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11:02 AM
Greek Language & Usage

Proposed Q&A site for students, teachers, and linguists wanting to discuss the finer points of the Greek language.

Currently in definition.

@YannisRizos Hi
@WorldEngineer It's grammatically correct, but you should change "κρατήσει" to "έχει", (have instead of keep), it's more common...
Ο Θεός να σας ευλογεί και να σας έχει ασφαλή
@Ubermensch Hey ;)
@YannisRizos On the job
@Ubermensch Yeah me too... I'm having some network problems, so I'm mostly slacking...
@YannisRizos Do you plan to release any open source software
11:07 AM
@Ubermensch Not really... not any time soon.
@YannisRizos If you are free and interested, we can talk about governments, computers and data (I believe you would be the right person here)
@YannisRizos And patents, corporations and research too
@Ubermensch Governments? Well I could talk about the Greek government for hours, but I'd rather avoid that...
@YannisRizos I know you would avoid it (World Engineer has already asked a question regarding it). It looks you frown upon the government. Irrespective of country, states are growing more in power and the common people looks utterly helpless. I believe computers are being used more to program humans.
I am from India and I believe there is a social responsibility to correct the infrastructure
@YannisRizos Apologies if it had hurt you friend
@Ubermensch That would make for an interesting blog post... Outside my area of expertise though...
@Ubermensch Ah, no, sorry for delaying... network problems...
@YannisRizos No problems Yannis. Can we discuss more on it. We may move the chat to a separate room if you intend. And I believe you have got a lot of anger on government's policies
11:17 AM
@Ubermensch Why do you say that? I really don't have any anger... just disappointment I guess... Anyways, Greek politics I discuss every day in real life, not something I'm interested in discussing on Programmers...
@YannisRizos You got it right. Disappointment. (Of course if am filled with a bit of resenment on my state's policies).
@Ubermensch I have absolutely no idea what goes on in India... Is it bad?
@YannisRizos Can we move this chat somewhere else or we may just stop it here. One reason for me raising this topic to you is the fact that people like us must start thinking in a social way so that we can exchange our views irrespective of the country and political systems
Hello all
@YannisRizos Regarding the condition here, you are good if you are good. A lot of things needs to be done at the infrastructural level and I believe that technology by people would help it.
11:22 AM
@ypercube Hey ;)
@ypercube Hi man
@YannisRizos Regarding software, I am thinking about a software to aid research. And its the main reason I am here. To honestly admit, I just have around 100 hours of hard-core hands-on programming experiencee.
@Ubermensch That's nice... Anyways I wasn't really looking for a long political discussion, my priority right now is to clean up the remaining 230 career related questions... Mundane mod stuff, but needs to be taken care of...
@Ubermensch Hmmm, I've read several of your answers, I thought you had quite a lot more hands on programming experience than that...
@YannisRizos Hope we can talk political science about this some time later if you permit
@YannisRizos I am a bit good at the conceptual level. But now I am trying hard to get at the execution level.
@Ubermensch Not really my thing, to be perfectly honest. I'm largely apolitical, and was only drawn in the debate these last few years, because of the crisis.
@YannisRizos What are your major interests? Mine: Political Science, Cognitive Psychology, AI and of course computers
@YannisRizos Regarding your views on politics, I am also apolitical but I view it as a science that must be studied by common people to make the system better and robust.
11:31 AM
Well, programming, obviously ;) Other than that, not much really. Have about ten years of teaching experience at various level, and I have spent a fair amount of time researching education in general and teaching methods more specifically.
@YannisRizos Man! Then we must discuss about this a lot. Education.
@YannisRizos Down here, I have a feeling that education is somewhere lacking in principle (I am a college dropout myself and not by choice)
@YannisRizos We could exchange our views on it.
@YannisRizos Regarding programming, Going at my current rate, I estimate I would complete 1000 hours hands-on programming in Python, Haskell, R by this year.
@Ubermensch Well, best training I had to deal with a class of students was a year I spend in the army... Do you have conscription in India?
@YannisRizos No chance. Just think of it Yannis, 1.2 billion is a bit too much for conscription
@YannisRizos But I have huge respect for the army (in fact for any army due their extreme discipline)
@Ubermensch I guess you are right... It's not really a year well spend for most of us, I was extremely lucky though.
And did bring some military tactics into the classroom successfully.
@YannisRizos Are you interested in learning any new course? I have just enrolled in ModelThinking by the Michigan University
11:40 AM
Don't really have any time... Between work, and a very demanding gf, all free time I have left goes to Programmers.
@YannisRizos No problem Yannis. I haven't have a GF :-)... :) Back to software. I think there should be a network for people to do free research and education must transcend all barriers and we should try to create a software for it.
@YannisRizos Regarding PSE, I have completed the blog article on bad code. You might see it on Trello and comment on it.
@Ubermensch Interesting idea... You should write a blog post about it, you'll need more than a few people getting involved. I'm sure there are quite a few similar projects, though I don't know of any that were largely successful.
@Ubermensch I need to finish with cleaning up career and then I'll concentrate on the blog... I haven't logged in on Trello for over a week.
@YannisRizos Time for me to go Yannis. Hope I haven't bored you a lot. Would discuss more about education and software the next time. And regarding your idea of a blog post, I am just up on documentation (would take a few months) and regarding few people for the project, I believe my first simulation (hopefully in around 10 years) on agriculture and food would take around 1000 people and for research I believe we should have atleast a million computers.
@YannisRizos Bye for now. Would be back :)
@Ubermensch Bye ;)
11:55 AM
Yannis, you live in Thessaloniki?
@ypercube Yes...
12:11 PM
Perhaps we could meet if you visit Athens
or when I visit Thessaloniki
@ypercube I will probably be in Athens sometime next month, but it's going to be a very short visit for work. If you come to Thessaloniki, yes, why not, ping me here and we can meet for coffee.
2 hours later…
2:44 PM
@MarkTrapp Can I ask why you decided to step down as a moderator?
2:55 PM
@Rachel Hi
@Ubermensch Hello :)
3:17 PM
@Rachel Are you interested in any open source project?
@Ubermensch I don't really have the time right now, although I might make an exception if it was an interesting WPF project because I love that technology :)
@Rachel Do you work on Windows?
@YannisRizos Please see my comment to your structured tag cleanup proposal for software engineering on meta. I thought the suggestion was to clean up the tag because it was too broad and replace it with more appropriate tags, not close/delete questions in this tag
@Ubermensch Yes
@Rachel Hrrrm.
@Ubermensch Why do you ask?
3:31 PM
@Rachel Going through the tag is a great opportunity to find questions that don't belong. If you have issues with the structured tag cleanup, you can add an answer here. Please refrain from posting irrelevant comments on the cleanup questions.
@Rachel I am just trying to build a platform for data research and massive simulation. Would take a lot of years though. That's why i asked it? Time up for today and bye
@YannisRizos Hi and Bye
@Ubermensch Goodluck with that :)
@YannisRizos The proposed and voted upon solution for the tag is to clean it up by removing the tag and replacing it with more appropriate tags, because the tag is too broad. Since the question on meta is about closing/deleting questions in that tag, and it directly references the proposed solution, I thought it would be appropriate to ask for clarification in a comment about why we are closing/deleting questions in that tag instead of trying to re-tag them into something more appropriate
@Rachel Not really. The [software-engineering] proposal is a tag cleanup proposal, which means it follows the guidelines established in the tag cleanup question.
@Rachel It wasn't inappropriate, however it would be a lot better if we keep stuff where they belong instead of random comments on every proposal.
4:00 PM
@YannisRizos The question itself linked to the Call for Proposals, and the Proposed solution was to remove the tag because it was overly-broad, and replace it with more specific tags. I still don't see how that translates into a solution where questions in the tag get mass closed/deleted
4:13 PM
@Rachel Sorry, but I do not feel obliged to clarify any further. Every piece of information you are looking for is on Meta.
1 hour later…
5:28 PM
hey, is programmers the best place to ask questions about hiring developers?
5:53 PM
@KevinC No, that would be closed as off-topic here
What's your question anyways?
6:11 PM
@Rachel I would like to find information or ask a question for help in writing a job ad that is attractive to developers. I'd also like recommendations for good places to post ads/find developers, but of course I know that "rec" questions aren't generally allowed :)
@KevinC I'm fairly sure I saw a closed copy of a question like that a while ago with a lot of good answers. Feel free to look around for it
Try this one:
Q: Perks for new programmers

AutobyteI intend on hiring 2-3 junior programmers right out of college. Aside from cash, what is the most important perk for a young programmer? Is it games at work? I want to be creative... I want some good ideas

You could always ask in chat too
Thanks Rachel. Reading the FAQ for programmers, it looks like Business-related programming questions are in fact allowed. I'll look around and see if I can find any good questions that have already been asked
@KevinC - A lot of programmers use the "Joel test" (Joel Spolsky), if you haven't found that yet. Joel actually writes a lot about looking for good programmers, but he has a years-long process, part of which is blogging about it a lot and making it sound like working for him is awesome (which it may very well be - I have no idea).
thanks @psr I've actually seen his blog before, I'll look into it
6:30 PM
@Rachel Cutting off all ties to temporal concerns in preparation for the 2012 Mayan Doomsday event
@MarkTrapp lol fair enough :)
I'll be damned if I'm stuck closing questions when John Cusack calls and we have to outrun giant, city-swallowing fissures
I'm scared to click that link :)
It's an alternate trailer for the greatest, most realistic movie of all time.
6:47 PM
@MarkTrapp Sort of like Day after Tomorrow where they are outrunning the cold lol!
@maple_shaft The Day After Tomorrow is also on my top 5 favorite, most realistic movies of all time.
My top 5 spots are all reserved for Michael Bay movies
#3 Armageddeon, #4 Beauty and the Beast, #5 Volcano and/or Dante's Peak (whichever one had Anne Heche)
LOL Armageddon!
Dante's Peak
Volcano had pierce brosnan
6:51 PM
The Googlenets say it's the opposite
I caught that
Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche in a disaster movie: who can ask for anything more?
how about a love scene with clint eastwood and betty white?
more appealing in my opinion
ಠ_ಠ Betty White is a national treasure.
No, she was never in National Treasure, that was that other old woman...
oh yeah Nicholas Cage
6:54 PM
I've just downloaded the MIT Scheme, anyone knows how to evaluate the code?
@GustavoBandeira eval(code)
@MarkTrapp wait wait wait, Beauty and the Beast??
I mean, I love that movie, but I'm a chick. I would have never pegged you for a Beauty and the Beast fan! :)
Beauty and the Beast is a delight.
/ wondering if we're talking about the same movie
@psr But i need to press something for this to work, right?

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