body temp: 37C. boiling and freezing.
I wonder whether the US of A will ever convert to SI
Doubt it. The rednecks here won't let us. (Not that I'm bitter or anything.) :)
3:40 PM
How many grains go in a stone ( don't use mma )?
Several ...
For some definition of several. :P
How many inches in a furlong?
@SjoerdC.deVries We actually don't use either grains or stone here.
I ve heard people use stones, though
@SjoerdC.deVries I should know that one, but I don't. There are 5280 ft in a mile, though.
@SjoerdC.deVries In the UK that is common, not here.
3:42 PM
Nice round number
How many drams in a hogshead? :)
For "mileage," I prefer hogshead per rod, but that is just me. :)
According to Isaac Asimov the unit system sets the Us miles back
I one read an essay by him on this topic
I'm not even sure I could do the conversion in my head from inches to furlongs ... 40 rods/furlong, 16.5 feet/rod, 12 inches/foot ... :P
(Yes, I used Convert.)
posted on July 16, 2012 by Crystal Fantry

Mathematica Summer Camp ran July 1–13 at Curry College. This year we had 22 high school students from all over the world who came together to learn Mathematica. By the end of camp, each student created his or her own Mathematica program, which they presented on Friday. They all worked hard to complete their projects [...]

3:47 PM
@OleksandrR. Seriously!?! 64512 Drams/Hogshead!
@SjoerdC.deVries He's likely right. It hampers us, but we do only use some of the measures, not the full imperial system.
Hey, I know: one of the mods needs to create a new user to display the WRI blog in here and use the original (legally suspect) logo for it's identifier!
I can understand the resistance. The conversion of the Dutch guilder to Euro took years for me to wear off.
So, can I. It probably would take a full generation to convert over, and until then, it would be a bit chaotic. Which is just what our Congress needs at the moment ... :P
@SjoerdC.deVries At least we already had a decimal system. I wonder how long it took for britons to get used to their new monetary system when they moved from imperial to decimal.
@rcollyer If you read "the shock doctrine" by Naomi Klein you'll see that many in congress believe times of turmoil are the perfect moments to sneak in dramatic changes
@SjoerdC.deVries Haven't read it, but I wouldn't be surprised. Shock can be used to move the center of what is acceptable.
3:55 PM
@heike in the first year of physics on secondary school we used kgf as force unit...
We got newtons the next year
Have to go shopping with SO. Be back in a few hours.
whatever works, although, I'm not sure that does ... However, in the first semester physics lab, a friend had on the test she gave: give me the speed of light in furlongs per fortnight. :)
Gotta run myself. Bye.
4:12 PM
@SjoerdC.deVries The name + having a doubt
@Jin Halirutan had a pretty nice tile (see the first one) that is repeatable in any direction. Wasn't sure if you noticed it (was posted only a few hrs ago)
4:33 PM
Hi all!
Hi Leonid
@Szabolcs Yes, I saw that question on package manager. All I can say right now is that the work is underway. We started from another end of the problem - namely, with the loader which would be based on a fine-grained file format and handle namespaces automatically, so that people won't always have to bother coming up with a full-fledged package for every code snippet they want to share.
@Szabolcs The component which would actually allow easy installs and dependency tracking we did not start with yet. The thing is, it will depend on the final file / project format we end up with. I will review how strong is the coupling. If I see that it is not too strong, I may start working on that component in parallel to produce some simple but usable version.
@Szabolcs So, in other words, I can not offer you much right now. I hope that we have some minimally usable version of the framework we are working on , by the end of the summer. I may have some very basic version of the package manager sooner than that, if I manage to decouple that substantially from the other component. One reason why I did not want to rush with that is that if we happen to change the interface a lot during development, the early users of the framework will suffer the most.
5:24 PM
@LeonidShifrin I think I'll go ahead and write the updater then, or at least an update checker. I need people to have the newest version of the palette so they can test it. May I ask who you're working with on the package manager?
@acl How can you handle that? We had 41 the other day here in Malta and I thought I was not going to survive ... (living on top floor BTW, flat roof). I think Malta is pretty similar to Cyprus in climate (well, maybe it has fewer trees)
@Szabolcs perhaps it is the royal we :)
@Szabolcs personally I don't handle it at all, I just lie around doing nothing until it's evening. but then I am only there for holidays. I guess I must have had a higher tolerance for it when I was actually living there
@Leonid continuing the comments, what about timings for Daniel's Range[400] set, and his function?
@Szabolcs Sure, go ahead. I don't want to hold you back without giving a strict time frame. Once I have something ready, you'll always be able to switch if you would prefer my solution. I work with Albert Retey.
@Mr.Wizard This is actually very interesting, since for that one your faster solution is an order of magnitude faster. I get 6.88 s for minimal, 0.86 s for minimalFast, 1.40 s for getMinSubsets, and 5.97 s for Daniel's bclMinima, so your latest function is a winner again.
Glad you can confirm that. :-D
@Mr.Wizard Really sorry, but I have to go now. Let us continue later.
5:37 PM
Bye, Leonid!
@Mr.Wizard See you!
Apparently, Faysal's references post is the most edited post (by a single author) across all SE sites... Shog mentioned it wrt some unrelated drama in Mathematics.
@yoda where did he mention it?
It was in the moderators room
Well then, I won't be there any time soon. :)
5:50 PM
@rcollyer what name would you like for the feed?
Feeds McLawyer?
uhh... let's not go there.
Hola @rcollyer
@Mr.Wizard, enjoy having the fastest answer, it won't last long
You know him, hehe
He'll be dropping the blog links
5:55 PM
So, the question is, will that get us in trouble?
I found this user amusing.
@Rojo Ah, I'm doing my best. I think my function is going to be hard to beat for general data (meaning that the subsets do not have to be integers or reals). :-)
@Mr.Wizard Which question are you talking about? I missed it.
@rcollyer I like this one better, it's in color: chat.stackexchange.com/users/-5
@rcollyer Selecting minimal subsets
@Mr.Wizard :)
@Mr.Wizard Ah, thanks.
@Mr.Wizard I agree, impressive already what you did
6:00 PM
@Mr.Wizard I suggest Leonid's Trie implementation may be useful, in that case, but he did not have time to alter it to fit.
I have a 1.5hr trip back home later, hopefully I'll think of something to join in
What's the data set you are all using to test?
@Rojo These two, but if you find another that gives very different results please mention it:
Table[Range@# ~RandomSample~ RandomInteger@{3, #} & @ 30, {8000}];

Table[RandomSample[#, RandomInteger[{200, Length[#]}]] & @ Range[400], {1000}];
... the kernel?
@yoda corny!
@yoda I like. Cheasy, but I like it.
6:03 PM
@OleksandrR. :D
Anyway, I gotta go now... bye
@yoda No, this one:
@Mr.Wizard heh, that was one of my choices, but then decided that non-americans won't get it
6:05 PM
lol -- bye now
6:31 PM
@SjoerdC.deVries I'll read that if you have a link.
6:50 PM
All, I am fairly certain this is a duplicate; please help me find it:
Q: Manipulate Executes Twice

James RohalWhen I execute Foobar[] and move a slider, the variable grad is printed twice. Why is this? How can I make the Manipulate only execute once on each update? Foobar[] := Module[{f, vars, grad}, f = a x^3 - b x^2 + c y^2; vars = {a, b, c}; With[{fman = f, controls = Apply[Sequence, {{#, 0}...

Hello @Vitaliy
@Mr.Wizard Hi
{0.5000000, Null}
That was the result of an AbsoluteTiming
just now
Q: PolarPlot render oddities

SonryellI apologize if this is a obvious question and answer, I don't often use Mathematica to display plots or graphics in general to be honest. So, I was tutoring my cousin yesterday in relation to Polar functions and decided to bring up Mathematica to illustrate some of the ideas we were discussing. ...

Hi all
A purely "Gedankenexperiment" ;-)
A: What should our site design look like?

Vitaliy KaurovI have seen all these beautiful ideas dedicated to the logo and decided to add another one. And though it maybe already too late I still would like to post it – just to share and add to the pool of creative approaches. My train of thought was the following. Indeed Mathematica graphics is stunning...

7:13 PM
@BrettChampion that's actually not the one I'm thinking of. Maybe it was on SO. Thanks, though!
7:24 PM
@Mr.Wizard You're probably thinking of this one
I don't think PerformanceGoal -> "Quality" is the answer though as there are no plots here. It shouldn't be different from, say, Manipulate[Print[x], {x, 0, 1}], which prints only once. I suspect it's due to his construction, but I don't have time to look at it right now
@R.M Got a quick moment?
@GraceNote sure
Great, check your email in... just a minute or so
whoa... hold on
Are you sending to the one in my profile?
Yes, I am
7:32 PM
Hi all!
That's technically the only email address we are officially allowed to use for contact purposes
@R.M I sent you one too this morning BTW. To your other address.
@GraceNote Ok, I read it, but it really is a bit bucket... I assume you knew that and hence pinged me?
@R.M I took a guess based on the address, yes, haha.
alright, thanks. I do have it... so what should I do next? Sign up again?
7:34 PM
No, no need. Just tell me the stuff asked for in that email
@Szabolcs was that the hello world post?
We'll handle it from there
(In the email, since that's technically private data, hence why I went that route and didn't just straight ask you for it in chat)
@GraceNote I just sent you an email
@R.M Oh, I just added you to that google doc because I already had your address and it was easy. I was just wondering if you were working on any posts :)
@R.M Received and confirmed, thank you very much
7:37 PM
@GraceNote thank you! :)
@Szabolcs no not yet. But I will start soon... If possible, don't add that address :)
@R.M sorry about that. I thought that all people who are also added knew that it was your address.
@Szabolcs Heh, no worries. I think they all do now, but the list is only gonna grow :)
@R.M I copied it to Google Docs because WordPress doesn't seem to have any edit histroy, so it's difficult to know who edited what and when.
Annnd I'm off. I may be back at some point with news of a nice sort
@Szabolcs that's a good idea... it was annoying that day when I was fiddling around that I couldn't see the history. I couldn't even go back to see what combination worked with those $ signs
7:42 PM
@R.M I think I was. In that case I need to expand my answer.
@Mr.Wizard Yeah, some explanation on why the doubling happens would be nice. PerformanceGoal was what I jumped to too, but it doesn't work and I couldn't explain the difference between his code and my simple example above
I really really really wish this would come true.
7:55 PM
@LeonidShifrin It would be nice if you could make it so direct update from GitHub is possible
8:08 PM
@R.M I updated my answer. Please take a look at it and tell me if it at least appears to be correct. I can add an explanation if it is in fact working.
@Mr.Wizard Thanks, it works
8:21 PM
@Szabolcs Sure. I was working on Mathematica GitHub client as a part of it, but stopped and switched to other things. But GitHub client will surely be a part of that.
@R.M I'm a bit confused. Tomorrow is the official launch and we get a logo which will be permanent or temporary?
@halirutan It is permanent... the lawyers approved a non-hyperbolic heptagon
6 hours ago, by Jin
user image
@R.M Ok
@R.M what @R.M said. I'd update the design post with newer mockups, but I'm running out of time :)
I'm converting the site design to css now.
@Jin nah, it's fine... let that post be the way it is — as a sad reminder of what it could have been :P
Did you get my ping about halirutan's tile? That should be easy to cut and repeat
8:30 PM
@R.M ha. well I like the new new logo too. i feel it captures the essence of the previous one
@R.M I did. I may use it for print materials later. i have a lot to to choose from now!
awesome :)
@R.M btw, they approved a heptagon sounds so ridiculous. Who exactly invented the Pentogon? Ahh right WRI.. unbelieveable.
I think a user script to fix the design with the correct logo and tile should be job #1, and permanently pinned every place conceivable.
My hunch is that going to the lawyers was a bad idea. The community members and employees would've never alerted them and they would've never known. But I guess Jin and SE need to play it safe...
I think I'll also start using the Real logo as the standard example graphic in every post I can possible wedge it into.
8:35 PM
The Real Logo
@R.M Yes, better now than having the trouble later but at this point we should have taken a big Z as logo or whatever the logorian complement to the M-Logo is.
Apparently I can impress Leonid but not MrDas. :-/
@Mr.Wizard You overshot the impress-o-meter
Hi all, I choose Heike's answer as the accepted answer, not because all the other very brilliant pieces of code aren't good, but because this is the one I am sure I fully understand. When I'm optimizing my program later on I will be returning to the other solutions to squeeze out extra seconds. Thanks for some incredibly answers, all of you! — MrDas 25 mins ago
Is there an official time for the official launch or will the new design pop into existance at some time. Just want to know to get the champagne bottle cold.
3pm EST tomorrow
8:43 PM
@R.M (Sigh) Maybe I can get a Populist badge out of it if I play my cards right.
@Jin Do you still need the tiles for the background-pattern or do you have them in the gray-tones you want?
@halirutan I'm good on that now. thanks.
@Mr.Wizard Actually, I don't understand that person (MrDas). He clearly stated that speed was important, and he suggested list sizes for which even your solution would have to run for quite a bit. It was clear from multiple comments that Heike's solution has quadratic complexity, so has no chance to finish lists of the size he mentioned in reasonable time.
@Mr.Wizard I would understand him (since Heike's solution is indeed the simplest and elegant) if he did not mention the list sizes. And he talks about microseconds... this is beyond me. But, this is the beginning of something I was expecting, alas.
9:37 PM
@LeonidShifrin ". . .this is the beginning of something I was expecting, alas." Oh no not that again! (And the worst part is you may be right.)
I think Leonid is a little too pessimistic :) True, we'll have low quality stuff as we get bigger, but I'd give MrDas a break... At least, he was honest about his reasoning and quite frankly, that is not all that unreasonable. After all, an accepted answer is supposed to indicate what the OP liked and found useful. Perhaps the few seconds difference didn't matter as much as others thought it would... I've seen worse, including but not limited to "You have more rep than X, so I'm accepting X's"
I see questions on TeX - LaTeX all the time, where the accepted answer is exactly what I use in my latex documents and then a highly upvoted answer below that says "Don't use the accepted answer", followed by something insanely complex that I can't follow... and I'm not bad at tex. Most likely, the experts have different priorities than the masses, yet both approaches are fine for their respective levels of understanding
@LeonidShifrin In fairness I read his question again and I'm pretty sure he means his total number of subsets is ~1000 and that using his brute force approach would produce the million-length set.
@R.M also, if one wanted to argue that the overall level is dropping, this particular question would not be anywhere on the list of examples. the question is clear, it has lots of interesting answers, he accepted an answer and even explained his reasoning
@R.M yes I also sympathize with that. not everybody has the ability, need, inclination and/or time to use the best possible approach to every little detail (and just because something is trivial for person L, it does not mean it's equally trivial for person A :) )
on the other hand it is of course useful to have more detailed/elaborate/faster answers available, since often others will find the useful. there's also the educational aspect of seeing code that you'd be unable easily to understand; it forces you to put in the effort to understand it, improving your skills in the process (if you don't ignore it).
I agree, and MrDas also acknowledged that while some of the answers are beyond his level, he'll return to it when he needs that little bit extra, so I think he recognizes the value in Mr.W's and Leonid's answers.
Hello @ArnoudBuzing
10:00 PM
@R.M I'm not upset with the OP for selecting a different answer. That's his prerogative. I would however argue that the first version of my method is actually quite understandable after a bit of thought and moderate familiarity with Mathematica, apart from the trick I learned from Simon Woods. (Incidentally a trick a had to abandon in minimalFast.)
@Mr.Wizard Oh no, I wasn't saying about you or the accept... just disputing the notion that this is in some way, a symptom of popularity and a sign of our impending doom
Hi @R.M
Sorry, I didn't mean to imply you said any of that; I was just continuing the dialog.
@ArnoudBuzing We graduate tomorrow at 3pm EST with a new theme and all that
I am setting my alarm clock ... :)
10:04 PM
@R.M How did you learn the exact time?
Jin mentioned it at some point
Although, I expect it to be 3pm lazy time, which is EST ± meh :)
7 hours ago, by Jin
i'm aiming for 3-4pm EST
10:44 PM
very good, I spent several days developing and debugging some code for calculating berry band structures, berry phases and so on for simple tight-binding noninteracting models, and discover there is publicly available code for this in python

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