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9:25 PM
@AviD hey you! :)
@enderland it would probably shock you to find out how incredibly common that is.
@AviD Here on a "InfoSec business"?
:11306555 AviD suggests that the flag is moot.
@enderland meh. its practically assumed by anybody who understands.
yeah, I know my university was that way too
9:28 PM
I just assumed Exchange would be a bit more, oh, idk, robust on that front
dusts palms
thanks :)
@enderland oh its not a problem with robust, it does it fine - it was configured to allow anonymous posting.
really @AviD? it just seems weird
though I guess 99.9% of people who understand this would have way more options
@enderland its not just exchange...
9:30 PM
(if they wanted to be malicious)
anyways i'm goign to bail before rain comes back
well, spoofing email is a good, easy start. one "nice" thing about it is that it usually is not logged. So existance of the sent email is all the proof you need.
@enderland pets need walking?
"But HR sent an email doubling his salary!"
"But my VP approved that business trip!"
@AviD But the ceo said I was to inherit the company!
actually the interesting part is finding the right ones to spoof, it's rarely actually the CEO (unless you just want to wreak some havoc)...
9:33 PM
"recommend promotion"
there's one question that's gonna be closed LOL
yay, got my flag in
that was quick :)
@TildalWave TWSS
and I wanted to collect my first helpful flag here :(
@AviD wrong room
@TildalWave it's never the wrong room for "thats what she said". Right?
9:37 PM
@TildalWave We deal with this stuff all day every day here :) We clean up much faster than many other SE sites due to well, practice. SO's trashcan my eye...
@JimmyHoffa Hmm, I like that ticker feed. I'm sure that helps with things too.
maybe we'll do one of those on the DMZ, too...
@AviD wanted to ask before why there's no ticker feeds in DMZ, but I just assumed it's "because of Scott" or something like that :)
@TildalWave yeah, that's probably true.
@JimmyHoffa if there only was a way to subtly suggest we could use some of such enthusiasm on SEx.SE .... ..... .... :)
@TildalWave why, you already getting junk posts?
9:47 PM
@AviD On occasion but manageable. Active members are always appreciated tho ;)
10:19 PM
@TildalWave no, we have alot of rain right now
I was about 30 seconds from getting poured on when I got to my car. damnit
sounds like Seattle to me
@AviD I think I'm going to read up on SMTP protocol and such
@enderland I'm not sure you want to. It would likely ruin your day.
@TildalWave nah it's hardly rained for 3 months. plus if it was seattle it'd only be 230 when I left work :)
@AviD I've got this annoying problem called curiousity
@enderland you mean "morbid curiosity"...
10:22 PM
hasn't killed me yet!
when it comes to anything security-related, all these venerable protocols were hopelessly naive.
yeah. I found out I can modify my ActiveDirectory information the other day
man I sound like a hacker
or tied to the specific environment, wherein the 2 dozen academics with access were all trustworthy.
@enderland that's just poor configuration. Unless its fields like address and phone number, which is good design :-)
@AviD I only bothered changing my company name
I should fix it so it actually is right
they spelled "headquarters" wrong. LOL
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