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5:00 AM
@Oli who is?
5:38 AM
Q: Scheduling lessons for 10th anniversary celebration classroom

ZannaOops time passed. I have created a public chat room for the 10th anniversary lessons: Join the Classroom All lessons will be held there. This post is for scheduling the lessons. If you would like to give a lesson, please post an answer with the topic for your lesson and the provisional timing (pl...

@technastic_tc thanks! I'll check it out
unexpectedly busy with off-site stuff
@karel I have just made a meta post about it ^^^
2 hours later…
7:34 AM
@Zanna Your welcome!
@Zanna It's ok..
3 hours later…
10:54 AM
Q: Where are manual locations for $configs?

user434614In Ubuntu, when I run the command man rsyslog.conf, a manual page comes up. So I tried to find the location of this man page by whereis -m rsyslog.conf, but it didn't give me any results. Should I use another command for $config mans' locations? Where are these man pages stored in Linux?

11:45 AM
Q: Mac ubuntu EFI won't boot

Saqlain SajidSo I made a bootable flash drive containing Ubuntu image using unetboot and restarted my Mac, pressed option, the options shown were Mac HD and EFI so I choose EFI but the Mac logo comes back again and says - the macosx in this drive needs to be reinstalled i think the computer thinks that the bo...

12:35 PM
Q: Reroute outbound traffic temporaryily to local server

FooBarI have a deploy server running with Jenkins on, and prior to releasing my build I run some tests against this codebase. The codebase has been deployed using production URLs, and consists of a ~2GB static site (just a simple /dist/ folder). The issue being is that when running tests, the /dist/ fo...

1:26 PM
Q: How can I execute a script with sudo privileges when creating a new user with useradd?

ricardo3889Whenever I create a new user (with useradd or adduser), I want to be able to create a folder outside the user's home directory, under a directory owned by root (this would a shared HDD). is there a way to do this systematically so I don't have to manually create a folder for each user I add to my...

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2:34 PM
@heynnema Please look into my new question.
It would be great if you could help.
3:33 PM
Q: Slow Boot Time in Ubuntu 20.04LTS

Kshitij Karnawathttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1263250/how-do-i-speed-up-ubuntu-20-04-boot-time Can someone help me with this question

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5:39 PM
Q: Can't reset Ubuntu 14 password

Margaret HunterI am just turning this Thinkpad on after a few years of it being off. I forget the password and know that I reset it at one point, but now when I try to reset it again and go into recovery mode and edit, I see root = /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root. I try adding init=/bin/bash at the end and rebootin...

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9:03 PM
Q: Can't activate webcam on Ubuntu (18.04.5 LTS)

user249018I have installed thecheese software in order to activate the integrated webcam on my HP laptop. I get the message: No device found. I tried everything one could find on solution proposals in internet. Nothing worked out. After typing the command lsusb, I got the following: Bus 002 Device 004: ID...


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