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7:45 AM
I would be more satisfied with too broad as a closure reason for the question asking about applications of mathematical analysis. In any case, it seems rather unlikely that the OP would come back and improve the question. So it does not matter that it's gone.
And there is somewhat similar question still on the site: What are the real-world applications of real analysis?. So even the above question somehow survived, it would probably be closed as duplicate.
8:08 AM
@MartinSleziak That question went through at least two extreme changes by the OP. (original question, major change 1, final "question".) (If you can't see revisions of deleted questions I'll copy them out in full.)
8:46 AM
@ArthurFischer I can see the revisions I simply did not notice them. It is completely different questions now.
I'd say that even for a person who dislikes delete votes by modes (like me), that is a sufficient reason to do something with the question.
Thanks for your reply!
(I see from the revision history that it was closed before the question was changed.)
It's probably for the best that it was deleted. The new wording suggests that it was something asked out of frustration. (In the spirit of: What is this non-sens useful for...?)
@ArthurFischer I have minor question for you, but since it is off-topic here, I've asked in another room. It is basically none of my business, so feel free to ignore it if you do not wish to comment on it.
8 hours later…
4:45 PM
@anorton Voted. One more downvote on the answer would make it roomba-eligible.
3 hours later…
7:27 PM
@anorton Self-deleted question without an answer... I'm inclined toward "maybe not"
> I was just wondering if there were already papers or instances where somebody already showed this.
Isn't that kind of a standard thing that there a