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6:00 PM
It looked like one of those. lol
naa not scary >:)
Aww, Seth is scared.
excellent movies. but not scary :) I do not scare easily though
noooooooooooo seth
you should have said BOOOOOO!
6:02 PM
The Exorcist was scary to some extent.
Mainly the people who believed.
mmm I was more scared of Nightmare on Elmstreet
when I was young :D
Good. I haven't watched it yet.
Evil Dead was scary enough when I was young.
And they call it humor?!?
nowadays I call those popcorn movies. I never watch comedies anymore. They annoy me most of the times.
6:04 PM
@Rinzwind I am fairly certain none of my phones does that.
They are all nice and polite and wait until I pause.
I will watch any science fiction and fantasy though. Even one that is rated 2 on imdb
@FEichinger maybe his has spirits.
"The ghostly phone"
Q: What is "chat with an expert"?

AntonyA box just comes out of nowhere which says "chat with an expert". It happened once on Stack Overflow and once on Meta. Is this an ad? Isn't Meta supposed to have no ads? FYI, here's the code for that weird box: <div id="adviza-box" style="width: 380px; "> <div id="adviza-status"&...

@FEichinger oh? Hmmm maybe it is something in Holland.
@jokerdino Hmmm ... That would be interesting, indeed.
6:06 PM
I would kill a couple ghosts to get that phone.
@Seth April 1 my dear
In Holland we have these letter telephone thingy. Like CALL ABCDEFG and you press the letters on the phone that correspond with the letters. If you type ABCDEFGH it will start dialing when you type the H.
@jokerdino On your end of the world anyway... That was so fail I'm afraid (on SE's part)
23 more minutes.
I wish jokerdino
176000 files will take longer
6:08 PM
@Rinzwind Yeh, well, we still use numbers over here. :P
@FEichinger we do too ;) It is just easier to remember words than numbers
@Seth Gotta agree. It looks both serious and suspicious (virus, modal ad) at the same time ... And it isn't particularly witty either. 2/10.
what IS funny though is that when you IMPORT a phone some have the letters at diff. numbers :D
@FEichinger Exactly.
6:09 PM
But I would totally chat with a witty expert.
@Rinzwind How is remembering words easier than remembering numbers? Way too many different characters with the same result! That is stupid.
It's not witty.
Not witty.
Oh. They mistook shitty for witty.
@FEichinger not really :) it is easier ;-)
@jokerdino Indeed.
6:12 PM
oh and 13.04 rocks O
I am 30 % towards zsyncing the raring iso.
Might be better to torrent once they release it.
the one thing that crashes in 13 is Transmission when I close it :D
usc crashed once but can not reproduce it
for the rest: working ootb
USC crashed? shrug. NEXT!
6:14 PM
@Rinzwind now, that is NEWS
USC always crashes.
At least once.
I got stumped with not seeing viewport switcher in the launcher :D
yeah, they disabled it
If you can't get USC to crash.. you are epic.
@jokerdino yups. BUT it got a nice option in appearances. also for 'show desktop'
6:15 PM
@jokerdino Wait what?
yeah, I saw it when I was on raring last month.
so I ran into it when changing wallpaper :D
YAY 165k to go
still not visible straightaway.
@FEichinger no workspace by default
oh and the cube is back :D
@jokerdino ... Why?
6:16 PM
that one did not work or made unity crash alot
and the compiz is dead next year
@Seth If this was ever an April's Fools prank, it doesn't look like it's from the Stack Exchange team. That should be much funnier. — Antony 2 mins ago
@FEichinger because user testing proved idiots
hope so compiz is a mollog :D
6:17 PM
@jokerdino facepalm For crying out loud ...
Hey I accidentaly moved a workspace and I lost my window. I cant find it. HALP
Hi all
100 to go.
6:18 PM
@FEichinger I bet lots of newbies never understood viewport switching but Canonical did a lousy job making it good. We should have a cool setup thing to open lots of programs in a specific viewport
@Takkat I am on 701 :D
@Rinzwind it's one day only that will spoil it all.
Scared of my summer vacation - there may be no Internets
@Rinzwind It sure lacked. Mainly because tabbing and the launcher plain did not work the way they should.
@Takkat sure is but I am smarter than that >:D My phone connects to AU too
If my phone connected to AU while being abroad it will cost me a fortune.
@FEichinger it is THE thing related to the desktop we have that none other OS has :(
6:20 PM
@Rinzwind Exactly. Which is another reason I'm considering switching distro soon. This is all getting very annoying.
That's as close to funny as it gets...
"Expert robot abandons user"
user robots are the solution
@Rinzwind @jokerdino it looks like a ruroni kenshin eye to me... not a grudge eye
@Takkat i wonder how long a two bot conversation could go on...
@Takkat make one for AU that scans for dupes and auto closes them :D
@CallmeV it could go on forever as long as they dont find a solution to their issue.
6:27 PM
Q: What is my fault? Why you dont help me?

hbuntuAbout 1 month ago, I have wrote a question about my problem. but no anyone answer my question, why? Is there any problem to answer my question? Listen, we people support Ubuntu to spread in our country area (Sylhet, Bangladesh), friend by wasting our time, money, think, writing. for that we are...

@Rinzwind favorite search terms: "all of a sudden" "suddenly" "forced to use Windows"...
Wait, which of us is "ask ubuntu expert"?
@Rinzwind Wrong. Close. Reason. Migrate to Meta.
waitthere is MORE
Q: In 12.04 Over heating, can anyone help me?

hbuntuI am using Ubuntu 12.04 32bit OS. When I write on Iibreoffice or open two or three tabs in Mozilla Firefox or open more than one programs or open software download center taking my notebook over heating and shutdown. In System>Details>Overview>Graphics: Unknown System>Details>graphics>Driver:Unk...

@Seth Jorge the bot.
6:30 PM
@jokerdino Ah, right.
@Rinzwind How does the OP not understand that "runs hot" is either underpowered, not enough gpu, or choose a lighter weight DE
@Seth We don't need an Expert bot. We have Jorgebot.
@Rinzwind yeah, if supporting people using Ubuntu is close to a waste of time...
@CallmeV "We have no idea about this stuff, but we totally support Ubuntu in our region!" ... No wonder people "hate" Ubuntu there.
bbl watching Nikita :)
6:31 PM
Intel Pentium with Unity. Have fun.
6:49 PM
fossfreedom probably made him throw his system against a wall
Q: Who is an expert?

PopopoI have no malice but just curious about 'an expert'. She types so quickly that I cannot realize she is human being. So is she controlled by AI? P.S. I have asked her name but she said she'd like to keep anonymous.

7:08 PM
anyone know if a mercurial git bridge exists? it would be an interesting site (bitbucket to github bi-directional bridge)
i think there is.
Apr 1 joke.
89k :-)\
@FEichinger Yeah.... right.
It's about time to start deleting junk though...
7:27 PM
@Seth There is no way to possibly do that, so ... why bother?
I mean, the best "deletion" YouTube does is reports for copyright violations.
Which it does wrong in so many cases.
Yeah I know...
Time to see if epydoc generates anything meaningful for a project with no api documentation...
7:43 PM
Happy Easter, everyone!
Hi @GeorgeEdison
8:14 PM
Q: ubuntu software-center problem in linuxmint

HuseyinI am using linux mint kde Nadia 14 64bit version As I running software-center this error is apeares huseyin@huseyin-GA-MA770-UD3 ~ $ software-center 2013-03-31 23:00:24,688 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting up proxy 'None' 2013-03-31 23:00:24,697 - softwarecenter.db.database - INFO -...

I despise python packages written entirely in C with a tiny wrapper script
... Is that on or off topic now? ... SO MANY CHOICES!
I mean it is on-topic under "Services provided by Ubuntu", but on the other hand it's off-topic because Mint ... halp!
Off-topic. It's on Mint. Personally I think cinammon on Ubu should be OT too, but it's not. Watch as I get Eliah-ed
It's no more on-topic than "Synaptic isn't working on Mint" if Canonical pushes a change in to synaptic. At least that's my reasoning
Ubuntu Software Center is Ubuntu-branded, though. As opposed to synaptic, which is not.
It looks like the actual problem is GTK itself, though, so it has more to do with Mint than with software-center ...
Mint was Ubuntu branded before they stripped the logos out. Choosing not to strip the software center logo doesn't make it on-topic. It starts with a file not found if you scroll down.
8:21 PM
That's not what I mean. software-center is, due to this, essentially an Ubuntu service. Which we support on other distros, according to the FAQ.
Okay, you have at it then. Supporting U1 on Windows is a completely different thing than supporting the rat's nest that is Mint imo. I think they were referring to that more than anything...
Hell, I don't want to have that question be on-topic. I still disagree with the swooping generalizations we use in the FAQ, but I think it might be on-topic the way it currently stands.
Well I voted my conscience not the generalization in the faq. If it needs to be clarified, bring it up on meta
On supported OS's /distributions so even u1 on mint is off topic since it is not on the supported is list.
@mateo_salta danke
8:28 PM
@mateo_salta With this reasoning, running WUBI or the U1 Windows client is just as off-topic because Windows is not supported by AU.
But it is by canonical... as a canonical service. So that's the main difference
@CallmeV My conscience says half the questions about software that is just by chance being used on Ubuntu would be off-topic.
@mateo_salta And the Ubuntu Software Center is different ... how?
Trying to get things running on Ubuntu is on-topic. Farming out your commercial software support to AU is not. That's the dividing line for me.
@FEichinger Mint is not supported commercially by canonical whereas Windows as a client is, is what I think he was getting at
If canonical said they made a windows/Mac version supported by them it would, but just trying to run it on something other than Ubuntu...
Expert was trolled.. yep, uh huh.
@FEichinger USC is not supported on Mint anyway...
8:37 PM
Same for unity on fedora
Again: I don't disagree that it's off-topic. I just find it ridiculous that this all essentially amounts to "Running cinnamon on Ubuntu is on-topic, running unity on Mint is not.", if you get my drift.
Yeah... its a one way swinging door.
We're open to all sorts of third-party stuff that we have next to nothing to do with. But the moment "our stuff" leaves the house, it's "bye bye sweetheart!"
I'm on the other side of the fence, but I made my opinion known
8:51 PM
@FEichinger Yeah I did.
Buuut ... I was also right:
> 2013-03-14: A question (or answer) with Votes to Close (or Delete) now shows the number of votes already cast and the number of votes needed to close (or delete) (e.g., (2/5))
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by Seth
Did we go back to just showing close 1 from close 1/5? All of a sudden that's all I get...
Was only added a couple of days before that.
I had a short conversation in the tavern.
They changed it back because it caused too many layout problems.
cough cough Bad design cough cough
woooooooooooooooshFEichinger 11 secs ago
sadface The answer has been removed.
9:05 PM
@Rinzwind lol at your comment in askubuntu.com/questions/276579/…
@LuisAlvarado stop closing my topics
good comment ey?
yes. good and to the point
I elaborated >:)
9:08 PM
hahaha, yes... "elaborated" on that
here another one to close:
Q: using ubuntu-one on other linux distros?

Mostafa KhattatI'm running different OS on my computers windows ubuntu and also Opensuse 12.3. I'm a user of ubuntu-one and I use it without any problem on windows and ubuntu but I cant find any rpm or source code to install or compile it on opensuse. Can I use ubuntu-one on other linux distros like opensuse? ...

reasons? 1. this has been asked before. 2. stupid question. 3. go bug askopensuse or askfedora >:)
1. Am looking for the duplicate
Looking for something along the lines of "How to install Ubuntu one"
Wow really, there is no how to for ubuntu one
ok got tired of looking. Going to create a general one for that.
if you find one let me know to start pointing to it
I KNOW I have seen it before ;)\
me too
I know there is one alreadymade
it's just that the title of the question might not be easy to find.
here is one for fedora askubuntu.com/questions/79769/…
9:19 PM
good one was actually looking for fedora and ubuntu one
none on opensuse :=D
ah darn and now you want me to answer that one? >:)
copy paste the 2 links I used in the other one and you got fedora and arch covered ;)
writing an answer right now although I want to make sure it exists in a working state in fedora or any other distro
but again, if I find the duplicate question which I know is somewhere in there Ill merge the answer to it.
fedora works.
cant say for arch (never used that)
HA @private beat you @LuisAlvarado >:D
Markdown Auto-List is STUPID!
It isn't even fixable in any good way, lol.
9:34 PM
@LuisAlvarado now you can close this one askubuntu.com/questions/276584/… >:)
@Rinzwind was going to tell you, have not yet tried it (don't have a fedora near me) but the ubuntu one version used in fedora is old and misbehaves. Just read it right now
dont know if you know anything about that or using an updated version?
oh using an old fedora at work
and #3 enters your topic >:D
Please, @LuisAlvarado delete it and take a screenshot with the deletion message in it. :P
I so want to GFSE that.
what the
9:40 PM
@FEichinger It's too old sorry.
@Seth He can redelete it! :P
no you are a spammer >L)
@LuisAlvarado Did you spare poor Rios?
9:41 PM
he had it coming.
bedtime laters peepz >:)
(mods only link)
@Rinzwind Later!
@Seth lol
Can you see it?
9:46 PM
yes hehe
Spam Alvarado!
Q: ubuntu software-center problem in linuxmint

HuseyinI am using Linux Mint KDE Nadia 14 64bit version When I run software-center, it not works so following errors appear: huseyin@huseyin-GA-MA770-UD3 ~ $ software-center 2013-03-31 23:00:24,688 - softwarecenter.ui.gtk3.app - INFO - setting up proxy 'None' 2013-03-31 23:00:24,697 - softwarecenter.db...

@LuisAlvarado Undelete it then delete it and take a screenshot XD
@Rinzwind Ironic, I make the question, try to answer it quickly and end up with somebody else that did it quicklier and better: askubuntu.com/questions/276590/…
BTW Are you feeling better?
Yes, since this morning
was very sick am still in bed though.
9:49 PM
Glad to hear it's getting better! :D
thanks buddy ^^
Half-Life 4!!!
The amazing thing is... I never heard of Half-Life 3
@LuisAlvarado 2013-4-1!
hehe yeah you got it ;)
9:53 PM
oh duh.
They should have gone with "Half-Life 4: Episode 1" for the sake of adding April 1st into the joke, though.
hehe yeah
maybe going further into integrating the download into steam.
So.. What is a frontend technically?
@Seth Context!
it is where the front... ends!
9:55 PM
@FEichinger man apt
and the butt starts!
Says frontends are Aptitude, Synaptic, etc
@LuisAlvarado haha.
@Seth In that case, frontend is synonymous with "UI implementation".
in general they are just a friendlier way of showing the user something
@FEichinger I didn't think Aptitude was a GUI app...
9:56 PM
like bootstrap from programming, unity for desktop, synaptic/software center for apt/dpkg stuff
@Seth I didn't think I added a "G" in there. :P
Exactly. What @FEichinger said
Oh no, you didn't.
Thanks guys :)
This is what happens when I type faster than I think.
not all front ends are gui
technically apt itself is a front end for dpkg, isn't it?
9:58 PM
That would be.. interesting.
@JourneymanGeek I think so, yes.
@JourneymanGeek correct
same as aptitude if you run it without any parameters
So.. a frontend of a frontend of a frontend... Where does the front end exactly?
woo my first reopen vote
but in a general way they offer "an easier way to managing an controlling a underlying technology or service"
9:59 PM
@Seth Technically, everything beyond the first frontend is a backend.
This depends on the situation.
apt can be either frontend or backend, depending on the context.
its frontends all the way up!
Program train!
apt is a wrapper for dpkg, and then you have wrappers for that
Err, that's not what I meant.
This is why I also hate frameworks, btw. Every framework is a frontend that is meant to be used as a backend. Fuck that.
10:03 PM
The important thing to remember is to know that the backend is where you poop and the frontend is where you pee. This is very important.
10:21 PM
What is a good retort to "42."?
> Expert: I used to leave you alone, but it's boring.
10:36 PM
> Expert: Are you trolling me?
I have the longest!
> How do you know my english isn't working?
English never works my friend...
It just "is" and "does", never works.
OK, so when I unmount my Zune Compiz crashes... sweet.
Oh, and @FEichinger, watch your language XD
@Seth :P
Expert is a very easily offended person I must say..
Yes, she is.
Refresh and scroll down right now.
10:53 PM
Well epydoc generated some meaningful docs for Volatility... yay
The Expert left on her own accord.
> Expert: I'm sorry, but I don't have any more time. I have to go. Have a great day!
It took 45 long and annoying minutes. But I survived.
I think youtube thinks my musical tastes lean towards people with problems... /OT
11:31 PM
Q: Deleted user but files keep his group?

user1091856I removed a user from my computer. Now there's a lot of files that I need to modify that are from the deleted user group. How can I change ALL file group and owner from that deleted user without having to manually change the group for each file?

11:46 PM
Q: How do I search (or filter) my posts?

williepabonIs there a way to show only the post that I've written? Thanks.

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