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5:43 AM
Q: Elementary Proof of No Odd Perfect Numbers

Raj RainaI came across this proof on the Arxiv that there are no odd perfect numbers. It is elementary and easy to follow and looks correct to me? Of course there must be a mistake there somewhere but I am not catching it - could someone else take a look?

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7:47 AM
Q: What integers satisfy for each n?

Charlie D.With the equation (x+1)/(y+1)= (3^n)/(2^n). for each n what are the integer solutions and what are their forms? For example- x=3^n-1 y =2^n-1

1 hour later…
9:27 AM
Q: Publishing maths paper tips

Charlie D.I'm an amateur mathematician working on a small part of the collatz conjecture, and Ive found some interesting results. How would I get a paper published and is it really necessary?

9:59 AM
@ParamanandSingh Since it is really a pure PSQ, why not just close it?
Not that it matters here, but I'm wondering whether there's a better way in general. Unilateral closure ability is useless if it is never used. Yes, it seems too heavy if 1 vote is enough, but how about closing then mentioning it here? Then the unilateral closure is transparently announced and the post can be reopened if enough people disagree with it. CC @TheSimpliFire @XanderHenderson
10:19 AM
@amWhy Gone
10:29 AM
Can someone get me a dupe for this? Approach0 not quite giving it to me, I'll try to search a little more.
10:44 AM
@TeresaLisbon I have mentioned some in the searching chatroom - although I see from your comment that you have already found something.
I have a query about this post: math.stackexchange.com/questions/4322328. It was asked 14 hours ago but both asker and answerer look like removed/unregistered accounts, how is that possible? (by the way it is a dupe so we can close it anyway, but I was wondering)
11:00 AM
@user21820: I personally like your suggestion that we can be transparent about unilateral closures and if other reviewers disagree we can reopen. But need to check with other mods too
11:13 AM
@ParamanandSingh Of course, that's why I pinged other moderators, and it would be great if you all could come to a consensus about the best way to use unilateral votes in a transparent and accountable manner.
@Sil I think that such accounts are very often sockpuppets.
@ParamanandSingh I think it is much better not to go there and leave things the way they have been for the last decade. This has been discussed much on meta in the past.
11:29 AM
@MartinSleziak Thank you : I found the one I needed. I didn't find it from Approach0, but rather went with a decent search text on Google : norm preserving implies inner product preserving. I could have chosen any of the posts that came in that list, thanks for your efforts. I'll also use the chatroom when I can.
12:01 PM
@Feeds Should vanish as soon as possible
12:44 PM
@Peter Agreed, but I guess we've to wait for a few days or a few more downvotes.
1:37 PM
Thanks for the feedback @BillDubuque. I can understand the issue. Even the very notion of Pure PSQ is debatable as the recent meta discussion indicates.
2:40 PM
@TeresaLisbon Hi, I found an onld number for which you can search a prime factor, or you can also search a prime. See Martin Hopf's room.
@Peter Currently running some research threads, sorry about that. In fact, my entire machine is so slow that having five tabs open is giving me trouble! But when the code finishes I'll let you know.
In soupless's room I collected 3 interesting conjectures about irreducible polynomials.
Ok, I'll take a look at them when I can.
2:53 PM
@BillDubuque Thank you!
Please vote to delete this answer. After downvoting, I voted to delete; when I failed to see my delete vote, I thought I needed to vote to delete, but inadvertently undeleted my delete vote :( .
3:27 PM
@Peter Now closed.
@BillDubuque I think it is fine, if a mod casts the fourth, or fifth vote. I'd prefer mods suggest closures here, and let at least three of us support it. After seeing how easily mod's use of unilateral actions lower the barriers in mods, before they do it again, or make other decisions on site, unilaterally. Unilateral power is addictive, and deteriorates community trusts in mods who abuse it. I think what I've written is in keeping with your concerns. (None of this is to negate anything
you've said.) I am in support of what you say, save that if a mod is fourth close voter, along with three close voters, I'd consider it legit.
fyi: a VLQ answer deleted by some of you has been reposted (and accepted).
@BillDubuque Thanks! I had not been one of the deleters. So I've added my downvote, and voted to delete.
@BillDubuque and @Peter, @user21820, @TeresaLisbon The link Bill provides above to an unfortunate resurrection of a deleted answer, can also be handled now that the VLQ question has been closed and is open for deletion.
3:44 PM
@amWhy Lol? Such a trivial question and the asker does not even understand Jose's trivial counter-example?
@user21820 You got it! shakes head
@JoséCarlosSantos We could use a third delete vote on a question you answered effectively in a comment: open for deletion. Same link I provided in my penultimate comment.
4:16 PM
Thanks, @user21820, @TeresaLisbon ! (Re: my last deletion request!)
Please close. Four answerers!!!
@amWhy The worst thing is not the question but Snaw's bogus answer that got 3 upvotes!
@user21820 Indeed!
But I think the question also is lacking. If only two of four answerers too the time to help the OP improve their question.
@amWhy When I saw your request, it was already deleted. Anyway, I'm glad it's gone.
@amWhy For a beginner, it's not as bad as PSQs, but I decided to close because "Is it 2ℵ, 0ℵ, which ℵ is it?" really shows too little effort.
@JoséCarlosSantos I understand! Thanks!
@user21820 That is true.
4:34 PM
@amWhy Welcome!
@TeresaLisbon The situation in my ping to you has been resolved. Hope you've had a good day!
@amWhy Yes, it's been a good day, going to come to an end shortly!
@TeresaLisbon we all need our beauty sleep! ;)
@amWhy True!
I think I'll probably post on CURED tomorrow, really tired. See you all!
@TeresaLisbon Sleep well! See you!
Hi, @Sil !
5:00 PM
Need any help, @TheSimpliFire, or perhaps you're merely "mingling". In any case, welcome!
@amWhy Oh, it happens when one clicks on "rejoin favourite rooms" (and I've starred this room)
5:12 PM
D - already a reopen-vote.
@Peter one more delete vote needed.
@TheSimpliFire I only randomly see "rejoin favorite rooms": is that a function on one's chat profile?
It is a handy way to connect with chat's one has favorited.
Not on the profile, basically when one leaves all the rooms and then joins one room, there will be a rejoin button under the panel of user identicons
It doesn't appear to work when one joins two or more rooms though
@TheSimpliFire Got it, that sounds exactly right!
5:39 PM
@amWhy 2:2
5:52 PM
@Peter I get it! Awesome!!
6:06 PM
D1, D2, D3.
D4, D5, D6.
D7, D8, D9.
C1, C2, C3.
C4, C5, C6.
C7, C8, C9.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, no whitespace in body (193): Find the maximum value of $n$ ✏️‭ by One Above‭ on math.SE
@Peter 4:3.
6:27 PM
@user21820 What is the disparity?
@amWhy Oh Peter was referring to the reopen:delete ratio, which at first went to 2:2 and then 4:2 just before I made it go to 4:3. =)
@user21820 That makes sense!
D8 needs more than 3 delete votes. Come one, come all.
7:08 PM
Hi, @Mast. Do you want to contribute here? It's fine just to sit on the sidelines, though. Welcome!
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8:41 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in body, repeating characters in body (160): show that symmetric and anti-symmetric matrices are eigenvectors for linear map ✏️‭ by AUDLIQWD‭ on math.SE
8:54 PM
@XanderHenderson The asker links to their previous question, for context. Would you prefer they reproduce their previous question within the new question? I think it's a fine question, given the link, but I am willing to suggest the user reproduce what is relevant from their linked post. Just give me the word.
I'd be happy to link the user to your post here, and suggest, as a result, they include all their former work in this post. I await your word.
@SmokeDetector Rolled back the problematic edit, and flagged for moderator attention. Thanks!
9:42 PM
Hi, again, @TheSimpliFire !
10:26 PM
@Sil I was intrigued by your "identicon", but found this link. I wanted to ask you earlier, when you were here, after I said "hello".
1 hour later…
11:31 PM
@amWhy Oh hi, that is from Project Euler, an icon you get after solving 300 problems :)
@Sil Nice job!!
Thanks! Hopefully it will soon change (new one is every 25 problems i think)
11:47 PM
@Sil Go for them all! :-)

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