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2:41 AM
@Daniel hmm well if you think so I guess you will be posting higher quality questions in future :)
@Daniel presumably something doesn't work, or the question would be unnecessary haha
@Daniel the question is open now
and you are no longer banned from asking
@Zanna thanks so much! I definitely have to get better at researching (technical topics like these) and asking proper questions
:) no problem
I'll continue my quest to figure out Certbot tomorrow
good luck :)
As you probably know, the big-picture goal of the site is to create a library of Q&A - so it's not only about helping the person asking the question, but also all the future people who'll land on the page.
idk, maybe that helps with writing questions, or getting why people respond to questions in unexpected ways sometimes
I'll shush and go do some exercise
Also I saw that my 'Ubuntu not starting' question was closed either by me or someone else, and I didn't continue trying to solve it because one or two commentors never got back to me, but I'm going to dual-boot with Ubuntu Server (again) and report if it fails to start
Thanks, and yea I know
And I'm curious, if there's no unban button then how did you or someone unban me? Or was it an auto-unban since my post's votes are less negative now?
Or maybe you asked an admin to make me an exception, but I wouldn't think that's the case
2:59 AM
edited some of your posts and upvoted some, one person un-downvoted your Certbot question and it got reopened
i'm curious about how often (new) AU users get autobanned for asking improper questions, since you can see that happening a lot on subreddits since they're often much less moderated than a professional site like this
I am thinking that the bans are put in place too easily
I mean, people on subreddits tending to think the rules are much more lax
Or more like the rules often being lax
probably way too many people are getting banned
i see SE as being like Reddit but for professionals and more academically-minded people
which definitely means that content quality's better
3:06 AM
I think SE came about because the founders were frustrated with forums - how you find the solution, but it's on page 5 and in Japanese and creates an unexpected security hole
how do we get people to moderate for the site? gamify moderation
I wonder if it was inspired by Reddit's gamification model (or vice-versa)
Because before I started using SE, I thought Reddit's modus operanti was genius since before I had also only known traditional forums
I am not much of a Reddit user, but I like r/covid
4 hours later…
7:20 AM
@karel you mentioned something about giving a lesson on software installation I think (next month, for the anniversary celebration)
are you still interested?
7:37 AM
I'm still interested and would like to receive information about the location and schedule.
3 hours later…
10:58 AM
@karel awesome! I'll try to post on meta later today
Q: KDE Plasma Panel Changes not Saving

maDeveloperI install KDE Plasma and when I change something in panel like adding new widgets or removing widgets, all changes that I made dissappears when I reboot my computer.

Q: How to restrict a local user to a jail directory in linux?

ZozzizzezI have searched on google for restrict a user to a specific directory but mostly appeared about ssh user, ftp user and etc that not local user. How do we do that for local user?

11:26 AM
Q: CLI Features not working when switching to another user

BlackIf I am the root user then I have a few CLI features like autocompletion and I can press arrow up to go through a list of the last executed commands and so on. However, I created a user named foo with this command useradd -g www-data -d /srv/www/vhosts/foo/ foo Then I switched to it sudo su foo F...

11:51 AM
Q: How to remove path from /bin/bash line?

BlackIs there a way to hide the path in the CLI line? Right now I get this: fresh_m2@bloedlvm:/srv/www/vhosts/$ I want it like this: fresh_m2@bloedlvm$ Because if I go very deep into the folders, then the cursor is already in the middle of the screen: fresh_m2@bloedlvm:/srv/www/vhosts/fresh_m2/vendo...

12:02 PM
Hey people. I've a small doubt.
I flagged a question a closure flag on a question and the in my flags history it is shown that the flag is helpful
But the question isn't closed yet.
Is this an error or I don't know how closure flags work?
@technastic_tc the flag gets marked helpful when someone casts a close vote, it seems. The question I think you're referring to has 2 close votes at present. The problemis you can't see those votes because you don't have close voting privileges yet
@Zanna Oh.. ok
BTW, another doubt. Can moderators edit the help page?
12:49 PM
@technastic_tc the Help Center pages? Nope
1:30 PM
Q: System Frozen: Input/Output error

BroxigarI have set up a machine that I use as a server using Ubuntu 20.04 . The machine worked perfectly but lately, it started giving me a really strange behavior. One time while I was working remotely suddenly I could not use anything. All the binaries were unreachable and whenever I was trying to invo...

1:48 PM
@Zanna Oh. Then who writes the help center articles? Is it Stack Exchange staff?
2:03 PM
@technastic_tc yeah... but if you spot something that needs changing we can escalate it
@Zanna Did someone ever post a feature request (in Meta Ask Ubuntu/Meta Stack Exchange) for giving acces to the community for editing the help center?
I think it has been requested before somewhere
@Zanna If you can, please share the post.
2:24 PM
it might have been somewhere else too, but seems I saw it (and can now find it) only in the Stack Moderators Team, which is private
also, it seems like mods used to be able to edit Help Center pages
I only just got here :)
@Zanna oh.. since when to when?
no idea
@Zanna oh.. ok
Thanks for the info!
sorry for the poor quality info haha
@Zanna It's ok :)
@Zanna If you don't mind, can you please tell me which topics are you mostly good with in Ubuntu?
2:33 PM
I'm thinking, but nothing is coming to mind :D
@Zanna hmm..
excuse me, I need to do some other work, but feel free to talk / ask stuff and I will reply some time later
@Zanna ok!
2:45 PM
Q: Boot into refind with keyboard shortcut?

Emmanuel I want to be able to boot directly into windows by default and boot into refind after pressing a keyboard shortcut. Sort of like macbooks which boots into MacOS by default unless the option key is pressed at startup? How do I do this?

3:02 PM
@Zanna I found this:
Q: Improved Help Center - site-specific pages and site-specific edits to all pages

Thomas OwensRight now, moderators can edit some pages in a site's Help Center. For example, the entire /help/on-topic page can be edited. However, the /help/dont-ask page can't be edited at all. I'd like to see two changes to the Help Center: All pages should be editable by site moderators. Some pages do ...

2 hours later…
5:13 PM
I want to buy a laptop uniquely for Linux use but am not sure how to make sure its hardware will work fine. Some suggest to bring a liveusb into the store and try them out, as ubuntu's 'certified' list is very short, at least for 20.04, although i could take a look at 18.04
Q: Web contents mix badly when I switched between tabs on Ubuntu Chromium

Reza GhariI have this problem that contents are mixed-up badly when I am on Chromium. You can see it in the picture below. I only have this problem on Ubuntu. It gworse sometimes and can't be ignored. What do you think is the reason? Example 1: Example 2: Example 3:

Q: How to Selectivly Passthrough USB devices to a chroot

mohamed emadI have a chrooted env. made with debootstrap and i would like to pass only Certain USB devices to it. (not all the devices mounted on the host system). I know you could pass all USB devices by using $ sudo mount --bind /dev chroot/dev $ sudo mount --bind /sys chroot/sys But i would like to have m...

6:04 PM
Q: How to remove gnome on Ubuntu20.04?

fujiwara cipherI'm using Ubuntu20.04 I used the command sudo apt-get install gnome by mistake and gnome package was installed on my system, how to restore everything to its original state?

4 hours later…
10:14 PM
Q: KDE Neon 20.04 no Taskbar after upgrading

laalsaasI upgraded my kde neon from 18.04 to 20.04 using this Tutorial. (The terminal Version). After final reboot, i logged in (the splash screen was taking much longer than usually) And there was no Desktop and no task bar, just a black screen. There was also my thunderbird showing up, but in white (I'...


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